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Megatron Has Fallen: Reprise

Jan 27, 2022 3:00 PM β€“ 5:00 PM

With DJ Milky Way

Subbing for Lili's show today!

Megatron Has Fallen: The Movie

Although last week’s season finale was delayed by dastardly Autobot sabotage, today the Decepticons are back on the air for one last dance party! As promised, get ready for plenty of power metal to recharge your batteries, synthwave to soothe your audials, and a specialty set that’ll have you dancing with the dead in the Well of All-Sparks.

Megatron Has Fallen: Reprise
3:01 PM
Stan Bush - The Touch
Stan Bush The Touch Stan Bush
In This Life L.A. Records 2007
3:06 PM
Dance With the Dead - Start the Thaw
Dance With the Dead Start the Thaw Dance With the Dead
Driven to Madness Dance with the Dead 2022
3:10 PM
Powerwolf - Dancing With The Dead
Powerwolf Dancing With The Dead Powerwolf
Call of the Wild Napalm Records 2021
3:14 PM
One Hope - Dancing With the Dead
One Hope Dancing With the Dead One Hope
Nostalgic Nightmares - EP 760859 Records DK2 2021
3:18 PM
Dance With the Dead - A New Fear
Dance With the Dead A New Fear Dance With the Dead
Driven to Madness Dance with the Dead 2022
3:23 PM
Corrosion of Conformity - Dance Of The Dead ('91 Demo)
Corrosion of Conformity Dance Of The Dead ('91 Demo) Corrosion of Conformity
Blind (Expanded Edition) Columbia/Legacy 2021
3:27 PM
Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Heads Will Roll (A-Trak Remix Radio Edit)
Yeah Yeah Yeahs Heads Will Roll (A-Trak Remix Radio Edit) Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Heads Will Roll (A-Trak Remix) - Single Interscope 2010
3:33 PM
GALNERYUS - Fighting of Eternity
GALNERYUS Fighting of Eternity GALNERYUS
Into the Purgatory WM Japan 2019
3:39 PM
Brothers of Metal - Yggdrasil
Brothers of Metal Yggdrasil Brothers of Metal
Prophecy of RagnarΓΆk AFM Records 2017
3:44 PM
Helion Prime - Madame Mercury
Helion Prime Madame Mercury Helion Prime
Question Everything Saibot Reigns 2020
3:48 PM
Vexillum - Flaming Bagpipes
Vexillum Flaming Bagpipes Vexillum
When Good Men Go to War Scarlet Records 2021
3:53 PM
Beast in Black - Blade Runner
Beast in Black Blade Runner Beast in Black
Dark Connection Nuclear Blast 2021
4:02 PM
Danny Baranowsky - Disco Descent
Danny Baranowsky Disco Descent Danny Baranowsky
Crypt of the Necrodancer (Original Game Soundtrack) Independent Artist 2015
4:05 PM
Yoshito Sekigawa - Shifty Sticker
Yoshito Sekigawa Shifty Sticker Yoshito Sekigawa
Paper Mario: The Origami King OST
4:08 PM
Vomitron - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1 of 2)
Vomitron Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1 of 2) Vomitron R
NESessary Evil Metavania Music 2016
4:13 PM
Vince DiCola - Through the Pig City
Vince DiCola Through the Pig City Vince DiCola
Angry Birds Transformers (Original Game Soundtrack) [Extended Edition] Rovio Entertainment 2017
4:16 PM
Alisa Okehazama - Self-Embodiment of Perfection
Alisa Okehazama Self-Embodiment of Perfection Alisa Okehazama
Jujutsu Kaisen (Original Television Soundtrack) Anime Ltd 2021
4:22 PM
Fruit Bats - Eagles Below Us
Fruit Bats Eagles Below Us Fruit Bats N
The Pet Parade Merge Records 2021
4:25 PM
Natalie Jane Hill - Plants and Flowers That Do Not Grow Here
Natalie Jane Hill Plants and Flowers That Do Not Grow Here Natalie Jane Hill N
Solely Dear Life Records 2021
4:29 PM
LeLu/Lu - Heart on Fire
LeLu/Lu Heart on Fire LeLu/Lu N
Operating on Specific Cues -- Early Works 1982-86 Vinyl-on-demand 2014
4:32 PM
Infected Mushroom - Artillery
Infected Mushroom Artillery Infected Mushroom
Vicious Delicious LK2 Music 2007
4:41 PM
Waveshaper - Wisdom of Rage
Waveshaper Wisdom of Rage Waveshaper
Furi (Original Game Soundtrack) G4F Records 2016
4:47 PM
Magic Sword - In the Face of Evil
Magic Sword In the Face of Evil Magic Sword
Volume 1 Joyful Noise Recordings 2015
4:52 PM
Sonic Mayhem - Futureland (feat. Power Glove)
Sonic Mayhem Futureland (feat. Power Glove) Sonic Mayhem
Doomsday AROS 2015
4:58 PM
Lion - The Transformers (Theme)
Lion The Transformers (Theme) Lion
Dangerous Attraction Volcano/Legacy 1987
Chat is archived.
DJ Milky Way (host) 3:01:17 PM
Welcome back to Cybertron!
Esoterica 3:01:45 PM
ParrScream 3:01:45 PM
You got the poweeeeerrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!
Esoterica 3:01:59 PM
oops! sorry i annonced Lili
Esoterica 3:02:03 PM
ParrScream 3:02:05 PM
Hey DJMW! Hey Esoterica!
DJ Milky Way (host) 3:02:16 PM
Welcome Esoteria and Parrscream! No worries, I'm subbing for Lili today, pulled a switcheroo on ya :D
Esoterica 3:02:16 PM
hey there ParrScream!
Esoterica 3:02:24 PM
Esoterica 3:02:40 PM
ok, thx for unnderstanding:)
Esoterica 3:03:07 PM
i have to pop out of chat but have a great night and I will be listening:)
ParrScream 3:03:36 PM
Esoterica.... I caught the end of your show.... Heard from about the Melvins on.... I ordered that new Melvins 5 song EP the other day.... I'm so excited to get it.
DJ Milky Way (host) 3:03:40 PM
Sweet, cya Esoteria!
ParrScream 3:04:17 PM
Say it ain't so DJMW.... Last regularly scheduled program.... :'-(
Esoterica 3:04:46 PM
yeah it is a cool ep, parrscream
Esoterica 3:05:00 PM
cya dj milky way!
Danosaur 3:05:01 PM
You're right! I AM a winner and I do got the touch! Thanks. I needed to hear this today.
Corage Mike 3:05:03 PM
Need to workout.
GalvaShaun 3:06:59 PM
Yes! DWTD!!!
DJ Milky Way (host) 3:07:26 PM
Welcome Danosaur and Corage Mike! You all have the power ⚑
DJ Milky Way (host) 3:07:50 PM
Welcome Galvashaun! Love this DWTD album, possibly my favorite one yet
ParrScream 3:08:01 PM
This is your fav song off the new DWTD album, DJMW?
GalvaShaun 3:08:10 PM
Yes DJMW! Such a good album
DJ Milky Way (host) 3:08:45 PM
yep ParrScream! Start the Thaw's been on heavy repeat on my headphones lately haha
ParrScream 3:08:53 PM
I was listening to this album earlier today when I went out running to prep for today's show! Froze my circuits off!
ParrScream 3:09:23 PM
This is such a good song.... I have been noticing I run faster when I listen to this album, ha ha!
Devastator 3:09:26 PM
Shockwave has had me pretty busy the past few shows and I haven't been able to tune in... supposed to be on a call with him right now, but I heard from ParrScream that this is the last scheduled MHF show and I just wanted to pop in real quick and say how much I adore this show and it will be sorely missed. Hopefully you're back on the airwaves (and these kinds of tunes) with regularity in the near future
DJ Milky Way (host) 3:09:31 PM
better stock up on some antifreeze, the bomb cyclone is coming our way this weekend ❄️️
Devastator 3:09:50 PM
Much thanks to DJMW for all the awesome afternoons the past few months
DJ Milky Way (host) 3:10:20 PM
Welcome Devastator and thank you so much!! Glad to have you back for this season finale cameo :D If you ever have any recs or want to chat, you can email me at djmilkyway1033@gmail.com!
ParrScream 3:10:32 PM
Aw man.... Devastator's got my eye circuits welling up with oil....
Devastator 3:11:26 PM
Windex tears flow down the robot's face
DJ Milky Way (host) 3:11:35 PM
Those darn cyberninjas must be cutting onions near me again...
Devastator 3:13:07 PM
I can stick around for one more track and then it's back to the energon mines : (
ParrScream 3:14:35 PM
Devastator, let's join forces one day soon and take out the Autobots.
Devastator 3:15:58 PM
lol, Ric Flair guest spot
DJ Milky Way (host) 3:16:06 PM
Good luck out there in the mines, soldier, and enjoy these last tracks :D
DJ Milky Way (host) 3:16:28 PM
LOL the Autobot sabotage must not be fully repaired, the station computer came to life and started playing its own tracks haha
ParrScream 3:17:04 PM
I'm cracking up... that was so funny.
Devastator 3:18:00 PM
Very nice, very evil
Devastator 3:22:11 PM
Sigh... back to the mines. DJMW, thank you again for this amazing show. Can't wait to hear what you're doing next!
Devastator 3:22:30 PM
Devastator, transforming and rolling out
DJ Milky Way (host) 3:22:51 PM
See you Devastator, great having you here! o7
ParrScream 3:23:31 PM
I can't wait to be dancing with Dance With the Dead in April at UArts!
Jon Solomon 3:24:34 PM
Love to jump in the car, put on WPRB and realize immediately what show it is!
DJ Milky Way (host) 3:25:33 PM
Haha, welcome Jon! Honored to hear that from one of the most iconic WPRB DJs :D
Jon Solomon 3:25:56 PM
Your show remains a thoroughly bonkers treat.
DJ Milky Way (host) 3:26:02 PM
@ParrScream, sadly I can't make it to the DwtD show this year, but you have to let me know how it goes!
ParrScream 3:26:31 PM
Hey Jon! I was in the car last night while you were on and I caught a good portion of the show around the time you played Nolan Potter. Love that song and that album!
ParrScream 3:26:54 PM
Aw, darn it..... Honestly I am just as excited to see Magic Sword..... they are good too
ParrScream 3:27:14 PM
They're opening for DWTD in April
DJ Milky Way (host) 3:28:39 PM
and you'll be hearing some Magic Sword later today too!
GalvaShaun 3:29:20 PM
This Yeah Yeah Yeahs is great. :-)
Ossy Hyouka 3:31:08 PM
The last song was so "Ciara's Level Up" πŸ§‘πŸ’ŸπŸ’›. Hello gamer girl!
Roffle... 3:34:27 PM
DΓ­a de los Muertos, Jersey style... :)
DJ Milky Way (host) 3:34:29 PM
Welcome back Ossy, glad to have you around!! A throwback to our last show together: there are a few great game soundtrack songs coming up later!
DJ Milky Way (host) 3:35:12 PM
Indeed and welcome back Roffle! Celebrating day of the dead a few months late, haha (or early, depending on how you look at the calendar...)
Nate the Knife 3:35:29 PM
DJ Milky Way (host) 3:35:49 PM
Welcome Nate the Knife! Love the username haha
Roffle... 3:36:20 PM
Threw away the calendar years ago! lol Nice season finale DJMW!
Nate the Knife 3:36:48 PM
ParrScream 3:45:43 PM
Helion Prime is one of the artists that you turned me on to DJMW... I got the self titled album right after the first time I heard them on your show... prob back in like October....?
ParrScream 3:47:44 PM
Am I actually going to have to do work every other Thursday from 3:00 - 5:00 now? I think my co-workers knew not to bother me during that time. :-)
DJ Milky Way (host) 3:51:55 PM
Wow, I'm so glad to hear that! Helion Prime is an amazing band, and I love introducing them to everyone, haha. If you pretend MHF is still happening every other week, you have the perfect excuse to hide away from work for the rest of the year!
ParrScream 3:53:06 PM
That's a great idea DJMW... I think I'll build a new 2 hour playlist (inspired by your show) over the course of 2 weeks and then play if for myself every other Thursday at 3:00. :-)
DJ Milky Way (host) 3:55:17 PM
Amazing, it'll be like MHF: Season 2! If you end up doing that, I would love to hear the playlists too!
ParrScream 3:57:26 PM
Of course! I would have to get your blessing on the playlists....
ParrScream 3:57:46 PM
I love this Beast in Black song.
Buck Wild 4:03:42 PM
Diggin the jamzπŸ’₯
DJ Milky Way (host) 4:04:13 PM
Welcome and thanks Buck Wild!
DJ Milky Way (host) 4:04:56 PM
that Beast in Black song was indeed more than meets the eye... and more than meets the ears!
ParrScream 4:07:58 PM
I love when video games and MHF converge. It is always a good time.
ParrScream 4:09:35 PM
ParrScream 4:10:44 PM
You made my day! What a series finale this is! :-)
DJ Milky Way (host) 4:10:46 PM
Yep, lots of fantastic game music out there that deserves some airtime. I found Vomitron and, by extension, this song through your comment a few shows ago, so thank you for the great rec!
ParrScream 4:11:19 PM
They are so good. They really do these NES songs so well.
Danosaur 4:11:38 PM
These last two songs have made me feel like I'm in a cartoon or old school video game. I like it!
Ossy Hyouka 4:13:59 PM
NES and Dos sounds are the highlights to ears!
DJ Milky Way (host) 4:14:01 PM
Happy to hear that Danosaur! NES songs also make me feel like I'm made of ~32 pixels, haha
DJ Milky Way (host) 4:14:11 PM
agreed Ossy!
ParrScream 4:14:15 PM
This game has one of the best soundtracks in general and then Vomitron totally does it justice with that cover.
ParrScream 4:15:22 PM
Oh, another thing that you made me get DJMW.... Angry Birds Transformers.... Played it a lot last fall. :-)
Brian D 4:15:33 PM
Good luck in future endeavors DJ Milky Way. RIP Burke Shelley leader/ bass/ vocals / writer from Budgie -recent passing. I remember you did a back 2 back of the Metallica cover and Budgie original of Crash Course in Brain Surgery last year. Good powerful Welsh trio that Budgie.
DJ Milky Way (host) 4:16:37 PM
Thank you Brian! And aww man, that's my first time hearing about Burke Shelley, sad to hear that but hope we can honor him through his music. Thanks for the rec during that show--was super fun hearing those songs back to back!
ParrScream 4:17:22 PM
Hey Brian... I remember that show when DJMW played Crash Course... sad about Burke Shelley. Reminiscing about these MHF shows over the past few months is gonna make me cry at the end of the show today, ha ha.
Brian D 4:24:54 PM
Ya i regretfully don't know enough about Budgie. But love what i have heard. Some great song titles that would give Robert Pollard a run for his money. Nude Disintegrating Parachutist Woman. Hot as a Docker's Armpit. You're the Biggest Thing Since Powdered Milk. In the Grip of a Tyrefitter's Hand. If I Were Britannia I'd Wave the Rules .
ParrScream 4:25:27 PM
Ha! You are right.... those are great titles!
Brian D 4:26:13 PM
They do have their own sound in the 70s riff rock hard rock world.
ParrScream 4:29:05 PM
Brian - are you going to be on the chat for Liz Bot's show? I did my homework over the weekend and watched a certain Wes Anderson movie and I was going to report back to you two...
Ossy Hyouka 4:31:45 PM
Paper Mario for earlier, I played the Thousand Year Door, via a demo in the kid days and a little bit of the original! Goombella is cute!
Alexander Banksy 4:34:37 PM
Infected Mushroom πŸ˜±πŸ˜β€οΈπŸ™Œ
Brian D 4:35:41 PM
Oh ya i am usually there in Lizbot chat land
Brian D 4:36:36 PM
Listened to the whole French Dispatch soundtrack over the weekend . Good time
ParrScream 4:37:35 PM
Awesome. The Dispatch Soundtrack is so good!
ParrScream 4:41:56 PM
I was listening to Waveshaper earlier today too!
DJ Milky Way (host) 4:42:18 PM
Welcome Alex! Love those infected fungi, shoutout to DJ Andrew C and crew for introducing me to them a while back!
DJ Milky Way (host) 4:43:24 PM
Waveshaper is a great relaxing synthwave pick ParrScream! This one's a song they composed for the Furi video game--haven't heard it until I was doing my research for this show. Do you have any fav songs from Waveshaper?
Alexander Banksy 4:43:42 PM
Very cool 😎 They are amazing live as well. I never hear anyone play them so it was super refreshing to hear on the radio πŸ™‚
Chef Emeril Lagasse 🍳 4:46:20 PM
KILLIN IT! BAM!!! πŸ‘¨β€πŸ³πŸ€ŽπŸ“»
ParrScream 4:46:47 PM
Waveshaper is pretty much my go to when I am reading sci-fi novels.... it goes so well with them. My favs are the following albums and EP's: Station Nova, Mainframe, Artifact and The Disk Hunter.
DJ Milky Way (host) 4:48:00 PM
Glad to hear that, Alex! I know several other WPRB DJs are IM megafans, so hopefully you can hear them on the air again sometime soon!
DJ Milky Way (host) 4:48:09 PM
Welcome and thank you Chef Emeril!!
DJ Milky Way (host) 4:48:29 PM
Ooo, some of those album names are new to me Parrscream, I'll have to check them out!
ParrScream 4:48:51 PM
LOVE this Magic Sword song too! You are killin' it today DJMW! (As always)
DJ Milky Way (host) 4:50:27 PM
Thanks dude! I gotta dive deeper into Magic Sword's discography sometime, they've got a really great sound!
ParrScream 4:54:36 PM
Well... DJMW... the past few months have been awesome! I hope you know how much fun I've had listening to your show and I really hope you are able to fill in for a bunch of shows this upcoming season. Keep me in the loop and send me as many recommendations as you can. I know I'll usually like anything you would play. Take care and don't work too hard, ha ha!
Ossy Hyouka 4:59:32 PM
2nd time here and its a joyful blast excitement of game and similar vivid sounds! Yes, that Saturday game night is forever sparkling memorable and a explosive blast of fun, Milky Way! Blessings faith Nintendo gamer girl!
DJ Milky Way (host) 4:59:36 PM
Aww, thank you so much Parrscream! The same goes for you--this has been my most fun season on the air, and I'm glad to have met all you wonderful folks through Spinitron and beyond :D Take care and see you around!!
Brian D 5:00:35 PM
See y'all. Good time milky way
DJ Milky Way (host) 5:00:54 PM
Thank you Ossy, you as well! I'll never forget your encouragement and fun Nintendo stories during that show, it was a blast!
DJ Milky Way (host) 5:01:07 PM
Goodbye Brian, cya everyone! o/
Roffle... 5:01:10 PM