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The Sonic Bloom

Jan 26, 2022 3:00 PM – 5:00 PM

With Esoterica

filling in for Captain Ahab

I will play everything from Thelonious Monk to Sabbath! Join me. Note Captain Ahab's new time (starting next week) is Tuesday 5-8 p.m.! 3 hours of Desert Cruising!

The Sonic Bloom
3:00 PM
Lalo Schifrin - Main Title
Lalo Schifrin Main Title Lalo Schifrin
Dirty Harry (The Original Score) Aleph Records 1971
3:02 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
3:08 PM
Thee Oh Sees - Contraption/Soul Desert
Thee Oh Sees Contraption/Soul Desert Thee Oh Sees
Carrion Crawler / The Dream In The Red 2011
3:12 PM
The Challengers - Out of Limits (LP Version)
The Challengers Out of Limits (LP Version) The Challengers
Lloyd Thaxton Goes Surfing With the Challengers Rhino/Warner Records 2005
3:14 PM
Belzebong - Bong Thrower
Belzebong Bong Thrower Belzebong
Sonic Scapes & Weedy Grooves Belzebong 2016
Polish stoner metal. yay!
3:24 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
3:28 PM
Black Sabbath - The Wizard
Black Sabbath The Wizard Black Sabbath
Black Sabbath Rhino/Warner Records 1970
3:33 PM
Alice Cooper - Unfinished Sweet
Alice Cooper Unfinished Sweet Alice Cooper
Billion Dollar Babies Rhino/Warner Records 1973
3:36 PM
Spiral Shades - Illuminati
Spiral Shades Illuminati Spiral Shades
Hypnosis Sessions RidingEasy Records 2014
A guy out of Norway and a guy from India meet on the 'net and form a band!
3:44 PM
Blue Öyster Cult - 7 Screaming Diz-Busters
Blue Öyster Cult 7 Screaming Diz-Busters Blue Öyster Cult
Tyranny and Mutation Columbia 1973
3:50 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
3:55 PM
Spelljammer - Lake
Spelljammer Lake Spelljammer N
Abyssal Trip RidingEasy Records 2021
4:00 PM
REZN - Optic Echo (Audiotree Live Version)
REZN Optic Echo (Audiotree Live Version) REZN
Rezn on Audiotree Live - EP Audiotree Music 2020
4:07 PM
Total Punk Records - Gebrannte Amore
Total Punk Records Gebrannte Amore N
V: Live at the Gas Station Fighting Jackpot Records 2021
Elvis Presley cover from a band named Heavy Metal, which is not heavy nor metal...
4:11 PM
The Hated - Words Come Back
The Hated Words Come Back The Hated N
Words Come Back - Single Numero Group 2021
Release of an old emo band from DC
4:12 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
4:15 PM
Mulatu Astatke - Yegelle Tezeta
Mulatu Astatke Yegelle Tezeta Mulatu Astatke
Broken Flowers (Music from the Motion Picture) Decca Soundtracks 2005
4:18 PM
L'infonie - J'ai perdu 15 cents dans le nez froid d'un ange bronzé
L'infonie J'ai perdu 15 cents dans le nez froid d'un ange bronzé L'infonie
Volume 3 Mucho Gusto 1970
4:21 PM
Biting Tongues - Compressor
Biting Tongues Compressor Biting Tongues
Compressed (The Factory Recordings 1984-1987) LTM Publishing 1983
4:25 PM
Thelonious Monk - Round Lights
Thelonious Monk Round Lights Thelonious Monk
Thelonious Alone In San Francisco Craft Recordings 2020
4:29 PM
Wire - Sand in My Joints (2006 Remastered Version)
Wire Sand in My Joints (2006 Remastered Version) Wire
Chairs Missing The state51 Conspiracy 2006
4:32 PM
Faun Fables - Sleepwalker
Faun Fables Sleepwalker Faun Fables
Mother Twilight Drag City Records 2004
4:35 PM
Aldous Harding - Lawn
Aldous Harding Lawn Aldous Harding N
Warm Chris 4AD 2022
4:38 PM
Set Break: ----------------------------------------------------
4:42 PM
Gerry Rafferty - Right Down the Line
Gerry Rafferty Right Down the Line Gerry Rafferty
City to City Parlophone UK 1978
4:46 PM
Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazlewood - Summer Wine
Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazlewood Summer Wine
Nancy & Lee Boots Enterprises, Inc. 2006
Released in 1968 on Reprise.
4:52 PM
Can - She Brings the Rain (From "Bottom - Ein grosser Graublauer")
Can She Brings the Rain (From "Bottom - Ein grosser Graublauer") Can
Soundtracks (Remastered) Mute 2011
Released in 1970.
4:56 PM
Arthur Lee - Everybody's Gotta Live
Arthur Lee Everybody's Gotta Live Arthur Lee
Vindicator A&M 1972
Chat is archived.
Esoterica (host) 3:00:14 PM
Brian D 3:00:50 PM
Hello Eso
Esoterica (host) 3:00:57 PM
hi bri! how are you?
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ-💀 3:02:11 PM
Hi, DJ Captain Esoterica!
Andrew Gruen 3:02:34 PM
woohoo! bonus Bloom!
Esoterica (host) 3:02:40 PM
hey there, mr. m! alas, i am no captain, unless you want me to steer you astray haha
Kevin L 3:02:45 PM
Esoterica (host) 3:02:53 PM
hi there, kevin!
Esoterica (host) 3:03:03 PM
hey, andrew!
Brian D 3:03:05 PM
Doing well. How are you Eso?
Esoterica (host) 3:03:28 PM
i am well, thx for asking!
Esoterica (host) 3:08:09 PM
oops! i was wrong! i was in a fantasy of three hours of ahab
Brian D 3:08:10 PM
Oh ya i mean 5-8pm
Corage Mike 3:08:32 PM
All over the place. Utility DJ!
Brian D 3:08:41 PM
No i typed wrong . Phone tiny keyboards
Esoterica (host) 3:08:56 PM
oh ok! bri! 5-8!
Esoterica (host) 3:09:04 PM
hey there, corage mike!
Esoterica (host) 3:09:12 PM
i do my best! lol
Brian D 3:09:38 PM
I mean I don't know anything ha.. schedule not showing yet.
Corage Mike 3:09:51 PM
Tigers need a goalie?
Esoterica (host) 3:10:42 PM
actually, yes, tuesday 5-8 p.m. for captain ahab.
Esoterica (host) 3:10:49 PM
woot! confirmed
Esoterica (host) 3:14:47 PM
corage mike, i want to respond to your tigers comment but my brain is so dense, give me more info haha
Brian D 3:16:23 PM
Nice! We're not far from Ahab land here
Esoterica (host) 3:16:40 PM
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ-💀 3:16:47 PM
Nice start to the show! Cheers, DJ Esoterica!
Esoterica (host) 3:16:56 PM
cheers to you, mr. m!
Esoterica (host) 3:17:01 PM
and thanks:)
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ-💀 3:18:20 PM
As you are filling in here, are you available if the Tigers need a goalie???
Esoterica (host) 3:19:51 PM
yes! now i get it. thx, mr. m, you are my interpreter
Esoterica (host) 3:20:03 PM
i am johnny on the spot
Richard from Rocky Hill 3:20:59 PM
"Polish stoner metal" by Belzebong. WHERE ELSE could you possibly have such sonic delights bloom in your stereo speakers? On WPRB, clearly ... thank you thank you thank you!
mark 3:21:15 PM
the yellow jackets need a goalie :)
Brian D 3:21:32 PM
Oh Sees, Frankie and the Witch Fingers & King Gizzard sometimes tread on the same sonic areas. In a good way! Not always but sometimes they are so close
Esoterica (host) 3:22:16 PM
hi richard! thanks for listening and stopping by
Esoterica (host) 3:22:20 PM
haha mark!
Brian D 3:22:21 PM
Belzebong sounds like they may have bowed at the altar of Melvins
Esoterica (host) 3:22:37 PM
totally on both counts, bri.
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ-💀 3:22:42 PM
hello, mark!
Brian D 3:22:58 PM
That fuzz! 'Specially the fuzz bass
mark 3:23:21 PM
hello mrM & all other weds bloomies!
Dan Ruccia 3:23:25 PM
Kinda just want to sit inside all the fuzz
Brian D 3:25:01 PM
Low end humming the desk at work. Little speaker really kicks
the_dude 3:25:21 PM
Lol my brethren!
Jon Solomon 3:26:05 PM
In place of Captain Ahab…Ensign Esoterica?
Li Maria 3:26:11 PM
Hey Eso--you're a regular DJ chameleon!
Matthew Snopenhauer 3:26:17 PM
Belzebong !! 👍
Li Maria 3:27:10 PM
Love that name, Belzebong
Matthew Snopenhauer 3:27:37 PM
I'm up for any band with "bong" in the name
David Shortell 3:28:28 PM
The first version of “Out of Limits” I ever heard was from Agent Orange. I loved the tune so much that I requested it from FCC when they performed live on WPRB in 1984. They never played it before, but they improvised it! (FCC was a hardcore band featuring my schoolmates, including WPRB dj Krishna Jain.)
Matthew Snopenhauer 3:28:33 PM
Classic Sab
Esoterica (host) 3:28:40 PM
you me, too, matthew! haha
Brian D 3:28:46 PM
Ooooohhh Yesss! CRANKS VOLUME!
Brian D 3:28:59 PM
the_dude 3:29:08 PM
Esoterica (host) 3:29:13 PM
hi, david! cool story
Esoterica (host) 3:29:20 PM
hey dude!
Brian D 3:29:20 PM
Esoterica (host) 3:29:25 PM
oh yeah
Esoterica (host) 3:30:20 PM
hi, li maria! me, too:)
Dan Ruccia 3:30:34 PM
I'm not sure I actually believe this but...more metal harmonica?
Brian D 3:30:35 PM
Esoterica (host) 3:30:43 PM
hey jon! yes, tis me, eso!
Esoterica (host) 3:31:10 PM
what whew, bri!
Dan Ruccia 3:31:21 PM
The stream dropped for a second......
Esoterica (host) 3:31:24 PM
you make me nervous. i don;t want glitch music
Esoterica (host) 3:31:30 PM
Esoterica (host) 3:32:36 PM
we good?
Dan Ruccia 3:32:47 PM
Oh yeah, it was just a brief glitch
Matthew Snopenhauer 3:32:51 PM
Geezer has spoken
Brian D 3:33:04 PM
The mighty low end is strong with us today
Matthew Snopenhauer 3:35:01 PM
Henry Rollins has spoken eloquently about the dopeness of Black Sab's rhythm section
Esoterica (host) 3:35:17 PM
totally dope
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ-💀 3:35:33 PM
Unfinished Alice Sweet Alice Cooper
Brian D 3:35:55 PM
Mentioned b4 but those 70s AC lp covers... fold out wallet with bills on this (and Donovan! Not fold out tho ha) . And the lift up desk on School's Out. Getting their surf on here
Brian D 3:36:20 PM
Speaking of outer limits
Esoterica (host) 3:36:27 PM
totally, bri!
Esoterica (host) 3:36:57 PM
glen buxton and michael bruce on this with gibson sgs
Esoterica (host) 3:37:28 PM
Esoterica (host) 3:37:44 PM
dick wagner and steve hunter on this album as well
Esoterica (host) 3:37:56 PM
they played with lou red
Esoterica (host) 3:38:01 PM
Brian D 3:40:15 PM
Ya that Rock n Roll Animal Lou lineup w the mach 2 Cooper band guys. Wow
Matthew Snopenhauer 3:41:11 PM
Norwegian-Indian doom
Esoterica (host) 3:42:24 PM
yes, matthew! love that folks can collab and connect through the internet, although i am sure they met to lay down tracks
Brian D 3:42:30 PM
Esoterica (host) 3:43:09 PM
Esoterica (host) 3:43:12 PM
Esoterica (host) 3:43:24 PM
freaking me out with the whew
Esoterica (host) 3:43:29 PM
Brian D 3:43:36 PM
Tiny blip out of silence again. All ok
Esoterica (host) 3:44:10 PM
ok thx, i like your feedback though. now i know whew is bad haha. my adrenaline shoots up haha
Ossy Hyouka 3:44:19 PM
Hello Sonic Hedgehog and Amy "Bloom" Rose 💠🌸
Brian D 3:44:28 PM
We've been through far worse. Jerry G last week... what a trooper
Esoterica (host) 3:44:32 PM
hi ossy
Matthew Snopenhauer 3:44:45 PM
Ossy Osbourne !
Kevin L 3:44:46 PM
I'll be driving around doing chores and listening on car radio. Thanks!
Brian D 3:45:07 PM
B.O.C. !
Esoterica (host) 3:45:07 PM
sure thing, kevin!
Esoterica (host) 3:45:31 PM
thx for stopping by:)
Corage Mike 3:45:42 PM
This is the best!
Esoterica (host) 3:45:46 PM
ossy, thx for the nickname:)
Esoterica (host) 3:45:54 PM
Brian D 3:45:57 PM
The early "black & white" LPs... said it before but those lps.. just good ol 70s rnr
Esoterica (host) 3:46:03 PM
oh yeah, corage mike, agreed
Esoterica (host) 3:46:19 PM
yeah, bri:)
Brian D 3:46:51 PM
Jack hammers and chainsaws!
Corage Mike 3:47:22 PM
That riff, the bass! Red and Black attack!
Esoterica (host) 3:47:43 PM
Matthew Snopenhauer 3:48:31 PM
Follow the smoke to the riff-filled lands
Ossy Hyouka 3:49:31 PM
🔥⭐💠🤎 to all!
David Shortell 3:50:06 PM
Speaking of Thee Oh Sees and Frankie & the Witch Fingers, both groups’ music videos have claymation by Joshua Bruce. I still think of Josh as the little kiddie who hung around the collectibles store owned by his dad “Red Bank Rob” Bruce. The AMC’s “Comic Book Men” personality and former Shrapnel roadie was found dead in a storage unit on New Year’s Eve. I don’t think I ever would have met Mike Hunchback if he hadn’t worked at Robert Bruce’s store.
Matthew Snopenhauer 3:50:59 PM
Damn, crazy Red Bank lore
Esoterica (host) 3:51:00 PM
oh cool, david. i will check out those vids
Ossy Hyouka 3:51:17 PM
Childhood nickname, Matthew! People also called me the football player, Osi Umenyiora and even assumed we're related, lmao
Brian D 3:55:08 PM
Ya most of those guys, they became the solo Alice Cooper backup band. After the "Alice Cooper as a band name " era
Matthew Snopenhauer 3:55:10 PM
Sweden loves its stoner rock
Brian D 3:55:46 PM
I think ... Nightmare is the start of Alice as a solo act
Esoterica (host) 3:56:19 PM
nice, thanks, bri. love that they played on rock and roll animal too. thc for pointing that out
Esoterica (host) 3:56:34 PM
totally, matthew!
Brian D 3:57:15 PM
More of that LOW END FUZZ A
Matthew Snopenhauer 3:57:16 PM
I think Swedes are slightly happier than Norwegians
Matthew Snopenhauer 3:57:46 PM
Give @Brian some o' dat low end fuzz
Esoterica (host) 3:58:30 PM
i love knausgard my struggle books (i have only read the first two books so far)
Brian D 3:58:39 PM
Ha tell a Norwegian or a Swede oh aren't you both basically the same? And wait for the humor to ensue
Esoterica (host) 3:58:42 PM
yes depressing norwegian lit
Matthew Snopenhauer 3:59:17 PM
Norway has great black metal, but Sweden has its homegrown stoner rock
Brian D 4:00:05 PM
Dungen (DOON-yen) is a great Swedish band ya.
Dan Ruccia 4:00:17 PM
And let's not forget Goat for wacky, happy Swedes
Esoterica (host) 4:00:21 PM
oh yes, bri!
Matthew Snopenhauer 4:00:43 PM
Yah you betcha
Matthew Snopenhauer 4:01:10 PM
And ABBA, heavy AF
Brian D 4:02:27 PM
Graveyard is the Swedish band sorry.
Matthew Snopenhauer 4:03:05 PM
Gravedigger is the monster truck
Esoterica (host) 4:03:15 PM
REZN out of Chicago, neither Swedish nor Norwegian
Matthew Snopenhauer 4:03:47 PM
They caint fool me, it's resin
Esoterica (host) 4:03:52 PM
haha matthew, when my son was little, my brother got him the gravedigger toy and it played la grange
Esoterica (host) 4:04:07 PM
lol matthew
Brian D 4:04:21 PM
Grave ( space ) Digger i found in my searches is a German metal band. Never heard. But that name had to be out there. More that once no doubt
David Shortell 4:06:42 PM
I hear Sweden’s Hellacopters are back together again. Before their hiatus, their last record’s B-side was a cover version of “Baby Come” by New Jersey’s The Insomniacs!
Matthew Snopenhauer 4:07:30 PM
Esoterica (host) 4:09:47 PM
weird green river cover
Brian D 4:10:01 PM
Snotty Elvis
Esoterica (host) 4:10:21 PM
i was going to play green river and switched... haha
Esoterica (host) 4:10:31 PM
album cover remained
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ-💀 4:11:02 PM
I like this
Matthew Snopenhauer 4:11:08 PM
The Green River killer
Esoterica (host) 4:11:46 PM
oooohh scary
Matthew Snopenhauer 4:12:30 PM
He was a bad boi
Esoterica (host) 4:12:55 PM
Brian D 4:15:43 PM
Shpel yammer maybe... if they do similar to German
Brian D 4:16:44 PM
Monk coming up! Nice. Love these Ethiopiques
David Shortell 4:16:48 PM
I heard “Gebrannte Amore” three days ago on that other NJ music station I listen to! I thought it odd that a band on “Total Punk” Records would call themselves “Heavy Metal”.
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ-💀 4:17:35 PM
Esoterica (host) 4:17:38 PM
me, too, bri
Esoterica (host) 4:17:44 PM
true, mr. m!
Brian D 4:17:53 PM
First time I heard this was indeed the Broken Flowers film.
Esoterica (host) 4:18:01 PM
and david, agreed! don't quite understand the name
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ-💀 4:18:25 PM
Cheers anyway to David Shortell ! Ha !
Esoterica (host) 4:18:28 PM
oh yeah, bri! any euphoria fans out there? I will play something i heard on the new season
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ-💀 4:19:32 PM
DJ Esoterica is doing GREAT by DJ Captain Ahab! Biggest CHEERS to you!
Matthew Snopenhauer 4:19:43 PM
The only time I strayed from wprb is when Dean Ween was recently DJing on the Bard College radio station
Esoterica (host) 4:20:22 PM
cool, matthew. what did he play of note?
Jon Solomon 4:20:25 PM
I haven't heard the new Heavy Metal in full but all their other LPs are really enjoyable. Also, kudos to them for snagging https://heavymetal.bandcamp.com.
Brian D 4:20:29 PM
I lost 15 cents in the cold nose of a bronze angel is that?
Esoterica (host) 4:20:45 PM
thanks, mr. m!!
Matthew Snopenhauer 4:21:00 PM
Ambrose Hughes 4:21:05 PM
Good afternoon Esoterica and all in the chat!
Esoterica (host) 4:21:19 PM
thanks, jon, for directing our attention to their bandcamp
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ-💀 4:22:07 PM
Shoutout to DJ Captain Ahab, hope you are having funz with all the learnin and thinkin!! See ya Tuesday 5pm!
Esoterica (host) 4:22:13 PM
hi, ambrose!
Esoterica (host) 4:22:33 PM
nice, international man, bri! thx
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ-💀 4:22:38 PM
Hello, Ambrose Hughes!
David Shortell 4:22:44 PM
Holly Golightly played at Asbury Lanes nearly the same time that “Broken Flowers” was in theaters. I don’t know if the movie created any audiences for her tour though.
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ-💀 4:23:17 PM
Esoterica (host) 4:23:43 PM
oh yes! like them
Brian D 4:24:00 PM
As Dan R pointed out yesterday, the band known as W W W has a tricky clever Bandcamp url
Jon Solomon 4:25:05 PM
What is the URL? I know (from looking into it) that Bandcamp prefixes have to be more than three characters in length...
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ-💀 4:25:16 PM
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ-💀 4:25:27 PM
Delayed Reaction 👎😩
Ambrose Hughes 4:25:47 PM
Howdy Mr. M💀
Brian D 4:25:50 PM
It is... wvvw.bandcamp.com... look closely
Dan Ruccia 4:26:07 PM
It's hard to google "www bandcamp"
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ-💀 4:26:45 PM
Not for nothing, DJ DanRuccia has been on fire today
Matthew Snopenhauer 4:26:52 PM
The ol' V V for W
Jon Solomon 4:27:03 PM
That's very good.
Brian D 4:27:06 PM
Being aware of the band name Alvvays made my eyes able to get it
Jon Solomon 4:27:21 PM
http://vvvvvv.bandcamp.com is taken!
Dan Ruccia 4:27:39 PM
There's some weirdo band here in NC that does something similar, but I can't remember what they are off the top of my head
Esoterica (host) 4:27:55 PM
Brian D 4:28:18 PM
My eyes start to just see Charlie Brown's shirt (sad about that voice actor)
Matthew Snopenhauer 4:28:19 PM
First time I saw THE VVITCH it threw me off
Dan Ruccia 4:28:31 PM
Great movie
Esoterica (host) 4:28:39 PM
love that movie
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ-💀 4:28:49 PM
No spoilers
Dan Ruccia 4:28:58 PM
it involves a vvitch
Matthew Snopenhauer 4:29:07 PM
Esoterica (host) 4:29:07 PM
what happened to the charlie brown voice actor?
Dan Ruccia 4:29:16 PM
There is also a pretty amazing goat in it, too
Brian D 4:29:21 PM
(Boat sinks Sir Malcolm Trent...)
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ-💀 4:29:47 PM
darn it all to H3CK
Matthew Snopenhauer 4:29:59 PM
That goat was the most difficult cast member, had a real case of Opp. Defiant Disorder
Brian D 4:31:55 PM
Ya I heard it was real baaaaaaaad
Bud Burroughs 4:33:27 PM
Faun Fables! Excellent!
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ-💀 4:33:32 PM
this song rn af
Brian D 4:33:32 PM
I have some goat friends down the road. Talk to them often when we go for walks.
Esoterica (host) 4:33:49 PM
more on this band: http://www.faunfables.com/
Ossy Hyouka 4:33:56 PM
I thought it was Yoshiko Sai at first, by her lovely yodeling
David Shortell 4:33:56 PM
“A Charlie Brown Christmas” voice actor Peter Robbins killed himself at age 65, Esoterica.
Brian D 4:34:08 PM
Ya this Faun Fables is great. Thanks for the info
Esoterica (host) 4:34:19 PM
oh thanks, david. when was this?
Bud Burroughs 4:34:21 PM
I had them for a house concert a couple years ago. Hoping to have them again if the pandemic stops pandemiccing...
Ossy Hyouka 4:34:34 PM
David Shortlell - Omg, what!? 😧
Esoterica (host) 4:34:39 PM
yeah, bri, i like it's creepy kooky vibe
Brian D 4:34:46 PM
Recent. Fam just announced
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ-💀 4:34:49 PM
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ-💀 4:35:02 PM
I’m cry
Esoterica (host) 4:35:20 PM
me, too. that seems young for that program was so long aggo
Jon Solomon 4:35:58 PM
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ-💀 4:36:33 PM
Need a suicide prevention psa and link in chat ASAP
Esoterica (host) 4:37:08 PM
yes true
Ossy Hyouka 4:37:37 PM
Regina King's son also recently passed by suicide last week, :(
Esoterica (host) 4:38:20 PM
nami.org has resources
Esoterica (host) 4:38:42 PM
i know, ossy! i feel for her family
Brian D 4:40:02 PM
Aldous Harding has some good stuff
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ-💀 4:43:04 PM
take me away from all this death
Ossy Hyouka 4:43:31 PM
Yeah, and I think it's her only child, Esoterica
David Shortell 4:43:34 PM
During the 1992 presidential race, Bill Clinton told an MTV reporter that he liked Thelonious Monk. Allegedly, the interviewer afterwards asked a cohort who “The Loneliest Monk” was. I’m not sure I believe that story, but it’s amusing!
Esoterica (host) 4:43:36 PM
this is a pick-me-up song for sure
Corage Mike 4:43:58 PM
Brian D 4:43:59 PM
Gerry Rafferty and soundtracks. Turns up in many places. Living on....
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ-💀 4:44:20 PM
I've never heard so much shit in all my life! Sailor Ripley, you get me some music now! I mean it!
Esoterica (host) 4:44:38 PM
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ-💀 4:44:53 PM
Esoterica (host) 4:44:57 PM
wait is this yacht rock?!
Corage Mike 4:45:19 PM
Your the captain.
Esoterica (host) 4:45:27 PM
fr1dayafternoon 4:45:56 PM
It’s a hidden gem is what it is
Esoterica (host) 4:46:18 PM
hi fr1day!
Esoterica (host) 4:46:25 PM
you and i are in alignment
Brian D 4:46:49 PM
Hold your ears Nash... beware of Mr Blond
Dan Ruccia 4:48:01 PM
Nancy and Lee!
Brian D 4:48:08 PM
David Shortell 4:48:41 PM
It’s been over 30 years since I saw “Wild at Heart” in a theater. I haven’t from Powermad since!
Dan Ruccia 4:49:02 PM
Think I'm gonna have to put this on ye olde record player once I turn off my work computer for the day in a little bit
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ-💀 4:50:04 PM
It’s a great soundtrack, David Shortell
Esoterica (host) 4:50:24 PM
oh i love wild at heart!
Esoterica (host) 4:50:34 PM
i am a lynch fan for sure!
Ambrose Hughes 4:50:46 PM
My fav flick!
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ-💀 4:53:03 PM
Final Seven Mins?! I’m cry again 😭
Brian D 4:53:06 PM
Oh yeah!
Corage Mike 4:53:15 PM
Ohhh man it’s Wednesday! Great show !
Jon Solomon 4:53:17 PM
Adieu, DJ E!
Ambrose Hughes 4:53:45 PM
@Esoterica, that was the posh English Nancy
Brian D 4:54:00 PM
Good time Eso! Well done
Esoterica (host) 4:54:14 PM
Ossy Hyouka 4:54:20 PM
Esoterica (host) 4:54:37 PM
yes i was trying to be posh! you know i wanted to be an actor when i was little...
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ-💀 4:54:42 PM
DJ Esoterica! Many thanks! Stay AWESOME! Kind regards to you!
Esoterica (host) 4:54:50 PM
thanks, mr. m!
Esoterica (host) 4:54:57 PM
kind regards to you!
Esoterica (host) 4:55:05 PM
ciao, ossy!
Esoterica (host) 4:55:16 PM
thanks, bri! have a good night everyone
Esoterica (host) 4:55:27 PM
thx, corage mike!:)
David Shortell 4:55:28 PM
I still haven’t seen David Lynch’s last film (from 2006!) “Inland Empire”. Three hours is tough to sit through.
Ambrose Hughes 4:56:06 PM
@Esoterica, I got the feeling you might have and you could still😊
Esoterica (host) 4:56:28 PM
yes! i was just thinking that! why not, ambrose!
Ambrose Hughes 4:57:20 PM
@Esoterica, I'll be looking for your name in lights!
Esoterica (host) 4:57:39 PM
alright, ambrose lol!
Esoterica (host) 4:57:59 PM
david, i haven't either!
Ambrose Hughes 4:58:02 PM
Arthur Lee ❤
Esoterica (host) 4:58:09 PM
i love this song!
Esoterica (host) 4:58:18 PM
arthur lee = love
Ambrose Hughes 4:58:51 PM
Haha yep!😉
Li Maria 4:59:09 PM
Have a good evening Eso and all--catch you tomorrow
Esoterica (host) 4:59:39 PM
aw thanks, you, too,. Li Maria!
Ambrose Hughes 4:59:45 PM
Thanks for the great songs Esoterica!
Esoterica (host) 4:59:47 PM
c u manana
Esoterica (host) 4:59:58 PM
aw thanks, amrbose! appreicate
Esoterica (host) 5:00:35 PM
bye all!