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Dec 4, 2021 9:00 AM β€“ 12:00 PM

With Sangeet Team

Classical and Folk Music from the Indian Subcontinent, on WPRB since 1986 with a rotating cast of DJs

Tea time with Dave


9:00 AM
AIR Signature Tune - Shivaranjani
AIR Signature Tune Shivaranjani Walter Kaufmann
AIR All India Radio
9:02 AM
Prasant Radhakrishnan - Vathapi
Prasant Radhakrishnan Vathapi M. Dikshitar
Swara Sudha Lotus Enterprises Inc. 2000

"Vatapi Ganapatim Bhajeham" in raga Hamsadhwani, is a common opener at Carnatic concerts.

https://prasantmusic.com Prasant Radhakrishnan is equally at home with jazz music.


9:18 AM
Bidur Mallik & Sons - Rag Ramkali
Bidur Mallik & Sons Rag Ramkali
The Fast Side of Dhrupad wergo 2004

The Mallik family traces its musical roots to the late 18th century, in the court of Dharbanga, in northeast India near Nepal.


9:31 AM
T. N. Seshagopalan - Abhimanamennadu galgu - Raga Begada
T. N. Seshagopalan Abhimanamennadu galgu - Raga Begada Patnam Subramania Iyer
CMANA Live Concert CMANA

Madurai Thirumalai Nambi Seshagopalan was born on 5 September 1948 in Nagapattinam, Tamil Nadu. He first learnt under his mother, and later under Ramanathapuram C. S. Sankarasivan. He holds a degree in science from Madras University and a degree in music from Madurai Kamaraj University where he later served as professor of music.


9:43 AM
Prabha Atre - Raga Mishra Pilu: Kajri - "Ghir Ke Aayee Badariya Ram"
Prabha Atre Raga Mishra Pilu: Kajri - "Ghir Ke Aayee Badariya Ram"
Chaitanya N A Classical 1999


Prabha Atre (born in Pune on 13 September 1932) is a vocalist from the Kirana gharana. She learnt classical music from Sureshbabu Mane and Hirabai Badodekar.

10:00 AM
Vishwa Mohan Bhatt, Tarun Bhattacharya, Ramesh Mishra, Ronu Majumdar - Raga Nat Bhairav
Vishwa Mohan Bhatt, Tarun Bhattacharya, Ramesh Mishra, Ronu Majumdar Raga Nat Bhairav
Jeevan: Music For Life N A Classical Audio Cassettes Co. 1994

This hour-long performance features the top instrumentalists of their generation, respectively: slide guitar, santoor, sarangi, and bansuri.


Mainly issued on cassette, so there is 30 minutes of Alap, and 30 minutes of Gat in Teental.

I have discussed this on Sangeet before, how the Indian music industry has been dominated by cassettes. Even on CDs, note how tracks usually can be split evenly to fill 45 or 60 minute cassettes.

11:00 AM
Nithyasree Mahadevan - Mohanakkara
Nithyasree Mahadevan Mohanakkara Koteswara Iyer
Murugan Paamalai Amutham Music 2000

"Mohanakkara mutukumara" is in Raga Neethimathi.

Nithyasree was born on 25 August 1973 to Lalitha Sivakumar and Iswaran Sivakumar. Her paternal grandmother is D. K. Pattammal, and her grand-uncle is D. K. Jayaraman. Her maternal grandfather is the mridangam maestro, Palghat Mani Iyer.


11:06 AM
Gayathri - Nagumomu Ganaleni
Gayathri Nagumomu Ganaleni Thyagaraja
Veena - Classical by Gayathri T-Series 1991

Echampati Gayathri born 9 November 1959. She first trained under her parents and later under T. M. Thyagarajan, a vocalist and composer.


11:17 AM
Dr. M. Balamuralikrishna - Nee Dayarada Amba - Poorvikalyani
Dr. M. Balamuralikrishna Nee Dayarada Amba - Poorvikalyani Dr. M. Balamuralikrishna
Carnatic - Vocal EMI 1992

Mangalampalli Balamuralikrishna (6 July 1930 – 22 November 2016) was a Carnatic vocalist, musician, multi-instrumentalist, playback singer, composer, and character actor. A success in every field entered.


11:34 AM
Meher Ali - Maro nara Haideri, "ya Ali!"
Meher Ali Maro nara Haideri, "ya Ali!"
Musique du monde : Qawwali, expression de l'essentiel dΓ©sir Buda musique 2005

Mehr Ali & Sher Ali are two Pakistani brothers who lead this Qawwali music group.


11:51 AM
Ghulam Ali - Humko Kisike Gham Ne Maara (Live)
Ghulam Ali Humko Kisike Gham Ne Maara (Live) Ghulam Ali
The Golden Collection EMI 1996
Ghulam Ali (born 5 December 1940) is a Pakistani ghazal singer of the Patiala Gharana. He was a disciple of Bade Ghulam Ali Khan (elder Ghulam Ali Khan). Ali was also trained by Bade Ghulam Ali's younger brothers – Barkat Ali Khan and Mubarak Ali Khan.


The ghazal is a form of amatory poem or ode, originating in Arabic poetry. In the Subcontinent, ghazals are usually sung in Urdu. Ghazals range in style from pop to light classical, where they can be considered analogous to Thumris, but with a stronger emphasis on lyrics. On this spectrum, Ghulam Ali mostly tends towards the classical side (particularly in a live setting). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ghazal
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Sangeet Team (host) 9:00:06 AM
Good morning, and welcome to Sangeet on WPRB.
zeuhlbeaux 9:02:35 AM
Yeooo Sangeet The Obscure!
Sangeet Team (host) 9:03:20 AM
Good morning, zeuhlbeaux. We missed you in yesterday's TNA chatroom.
zeuhlbeaux 9:05:51 AM
This pesky "work" thing interferes with my full-time vocation of WPRB listening :(
Sangeet Team (host) 9:06:56 AM
I know the feeling. That's why I'm blowing all my allotted vacation time on Friday mornings.
zeuhlbeaux 9:08:21 AM
I applaud your dedication!
Sangeet Team (host) 9:10:12 AM
Yeah, I kinda like music. A bit.
the_dude 9:10:26 AM
I have a passing interest myself
Sangeet Team (host) 9:10:41 AM
Good morning, Dude.
the_dude 9:11:20 AM
A very good morning to you and Mr. Beaux as well
the_dude 9:11:43 AM
Is there a way I can get paid to listen? Like a twitch streamer but for radio?
Sangeet Team (host) 9:12:27 AM
If you are in central Jersey today, don't be surprised by the booming noises. The Joint base will be firing howitzers today.
Sangeet Team (host) 9:12:58 AM
None of us here have figured out how to monetize WPRB listening.
Li Maria 9:14:31 AM
good morning! I like the call and response of this one
Sangeet Team (host) 9:15:43 AM
Good morning, Li Maria. Yes, that call and response is a great feature in a lot of Indian classical performances.
the_dude 9:16:14 AM
Ideas I have would include work beyond just listening...that's the tricky part.. kinda defeat the point... and yeah I've heard sax before on this program and it's really cool, this track is great
Sangeet Team (host) 9:16:51 AM
At 10:00 today, I am featuring a performance of 4 instrumentalists performing together. There should be a lot of interplay there.
Sangeet Team (host) 9:17:47 AM
Last week, Jayashri featured a lot of saxophone, along with the similar sounding indigenous double reed instrument, nadaswaram.
Ram Ramaprasd 9:19:48 AM
Dikshitar has other compositions on Ganesh. But for decades, I find musicians sing only Vatapi Ganapathim
Sangeet Team (host) 9:20:32 AM
That "Vatapi" composition has probably been rendered by every Carnatic musician. An evergreen classic.
Sangeet Team (host) 9:21:34 AM
Audiences seem to respond to familiar melodies. Good morning, Ram.
Ram Ramaprasd 9:23:09 AM
Dhrupad dates back, my reading informs me, to very ancient times and was the face of Hindusani music. Later, around the start of the Mogul era, it was superceded by Khayal. Drupad needs more serious immersion in it.
Sangeet Team (host) 9:25:03 AM
Yes. For most casual listeners, it strains their patience. These days, most people like fast jangly tunes.
zeuhlbeaux 9:30:20 AM
These long pieces put me in the zone...have a 3-hr full-show one for the future?
zeuhlbeaux 9:30:48 AM
And howdy dude, Li Maria, and Ram!
Sangeet Team (host) 9:33:32 AM
At the 10 o'clock hour, the performance lasts a full hour. 30 minutes without percussion, 30 minutes with. Mostly fast playing though. Not austere and measured like dhrupad.
Ram Ramaprasd 9:33:33 AM
Thanks for asking. Just floating in music. You people who drop in and chat make the experience of bringing music to listeners an indescribable experience for the Sangeet team. Thanks
Sangeet Team (host) 9:35:48 AM
Most of my dhrupad performances last over 1 hour. Hard to program into the show. Also, I fear the slowness would drive most listeners away. Would fit better on Music With Space.
Li Maria 9:39:44 AM
Hi Zbeaux and everyone! I love music with space--I will definitely have to check out the 10am performance
Sangeet Team (host) 9:40:52 AM
The 10:00 recording has slide guitar, santoor, bansuri and sarangi trading leads.
Sangeet Team (host) 9:46:07 AM
This Prabha Atre CD is an example of how I get tricked by repackaging of music. The copy I bought was called "Celebrity Selection", but the same music was also issued on the same label as "Chaitanya". So I picked that up too, thinking it had different content. Oh well.
Li Maria 10:11:27 AM
This is lovely
Sangeet Team (host) 10:12:13 AM
I'm glad you are enjoying it.
Sangeet Team (host) 10:15:55 AM
After 15 minutes of free form "alap", now is the "jor" portion, which includes a rhythmic pulse.
Sangeet Team (host) 10:25:46 AM
The "jor" now becomes very fast, called the "jhalla".
zeuhlbeaux 10:27:18 AM
This is lovely!
Sangeet Team (host) 10:27:25 AM
This alap-jor-jhalla is a standard progression in Hindustani performances, all before the tabla percussion begins.
Sangeet Team (host) 10:29:44 AM
Now with tabla, the whole progression starts again. It's called the "gat", and begins with "vilambit" (slow), "madhyalaya" (medium tempo), and "drut" (fast).
Sangeet Team (host) 10:32:11 AM
There will be loads of improvisation in the raga, but you'll hear them return to a composed melody occasionally, ending on the "one" beat, in this 16 beat rhythm cycle (teental).
Li Maria 10:35:35 AM
Loving this!
Li Maria 10:36:58 AM
Interesting about the cassettes. Are cassette players still widely produced/used in India?
Li Maria 10:37:33 AM
Forgive me if you already discussed
Sangeet Team (host) 10:38:10 AM
Until recently, yes, cassettes were common. I think they've finally been supplanted by digital/online music.
Sangeet Team (host) 10:39:11 AM
The masses might not have had CD players, but they all have cell phones.
Li Maria 10:40:44 AM
ah, yes
Chef Emeril Lagasse 🍳 10:48:36 AM
Good morning, Sangeet team! You are truly kicking it up a notch this morning! BAM
Sangeet Team (host) 10:49:16 AM
Good morning, Chef! We're cooking' now!
Sangeet Team (host) 10:57:19 AM
Building to the big finish.
Brian D 11:02:37 AM
Saying hello in the chat as someone suggested. A great idea. Sounds really nice this a.m.
Sangeet Team (host) 11:03:53 AM
Hello Brian D. "Oh good", as we say here now. Thanks for checking in.
Brian D 11:07:34 AM
Jarret Mitchell 11:08:17 AM
What’s up sangeet team?! I’m here listening every Saturday morning while I clean the house. That’s why I’m never in the chat. Keep up the great tunes, I gave you all a shout out when I made my monthly pledge.
Sangeet Team (host) 11:09:17 AM
Hey, good morning, and thanks Jarret! Nice bright day to clean house.
DubNP 11:55:01 AM
Really amazing variety today. So much spirit. Thank you.
Sangeet Team (host) 11:55:02 AM
Of course, if you don't understand Urdu (or at least Hindi), you won't appreciate the clever 'turn of phrase' that elicits those appreciative outbursts from the audience.
Sangeet Team (host) 11:55:32 AM
Oh good morning, DubNP. Thanks for dropping in.
DubNP 11:55:52 AM
Been here all morning!
Sangeet Team (host) 11:56:15 AM
No better place to be, imho.
Sangeet Team (host) 11:59:15 AM
Thank you all for listening, and keeping me company in the chat today!