Running Redlights

Jan 14, 2022 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM

With Jen

The extension of last week's "stuff I loved in 2021" show: volume 2, by request! And I'll STILL miss great records!

Refresh the playlist page to see updated song info, and please do say hi in the chat! Let's boogie.

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Running Redlights
10:00 AM
Terry Gross - Worm Gear
Terry Gross Worm Gear
Soft Opening Thrill Jockey Records 2020
10:15 AM
Set Break
10:15 AM
Sweeping Promises - Pain Without a Touch
Sweeping Promises Pain Without a Touch N
Pain Without a Touch - Single Feel It Records 2021
10:17 AM
Lisasinson - La Isla
Lisasinson La Isla
Perdona Mamá Elefant Records 2021
10:20 AM
Eleventh Dream Day - A Case to Carry On
Eleventh Dream Day A Case to Carry On
Since Grazed Comedy Minus One 2021
10:25 AM
Cockroach Eater - Kyogen Qabbalah
Cockroach Eater Kyogen Qabbalah
Rough Guide to Avant-Garde Japan V/A World Music Network 2021
10:30 AM
shame - Alphabet
shame Alphabet
Drunk Tank Pink Dead Oceans 2021
10:32 AM
Set Break
10:36 AM
Cassie - The Light Shines On
Cassie The Light Shines On
The Light Shines On Reminder Records 2021
10:39 AM
Sleaford Mods - Glimpses
Sleaford Mods Glimpses
Spare Ribs Rough Trade 2021
10:42 AM
Kiwi Jr. - Cooler Returns
Kiwi Jr. Cooler Returns
Cooler Returns Sub Pop Records 2021
10:45 AM
Fake Last Name - Decade
Fake Last Name Decade
It'll Happen Again Tough Gum 2021


10:47 AM
There Were Wires - Waking
There Were Wires Waking
Somnambulists: Remastered Edition Iodine Recordings 2021
10:52 AM
Set Break
10:52 AM
Enola Gay - Through Men's Eyes
Enola Gay Through Men's Eyes N
Gransha - EP s/r 2021
10:57 AM
Upper Wilds - Love Song #2
Upper Wilds Love Song #2
Venus Thrill Jockey Records 2021
11:02 AM
Spiritual Mafia - Lunch
Spiritual Mafia Lunch
Al Fresco Anti Fade 2021
11:06 AM
Chris Brokaw - The Night Has No Eyes
Chris Brokaw The Night Has No Eyes
Puritan 12XU 2021
11:11 AM
Chris Corsano & Bill Orcutt - A Port in Air
Chris Corsano & Bill Orcutt A Port in Air
Made Out of Sound Palilalia 2021
11:15 AM
Florida Man - Yesterday's Air
Florida Man Yesterday's Air
Florida Man EP s/r 2021
11:20 AM
Set Break
11:20 AM
Frankie and the Witch Fingers - Sweet Freak
Frankie and the Witch Fingers Sweet Freak
Levitation Sessions (Live) The Reverberation Appreciation Society 2021
11:24 AM
King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard - See Me
King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard See Me
L.W. Flightless Records 2021
11:29 AM
PLOSIVS - Hit the Breaks
PLOSIVS Hit the Breaks
Hit the Breaks - Single Swami 2021
11:31 AM
METZ - Sugar Pill (Live)
METZ Sugar Pill (Live)
Live at the Opera House Sub Pop Records 2021
11:34 AM
BirdHands - Squee-Dop!
BirdHands Squee-Dop!
Machiniste s/r 2021
11:41 AM
Set Break
11:41 AM
Dry Cleaning - Unsmart Lady
Dry Cleaning Unsmart Lady
New Long Leg 4AD 2021
11:47 AM
Power Supply - Infinity
Power Supply Infinity N
In the Time of the Sabre-Toothed Tiger Goner 2021
11:47 AM
Waste Man - The Siren
Waste Man The Siren
One Day It'll All Be You Feel It Records 2021
11:50 AM
Goat - The Sun the Moon
Goat The Sun the Moon
Headsoup Rocket Recordings 2021
11:56 AM
Set Break
11:56 AM
Mt. Mountain - Aplomb
Mt. Mountain Aplomb
Centre Fuzz Club Records 2021
Chat is archived.
Brian D 10:01:57 AM
Aww yes! TG with the transition opening slot
Jon Solomon 10:02:13 AM
Terry Gross! Floor it!
Jen Redlights (host) 10:03:23 AM
Go, go, go!!
Andy Wing 10:06:05 AM
Worm Gear, what a great title!
Jen Redlights (host) 10:07:10 AM
I kind of want to open every show with this record ;)
DSM 10:07:23 AM
I wish I could turn this up to insane levels right now
Andy Wing 10:08:15 AM
Sounds a bit like Talk Normal, any affiliation?
Colin 10:08:34 AM
the crew who works outside my office gets to listen to TG as well! #speakerscranked!
Brian D 10:10:15 AM
I know one member is from the band Trans Am. And they have a great band photo parody of Police Zenyatta Mondatta
Jen Redlights (host) 10:11:40 AM
One is Trans Am, one works in public radio, and I need to see the photo!
uno clay 10:13:35 AM
esoterica! 10:13:49 AM
Yay! Great song!
uno clay 10:14:14 AM
Hooray for esoterica too
esoterica! 10:15:06 AM
Hi uno!
esoterica! 10:15:29 AM
Hi Jen! Bri! DSM! Jon!
Jen Redlights (host) 10:15:35 AM
Wooooooo! Happy Friday, Uno and Esoterica!
esoterica! 10:15:40 AM
Colin! Andy!
esoterica! 10:15:50 AM
Colin 10:16:38 AM
h oh double hockey sticks yeah eso!
Mike Rand 10:18:20 AM
Hi Colin, happy Friday!
Colin 10:18:48 AM
love year end round up shows. the last two weeks I've been assembling my own playlist mostly based off the shows here on wprb. thanks djs for doing the work!!
Christine 🦉 10:18:58 AM
Yay...more top picks from 2021! 💯⭐
Jen Redlights (host) 10:19:08 AM
It’s a party! Welcome, all. I promise I’ll get over 2021 next week.
Colin 10:19:12 AM
buff! see you tonight dude.
Christine 🦉 10:19:27 AM
Good morning, Jen! 🚦 Hey, gang
Mike Rand 10:19:36 AM
GOnna make it out
Mike Rand 10:19:45 AM
Mike Rand 10:20:16 AM
Agree, I've been loving all these best of's...
Jen Redlights (host) 10:20:42 AM
Maybe we need to publish some more in the fanzine or blog…
Mike Rand 10:25:08 AM
Great week to the "forced" to work from home.
uno clay 10:25:16 AM
oh man this song, i used it in a short film pitch a while ago, just for the outstanding weirdness.
Jen Redlights (host) 10:25:33 AM
You did!? That so rad!
Jen Redlights (host) 10:26:08 AM
It’s soooooo weird and strangely comforting
uno clay 10:26:40 AM
probably heard it here on your show ;']
Jen Redlights (host) 10:26:59 AM
Christine 🦉 10:27:59 AM
Avant Garde Japan ✨
Danosaur 10:29:55 AM
Good morning!
Jen Redlights (host) 10:30:08 AM
Good morning!
Danosaur 10:30:37 AM
That last song was oddly catchy.
Jen Redlights (host) 10:31:20 AM
That’s what I mean! It feels wrong yet I also warm and fuzzy
Danosaur 10:32:18 AM
This song has an IDLES vibe
Christine 🦉 10:34:35 AM
@Colin, also Tracy Wilson's Turntable Report is a valuable resource on new & notable albums. @Jen, I think you recommended it, and also Jon Solomon probably recommended it. You can sign up to receive emailed reports. Good stuff!
Brian D 10:34:55 AM
Ooh yeah. . Forgot about Lisasinson. nice
Mike Lupica 10:36:06 AM
Bike stolen while at punk show = 50 points.
Colin 10:36:31 AM
thanks christine! valuable resource that I was unaware of. totally gonna sign up and get a jump start on 2022 releases.
Jen Redlights (host) 10:36:36 AM
Hahaha that’s the first positive I’ve seen from that one!
Brian D 10:36:40 AM
Ooh yeah this one! So many great Running Redlights moments!
Jen Redlights (host) 10:36:52 AM
And Tracy’s newsletter is terrific!
Christine 🦉 10:37:30 AM
Thank you to the PRB DJs who gave Turntable Report a shout out. ✨
Brian D 10:38:03 AM
Clap. Stomp. No one lives below us at the moment. Standing desk work at home dance party!
esoterica! 10:38:44 AM
Hi Colin! Hi Christine! I love these best of wrap up shows too, Colin
Mike Lupica 10:41:00 AM
I admit being super late to the Sleaford Mods, but this was definitely one of my favorites of 2021.
Christine 🦉 10:41:04 AM
Hi Esoterica! 👋 How are you doing?
Jen Redlights (host) 10:41:45 AM
Mike, I got to see them a few years ago, and they were surprisingly entertaining
Jen Redlights (host) 10:42:01 AM
I need to make some radio edits ;)
Brian D 10:42:34 AM
Kiwi Jr way up on the list
Mike Lupica 10:42:48 AM
Oh I can send you some de-fuckalyzed versions!
Jen Redlights (host) 10:43:01 AM
Oooooh yes please!
Mike Lupica 10:43:20 AM
They just toured the UK w/ Dry Cleaning and Billy Nomates and wow, whatta bill.
Jen Redlights (host) 10:43:37 AM
Billy Nomates too??? Holy shit
Colin 10:43:40 AM
Kiwi jr, is surprisingly Canadian.
Jen Redlights (host) 10:44:08 AM
Kiwi Jr has to be one of the Canadian est bands ever. Soooooo nice.
Brian D 10:45:14 AM
Ya the 1st time I heard of Sleaford Mods was 2010s and watched/ listened to some video. 2 guys and a larger number of c-words! Ha. But that word is like breathing out over there.
uno clay 10:45:21 AM
i like this, its genuine and nice
esoterica! 10:45:32 AM
Thanks, Christine! Feeling much better
Christine 🦉 10:46:37 AM
Oh good, @Eso!
Mike Lupica 10:46:42 AM
Brian, I think I had the same experience. Ever since seeing some random Sleaford Mods video years ago, I've had a dim awareness that I was missing out on something that I probably would've liked a whole lot, but for whatever reason, I just never go to them until now.
esoterica! 10:48:34 AM
Same here, mike
Andy Wing 10:50:40 AM
Just signed up for the Turntable Report. Looking forward to some good reading.
Mike Lupica 10:52:51 AM
A friend of mine recently pointed out an intriguing detail re: Sleaford Mods. He said that there are presently three super lefty (politically) post-punk bands that are real popular in the UK (Sleaford Mods, IDLES, and Fat White Family) and apparently they all HATE EACHOTHER'S GUTS. (In a very British tabloid-y kind of way... lots of public sniping at one another, etc.)
Mike Lupica 10:53:07 AM
I haven't investigated this myself (and I like IDLES and Fat White Family, too, so I have no skin in any related argument), but kinda interesting.
Brian D 10:53:28 AM
yeah Mike i heard that very minimal "drum-machine-sounding" SMs song back then.. And I did not pay attention to them for a long time.. then good ol prb played that yellow l.p. last year (well what limited tracks they could play ha) and i like them now
Jen Redlights (host) 10:54:30 AM
Oh that’s funny! Idles is real popular these days too, no? Maybe a turf war. I bet these guys (from Ireland) hate them all too.
Brian D 10:54:37 AM
Ooohh the hate between them wow that's interesting... I smell great indie documentary!
Jen Redlights (host) 10:54:58 AM
Also this EP is sooooooo goooooood
Mike Lupica 10:55:03 AM
Haha, yeah, stand back Brian Jonestown Massacre and Dandy Warhols!
Jen Redlights (host) 10:55:33 AM
Oh god, now THAT was a documentary. Made me hate them both deeply.
Mike Lupica 10:56:09 AM
I love that movie. It has no protagonists.
Brian D 10:56:09 AM
If you liked Dig! And you like The C-word... you'll LOVE this movie....
Jen Redlights (host) 10:56:12 AM
Documentary, pr stunt, potato…potato
Christine 🦉 10:56:34 AM
All this ill will is making dish-washing much more entertaining. Scrub that pot!
Richard from Rocky Hill 10:56:35 AM
@ esoterica! Sorry to read you weren't feeling well. Glad you're better. May you continue to bloom -- sonically and in every way!
esoterica! 10:57:36 AM
thanks, richard. had a spot of omicron
Brian D 10:58:21 AM
I could imagine being in a band with Anton or being in his orbit might new somewhat challenging. Gave hope to those kids that aspire to be a tambourine player in a retro garage psych band that film did. And .. sideburns
Jen Redlights (host) 10:59:19 AM
Christine, this will help you get through them faster!
DSM 10:59:22 AM
Can we insert Liam Gallagher into this new movie somehow?
Mike Lupica 11:01:21 AM
Through a strange series of events which are not worth going into right now, I once spent several hours hanging out with Anton in a small group of people and much to my (shock? surprise? disappointment?), he was... very sweet and kind.
esoterica! 11:02:29 AM
nice, mike. and you weren't super nervous and didn't talk like when you saw pj harvey, was it?
Christine 🦉 11:02:31 AM
YESSSSSSSSS 💜 Spiritual Mafia!
DSM 11:02:41 AM
@Mike, I've also spent some time with Anton, and also Courtney, and they were both very nice. Tho I was able to see certain things that if you spend more time with them it could get obnoxious.
Brian D 11:03:05 AM
Gremlin station id! And Spiritual Mafia! This is the 1st tune i heard and it was on this very show right about this time last year!
Colin 11:03:36 AM
i was typing something but my brain cancelled the thought and I deleted because, Spiritual Mafia!!!
Mike Lupica 11:03:43 AM
Haha Esoterica. Yeah, that was... different. And totally agree, DSM. He was *very*intense* in a way that I could see getting hard to manage after a while.
Danosaur 11:03:50 AM
Never heard Spiritual Mafia before but I like it!
Christine 🦉 11:03:55 AM
Mike Lupica 11:03:55 AM
Wait, this band has another song??!
Jen Redlights (host) 11:03:57 AM
Oh yay!, hahahahaha spiritual mafia winning hearts and minds
Christine 🦉 11:04:16 AM
LOL @Mike
DSM 11:04:17 AM
Bath Boy only dines Al Fresco!
DSM 11:04:29 AM
have tub, will travel
Danosaur 11:04:42 AM
Dinner reservations have never sounded so good
Jen Redlights (host) 11:04:45 AM
Ok, I’ll rethink Anton et al….
uno clay 11:05:04 AM
i wonder how he feels about dining outdoors
Jen Redlights (host) 11:05:12 AM
Al fresco truly never was so fraught, which maybe why this song is perfect
Brian D 11:05:19 AM
Ozz content! From the land down under where everyone has a nickname that ends in -az or -oz
esoterica! 11:05:44 AM
wow jen, thanks for letting me in on the musical items i missed or forgot momentarily about. and i mean that sincerely. this is awesome!
Brian D 11:06:13 AM
Ello Baz meet Jaz meet Boz....
Jen Redlights (host) 11:06:17 AM
Esoterica, I’m flattered!!
esoterica! 11:06:35 AM
yes, jen, daddy, i do NOT want to dine alfresco (insert veruca salt voice)
Jen Redlights (host) 11:06:43 AM
So stoked you can all relive the good parts of the year with me
Jen Redlights (host) 11:06:51 AM
esoterica! 11:06:52 AM
menacing voice
Colin 11:07:20 AM
When the day comes and Spiritual Mafia plays a show in area..... talk about thank you santa!
esoterica! 11:07:35 AM
love this song, this album, love CB
Brian D 11:08:19 AM
Yeah this is great. Nice pillowy landing here
Jen Redlights (host) 11:08:25 AM
Could it be more heartbreaking?
Brian D 11:12:41 AM
Triple Chris? Is Mr Forsyth next?
DSM 11:14:35 AM
Thought I missed a Dirty Three release for a second! Gonna have to check this out
DSM 11:14:53 AM
Is Bill Orcutt Harry Pussy?
Jen Redlights (host) 11:16:27 AM
Not that I’m aware of? Anyone?
Jen Redlights (host) 11:18:10 AM
I lied! He is!
Andy Wing 11:18:34 AM
Multiple Florida Men, sort of like the multiple bands named "Area"?
Christine 🦉 11:18:48 AM
Big Blood connection: love it! Four women from southern Maine; that's an automatic yes
Brian D 11:18:55 AM
Ya that Corsano Orcutt was a highlight of listening to WPRB last year
DSM 11:20:02 AM
Thanks for confirmation, I missed that one. That's why I love these year end wraps!
DSM 11:20:32 AM
Area Man
Jen Redlights (host) 11:21:01 AM
Area Man and Florida Man, obviously we will lobby them to tour
Christine 🦉 11:21:02 AM
Yeah Frankie!
Christine 🦉 11:21:29 AM
Sorry, neighbors...
DSM 11:21:48 AM
There was a Man Man, maybe still is
Jen Redlights (host) 11:22:15 AM
And The Men, of course
Brian D 11:22:19 AM
I mistakenly thought they were from Aus
Jen Redlights (host) 11:23:23 AM
With good reason!
Jen Redlights (host) 11:23:55 AM
Them + King Gizzard = pretty fab
DSM 11:24:04 AM
Has that Aus band sound. Aus Man.
Jen Redlights (host) 11:24:46 AM
DSM 11:25:07 AM
Listening to DTO this morning I was thinking it's only a matter of time before King Gizz does a Zeuhl album
Brian D 11:26:22 AM
I think that was the connection. I heard Frankie and King Gizz a lot in a short period of time and assumed FatWF were Aus. .... well look at that.... ha!
Brian D 11:28:24 AM
Speak of and they appear .
Jen Redlights (host) 11:30:08 AM
Here to please!
Mike Lupica 11:32:16 AM
Damn, I step away to make lunch for The Child and I missed Frankie aTWF.
Jen Redlights (host) 11:33:44 AM
Darn it’s, what’s for lunch?
Christine 🦉 11:35:40 AM
This set is exhilarating, @Jen! Many red lights have been run
Mike Lupica 11:36:04 AM
Well, The Child just had reheated leftovers from last night (stir fried tofu and dumplings w/ veggies) but while digging around, I found some homemade seitan from a while ago which I'm presently defrosting for kimchi tacos, to be prepared right after your show.
Brian D 11:36:10 AM
coincidentally... i have a frozen pouch type food up on deck for lunch called a Boomerang Aussie Meat Pie. Pocket food... mmmm . Australian content continues
Jen Redlights (host) 11:36:16 AM
Awesome, Christine!! Glad you're liking it! @Mike....mmmmkimchi tabos
Jen Redlights (host) 11:36:30 AM
tabos = when you have your mouth full of tacos
Mike Lupica 11:36:40 AM
Brian D 11:39:16 AM
That reminds me... gotta pre heat the oven for that Aussie puck
Christine 🦉 11:39:57 AM
@Brian, will you be dining al fresco? 🇦🇺 🍽
Brian D 11:40:39 AM
Ha! It is supposed to be a tropical 45 degrees or so. Break out the lounge chairs
Brian D 11:41:46 AM
Brian D 11:43:44 AM
Dry Cleaning just pushes the right buttons for me
Christine 🦉 11:44:33 AM
It looks like Dry Cleaning will play Philly on 5/17.
Brian D 11:45:44 AM
I remember this one too! Get up and pogo!
uno clay 11:47:09 AM
strange urge to go eat my peanut butter bread outside today
DSM 11:48:49 AM
Another 'Man' !!
Mike Lupica 11:50:22 AM
OK Friday pitcrew... kimchi and seitan is callin
Jen Redlights (host) 11:50:36 AM
Happy eating, ML!
Mike Lupica 11:50:37 AM
Lovely to see you all this morning, thanks for tunes, Jen!
Jen Redlights (host) 11:50:46 AM
Thanks for being here!
Danosaur 11:51:13 AM
Thanks for the wake up music! Have a good day everybuddy!
Jen Redlights (host) 11:52:03 AM
Thanks a ton for being here, you guys!
DSM 11:52:07 AM
Later Mike, later Danosaur! Indeed great show today Jen, picked up a few I hadn't heard over last year. Have a great day everyone!
Jen Redlights (host) 11:52:35 AM
Thanks, DSM! One more song to come after this one.
Christine 🦉 11:53:33 AM
Have a good lunch, PRB fam! @Jen, thanks for another superlative show.🚦💯 I love hearing your Best Of picks!
Brian D 11:54:21 AM
Great great show Jen! So many faves
Jen Redlights (host) 11:56:44 AM
So awesome, you guys - this was a blast!!