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Jan 14, 2022 8:00 PM – 11:00 PM

With Pethie


Episode 40!

8:01 PM
The Kinks - Come On Now
The Kinks Come On Now
Kinda Kinks Sanctuary Records 1998
8:03 PM
Little Simz - Point and Kill (feat. Obongjayar)
Little Simz Point and Kill (feat. Obongjayar) N
Sometimes I Might Be Introvert AGE 101 2021
8:06 PM
Battles - Fort Greene Park
Battles Fort Greene Park
Juice B Crypts Warp Records 2019
8:12 PM
Spirit - The Other Song
Spirit The Other Song
The Mercury Years Mercury Records 1997
8:17 PM
Lalo Schifrin - Danube Incident
Lalo Schifrin Danube Incident
Music from Mission: Impossible Geffen* 1996
8:19 PM
Sugar Pie DeSanto - Slip-In Mules
Sugar Pie DeSanto Slip-In Mules
In the Basement: The Chess Recordings Geffen 2018
8:22 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------

To Rococo Rot---Lips

8:25 PM
Emma Noble & Matt Berry - Beatmaker
Emma Noble & Matt Berry Beatmaker N
Beatmaker - Single 2022
8:28 PM
Matmos - Roses and Teeth for Ludwig Wittgenstein
Matmos Roses and Teeth for Ludwig Wittgenstein
The Rose Has Teeth In the Mouth of a Beast Matador 2006
8:31 PM
Cibo Matto - Apple
Cibo Matto Apple
Viva! La Woman Rhino/Warner Records 2006
8:35 PM
Elli Medeiros - Toi mon toit
Elli Medeiros Toi mon toit
Les années 80 en France V/A UMG Recordings, Inc. 2021
8:38 PM
Golden Teacher - Double Bump
Golden Teacher Double Bump
Bells From the Deep End - EP Golden Teacher Records 2013
8:42 PM
Banny Grove - Little Car
Banny Grove Little Car
4 Partners Road Nicey Music 2019
8:43 PM
Bill Withers - You Got the Stuff
Bill Withers You Got the Stuff
'Bout Love Legacy Recordings 1978
8:51 PM
Vanishing Twin - Floating Heart
Vanishing Twin Floating Heart
Choose Your Own Adventure Soundway Records 2016
8:54 PM
Scritti Politti - Confidence
Scritti Politti Confidence Scritti Politti
Early Rough Trade 2004
8:56 PM
Carla dal Forno - So Much Better
Carla dal Forno So Much Better
Look up Sharp Kallista 2019
9:02 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
9:02 PM
Aldous Harding - Lawn
Aldous Harding Lawn N
Warm Chris
9:05 PM
Emitt Rhodes - Somebody Made for Me
Emitt Rhodes Somebody Made for Me
The Emitt Rhodes Recordings (1969-1973) Geffen 2009
9:08 PM
The Beta Band - Squares
The Beta Band Squares
Hot Shots II Because Music 2001
9:13 PM
Azymuth - Maracanã
Azymuth Maracanã
Outubro Black Sun Music 1980
9:17 PM
Tommy Guerrero - Cut the Reins
Tommy Guerrero Cut the Reins
Lifeboats and Follies RUSH! X AWDR/LR2 2009
9:21 PM
Combustible Edison - Blue Light
Combustible Edison Blue Light
Blue Light - EP Domino Recording Co 2000
9:23 PM
The Jimmy Castor Bunch - Psych-Out
The Jimmy Castor Bunch Psych-Out
The Jimmy Castor Bunch Rhino Atlantic 1979
9:30 PM
Low - All Night
Low All Night N
Hey What Sub Pop Records 2021
9:36 PM
Cate Le Bon - Remembering Me
Cate Le Bon Remembering Me N
Remembering Me - Single 2022
9:40 PM
Killing Joke - Primitive
Killing Joke Primitive
Killing Joke Virgin Catalogue 2005
9:44 PM
Amon Tobin - How Do You Live
Amon Tobin How Do You Live
How Do You Live Nomark 2021
9:49 PM
Funkadelic - Can You Get to That
Funkadelic Can You Get to That
Maggot Brain Westbound Records 2021
9:52 PM
The Three Suns - Smoke Rings
The Three Suns Smoke Rings
My Reverie Vintage Music 2014
9:55 PM
Leslie Winer - John Says
Leslie Winer John Says N
John Says - Single Light In The Attic Records 2021
9:58 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
10:02 PM
Dina Summer, Kalipo & Local Suicide - Fortune Teller
Dina Summer, Kalipo & Local Suicide Fortune Teller N
Who Am I Iptamenos Discos 2021
10:07 PM
Gil Trythall - Wichita Lineman
Gil Trythall Wichita Lineman
Country Moog / Nashville Gold Athena Records 2007
10:10 PM
Laurie Anderson - Walk the Dog
Laurie Anderson Walk the Dog
Big Science Nonesuch 2007
10:16 PM
Broadcast - Dead the Long Year
Broadcast Dead the Long Year
The Noise Made By People Warp Records 2000
10:20 PM
Space - Magic Fly
Space Magic Fly
Magic Fly Nang 2009
10:25 PM
Mike Vickers - Getaway Car
Mike Vickers Getaway Car
Kpm 1000 Series: A Moog for More Reasons KPM 1000 LP Series 1975
10:27 PM
Filmmaker - Doublethinkers
Filmmaker Doublethinkers N
Screening Plexus Filmmaker 2021
10:34 PM
Etron Fou Leloublan - Hors de son monde
Etron Fou Leloublan Hors de son monde
Face aux éléments déchaînés Gazul Records 1985
10:36 PM
Nightmares On Wax - Mission Venice
Nightmares On Wax Mission Venice
Smokers Delight Warp Records 1995
10:39 PM
itchy-O - Diakkas
itchy-O Diakkas itchy-O
Mystic Spy Psykho Dojo Mettle Studios 2018
10:46 PM
Haruomi Hosono - Sayonara America, Sayonara Nippon
Haruomi Hosono Sayonara America, Sayonara Nippon
Music For Films 2020-2021 Speedstar 2021
10:46 PM
Pool Boy - Movie Night Cancelled (Domenique Dumont Dub Version)
Pool Boy Movie Night Cancelled (Domenique Dumont Dub Version) N
Movie Night Cancelled (Domenique Dumont Dub Version) - Single Noire & Blanche 2021
10:51 PM
Robert Fripp & Brian Eno - Swastika Girls
Robert Fripp & Brian Eno Swastika Girls
Live in Paris 28.05.1975 Discipline Global Mobile 2021
11:00 PM
To Rococo Rot - Lips
To Rococo Rot Lips
Veiculo City Slang 1997
Chat is archived.
Pethie (host) 8:01:46 PM
Oh hai!
Addie Plum 8:02:39 PM
Ahoy hoy!
Readie Righteous 8:02:53 PM
Yeah, Kinks!
Readie Righteous 8:03:03 PM
Hi Peth!
Pethie (host) 8:03:14 PM
HI Readie!
Alan Pasnyk 8:03:16 PM
Hi Pethie! Episode XL ???
Pethie (host) 8:03:33 PM
I loved your Ronnie show, Readie!
Readie Righteous 8:03:53 PM
Thx, Pethi!
Readie Righteous 8:04:07 PM
It was so fun! I loved Ronettes as a kid!
Pethie (host) 8:04:30 PM
Hey,Alan! Yes indeedy.
Readie Righteous 8:05:25 PM
@Alan, nice roman numeralling
Alan Pasnyk 8:05:55 PM
(I'm too tired to do it in Binary) :)
Addie Plum 8:06:02 PM
This is a fantastic track!
Pethie (host) 8:06:18 PM
I agree! Little Simz is great!
Li Maria 8:06:28 PM
love this!
Alan Pasnyk 8:06:40 PM
Pethie: Will the theme tonight be Bouncy?
Readie Righteous 8:06:46 PM
haha! do it in hexadecimal....whoa oh oh oh!
Pethie (host) 8:07:11 PM
Alan, no theme tonight, but maybe we can figure one out.
Alan Pasnyk 8:09:08 PM
Bouncy so far, but I'll bet you slowly morph into Music With Space near the end of your show...
Pethie (host) 8:09:28 PM
You never know with me...
Andy Wing 8:09:31 PM
Evening all!
Alan Pasnyk 8:09:56 PM
Andy Hi!!
Pethie (host) 8:10:06 PM
Hey, Andy!
Rob from cold and snowy Maryland 8:11:49 PM
Hello Pethie
Andy Wing 8:11:53 PM
I was off chat earlier, but what an awesome Litterbox show!
Pethie (host) 8:12:05 PM
Hola, Rob!
Andy Wing 8:12:34 PM
Haven't heard Battles in a long time.
Pethie (host) 8:13:01 PM
Battles often fits the bill for me, when I need something dizzy and melty
Roffle... 8:16:17 PM
This is jazzy and bluesy to a very nice degree!
Corage Mike 8:16:23 PM
Yeah, that scratched the spot?
Pethie (host) 8:16:56 PM
@Corage Mike, heck yes it did.
Pethie (host) 8:17:02 PM
Hey Roffle!
Roffle... 8:17:38 PM
Hi Pethie! Some cool stuff going on here! :)
Andy Wing 8:18:13 PM
Dizzy and melty, kinda like some Porridge Radio?
Pethie (host) 8:19:09 PM
More like ice cream with sprinkles (jimmies)
Andy Wing 8:20:06 PM
Chocolate jimmies!
Pethie (host) 8:20:11 PM
Roffle... 8:20:20 PM
!!! makes me want to find a Carvel truck!
Pethie (host) 8:20:37 PM
Andy Wing 8:20:39 PM
Carvel has a truck?
alastair 8:20:56 PM
auuughhh the nightmare of cookiepuss!
Roffle... 8:21:17 PM
They used to. Also a brick and morter shop when I was a kid.
Pethie (host) 8:21:17 PM
helllooooo Alastair!
jimbeaux 8:22:04 PM
This show busted out of the gate and has NOT STOPPED💥💥💥
Andy Wing 8:25:12 PM
I really miss the Pepperidge Farm outlet in Broomall. They had some awesome freezer cakes.
Pethie (host) 8:25:51 PM
woo, jimbeaux!!!
Roffle... 8:27:14 PM
Pepperidge Farm! The birthplace of gift cheese.
Pethie (host) 8:28:02 PM
Cheese is the greatest of gifts.
Bruno Gridley 8:29:10 PM
Can't believe that song was 2022
Addie Plum 8:29:22 PM
Z is cracking up at this track.
Pethie (host) 8:29:43 PM
Bruno! I know. It;s not far off from the original, definitely caught the feel of that era
Pethie (host) 8:30:19 PM
Addie--the Matmos?
Andy Wing 8:33:55 PM
Release the Matmos.
Addie Plum 8:34:36 PM
Oh yeah the Matmos. She came downstairs just at the moment when they said something about babies not having teeth and it struck her funny.
Pethie (host) 8:35:29 PM
alastair 8:48:12 PM
this sproing & pop break is KILLING ME
Pethie (host) 8:48:26 PM
That's cause you got the STUFF
alastair 8:48:37 PM
I do! -Y NOSE!
Addie Plum 8:59:40 PM
I feel so much better listening to this song.
Pethie (host) 9:02:29 PM
DSM 9:02:54 PM
Lovin' all these things so far Pethie.
Pethie (host) 9:03:02 PM
Thank you, DSM!
alastair 9:06:05 PM
yes, good show tonight.
Pethie (host) 9:06:54 PM
Thank you! I'm so glad!
Bruno Gridley 9:06:58 PM
Love this song!
Pethie (host) 9:07:40 PM
Moi aussi!
Kristin Belz 9:31:24 PM
love that kinda classic disco. so buoyant. fun show.
Pethie (host) 9:32:05 PM
Thank you! I had some songs I wanted to play last week on my all-disco show, but didn't have time, so many of them have been played tonight.
Matthew Maginley 9:33:53 PM
Hi Pethie~ this is strangely soothing, thanks
Roffle... 9:34:51 PM
That disco show made me much more appreciative of disco than I thought possible. Strange world indeed!
Kristin Belz 9:34:58 PM
oh i'll have to try to get your last week's show ...on podcast?
Pethie (host) 9:35:12 PM
Hey, Matthew!
Pethie (host) 9:35:26 PM
I will try and get it up on Mixcloud this week
Pethie (host) 9:35:39 PM
Thanks, Roffle~
Kristin Belz 9:36:22 PM
great! thanks Pethie.
Matthew Maginley 9:36:52 PM
(great show as usual )
Pethie (host) 9:37:19 PM
You're welcome, Kristin! I'm on Mixcloud as "PowerClashing!"
Pethie (host) 9:37:31 PM
Thank you so much, Matthew!
Roffle... 9:40:19 PM
This Le Bon is so good! Nice find Pethie!
Pethie (host) 9:40:32 PM
It's brand new!
Roffle... 9:41:05 PM
Heard it here first folks! lol
Roffle... 9:43:35 PM
This you might have heard in your mother's womb however! :)
Pethie (host) 9:44:15 PM
Bruno Gridley 10:08:55 PM
Poor robotic lineman is sad
Roffle... 10:08:56 PM
Country Moog, in the footsteps of Tomita! I love it!
Matthew Maginley 10:11:25 PM
i remember when this came out, folks freq'd out.
Roffle... 10:11:47 PM
Laurie Anderson married to Lou Reed still blows my mind!
Pethie (host) 10:13:38 PM
Magical Pair!
Matthew Maginley 10:14:12 PM
( Just about them while I was at Ogilvy . L..A .did an ad for Cotton Inc ~ I practically burst . Talk about blowing minds~ and here you are 40 years later)
Roffle... 10:18:47 PM
@Matt - It goes ever on, and so yea magic of all sorts is for sure on the table into the future it seems.
Matthew Maginley 10:20:40 PM
@Roffle it all resonates ~ WPRB Pethie. you! ~ gratfeul to be alive~ P.S. how about Toyah & Robert Fripp?
Roffle... 10:21:38 PM
@Matt - Yup, I subscribe to their channel. Tops my weird chart sometimes!
Matthew Maginley 10:22:55 PM
@Roffle some of that stuff has nothing to do with being locked down ~it's just them. <3
Roffle... 10:24:04 PM
Not something I expected from Fripp, but he plays it with grace. He was such a stiff collar for quite a while.
Matthew Maginley 10:25:23 PM
@Roff extra starch!
Roffle... 10:25:38 PM
For sure!
Roffle... 10:29:28 PM
I saw KC at the Tower, and Fripp would just level his hand at the audience to calm the F down. Too cool for the crowd.
Pethie (host) 10:30:52 PM
Matthew Maginley 10:31:57 PM
Toronto,'82. Started to talk about what it was like to tour the US. Crowd kept yelling. Just shrugged.stepped back from the mic, and stared at us. Said 'NVM'
Matthew Maginley 10:32:46 PM
@Pethie this set since the break especially brilliant by you.
Buck Wild 10:34:16 PM
Thanks great!
Pethie (host) 10:34:18 PM
Oh, thank you! It's my usual mish-mosh, but not as ambient as the third hour usually is...
Pethie (host) 10:34:27 PM
Thanks, Buck!
Roffle... 10:42:58 PM
In Hex (40)10 is (28)16. Just sayin'. Happy 40th or 28th. All out there. Great jams Pethie, thanks.
Pethie (host) 10:46:01 PM
Thank you!
Pethie (host) 10:51:08 PM
Speaking of Fripp.....
Andy Wing 10:51:34 PM
Perfect segue...
Matthew Maginley 10:51:58 PM
aw...Pethie..so sweet!
Mike Hunter 10:52:18 PM
good choice of tracks!
Mike Hunter 10:52:53 PM
that whole album is amazing...
Pethie (host) 10:53:53 PM
Hello, Mike!
Roffle... 10:54:17 PM
No Pussyfooting was awesome!
Mike Hunter (1) 10:54:23 PM
Mike Hunter (1) 10:54:52 PM
Was specifically talking about this live album...
Mike Hunter (1) 10:55:02 PM
which was originally a bookleg.
Mike Hunter (1) 10:55:15 PM
Roffle... 10:55:33 PM
Fripp still a loopin'
Pethie (host) 10:55:36 PM
Woah, I had no idea!
Mike Hunter (1) 10:55:51 PM
last I'd heard....those Crimson is done...
Mike Hunter (1) 10:56:32 PM
yup...as described, for example, here: https://arthurmag.com/2011/01/04/now-official-fripp-and-eno-paris-1975/
Roffle... 10:56:48 PM
I talked to Belew one on one in the late 80's and he said the same thing. LOL
Mike Hunter (1) 10:56:52 PM
"A legendary live Robert Fripp & Brian Eno bootleg recording known as “Air Structures” is now available as a legitimate release—Fripp & Eno, May 28, 1975, a three CD-length digital download, direct from Fripp’s DGM label."
Mike Hunter (1) 10:57:37 PM
Frip phas long planned this retirement from livbe performance, so it is for really real.
Mike Hunter (1) 10:57:46 PM
but who knows...
Matthew Maginley 10:59:32 PM
@ Readie @Pethie @Mike @Roffle thanks for a great night.peace.
Maryellen Small 10:59:40 PM
I really like the album cover on that last one.
Roffle... 11:00:08 PM
✌️ Matt!
Pethie (host) 11:00:33 PM
Thank you everyone! Have a lovely weekend and keep listening to WPRB!