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The Litterbox

Nov 12, 2021 3:00 PM β€“ 5:00 PM

With Kat

mew-gaze and cat rock

rainy day sunny day ??

The Litterbox
3:04 PM
Wayne Shorter - Ponta de Areia
Wayne Shorter Ponta de Areia
Native Dancer Columbia/Legacy 1975
3:06 PM
Karen Dalton - Reason to Believe
Karen Dalton Reason to Believe
1966 Delmore Recording Society 2012
3:08 PM
Trees - Snail's Lament
Trees Snail's Lament
The Garden of Jane Delawney Earth Recordings 1970
3:14 PM
Mountain Man - Mouthwings
Mountain Man Mouthwings
Made the Harbor Psychic Hotline 2020
3:15 PM
Ana Roxanne - Suite Pour L'invisible
Ana Roxanne Suite Pour L'invisible
Because of a Flower kranky 2020
3:22 PM
Espers - Flaming Telepaths
Espers Flaming Telepaths
The Weed Tree Drag City Records 2020
3:32 PM
Pelt - Sun Is Standing
Pelt Sun Is Standing
Max Meadows VHF 1997
3:36 PM
Dadamah - Papa Doc
Dadamah Papa Doc
This Is Not a Dream Kranky 1994
3:40 PM
Jerusalem and the Starbaskets - Walkin' Across Your Grave
Jerusalem and the Starbaskets Walkin' Across Your Grave
Dost De Stijl Records 2011
3:46 PM
Ena tsigaro diadromi, primal. - in greek?
Ena tsigaro diadromi, primal. in greek?
3:47 PM
Ramayana Soul - Rhaksasa
Ramayana Soul Rhaksasa
Sabdatanmantra Guruguru Brain 2016
3:54 PM
Yi Yi Thant & Aung Heina - Good Time
Yi Yi Thant & Aung Heina Good Time
Princess Nicotine: Folk And Pop Music Of Myanmar Sublime Frequencies 2004
so good
3:55 PM
Sun City Girls - CafΓ© Batik
Sun City Girls CafΓ© Batik
Torch of the Mystics Abduction 2015
3:59 PM
Astrobrite - Kisspeach
Astrobrite Kisspeach
Whitenoisesuperstar wavertone 2021
4:06 PM
Labradford - Comfort
Labradford Comfort
A Stable Reference Kranky 1994
4:12 PM
Herbcraft - Fleet Guru
Herbcraft Fleet Guru
Ashram to the Stars Hello Sunshine / Woodsist 2011
4:21 PM
White Fence - Mr. Adams
White Fence Mr. Adams
White Fence Woodsist 2010
4:25 PM
Yeti Lane - Exquis
Yeti Lane Exquis
L'aurore Sonic Cathedral 2016
4:37 PM
Pram - Loco
Pram Loco
The Stars Are So Big the Earth Is So Small... Stay As You Are Too Pure 1993
4:40 PM
Jessamine - Your Head Is So Small It's Like A Tiny Little Light
Jessamine Your Head Is So Small It's Like A Tiny Little Light
Another Fictionalized History
4:46 PM
data - Give Me Away
data Give Me Away
Inevitable Witness
4:51 PM
Pocahaunted - U.F.O.
Pocahaunted U.F.O.
Make It Real Not Not Fun 2010
4:57 PM
LA Vampires & Maria Minerva - A Lover & a Friend
LA Vampires & Maria Minerva A Lover & a Friend
The Integration LP Not Not Fun 2012
Chat is archived.
Kat (host) 3:03:53 PM
Hi all, welcome to the show today :P
Brian D 3:04:04 PM
Hello Kat
Kat (host) 3:04:21 PM
Hello ! hows it going
Brian D 3:04:56 PM
Well well... you?
Joe Rathbone 3:06:04 PM
What a transcendent track .. nice opener..
Kat (host) 3:09:00 PM
I am well ! Happy Friday. Caught up on sleep
Kat (host) 3:09:51 PM
yeah i love that track joe!
Christine πŸ¦‰ 3:12:25 PM
A little late, but I'll chime it too: I love, love that Wayne Shorter track.
Christine πŸ¦‰ 3:13:09 PM
Hi Kat 🐱 meow meow
-ᎷяMΞ”αžα¨Γ˜Π˜αŽ’ΞžN᎒-πŸ’€ 3:14:11 PM
HELLO, DJ KAT! meow meow meow
Kat (host) 3:14:58 PM
moew meow!
Kris S 3:17:57 PM
Hi Kat!!!
Kris S 3:25:52 PM
This playlist litter ally rocks!
Kat (host) 3:26:15 PM
hahaha thats original @Kris!
Kris S 3:26:31 PM
Brian D 3:30:35 PM
Yep last Espers song was a cover of Blue Γ–yster Cult from the "Secret Treaties" lp.
Kat (host) 3:32:41 PM
Ah ! thanks for the confirmation !
Joe Rathbone 3:56:50 PM
"Rhasaka" is like psychedelic joy music .. love the Hindi horn section !
Joe Rathbone 3:57:15 PM
Rhaksasa meant to write
Kat (host) 3:58:50 PM
i know that song was great right?
Joe Rathbone 4:00:32 PM
Yes it was .. great joyful sonic melismatic chant !!
Andy Wing 4:01:52 PM
Just tuning in, love this track!
Kat (host) 4:06:37 PM
Hi andy! glad you like it!
Matthew Snopenhauer 4:24:57 PM
These tunes are brown
zeuhlbeaux 4:26:51 PM
Kat (host) 4:28:07 PM
@matthew I don't know what that means but I agree
Andy Wing 4:29:24 PM
Nice trippy drone.
Matthew Snopenhauer 4:30:37 PM
Lol! Brown is good
Brian D 4:30:44 PM
Speaking of brown i just got the email about Ween shows in Feb 2022 @ Capitol Theater in Portchester, NY
Matthew Snopenhauer 4:30:56 PM
Brian D knows
Kat (host) 4:32:12 PM
Kat (host) 4:32:18 PM
Brian D 4:32:40 PM
Brown is just bad, nasty, crudely deep down funky enough to be great. When you hear a band that's ragged but right, about to fall off the tracks but still has moments of brilliance that shine though
Kat (host) 4:32:48 PM
this is indeed the drone/shoegazey/psychedelic portion of the show
Andy Wing 4:32:51 PM
Got any Retrogramme?
Kat (host) 4:33:02 PM
Oo lemme check!
Brian D 4:33:51 PM
Brown is not usually used to describe the Philharmonic per se.
Brian D 4:35:21 PM
Then there's the Eddie Van Halen "Brown Sound" he referred to. A similar concept. Nasty raunchy sounding tone but great.
Gary 000M 4:39:19 PM
way into Pram back in the day- Nice!
zeuhlbeaux 4:43:42 PM
Damn, Ma'am...thanks fr the PRAM.
zeuhlbeaux 4:44:35 PM
And i adopted zeuhlbeaux from Dave the Obscure's show this AM.
Kat (host) 4:49:01 PM
pram fans .... Scram !
Kat (host) 4:49:34 PM
ooo was it a good show?? all zeuhl?
Francis Poulenc 4:58:23 PM
Zapping the pram
Francis Poulenc 4:59:12 PM
I love that you're playing stuff with all kinds of weird keyboards in it!!
Andy Wing 4:59:15 PM
"There is no Dave, only Zeuhl"
Kat (host) 4:59:28 PM
Thanks for tuning in and chatting with me everyone!!!
Kat (host) 4:59:41 PM
yeah i had a fun time this last hour
-ᎷяMΞ”αžα¨Γ˜Π˜αŽ’ΞžN᎒-πŸ’€ 5:00:13 PM
Thanks, DJ Kat! Great stuffs!
Kat (host) 5:00:25 PM
Thanks MrM! Cheers dears!