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These Vibes Are Too Cosmic

Dec 17, 2021 3:00 PM โ€“ 5:00 PM

With Brian

Science on the radio. Today: solar weather

Solar Weather!!

These Vibes Are Too Cosmic
3:00 PM
Terry Riley - Across the Lake of the Ancient Word
Terry Riley Across the Lake of the Ancient Word Terry Riley
Shri Camel Sony Classical 1980
3:05 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------

Show intro: An incredible feeling to return to the studio!! Tears of musical joy

3:08 PM
Jeff Snyder - Sunspots V
Jeff Snyder Sunspots V Jeff Snyder
Sunspots Carrier Records 2018
3:26 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------

How to relate sunspots to solar storms that can interact with the Earth's power grid :O

3:33 PM
Hop Along - The Fox in Motion
Hop Along The Fox in Motion Hop Along
Bark Your Head Off, Dog Saddle Creek 2018
3:36 PM
LeLu/Lu's - 21st Century
LeLu/Lu's 21st Century LeLu\Lu's
Operating on Specific Cues Vinyl-On-Demand 2014
3:38 PM
the Iditarod - Afternoons Like This Are Hard To Come By
the Iditarod Afternoons Like This Are Hard To Come By
the Ghost, the Elf, the Cat and the Angel Bluesanct 2002
3:45 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------

The magnetosphere, our space shield: Where it comes from and what it makes happen

3:51 PM
Lynn Tatt and the Baba Brooks Band - Magnificent Ska
Lynn Tatt and the Baba Brooks Band Magnificent Ska
Hearbeat 1999
3:54 PM
Trauma Harness - Organ Donor
Trauma Harness Organ Donor Trauma Harness N
Organ Donor/You are the Hero Lumpy Records 2021
3:58 PM
Sweet Talk - Never Alone
Sweet Talk Never Alone Sweet Talk
Flash of Light EP 12XU 2013
4:01 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------

General news: James Webb Space Telescope goes up into space soon

4:11 PM
Lida Husik - Back In the March
Lida Husik Back In the March Lida Husik
The Return of Red Emma Husik Musik 2005
4:13 PM
Elizabeth Hilliard - Great Women
Elizabeth Hilliard Great Women Elizabeth Hilliard N
Great Women - EP Metier 2021
4:18 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------

Addressing two James Webb points: 1) Lavender Scare's supposed motivation, to rid the government of the "blackmailable"; 2) The lagrangian point where the James Webb telescope will sit.

4:22 PM
Alamayehu Eshete - Tedesteshal wey?
Alamayehu Eshete Tedesteshal wey? Alamayehu Eshete
Ethiopiques 9... 1969-1974 Bunda Musique 2004
4:27 PM
Ruth - Polaroรฏd Roman Photo
Ruth Polaroรฏd Roman Photo Ruth
BIPPP: French Synth Wave 1979-85 V/A Everloving 2008
4:32 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------

The bioaerosol revolution: How does phosphorus get around?? Is it via life in the air??


4:41 PM
The Essence All Stars - Casablanca
The Essence All Stars Casablanca Afro Cubano Chant
Afro Cubano Chant Hip Bop 1995
4:47 PM
D.R. - Nuca Llajta
D.R. Nuca Llajta
Music of the Andes V/A Flying Fish 1988
4:50 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------

Is it bad to breath in particles? (normally) What can you do about it? (burn less stuff) What happens when there are too many particles for fish to see? (that actually matters!!)

4:58 PM
Swans - You're Not Real, Girl
Swans You're Not Real, Girl Swans
Children of God (2020 Remaster) Young God Records 2020
Chat is archived.
Brian (host) 3:02:53 PM
People of the world, unite! Afternoon Radio Here From Princeton
Brian D 3:03:25 PM
shoelaces of the worlds, Untie
Brian D 3:03:32 PM
Hello Brian
Brian (host) 3:04:21 PM
May they force us to take a minute to stop and examine ourselves!
Jon Solomon 3:05:19 PM
Are non-Brians allowed in this chat?
Christine ๐Ÿฆ‰ 3:05:38 PM
I hope so, being a non-Brian.
Brian D 3:05:45 PM
Heard recently that the highest temp in the Arctic of 38C was reached.
Brian D 3:06:19 PM
100F whew....
Brian (host) 3:09:16 PM
Everyone is forcefully welcomed in this space! Names notwithstanding
Brian D 3:09:20 PM
I peeked into the web on that Terry Riley so must disqualify myself but wow... very cool especially being a musical instrument player/ geek
Brian (host) 3:09:43 PM
Arctic temperatures!! Sad but necessary to talk about today?
Brian D 3:10:41 PM
I sometimes read sheet music without an instrument around... as one would a comic, article, etc... Ya geekery
Brian D 3:11:24 PM
Just Intonation would perk up my ears more but... sad to say the Arctic is important too
Christine ๐Ÿฆ‰ 3:14:08 PM
@Brian, welcome back to the Mothership! ๐Ÿ›ธ
Brian (host) 3:15:27 PM
I am loving my return :)
Brian (host) 3:15:44 PM
Freeform live radio with turntables... bringing 1am radio to you here, now, today
Christine ๐Ÿฆ‰ 3:16:43 PM
Turntable fun
Brian D 3:19:28 PM
Lizbot plays a band, Cheer Accident I think it is, that uses some altered instruments.... not just alternate tuning but something along the lines of that "just intonation" thing
Christine ๐Ÿฆ‰ 3:23:36 PM
Ha! *sad trumpet* ๐ŸŽบ
Brian (host) 3:24:51 PM
I'm glad it was meaningful in its own way
Brian D 3:45:30 PM
speaking of sunspots... this is the time of day when i have to close the office door because the afternoon sun goes right into my eye level
Brian D 3:47:54 PM
The Sun Never Sweats... (but it may occasionally cough up some things in our general direction)
Bud Burroughs 3:49:07 PM
This NASA site has excellent near-real-time solar images: https://sdo.gsfc.nasa.gov/data/
Brian (host) 3:52:02 PM
Wow, awesome! I will give these a shout out!
Brian (host) 3:52:18 PM
and yes, 100%, the sun bothers not only our Earth's magnetic field but also all of our eyes all day
Brian (host) 3:52:37 PM
(imagine, saying that the singular object that powers everything we have ever known is "bothering" us...)
DSM 3:52:55 PM
Whoa was just wondering what happened to These Vibes Are Too Cosmic, and here it is!
Kris S 3:53:15 PM
Hi Kat!!! Nice to hear your tunes!! TGIF
DSM 3:53:54 PM
Good to hear you again Brian
Brian D 3:54:55 PM
Brian (host) 3:55:28 PM
Thank you for thinking of us here in the vibes, DSM :) Happy to be here again!
Brian (host) 3:55:45 PM
This is a very much one-off slot but I hope to be a regular again soon.
DSM 3:57:58 PM
I will cherish the remaining hour then. And enjoy this donut and coffee treat while doing so.
Brian (host) 3:59:09 PM
Sounds like the right idea! I'm channeling my hunger into my music choices, so far so good. I love being back in the WPRB library
Brian (host) 3:59:16 PM
Any science topic ideas anybody?
Rofflestomp 4:07:07 PM
Long wavelengths don't interact with much luckily.
Rofflestomp 4:07:40 PM
JWT is a fine topic.
Rofflestomp 4:11:36 PM
A lot of it had to do also with the fact that they could be compromised by foreign manipulators threatening to out them and forcing them to revel NASA "Secrets".
Brian (host) 4:11:57 PM
Glad to hear it's of interest! It is so exciting to know how much more information is up there for the taking, provided we can put the right tools into orbit
Brian (host) 4:12:15 PM
That's an interesting take and I'm sure does have a lot to do with it, Rofflestomp. I'll bring that up
Rofflestomp 4:13:28 PM
I am wondering if the moon will wind up delaying the launch again, because of the line up with the L2 point.
Rofflestomp 4:25:37 PM
The instruments are so far playing in western scales, but his voice is having none of that 12 tone stuff. lol
Brian (host) 4:28:19 PM
Love the vocal traditions of north Africa!
Rofflestomp 4:28:47 PM
Same here.
DSM 4:33:28 PM
Love that BIPPP comp!
Rofflestomp 4:36:29 PM
Nine out of ten terrorist prefer Phosphates. :)
Li Maria 4:39:12 PM
Welcome back--so glad I got to catch part of your show, Brian! Hope there are more episodes to come in the near future :)
Rofflestomp 4:41:23 PM
Nano particulates are also on the rise. They are being manufactured at a scary rate now and they pass right threw the skin and it's nuts.
Readie Righteous 4:42:34 PM
Brian! Hi! Welcome back to the airwaves!
Brian (host) 4:43:08 PM
So much to consider even just existing in a room! wow. Readie, I hope to give the listeners a nice lead in to your show
DSM 4:43:13 PM
*purchases hazmat suit*
Brian (host) 4:43:35 PM
Li Maria I am very glad to have you as a listener :) I am on the lookout for a slot in the spring, let's see what shakes out
Readie Righteous 4:43:50 PM
I am pumped! so good to hear you today!
Brian (host) 4:43:51 PM
Just because there are nanoparticles doesn't mean things are dangerous out there! It's just a part of life
Rofflestomp 4:45:06 PM
Until they slip past you mitochondria and mess with your genes.
Brian (host) 4:46:02 PM
Dang! I'm gonna have to address this particle inhalation issue
Rofflestomp 4:46:04 PM
We just don't know, but we sure love to pollute for the big bucks.
Brian (host) 4:46:19 PM
Raking in those big ones $$$$
DSM 4:47:16 PM
this sax is slaying
Rofflestomp 4:47:20 PM
I hope you get another slot and deep dive someday.
Rofflestomp 4:47:58 PM
That was a cool sax vibe!
Brian (host) 4:48:32 PM
I know, that track evolved from a little too soft to a much more dynamic situation real fast
Rofflestomp 4:50:25 PM
Pan flute is it real or is it memorex on a synth. Sounds real, but with effects on hard.
Rofflestomp 4:58:32 PM
Cool show, I love the concept and the music was just A Okay by me. Hope to catch the next one. Have a good holiday time.
Brian (host) 5:00:07 PM
Thanks to you and all others for joining today :) Your interaction makes it much more fun! See y'all next time