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With Sangeet Team

Classical and Folk Music from the Indian Subcontinent, on WPRB since 1986 with a rotating cast of DJs

New Year's Day Tea with Dave ๐“€


9:00 AM
AIR Signature Tune - Shivaranjani
AIR Signature Tune Shivaranjani Walter Kaufmann


All India Radio (AIR), officially known since 1957 as Akashvani (literary meaning "Voice from the Sky").

9:01 AM
Prasanna - Varnam (Abhogi)
Prasanna Varnam (Abhogi) Patnam Subramania Iyer
Natabhairavi INRECO 2000

R. Prasanna (better known as Guitar Prasanna), was born on 2 October 1970, and grew up in Chennai. He is a pioneer in performing Carnatic music on the electric guitar. He also plays jazz, progressive rock, and world fusion.


9:08 AM
Lalgudi G. J. R. Krishnan & Lalgudi J. Vijayalakshmi - Atukaaraadani
Lalgudi G. J. R. Krishnan & Lalgudi J. Vijayalakshmi Atukaaraadani Tyagaraja
Bow to the Violins: South Indian Classical Music Felmay 2006

"Atu karadani palka" is in Raga Manoranjani.

Children of the violin legend Lalgudi G. Jayaraman, Lalgudi Gopala Iyer Jayaraman Radhakrishnan, popularly known as G. J. R. Krishnan or Lalgudi Krishnan was born on 15 April 1960. Lalgudi J. Vijayalakshmi was born in 1966.


9:14 AM
Ustad Yunus Husain Khan - Chandini Kedar
Ustad Yunus Husain Khan Chandini Kedar
Darpan: Ustad Yunus Husain Khan - Khyal, Classical Vocal Music of North India RMP 2012

Yunus Husain Khan (1927-1991) is the son and disciple of Vilayat Husain Khan, vocalist representing the Agra gharana. When the old "dhrupad" style of Hindustani music gave rise to the "khayal" style, this led to individualized styles and eventually the different "gharanas" (schools or houses of musical styles). The Agra gharana retains more of the dhrupad origins that most other gharanas.


This is from a concert recorded in 1973.

9:52 AM
Ravikiran - Kanakana ruchira kanakavasana
Ravikiran Kanakana ruchira kanakavasana Tyagaraja
Raga "Varali" A connoisseur's dream Kalakendra 1995

"Kanakana ruchira kanakavasana" is in Raga Varali.

Narasimhan Ravikiran was born on 12 February 1967 in Mysore. A child prodigy, he was able to identify about 325 ragas (melodic scales) and 175 talas (rhythmic cycles) of Carnatic music at the age of 2.


It's a bit hard to tell on this image, but the white cylindrical item used to glide over the strings that Ravikiran is holding is made of Teflon.

10:02 AM
Sikkil Sisters (Flute) - Ramabhakathi Samarajyam - Sudha Bangala
Sikkil Sisters (Flute) Ramabhakathi Samarajyam - Sudha Bangala Thygaraja
Flute: Sikkil Sisters Sangeetha 1987

Sikkil Kunjumani, (10 June 1927 - 13 November 2010) and Sikkil Neela, (born 9 September 1940), are sisters who play the Carnatic flute.



10:07 AM
Bikram Ghosh - Nasruk
Bikram Ghosh Nasruk Bikram Ghosh
Talking Tabla Music Of The World 2007

Born in Kolkata on 20 October 1966, he is the son of tabla master Shankar Ghosh.


"Nasruk" is a 9-beat rhythm cycle, divided into 4 1/2 + 4 1/2.

10:22 AM
N. Rajam & Sangeeta Shankar - Entani ne varnintunu
N. Rajam & Sangeeta Shankar Entani ne varnintunu Tyagaraja
Together Magnasound 1996

Dr. N. Rajam was born in 1938, and is the sister of violinist T. N. Krishnan. Rajam started her initial training in Carnatic music under her father, A. Narayana Iyer. She also trained under Musiri Subramania Iyer, and learned raga development from Hindustani vocalist Omkarnath Thakur. She became a professor of Music at Banaras Hindu University, and eventually became head of the department and the dean of the Faculty of Performing Arts of the University. Her daughter Sangeeta Shankar was born on 12 August 1965. While the two normally perform Hindustani music, this is a CD of Carnatic kritis.


"Entanine" is in Raga Mukhari.

10:28 AM
Ashwini Bhide Deshpande - Raag Yaman
Ashwini Bhide Deshpande Raag Yaman
Rageshri Yaman Durga Alurkar Music House 2000

Born in Mumbai on 7 October 1960, she started her early classical training under the guidance of Narayanrao Datar, the elder brother of violinist D. K. Datar. She learned music in the Jaipur-Atrauli style from her mother Manik Bhide, a senior disciple of Kishori Amonkar. She also received guidance from Ratnakar Pai. She also holds a Master's degree in Microbiology and earned a doctorate in Biochemistry from Bhabha Atomic Research Centre. It was not until she completed her PhD that she even considered a professional career in music.


10:48 AM
T. M. Krishna - Saramaina - Behag - Rupaka
T. M. Krishna Saramaina - Behag - Rupaka Swati Tirunal
Margazhi Raagam Aghal Films 2013

Born on 22 January 1976 in Chennai, T. M. Krishna is a vocalist, writer, activist, and author.

He was awarded with the Ramon Magsaysay Award for โ€œhis forceful commitment as artist and advocate to artโ€™s power to heal Indiaโ€™s deep social divisions, breaking barriers of caste and class to unleash what music has to offer not just for some but for allโ€.


10:56 AM
Aruna Sairam - Saravanabhava
Aruna Sairam Saravanabhava Muthiah Bhagavatar
Divine Inspiration world village 2008

Born in Mumbai on 30 October 1952, her main teacher was T. Brinda.


"Saravanabhava" is in Raga Pasupatipriya.

11:01 AM
D. K. Jayaraman - Chani todi teve O manasa - Harikambhoji
D. K. Jayaraman Chani todi teve O manasa - Harikambhoji Tyagaraja
Sangeetha Kalanidhi EMI 1993

D. K. Jayaraman (22 July 1928 - 25 January 1991) was the younger brother of D. K. Pattammal.


11:11 AM
Brij Narayan - Raga Jog
Brij Narayan Raga Jog
Scintillating Sarod T-Series 1991

Born on 25 April 1952 in Udaipur, Rajasthan, he is the son of Ram Narayan, and nephew of Chatur Lal.


11:39 AM
Ranjani & Gayathri (Vocal) - Sarasa Sama Dana - Kapinarayani
Ranjani & Gayathri (Vocal) Sarasa Sama Dana - Kapinarayani Tyagaraja
N/A 2021

Ranjani (13 May 1973) and Gayatri (10 May 1976) were students of P.S. Narayanaswamy.


11:55 AM
Susheela Raman - Sarasa
Susheela Raman Sarasa Tyagaraja (arr. Susheela Raman)
Love Trap Narada 2003

Susheela Raman was born 21 July 1973 in London. The family moved to Australia when she was 4, and Susheela grew up singing South Indian classical music and began giving recitals at an early age. Returning to England in 1997, she started to work with her partner, guitarist/producer Sam Mills. Some of her music draws on traditional Carnatic music blended with jazz, folk and pop influences.


Chat is archived.
Sangeet Team (host) 9:01:10 AM
Happy New Year, folks.
jimbeaux 9:03:51 AM
Sangeet Team (host) 9:04:43 AM
Good morning, jimbeaux! ๐Ÿฎ You're up early.
jimbeaux 9:06:11 AM
Was up catching rebroadcast of Lizbot's show, robo dj hour, then Total Tobias!
Sangeet Team (host) 9:07:44 AM
If only we could function without sleep, then there would be no missing out on radio shows.
jimbeaux 9:09:33 AM
Sleep is for those without WPRB in their lives...
Sangeet Team (host) 10:13:13 AM
In these complex tabla solos, the musical accompaniment is repetitive on purpose - it is there just to mark the rhythm cycle.
jimbeaux 10:20:11 AM
Love it! Hypnotic.
Sangeet Team (host) 10:20:47 AM
The percussion is so quick, it's a blur to my ears.
jimbeaux 10:21:43 AM
Need to see if there are some videos with close-up of hand/finger action!
Sangeet Team (host) 10:23:49 AM
I think you'd be able to find some. Again, it will be a visual blur. They ought to make one with high speed film, and later slow it down to see the individual finger hits.
Sangeet Team (host) 10:32:44 AM
Here is one short slow motion tabla film https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=onlr-cA_3OA
jimbeaux 10:35:30 AM
Nice! Also found this fun one where he's "cloned" himself. https://youtu.be/Uijg2oSQ0Vs
Sangeet Team (host) 10:36:14 AM
The available slomo films are all fairly basic rhythms, not the virtuoso professional exhibitions.
Sangeet Team (host) 10:38:25 AM
Thanks, jimbeaux. Yeah, Bikram Ghosh is imaginative.
MusicChallenged 10:56:47 AM
Happy New year Dave and great choice so far. Been enjoying, but just now came to the computer and joined chat for a short while :-)
Sangeet Team (host) 10:58:28 AM
Thanks, MC. Happy New Year to you as well. Thanks for dropping by the chat.
Lawrence King 11:05:39 AM
Happy New Years! I love this station. From Philly
Sangeet Team (host) 11:10:21 AM
Happy New Year to you too, Lawrence King! We're glad you found us!
Sangeet Team (host) 11:11:27 AM
@ Lawrence, can you get the FM signal, or are you listening online via wprb.com?
Lawrence King 11:23:16 AM
I usually get the signal while driving. But I'm listening online while at home.
Sangeet Team (host) 11:27:48 AM
Terrific! Thanks for joining the chat, Lawrence. It's gratifying to know we have appreciative listeners.
MusicChallenged 11:29:54 AM
@Lawrence - I am also from the Philly area and try to listen in the car sometime - but the signal can be spotty at times. I have started using TuneIn Radio app when I drive and even at home and have no need to worry about FM signal at all :-)
Brian D 11:32:06 AM
Morning all. Happy New Calendar Day! Sounds great Dave. Just heard about this recent release and it sounds interesting: Amelia Cuni โ€“ Parampara Festival 13.3.1992. Milanese vocalist and tambura player accompanied by vichitra vina player.
Sangeet Team (host) 11:35:50 AM
Good morning, Brian D. I've heard of Amelia Cuni. I have one of her CDs with Al Gromer Khan (Monsoon Point).
Sangeet Team (host) 11:36:28 AM
I'm wondering if the vichitra vina player is Gianni Ricchizzi.
Brian D 11:37:14 AM
Yes the review states that very one Gianni Ricchizzi on vina
Sangeet Team (host) 11:38:10 AM
Oh yeah. My old friend James met him while studying sitar at Benares Hindu University.
Brian D 11:39:34 AM
Helmut Waibl on pakhawaj (drum) on last track. I'm reading 14 beat patterns... more interesting as I read.
Sangeet Team (host) 11:40:42 AM
They are all dhrupad exponents. BHU has (had) a thriving dhrupad program.
Justin Szeliga 11:41:30 AM
I'm now going to waste a not insignificant part of the 1st day of 2022 googling disco gospel
Lawrence King 11:42:18 AM
@JustinS haha
Sangeet Team (host) 11:42:33 AM
Please, no. It is not good. I do not want to be blamed later.
Ram Ramaprasd 11:42:49 AM
Happy New Year to all in the chat room
Frank Vetesi 11:43:05 AM
Sangeet team, what were you playing in the background during the break around 1138am today? Sounded like maybe frippertronics/ambient guitar? Made me want to hear Indian ambient music if it exists. Thoughts?
Brian D 11:43:32 AM
I tried Tea once. I was introduced to it by Bob Dylan. It was after a wild weekend with the Surrey Table-Tapping Mystic near Bognor.
Justin Szeliga 11:44:58 AM
The story about the complaint you had got made me think about a Sunday morning back in the early 90's when I was woke up to an absolutely incredible rhythm & blues track which when the choir came in turned out to be contemporary gospel . Tom Acey, your gospel ace, on the centenary college station every Sunday morning back then
Sangeet Team (host) 11:45:39 AM
@ Frank: In the background during that break was "Mirrors" by Jeff Greinke from his "Timbral Planes" CD.
Justin Szeliga 11:46:33 AM
Updates of "old" sacred music sometimes work very well.
Sangeet Team (host) 11:46:37 AM
@ Frank: Al Gromer Khan's "Monsoon Point" is Indian influenced ambient.
Brian D 11:47:12 AM
WPRB plays it all. Hendrix probably got some flack (and other gtr players trying to copy him) for his take on the national anthem.
Justin Szeliga 11:47:18 AM
Although I only became a devoted listener, not a devoted christian
Brian D 11:47:56 AM
2nd mention of that Monsoon Point hmm... I have to check that out. Thanks.
Sangeet Team (host) 11:49:03 AM
I do not exactly compare Susheela Raman's version with disco, but the modernization does offend certain traditionalists, of which Carnatic music has many.
Sangeet Team (host) 11:49:50 AM
Al Gromer Khan is the one who played in Popol Vuh.
Sangeet Team (host) 11:50:32 AM
He studied sitar seriously, didn't just pick it up for "ethnic flavor'.
Sangeet Team (host) 11:51:57 AM
Hendrix has an interesting studio version of the Nat'l Anthem, with so many overlaid guitars, it was almost orchestral.
Justin Szeliga 11:53:29 AM
Brian D 11:54:00 AM
YES Dave re Hendrix studio anthem! The Rainbow Bridge lp I believe. Great multi track guitar harmonies. Like Les Paul (the man) meets Hendrix in space
Sangeet Team (host) 11:54:11 AM
Correct, Brian D.
Sangeet Team (host) 11:54:48 AM
Thanks, Justin, for that link.
Brian D 11:55:22 AM
Grabbed a vinyl copy of that Rainbow Bridge lp in the 80s after a friend recommended some of the tracks (anthem included) via giving me a mix cassette.
MusicChallenged 11:58:53 AM
Hmm... Not a great fan what I hear from Susheela Raman... apologies
Ram Ramaprasd 11:59:03 AM
In my humble opinion, there is only one version - the version as composed by Thyagaraja. This kind of interpolation is not correct or ethical. The artist can write his/her own composition in this raga
Sangeet Team (host) 11:59:16 AM
I understand.
Brian D 11:59:17 AM
This Susheela Raman is very nice. More to check out later... great stuff today. What I heard anyway after finally sleeping in for the first time in a long while. A fine ONE ONE TWO TWO. Tomorrow is ONE TWO TWO TWO. in this some would call "backward" eastern way of arranging the digital dates.
Brian D 12:00:07 PM
Dan B subbing next! Great!
Sangeet Team (host) 12:00:11 PM
Thanks, everyone, for enlivening the chat this morning. Until next week.