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Jan 15, 2022 7:00 AM â€“ 9:00 AM

With Elliot

Weekly broadcasts from an overeager listener.

Total Bias

I return from a monthslong absence to play horrible noise and ask you a question about Chinese pop balladry.


7:03 AM
Oren Ambarchi - Live Hubris Part 3
Oren Ambarchi Live Hubris Part 3 N
Live Hubris Black Truffle 2021


7:30 AM
Black Dice - Downward Arrow
Black Dice Downward Arrow N
Mod Prog Sic FourFour Records 2021


7:36 AM
BEAK> - Oh Know
BEAK> Oh Know N
Oh Know INVADA Records 2021


7:38 AM
Rival Consoles - Overflow
Rival Consoles Overflow N
Overflow Erased Tapes 2021


7:43 AM
V/Vm - The Lady in Red (Is Dancing with Meat)
V/Vm The Lady in Red (Is Dancing with Meat)
Sick Love V/Vm Test 2000


7:47 AM
Overcast - Attack
Overcast Attack
N©! Bloody Fist 1998


7:52 AM
Renaissance Union - Oh My... Focus With Your Eyes
Renaissance Union Oh My... Focus With Your Eyes
Oh My... Focus With Your Eyes Dead Arm Records 1997


8:00 AM
Alfonso Noel Lovo - Terremoto
Alfonso Noel Lovo Terremoto
Terremoto Richter 6: 25 - Managua Vampisoul 2019


8:03 AM
Elia y Elizabeth - Ponte Bajo el Sol
Elia y Elizabeth Ponte Bajo el Sol
Elia y Elizabeth Vampisoul 2019


8:06 AM
Zulu - Cariño Grande
Zulu Cariño Grande
Zulu Vampisoul 2021


8:09 AM
Bloodthirsty Butchers - Water
Bloodthirsty Butchers Water
split w/ Rocket from the Crypt Bacteria Sour 1994


8:14 AM
Raposa Velha - Vitor
Raposa Velha Vitor
Raposa Velha Mad About Records 2021


8:19 AM
Grauzone - Raum
Grauzone Raum
Grauzone 1980-1982 Remastered mital-U 2010


8:23 AM
Moin - Clancy
Moin Clancy
EP RR 2013


8:30 AM
Ruriko Ohgami (大上留利子) - 嫌われ者の恋
Ruriko Ohgami (大上留利子) 嫌われ者の恋
Typhoon Lady Viv Sound Corporation 2009


8:34 AM
Les Temps Heureux - Lignages
Les Temps Heureux Lignages
En Ces Jours... Shadoks Music


8:38 AM
Coissa Nossa - Estou Curado
Coissa Nossa Estou Curado
Procurando o Caminho Vampisoul 2021


8:43 AM
Majid Soula - Win Terram
Majid Soula Win Terram N
Habibi Funk 017: Chant Amazigh Habibi Funk 2021


8:47 AM
Ching Shan - My Lovely Pony
Ching Shan My Lovely Pony
Black Plastic Singing Flats Volume II V/A Little Axe 2015


8:53 AM
Fung Wing - I Miss Her
Fung Wing I Miss Her
Black Plastic Singing Flats Volume II V/A Little Axe 2015


8:58 AM
The Lady Bugs - Fraternity USA
The Lady Bugs Fraternity USA
Destroy That Boy! More Girls with Guitars V/A Ace 2009


Chat is archived.
Elliot (host) 6:59:06 AM
Good morning, friends and foes!
Elliot (host) 7:05:45 AM
I hope you like kraut for breakfast !
Elliot (host) 7:31:56 AM
Into the abyss!
the_dude 7:38:55 AM
Can only really say hi but glad to hear you on air Elliot! That opening track, what a banger!
Elliot (host) 7:40:04 AM
Good to see you too, Dude!
Mike Lupica 7:46:09 AM
Ahhh, rising and greeting the day with V/VM... just like the old days!
Elliot (host) 7:53:10 AM
We'll see if it gets me on Wikipedia!
jimbeaux 7:58:56 AM
E L L I O T !
Krista 8:02:36 AM
I missed the first hour because my baby gave me unprecedented sleep!
jimbeaux 8:06:04 AM
Sleep is precious Krista...been there my 3 kiddos@
Elliot (host) 8:08:13 AM
Stay warm, y'all!!!
Krista 8:19:18 AM
13 degrees, hopefully we will get snow. My children have cold rated snowsuits so I can take them outside a little today. Gotta feel cold at least once this year.
Krista 8:20:06 AM
I like the drunken trombone that wandered I
Krista 8:20:13 AM
Into the song
Elliot (host) 8:37:50 AM
I like Vampisoul, obvs
Brian D 8:40:59 AM
Ya Vampisoul is great! Found out about them in 21 when I bought the Zulu s/t. Welcome Elliot & hi to all
Brian D 8:43:51 AM
Want. Everything. In. Playlist. Now. Library. Grow.
Krista 8:46:33 AM
What a song this is! Hi Brian!
Brian D 8:53:58 AM
Mister won't you please help my lovely pony... I think it's his black plastic singing flats...
Elliot (host) 8:54:51 AM
Hi all! This is a cry for help! All Chinese pop experts please report to WPRB!
Brian D 8:57:30 AM
The tone of the voice/melody reminds me of musical saw.
MusicChallenged 8:59:51 AM
Great show Elliot -
Brian D 9:00:05 AM
Move over Josie and the Pussycats.... here's the Ladybugs! I hear the melody from "Fortune Teller" in the verse
Brian D 9:00:44 AM
Ace records just wins with all their great comps.
Brian D 9:01:10 AM
Going through the Greek alphabet here...