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Flat Circle Radio Hour

Apr 26, 2022 3:00 PM โ€“ 5:00 PM

With DJ Pup

What's new and what isn't baked into a sonic muffin. Building bridges across era, genre, and national borders to illustrate the common humanity we all enjoy in music. Blend of experimental sounds from genres like Post-Punk, Electronic, Free Jazz, Krautrock, Ambient, and Folk.


Spring Membership Drive Show


Flat Circle Radio Hour
3:01 PM
Beak> - The Gaol
Beak> The Gaol
>> Invada 2012
3:09 PM
Caetano Veloso e Banda Black Rio - Leblon Via Vaz Lobo
Caetano Veloso e Banda Black Rio Leblon Via Vaz Lobo
Bico Baile Sho Universal Music 2002
3:15 PM
Krill - Sweet Death
Krill Sweet Death
Steve Hears Pile in Malden and Burst Into Tears - EP Exploding In Sound Records 2014
3:19 PM
Zach Phillips - Interrupted (ft. Sam Wilkes)
Zach Phillips Interrupted (ft. Sam Wilkes)
Feed A Pigeon, Breed A Rat La Loi 2021
3:21 PM
NNAMDi - Ashy Casper Escaped the Scene
NNAMDi Ashy Casper Escaped the Scene
Krazy Karl Sooper Records 2020
3:33 PM
Ron Everett - Glitter of the City (Song By Tahira)
Ron Everett Glitter of the City (Song By Tahira)
Glitter of the City Vagabond King 1977
3:38 PM
Horse Lords - Wildcat Strike
Horse Lords Wildcat Strike
Horse Lords Horse Lords 2012
4:02 PM
Hellier Ulysses - Destroy What Destroys You
Hellier Ulysses Destroy What Destroys You
Ulysses Hellier - EP Egg Paper Factory 2014
4:04 PM
Big Neck Police - Hoof
Big Neck Police Hoof
Sleight of Time JMC Aggregate 2015
4:10 PM
Steve Reid - Kai
Steve Reid Kai
Rhythmatism Mustevic Sound 1976
4:26 PM
Media Jeweler - Lightbulb
Media Jeweler Lightbulb
The Sublime Sculpture of Being Alive Fire Talk 2021
4:31 PM
OTTO - About You Now
OTTO About You Now
World Greetings - EP PLZ Make It Ruins 2020
4:35 PM
Freak Heat Waves - Melt in Your Home
Freak Heat Waves Melt in Your Home
Bonnie's State of Mind Freak Heat Waves 2012
4:38 PM
Flanafi with Ape School - Gjuijar
Flanafi with Ape School Gjuijar
The Knees Start To Go Boiled Records 2021
4:52 PM
Chris Corsano & Bill Orcutt - Some Tennessee Jar
Chris Corsano & Bill Orcutt Some Tennessee Jar
Made Out of Sound Palilalia 2021
4:57 PM
Marv - Prayer for the Little Ones
Marv Prayer for the Little Ones
Keyboard Suite I Enmossed 2021
Chat is archived.
DJ Pup (host) 3:00:29 PM
Good show to Wilbo and Jon! Flat Circle kicking off now :)
TAndy 3:00:36 PM
Pup and Mike time >:)
DJ Pup (host) 3:00:46 PM
Brian "D" for Donor! 3:01:11 PM
hello all!
DJ Pup (host) 3:01:34 PM
Howdy howdy!
TAndy 3:04:35 PM
The sun just came out in West Windsor at the start of your show. The universe has spoken, flat circle radio hour is the best
TAndy 3:05:19 PM
DJ Pup (host) 3:07:27 PM
endorsed by the universe!
TAndy 3:07:32 PM
Duck?? It's an alligator!
DJ Pup (host) 3:07:43 PM
ducks are gentle alligators
Commie Francis 3:08:02 PM
Jon "pledge.wprb.com" Solomon 3:08:18 PM
I made great time!
DJ Pup (host) 3:08:32 PM
all that construction on the roadways finally paying off
Dan Ruccia 3:08:41 PM
I knew there was a reason we invested in that pneumatic tube system
วษนnษ”sq๊“ณ วษฅ๊“• วสŒษ๊“ท 3:08:50 PM
I think โ€œgaol โ€œ might be โ€œjailโ€.
Dan Ruccia 3:08:50 PM
Your donor dollars at work
TAndy 3:08:53 PM
I thought it was teleportation
DJ Pup (host) 3:09:33 PM
dave with the knowledge! you are correct
TAndy 3:09:36 PM
TAndy 3:09:45 PM
Hey Dave!
DJ Pup (host) 3:09:48 PM
Baggu beef
DJ Pup (host) 3:09:58 PM
Wagyu tote
TAndy 3:10:20 PM
The baggu can hold two ducks apparently
Commie Francis 3:10:46 PM
Or 12 ducklings
TAndy 3:11:12 PM
Ah, I stand corrected. Ketameena said it's a horizontal duck bag. Take that as you will.
วษนnษ”sq๊“ณ วษฅ๊“• วสŒษ๊“ท 3:11:54 PM
Hey, TAndy!
TAndy 3:12:29 PM
Fancy seeing you this early on Tuesday
วษนnษ”sq๊“ณ วษฅ๊“• วสŒษ๊“ท 3:19:49 PM
Almost always listening. Sometimes lurking. Generally have nothing to say.
Commie Francis 3:21:19 PM
We have spent most of today driving in NJ and wprb has been excellent all day!
DJ Pup (host) 3:21:30 PM
DJ Pup (host) 3:21:40 PM
thats awesome to hear Commie!
DJ Pup (host) 3:22:08 PM
My driving is going to be put on hold for a minute... my car's motor died today so now looking into getting a new car
Commie Francis 3:23:05 PM
At least you can still get to your radio show!
TAndy 3:23:13 PM
Oh yeesh. Any idea what you're looking for Pup?
DJ Pup (host) 3:24:08 PM
I've wanted a Transit Connect or a Tacoma for practical reasons, but really on the fence
DJ Pup (host) 3:24:27 PM
Was expecting at least a few more years out of this car... was a sudden demise (luckily no one was hurt)
TAndy 3:24:36 PM
DJ Pup (host) 3:25:06 PM
the PSA is to check your oil levels often
TAndy 3:25:09 PM
The Transit Connect is extremely practical, but the inner Toyota nerd in me prefers the Taco lol as long as it has no rust at all
TAndy 3:26:11 PM
Oh dude. My oil level was dangerously low as I discovered two weeks ago, and got my oil changed the day after. Keeping a closer eye on it now, engine has 150k on it so the piston rings may be shot and burning oil
DJ Pup (host) 3:27:05 PM
yeah my car was around that mileage as well... definitely good to be careful
TAndy 3:27:52 PM
Brian "D" for Donor! 3:28:36 PM
Pup and Jon will be baked into sonic muffins unless you pledge now!
DJ Pup (host) 3:29:29 PM
DJ Pup (host) 3:29:47 PM
and I can't say that won't happen Brian, so yes please pledge if you can!
Jon "pledge.wprb.com" Solomon 3:30:31 PM
Get! The! Bag!
Jon "pledge.wprb.com" Solomon 3:30:38 PM
Pethiieeeeee 3:32:06 PM
yes! Hadrosaurus!
TAndy 3:32:06 PM
Something about subies and toyos makes them love sipping on gas later in age ๐Ÿ˜ญ my first car was a Toyota that needed a quart every week
DJ Pup (host) 3:33:00 PM
Oh man I lost the luck lotto with my model because the model year after my car got like 10+ better mpg than mine
TAndy 3:33:53 PM
I was almost considering a Honda Accord Turbo this summer but apparently Honda still refuses to acknowledge the oil dilution issues in their turbo engines :(
DJ Pup (host) 3:34:52 PM
ahh yeah I mean at the end of theday all the big companies have their suspicious behavior
TAndy 3:37:19 PM
I'm choosing Mazda. As long as they don't try to add $7000 upcharge lol
Brian "D" for Donor! 3:37:28 PM
Had a couple of late 80s Franken-Subaru wagons throughout the 90s- early 2000s. A 1987 bright red. Then when that one had non engine damage i found a maroon 1988 for sale that was missing a transmission. Our Subaru-Guru friend stitched things together and saved the 87 engine for future Franken-repairs. Which happened a few yrs later. Had to say goodbye to that one as the oil burn & leak increased. Got a mid 90s green wagon. That had a 10 cd changer in it!
DJ Pup (host) 3:38:55 PM
10 cd! Living it up
DJ Pup (host) 3:39:20 PM
I think the most I remember knowing about was the 90s Ford explorers that had the 6cd changers in the trunk
TAndy 3:39:21 PM
Those old school Subarus were something else! I always love seeing a mid to late 90s Legacy/Outbacks on the road surviving ๐Ÿ’™
Commie Francis 3:40:05 PM
My 90s legacy wagon was my favorite car to drive ever
TAndy 3:40:45 PM
TAndy 3:41:41 PM
I would love a Crosstrek 2.5L but who gets a Crosstrek living in the city? Easy target for cat theft unfortunately
Brian "D" for Donor! 3:41:49 PM
after that... it was time for Foresters.. Got a red 2007 in 2009. Newest car ever owned at that time ha. Then my wife and i had to get rid of her 2007 Impreza hatchnack (an early date was helping her get that car) we plunged and got w brand new (shocking! ) Jasmine green 2015 Forester...
TAndy 3:44:05 PM
My mom had an early 2010s model Forester and got a new 2020 sport model in late 2019. Excellent car to drive, I got to use the older one before I got my first car in 2013.
TAndy 3:44:16 PM
Or was that 2014...
Brian "D" for Donor! 3:45:27 PM
Kept the red Forester until brakes went (whew.. ) and got a barely used 2017 Forester... Our "car guy at the bar guy" said well... it's Jasmine green again.... ha! Ok. Matching cars it is! My mom and dad had matching cars by total chance a couple times over the years too. Dad loved getting a "new" used car every couple years
TAndy 3:47:52 PM
Unfortunately with how the market is now, unless it's a situation like Pups, getting a used car is more expensive than new. Especially if it's under 4 years old
Brian "D" for Donor! 3:50:05 PM
I have never been to a car dealership or a user car lot. For past 20 years, my friend who has worked at a dealership for 30-40 yrs just brings a car down to the bar.... He says, eh, just drive it around for a day or so... Hmmm... but we don't own it... how does that work? He: well... don't crash it! Love that guy. But we never test it out. We know when we know. He brings it to the bar; we write our name down many times, buy him a beer, give him our trade-in... DONE! EASY!
TAndy 3:50:34 PM
That's a sweet deal ๐Ÿ˜Ž
Brian "D" for Donor! 3:51:25 PM
But yeah like you said TAndy whole new used car ball game now.... Last one we got in Jan-Feb 2020... just squeaked that one in there... whew...
DJ Pup (host) 3:51:32 PM
Car Talk with DJ Pup! Feel like I'm a Boston guy on NPR
Brian "D" for Donor! 3:53:27 PM
Hey! The Click n Clack Bros moved a lot of radio fund drive swag in their day! Good company indeed! Miss them. RIP Tom
Brian "D" for Donor! 3:57:12 PM
The lesser trade-in value problem is easily rationalized by how easy it is to get the car without going to a lot AND not dealing with the public with private sale stuff... Thinking maybe next year or so the 2015 might be up for trade... see how that game works then
TAndy 3:58:48 PM
I've got two potential buyers for my current ride so that'll help my down payment in June or July. Hopefully June before the registration expires
Brian "D" for Donor! 3:59:07 PM
there ya go!
Brian "D" for Donor! 4:00:11 PM
Just about paid off the 2017 one that was the latest purchase. Few months away...
TAndy 4:02:32 PM
DJ Pup (host) 4:03:00 PM
pledge for fajita's sake
DJ Pup (host) 4:03:06 PM
do it for fajita
Brian "D" for Donor! 4:03:10 PM
Vegeta what does the scouter say about the pledge level?
DJ Pup (host) 4:05:09 PM
ooo yes well done indeed
TAndy 4:05:37 PM
I'll tell ya though if I could ever hypothetically get one brand new I'd get a first gen Toyota Matrix, the AWD model. The engine in that thing with the Yamaha head is an absolute screamer.
Brian "D" for Donor! 4:08:00 PM
I was recently reading about the other meaning, Vegeta the Euro food seasoning. No relation. Had no idea about either of them before the past 2 yrs or so. I have no idea about the lore/world of the comic stuff. I used to mis-hear the station ID on your show each week as "HEY CHEETAH!...". I had an idea that it must be dubbed audio for Asian animation just based on the over -acting and quality of voice actors. Fun stuff. Would not be Pup show without
DJ Pup (host) 4:09:52 PM
DBZ is essential branding
DJ Pup (host) 4:09:59 PM
My Sopranos ID will be made one day
Brian "D" for Donor! 4:11:31 PM
Not just any old food seasoning but a Bosnian Croat scientist developed food seasoning! Reading more now...
TAndy 4:14:42 PM
That line reading of the scene is from an early early dub of Dragon Ball Z, so you're definitely on the mark of the over-acting lol
Brian "D" for Donor! 4:16:04 PM
theme song of car talk is by mandolin virtuouso David Grisman
Brian "D" for Donor! 4:17:06 PM
Dawggy Mountain Breakdown . Saw him play it a few times live and he was always proud to mention the Car Talk connection
TAndy 4:23:08 PM
Love how jazz forward that block was
DJ Pup (host) 4:23:33 PM
Jazz Up the Drive 2022
Jon "pledge.wprb.com" Solomon 4:29:18 PM
Thanks for having me with you today, DJ Pup (pup!).
DJ Pup (host) 4:30:55 PM
Thank you for an epic cohosting!
Jon "pledge.wprb.com" Solomon 4:33:19 PM
If you could move the table I am under just a hair to the right, one of the legs is on my hand. I've been reluctant to say anything until now.
DJ Pup (host) 4:33:56 PM
Too polite! Gotta speak up for yourself, table adjusted
DJ Pup (host) 4:34:32 PM
I guess it could have taken a minute to notice the table on your hand while wearing that thick Falconing glove
Jon "pledge.wprb.com" Solomon 4:34:38 PM
Thank you. That's much better.
TAndy 4:43:04 PM
The clouds are rolling back in as the show approaches its end. If it starts raining during Desert Cruising then we know the universe wants to weep due to the incredible face melting shreddage of those selections.
Chef Emeril Lagasse ๐Ÿณ monthly dough-nor 4:45:26 PM
Guelo La donadora 4:45:47 PM
well said TAndy. love Gjuijar
TAndy 4:47:14 PM
That time stretched special show was insane man
DJ Pup (host) 4:48:51 PM
Greatly appreciated!
Bud Burroughs 4:49:13 PM
Jon "pledge.wprb.com" Solomon 4:50:06 PM
Thank you!
DJ Pup (host) 4:50:18 PM
Brian "D" for Donor! 4:53:00 PM
Great time Pup and Jon!
TAndy 4:53:43 PM
Thank you both so much for the excellent show as always!
DJ Pup (host) 4:53:50 PM
Thanks for tuning in everyone!
DJ Pup (host) 4:53:54 PM
and remember
DJ Pup (host) 4:53:58 PM
Brian "D" for Donor! 4:54:56 PM
Perkasie... My postal address town... but I could almost throw an Aerobie to the Dublin intersection from home so Dublin I'll say
Jon "pledge.wprb.com" Solomon 4:55:31 PM
Iโ€™ve never been to Aerobie, PA. Someday!
Brian "D" for Donor! 4:56:20 PM
Ha!. Better chance of going to Mars (speaking of Frisbees)
Brian "D" for Donor! 4:57:07 PM
And... Wham-O.... there you have it