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Weird, Old America

Dec 18, 2021 6:00 PM β€“ 8:00 PM

With Dylan Fox

The Jersey Devil SPEAKS

Weird, Old America
6:05 PM
Sparks - I Wish You Were Fun
Sparks I Wish You Were Fun Sparks
Hippopotamus BMG Rights Management (UK) Ltd. 2017
6:09 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
6:19 PM
Fleet Foxes - White Winter Hymnal
Fleet Foxes White Winter Hymnal Fleet Foxes
Fleet Foxes Nonesuch 2008
6:22 PM
Leon Redbone - Shine On Harvest Moon
Leon Redbone Shine On Harvest Moon Leon Redbone
Double Time Warner Records 1977
6:26 PM
Blitzen Trapper - Christmas Is Coming Soon
Blitzen Trapper Christmas Is Coming Soon Blitzen Trapper
Blitzen Trapper LidKerCow Ltd.
6:28 PM
Sufjan Stevens - What Child Is This Anyway?
Sufjan Stevens What Child Is This Anyway? Sufjan Stevens
Songs for Christmas Asthmatic Kitty 2006
6:36 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
6:49 PM
Ali Murakami Quartet - Saucer Eyes
Ali Murakami Quartet Saucer Eyes
Conception (feat. Zaid Nasser, Tardo Hammer & Hassan Shakur)
6:55 PM
La Luz - The Pines
La Luz The Pines La Luz N
La Luz Hardly Art 2021
6:58 PM
Vince Guaraldi Trio - O Nosso Amor (Take 2) [Alternate Take]
Vince Guaraldi Trio O Nosso Amor (Take 2) [Alternate Take] Vince Guaraldi Trio
Jazz Impressions of Black Orpheus (with "Cast Your Fate To The Wind") Original Jazz Classics 2010
7:02 PM
The Marind Anim of West Papua & Father Jan Verschueren - Wax Cylinder Recording: Hai Sakarina
The Marind Anim of West Papua & Father Jan Verschueren Wax Cylinder Recording: Hai Sakarina
Dema - Music of the Marind Anim: The Verschueren Collection 1962, Anthology of Music from West Papua, Vol. 2 RMP 2012
7:04 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
7:35 PM
Cecil Taylor - Unit Structure / As of a Now / Section
Cecil Taylor Unit Structure / As of a Now / Section Cecil Taylor
Unit Structures Blue Note Records 1987
7:47 PM
TEKE::TEKE - Yoru Ni
Shirushi Kill Rock Stars 2021
7:52 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
7:58 PM
Ella Fitzgerald - White Christmas
Ella Fitzgerald White Christmas Ella Fitzgerald
Ella Wishes You A Swinging Christmas (Expanded Edition) Verve Reissues 2002
Chat is archived.
Dylan (host) 6:04:45 PM
We are here!
esoterica! 6:04:54 PM
Roffle 6:05:06 PM
Made it!
esoterica! 6:05:07 PM
hey dylan
esoterica! 6:05:30 PM
i am getting The Shining vibes here
Roffle 6:05:44 PM
Dylan (host) 6:05:59 PM
And we have a special guest so get ready to send questions
esoterica! 6:06:04 PM
esoterica! 6:06:31 PM
i just played this the other day - love!
Roffle 6:06:34 PM
Will do.
Roffle 6:07:23 PM
Still dusting the glitter off my platform eso!
esoterica! 6:09:02 PM
Oh yes, roffle!
Roffle 6:14:43 PM
Devil dude, those pine trees are private property zone man. Gonna have to report you to the guys with crosses if this goes on.
Roffle 6:17:00 PM
First nation card? Seriously?
esoterica! 6:17:56 PM
not to bring up something touchy, but please tell us your favorite mother leeds story, only if it isn;t a trigger?
Roffle 6:18:10 PM
Goulash is certainly devil food.
Roffle 6:21:05 PM
To have a tail, your clothes must be tailor made. Just sayin'....
Roffle 6:24:05 PM
Leon played guitar with a cloth over his hand if I remember correctly.
Roffle 6:24:43 PM
It's a vague memory.
Dylan (host) 6:27:10 PM
We are all vague memories
Roffle 6:27:50 PM
So true, but in 10,000 years I hope the slate is clean.
Roffle 6:33:50 PM
Usually busy on Saturday nights, I was really expecting a bunch of hillbilly shit. Pleasant surprise.
Roffle 6:34:40 PM
I am down with bluegrass though.
Roffle 6:35:53 PM
Oh, hey devil, please curse my ex when you have a moment. Thx.
Roffle 6:38:20 PM
Roffle 6:39:33 PM
iPhone are devil spawn.
Roffle 6:42:25 PM
We openly accept folks from the pines area, but we will just always call them Piney's. Fact of life.
Roffle 6:44:05 PM
Ham product! lol
Roffle 6:45:20 PM
Wawa is a goddess now.
Roffle 6:45:57 PM
Hogie Haven rules!
Roffle 6:46:39 PM
I love the main gate stores.
Roffle 6:48:09 PM
You devils eat well.
Tim Conheeney 6:48:58 PM
Utz makes Zappos Voodoo for our market.
Roffle 6:49:09 PM
Devil's love crunchy. lol Got it.
Tim Conheeney 6:49:19 PM
Love/hate your Delco hoagie and road pronunciation.
Roffle 6:51:41 PM
I like this Ali thing going on.
Roffle 6:52:58 PM
Wow, that bass tom slam! brilliant!
Roffle 6:54:27 PM
Tom out!
Selecta Jerry 7:05:13 PM
Cranberries or blueberries ?
Roffle 7:13:45 PM
Okay, I'm board. Nice try.
nickrhombi 7:14:17 PM
somebody tell that fella to go to the white rose system in highland park for a pork roll and cheese sandwich. - that was the go to after a night in new brunswick at the court tavern, bowl o drome or roxy and melody bar.
Selecta Jerry 7:17:43 PM
Never knew the jersey devil spent so much time in central jersey
Selecta Jerry 7:18:09 PM
With a delco accent ta boot
Tim Conheeney 7:23:17 PM
Cawfee. Wooder. All the hits.
Roffle 7:24:06 PM
@Selecta Jerry - This is open mike. Yup, been there. Delco Accent! lol
Roffle 7:28:30 PM
The lord of bore me to death Jersey Devil! Get busy !
jimbeaux 7:28:51 PM
Yo J.D. Where's your favorite place to canoe in the Pines?
Roffle 7:30:29 PM
@jimbeaux At cider lakes freaking out turtles on logs.
jimbeaux 7:32:07 PM
Thx Roffle!
jimbeaux 7:33:24 PM
What did J.D. wear to jazz club? Dashiki? Beret? Both?
Roffle 7:33:25 PM
@jimbeaux Hey I get it and love it.
Roffle 7:34:14 PM
Nice ass music.. Roll on!
Roffle 7:35:28 PM
What key is this.com LOL
Dylan (host) 7:41:38 PM
On why the Jersey Devil spends so much time in Central Jersey: "I just like to explore, try to get up to Princeton when I can." --JD
Dylan (host) 7:42:37 PM
"I was wearing a black baret, a blood red velvet suit, and no shoes because they don't fit my hooves."--JD
Selecta Jerry 7:42:45 PM
Jersey devil didnt even know wading river . I think he is a fraud
jimbeaux 7:44:01 PM
Right @selecta...been there hundreds of years and don't know his terrain!
Selecta Jerry 7:44:38 PM
Can we please discuss batsto?
jimbeaux 7:44:58 PM
River or village?
Selecta Jerry 7:45:22 PM
Let the devil figure it out jimbeaux
Selecta Jerry 7:46:13 PM
Caranza memorial would be a great topic as well
jimbeaux 7:48:11 PM
Was just thinking that! He should know the history of Whitesbog like nobodies bidness, too.
Selecta Jerry 7:48:28 PM
jimbeaux 7:48:52 PM
He probably brought Carranza's plane down
Selecta Jerry 7:49:22 PM
Buzbys in chatsworth made porkroll back in the day
Dylan (host) 7:49:27 PM
JD here, Carranza's crash was tragic, I had nothing to do with the storm, that was the same storm demon that caused Sandy
Dylan (host) 7:49:41 PM
Really rude guy
Dylan (host) 7:50:09 PM
Tore up the Wildwood boardwalk for no reason
jimbeaux 7:50:14 PM
Likely story.
Selecta Jerry 7:51:10 PM
Dont think he can tell a cranberry from a blueberry either
jimbeaux 7:54:39 PM
JD...where are the best cranberry trees located in Pines?
jimbeaux 7:56:37 PM
Or best place to dig up blueberries from their underground vines?
Selecta Jerry 7:56:51 PM
Selecta Jerry 7:58:33 PM
Cheers delco devil and dylan !
Commie Francis 7:58:41 PM
this is appropriate because my show is about horses this week
jimbeaux 7:59:05 PM
Giddyup Commie!
Commie Francis 7:59:25 PM
thanks jersey devil pine barrens 4ever to hell with the sopranos and their deciduous fake pine barrens
jimbeaux 7:59:46 PM
Thx Dylan & DevilπŸ‘Ή