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Sangeet with Rungun

Jan 15, 2022 9:00 AM β€“ 12:00 PM

With Sangeet Team

Classical and Folk Music from the Indian Subcontinent, on WPRB since 1986 with a rotating cast of DJs

Sangeet with Rungun
9:01 AM
AIR Signature Tune - Shivaranjani
AIR Signature Tune Shivaranjani Walter Kaufmann
AIR Private Collection


All India Radio Signature Tune which was composed by Walter Kaufman in ragam Shivaranjani

9:03 AM
Shruti Sadolikar (Vocal) - Jai Ganesha Jai Ganesha - Kedar -
Shruti Sadolikar (Vocal) Jai Ganesha Jai Ganesha - Kedar - N/A
Music Today Release


Shruti Sadolikar Katkar (born 9 Nov. 1951) is an Indian classical singer of the khyal style in the Jaipur-Atrauli gharana She is a recipient of the Sangeet Natak Akademi Award for Hindustani vocal music for 2011.

9:12 AM
Trichur Brothers (Vocal) - Sooryamurthe - Saurashtram
Trichur Brothers (Vocal) Sooryamurthe - Saurashtram Muthuswami Dikshitar
Private Collection


Srikrishna Mohan and Ramkumar Mohan are Carnatic classical musicians. The title Trichur Brothers was conferred by HH Jayendra Saraswathi Maha Swamigal

9:21 AM
Kaushiki Chakrobaty Rashid Khan (Vocal) - Dadra
Kaushiki Chakrobaty Rashid Khan (Vocal) Dadra N/A
Private Collection

Kaushiki is an exponent of the Patiala Gharana and daughter of hindustani classical singer Ajoy Chakraborty. Ustad Rashid Khan is great grandson of gharana founder Inayat Hussain Khan and he an exponent of Rampur-Sahaswan Gharana

9:37 AM
Ranjani & Gayathri (Vocal) - Subramanya Bhujangam - Ragamalika
Ranjani & Gayathri (Vocal) Subramanya Bhujangam - Ragamalika Adi Shankaracharaya
N/A Private Collection


While they are known as vocalist, many people might not know that they are exceptionally good violinist too and have given concerts on the violin. They are also well known for their Abhang renditions

9:54 AM
Sheik Chinna Moulana (Nadaswaram) - Kavadi Chindu & Maugudi - Navraj
Sheik Chinna Moulana (Nadaswaram) Kavadi Chindu & Maugudi - Navraj
Great Masters - Sheik Chinnamoula Nadham Music Media


10:01 AM
Nina Burmi (Vocal) - Ram Bhakan - Mishra Bhairavi
Nina Burmi (Vocal) Ram Bhakan - Mishra Bhairavi N/A
N/A Private Collection


Nina Burmi sings in the Kirana gharana style, tackling khayal, thumri, bhajan, and other forms. Currently living in the UK, she trained under the esteemed husband-wife pairing of Ustad Dilshad Khan and Begum Parveen Sultana, and combines the latter’s wide vocal range with a more sparsely ornamented approach. She has sung in India and performed for the Queen of England.

10:17 AM
Gayathri Venkataraghavan (Vocal) - Jagadodharana - Kapi
Gayathri Venkataraghavan (Vocal) Jagadodharana - Kapi Purandaradasa
N/A Private Collection


Gayathri Venkataraghavan trained in Carnatic music at an early age under Rajalakshmi, Padma Veeraraghavan, Rukmini Ramani, V. Subramaniam and Lakshmi Natarajan. Her advanced training was under Acharya Choodamani Sri. A. Sundaresan, a disciple of Sri C. V. Krishnamurthy Iyer, Sri Ramnad Krishnan and Alathur Sri Sivasubramanya Iyer. Venkataraghavan is now training with P.S.Narayanaswamy.

10:26 AM
Venkatesh Kumar (Vocal) - Dhun - Sohini
Venkatesh Kumar (Vocal) Dhun - Sohini N/A
N/A Private Collection


Pandit M. Venkatesh Kumar (born July 1, 1953) is an Indian Hindustani vocalist. He is best known for his rendition of devotional songs composed by Swami Haridas.

10:44 AM
Rithvik Raja & Prasanna Venkataraman (Vocal) - Ninne Nere - Kamavaradhani
Rithvik Raja & Prasanna Venkataraman (Vocal) Ninne Nere - Kamavaradhani Thygaraja
N/A Private Collection


10:57 AM
Vilyat Khan (Sitar) & Bismillah Khan (Shehnai & Vocal) - Mohe Panghar Pe Nandalala -  Gara
Vilyat Khan (Sitar) & Bismillah Khan (Shehnai & Vocal) Mohe Panghar Pe Nandalala - Gara Thumri
N/A Private Collection


11:11 AM
A S Murali (Vocal) - Karuna Rasajaladhi - Abhogi
A S Murali (Vocal) Karuna Rasajaladhi - Abhogi Misu Krishnaiyer
N/A Private Collection


11:22 AM
Girija Devi (Vocal) - Piya Bina Raha
Girija Devi (Vocal) Piya Bina Raha N/A
Saptak Festival Private Collection


11:35 AM
T S Kalyanaraman (Vocal) - Arul Seyya Vendum - Rasikapriya
T S Kalyanaraman (Vocal) Arul Seyya Vendum - Rasikapriya Koteeswara Iyer
N/A Private Collection


11:48 AM
Shruti Sagar (Flute) - Kamakshi - Bilahari
Shruti Sagar (Flute) Kamakshi - Bilahari Dikshitar
N/A Private Collection


Chat is archived.
Sangeet Team (host) 9:01:16 AM
Welcome to Sangeet - Indian Classical Music from the Indian Subcontinent (and the world). This is your host Rungun and we have about 15 spins in the next 3 hours..Grab your coffee/tea/h20 and join me for the musical journey...
Sangeet Team (host) 9:04:16 AM
Good morning Andy and welcome to Sangeet
Krista 9:06:03 AM
Hello Rungun, happy to hear your selections!
Sangeet Team (host) 9:06:22 AM
Welcome to Sangeet @Krista.
Sangeet Team (host) 9:08:59 AM
For the hindu, Ganesh (elephant god) is the someone you pray to when you start anything new. This being my first show of the year - I am starting with a Ganesh piece in the hindustani style
Sangeet Team (host) 9:13:02 AM
A song dedicated to Soorya - the sun god with the Trichur Brothers
Sangeet Team (host) 9:22:25 AM
Kaushiki and Rashid - a great combination. It is interesting to see their "stage dynamics" - their interaction is lovely to see. They have some of their songs on Youttube - watch if you can...
Sangeet Team (host) 9:36:37 AM
Ranjani and Gayathri created this piece very recently and it has a great video with it. I love the visuals for this song that they put together.
Sangeet Team (host) 9:42:16 AM
For those who do not know what is a ragamalika - it literally means a "garland of ragas". So the song is rendered using several ragas - each charanam is in a different raga.
Brian D 9:49:33 AM
We are enjoying today's selections!
Sangeet Team (host) 9:50:05 AM
Welcome @Brian and glad you are enjoying the selection.
Brian D 9:52:50 AM
Especially the latest one and " Jai Ganesha Jai Ganesha " from earlier. Beautiful both
Sangeet Team (host) 9:56:25 AM
Thanks for that feedback @Brian D
Sangeet Team (host) 9:58:03 AM
If you want to know more about the instrument they are playing - https://chandrakantha.com/articles/indian_music/nadaswaram.html
the_dude 9:59:33 AM
You read my mind, what a cool sound! Loving today's show too. Too busy to chat more but cheers!
Brian D 10:00:18 AM
Love that instrument! Almost Moog-synth like at times. Thank you for the informative link.
Sangeet Team (host) 10:05:32 AM
@Brian and @the_dude - yes it is a very nice instrument and it is actually hard to play. The flute (last piece in today's show) as played now in carnatic music is to a large extent credited to TR Mahalingam. TR Mali said that he adopted a lot of fingering techniques, blowing techniques from the Nadaswaram players back then...
Sangeet Team (host) 10:06:20 AM
@the_dude - glad you are here and enjoying the show - I certainly understand not chatting. We all tend to do that - multitask...
Chef Emeril Lagasse 🍳 10:44:24 AM
Good morning Sangeet Team! BAM! Love Saturday mornings!
Sangeet Team (host) 10:51:44 AM
Welcome @Chef Emeril and good morning. Sangeet Saturdays - yay!!
jimbeaux 11:42:33 AM
Great show as always...thank you Team Sangeet!
Sangeet Team (host) 11:43:48 AM
@Jimbeaux thank you - we do our best every week
Roffle... 11:50:57 AM
So good for Samadhi Sangeet. Have a lovely day!
Sangeet Team (host) 11:55:56 AM
@Roffle - welcome to Sangeet and yes it does put you into a Samadhi - aka meditative consciousness. TR Mali is another great person to hear on the flute to give you the meditative moods
Roffle... 11:56:53 AM
I do indeed find flute kind to me relaxing. Thank you sir.
MusicChallenged 11:58:22 AM
Roffle - it does that to me also. Playing it is hard though. All the magic is in the fingering and blowing....
Roffle... 11:59:25 AM
I am sorta okay with valves, but open finger flutes are a challange and I have not idea why.
Sangeet Team (host) 12:09:15 PM
Bye everyone and thanks for listening