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Flat Circle Radio Hour

May 3, 2022 3:00 PM โ€“ 5:00 PM

With DJ Pup

What's new and what isn't baked into a sonic muffin. Building bridges across era, genre, and national borders to illustrate the common humanity we all enjoy in music. Blend of experimental sounds from genres like Post-Punk, Electronic, Free Jazz, Krautrock, Ambient, and Folk.


Flat Circle Radio Hour
3:01 PM
Yasuaki Shimizu - Ore No Umi
Yasuaki Shimizu Ore No Umi N
Kiren Palto Flats 2022
3:09 PM
Ian Carr's Nucleus - Southern Roots and Celebration
Ian Carr's Nucleus Southern Roots and Celebration
Roots Vertigo 1973
3:16 PM
Usof - (nine)woke up
Usof (nine)woke up
refresh Surf 2020
3:22 PM
Kudaranai 1Nichi - Yarusenai
Kudaranai 1Nichi Yarusenai
Rebound Ungulates 2022
3:27 PM
Henri Roger - Ataraxie
Henri Roger Ataraxie
Images Pole Records 1975
3:33 PM
The Bill Dixon Orchestra - Nightfall Pieces I
The Bill Dixon Orchestra Nightfall Pieces I
Intents and Purposes RCA Victor 1967
3:37 PM
Niklas Wandt - Im Verborgenen
Niklas Wandt Im Verborgenen N
I Wandt To Believe Animals Dancing 2022
3:42 PM
Mura - Toyo Toyo
Mura Toyo Toyo N
2008-2021 An'archives 2022
3:48 PM
MARV - Wildwood Springs
MARV Wildwood Springs
Basse Danse New Body 2022
4:03 PM
Droopies - Camera Focus
Droopies Camera Focus N
Echoes Lightly Self Release 2022
4:09 PM
Jogger - Schalte dich aus
Jogger Schalte dich aus
BRD Noir Cut Surface 2021
4:12 PM
The Dance - Do Yourself a Favour
The Dance Do Yourself a Favour
Soul Force Statik Records 1982
4:18 PM
World Record Winner - Ode
World Record Winner Ode N
Moss Rug Pearsoll Peak 2022
4:28 PM
Fievel Is Glauque - Rain Down
Fievel Is Glauque Rain Down
God's Trashmen Sent to Right the Mess La Loi 2021
4:30 PM
Charlemagne Palestine - Two Fifths In The Rhythm Three Against Two For Bosendorfer Piano
Charlemagne Palestine Two Fifths In The Rhythm Three Against Two For Bosendorfer Piano
Four Manifestations On Six Elements Sonnabend Gallery 1974
4:36 PM
Davor Rocco - Radiophonic
Davor Rocco Radiophonic N
Jugotronic EP V/A Black Pearl Records 2022
4:39 PM
BZDET - Niewola
BZDET Niewola N
Atom Syf Records 2022
4:44 PM
Tony Bizarro - Que Se Faz Da Vida
Tony Bizarro Que Se Faz Da Vida
Tony Bizarro RGE 1976
4:47 PM
New Life Trio - Egypt Rock
New Life Trio Egypt Rock
Visions of the Third Eye Mustevic Sound 1980
4:55 PM
William Basinski & Janek Schaefer - . . . On Reflection (Three)
William Basinski & Janek Schaefer . . . On Reflection (Three) N
โ€œ . . . On Reflection โ€œ Temporary Residence Ltd. 2022
Chat is archived.
DJ Pup (host) 2:59:34 PM
Afternoon Tuesday crowd! Beaaautiful day out there
TAndy 3:01:09 PM
Just went on a short walk at the waterfront in South Trenton. Gotta bring boots next time so I can walk on the stoney shore
Brian D 3:01:55 PM
Definitely walking in shorts later after work. Great day for a walk
DJ Pup (host) 3:02:58 PM
Yeah its wonderful out there right now!
DJ Pup (host) 3:03:05 PM
And here too... we've got radio
TAndy 3:04:44 PM
I just made the mistake of wearing jeans... I think this may be the last day of jeans for me, aside from workdays
TAndy 3:04:52 PM
God I miss wearing shorts at work
DJ Pup (host) 3:08:41 PM
You know, I bought myself a pair of lighter weight denim for the summer, but I'm realizing that I could definitely go for a looser fit than a skinny jean when its hot out
DJ Pup (host) 3:09:23 PM
Relaxed fit is having a moment again
TAndy 3:12:02 PM
I've always been a loose fit fellow. Even if I lost weight I'd still wear baggy. Just feels right
DSM 3:12:34 PM
This song is kinda relaxed fit, and Iโ€™m here for it!
TAndy 3:13:26 PM
Ironic you play this Roots & Celebration song literally a month before the Roots Picnic in philly
DSM 3:14:30 PM
I got some light weight linen pants for summer the other week, nice and loose, comfortable, makes me never wanna wear fitted clothes again.
TAndy 3:15:11 PM
Bring back the Jorts
DSM 3:16:16 PM
Hello DJ Pup and everyone btw
DJ Pup (host) 3:16:28 PM
DJ Pup (host) 3:16:40 PM
Roots Picnic is coming up thats a good point
TAndy 3:18:00 PM
I wish I could go but I will literally not be on the same side of the country
DJ Pup (host) 3:18:58 PM
oooo west coast trip eh?
TAndy 3:19:21 PM
Yep, in three weeks. Kind of realized I should have done it in Fall instead since there is a trance music festival in SoCal that time
TAndy 3:20:15 PM
Even better would be if I went to Holland for those festivals. But that requires a lot more effort in logistics
DSM 3:23:27 PM
Iโ€™m envious of the foods youโ€™ll have at your disposal TAndy, enjoy!
DJ Pup (host) 3:23:33 PM
Logistics? in 2022? never heard of em
DJ Pup (host) 3:24:51 PM
I've been applying to jobs out west (and in all sorts of places too) so feel free to sprinkle some DJ Pup merch around while you're there like Johnny Appleseed
TAndy 3:25:31 PM
I'll prob do that while I'm visiting me dear old mum
DJ Pup (host) 3:27:02 PM
Sounds like it'l be a good trip! Enjoy :)
DJ Pup (host) 3:27:15 PM
I was in LA for a week back in 2015, loved it out there
TAndy 3:28:31 PM
I might only be in LA for one of my flights and that's about it. I'll be having a rental car so I want to stay away from that heavy metro area. Got a Friend around Riverside though and that area looks beautiful
DJ Pup (host) 3:28:43 PM
Ahh very nice
DJ Pup (host) 3:29:06 PM
Oh speaking of rentals, to update on my car dying last week I think we're going to lease another subaru
DSM 3:30:47 PM
Thereโ€™s DJ Pup merch?
DJ Pup (host) 3:31:06 PM
I cannot confirm this publicly
TAndy 3:31:37 PM
TAndy 3:31:46 PM
Check his website DSM
DSM 3:32:12 PM
I lived in LA&SF for about 14 years. Very happy I did. If you take a job there I think youโ€™ll enjoy what itโ€™s got to offer.
TAndy 3:32:35 PM
What Subaru are you looking at? I would love a Crosstrek to brave these potholes and that delicious 2.5 engine... But it would be a huge red flag for car/cat thieves in the city :(
DSM 3:32:56 PM
DJ pup what is ur website?
DJ Pup (host) 3:32:58 PM
the Crosstrek is what we're looking at
DJ Pup (host) 3:33:07 PM
DSM 3:33:28 PM
DJ Pup (host) 3:33:47 PM
I wanted a Forester but they're really hard to come by these days new, and the used ones we were seeing got all heck beat out of em
TAndy 3:34:03 PM
The Crosstrek is literally the perfect small wagon/hatchback since Acura killed the TLX sport wagon and Honda with the Crosstour
DSM 3:34:30 PM
@TAndy, i ordered a crosstrek back in march to replace my 2003 Honda , it gets in next week. Very excited about having it for the summer.
DJ Pup (host) 3:34:44 PM
DSM 3:35:03 PM
Crosstrek crew sup! Haha
TAndy 3:35:08 PM
Oh sick! I'll be talking with local Mazda to see if they can allocate me a 3 Turbo, which will also take two months to deliver.
DJ Pup (host) 3:35:17 PM
We're not looking at the 2.5 motor (I think that's in the Sport trim right?) pretty sure ours would be the 2.0
TAndy 3:35:54 PM
I was gonna look into an Accord EX-L hybrid but after seeing videos... The acceleration isn't what I want. I drive like an orangutan lol
DJ Pup (host) 3:36:23 PM
I'm hoping after our lease is up that some electric cars will be more affordable/practical to get
DSM 3:36:27 PM
I went 2.0 , it felt plenty peppy for me. I was also worried about slapping a turbo ontop of the GDI โ€ฆ carbon build up concerns me
TAndy 3:36:37 PM
Also yeah DJ Pup the 2.5 comes in the two top models. The other two models stay with the old 2.0. Reliable and time tested but criticized for their acceleration. Unless you're me though that doesn't matter lol
TAndy 3:37:10 PM
You should look into what Toyota and Subaru are doing... They unveiled their "everyman" EVs at NY Auto Show
DJ Pup (host) 3:37:28 PM
The Soltera definitely looks cool from Sub
DJ Pup (host) 3:37:46 PM
Corolla Hybrid's not a bad bridge between, but multi month wait times
DSM 3:38:01 PM
There is a โ€˜sportโ€™ mode on the 2.0โ€™s which actually pep it up a bit, slap that button it feels pretty good actually
TAndy 3:38:25 PM
@DSM Direct Injection is hell with a turbo. Good numbers but more carbon buildup. Toyota and Hyundai went back to dual injection, and Mazda engineered their engine to prevent excessive buildup as well.
DJ Pup (host) 3:38:29 PM
In a bizarre turn of events with a botched car rental (tried to rent a basic compact, they ran out of cars in the category) I've been renting a Tesla this week
TAndy 3:38:38 PM
Ooh how is it?
DJ Pup (host) 3:38:47 PM
Got me on board for electric, that's for sure
DJ Pup (host) 3:38:59 PM
I just want it to be more reasonable for most people
DJ Pup (host) 3:39:08 PM
and talk about pickup... 0-60 in 3.1
DJ Pup (host) 3:39:35 PM
It's definitely a neat car, but I just want more reliable brands to build it... that's why I'd pick a subaru EV over it
TAndy 3:40:03 PM
One thing that EVbros forget is that almost all city dwellers park on the street and charging at home isn't really a possibility... Especially when spaces aren't guaranteed on the block I love on LOL
TAndy 3:40:34 PM
I appreciate that Mazda, Subaru, and Toyota are doing the smart thing and waiting for the tech to mature before adopting.
DJ Pup (host) 3:40:42 PM
and when I say reasonable I really mean affordable... most people can't hit that $50k price point (I'm only driving it because of the rental mix up, definitely glad to have the chance to have tried it though!)
DSM 3:42:03 PM
Maverick hybrid is $19,999 but next to impossible to get at the moment.
DJ Pup (host) 3:42:18 PM
Man I'd loooove a pickup truck
DSM 3:43:54 PM
Pickups are super convenient, especially in LA (no rain) i used to have a little Ranger, loved it
DJ Pup (host) 3:44:09 PM
Now those Rangers are as big as the old F-150s!
TAndy 3:44:19 PM
Just realized that when EVs become a thing we as Americans will be forced to go by the standard power output metrics instead of HP lol
DJ Pup (host) 3:44:49 PM
DJ Pup (host) 3:45:02 PM
or if Tesla became ubiquitous it'd be rated in Doges or something
Joe 3:45:21 PM
DJP nice set .. I'm a fan of the 'almost falling off the ledge" approach to music making .. nice way to end the afternoon
DJ Pup (host) 3:45:30 PM
Thanks Joe!
TAndy 3:47:10 PM
Please no more Elon Musk in the world
TAndy 3:48:47 PM
What he's done is enough
DJ Pup (host) 3:48:53 PM
Yeah we could use a little less
DJ Pup (host) 3:49:14 PM
We should be able to go after Big Oil and Big Ego at the same time
TAndy 3:52:59 PM
Speaking of Big oil... Wendover Productions on YouTube just put out a video today with some wonderful insight on the current state of oil/gas prices and how they got that way
DSM 3:55:21 PM
Is it just corporate greed/supply and demand or actually more to it?
DJ Pup (host) 3:55:45 PM
*cracks open Das Kapital*
DSM 3:56:04 PM
TAndy 4:03:49 PM
@DSM Yes :)
DJ Pup (host) 4:08:09 PM
Anyone also watching the Mets game while they listen?
TAndy 4:08:32 PM
N*w Y*rk
DJ Pup (host) 4:09:20 PM
Itโ€™s sports! Itโ€™s radio! But itโ€™s not sports-radio, go figure
DJ Pup (host) 4:14:59 PM
Little post punk pickup for the afternoon!
TAndy 4:15:23 PM
Hell yeah
DSM 4:18:13 PM
I am now, MLB tv free game of the day, nice
DJ Pup (host) 4:19:20 PM
Speaking of LA again a blessed buddy of mine from out there shares his mlb login with me haha I donโ€™t mind all the Dodgers branding so long as I can watch my Mets free
DSM 4:21:00 PM
I actually became a converted fan living out there, Go Dodgers!! And Mets. 2015 was a real tough place mentally for me haha
DJ Pup (host) 4:25:36 PM
Big time haha, and that was the year I visited LA no less
DSM 4:27:54 PM
Ha, funny, that was the year I moved back east, to Queens no less!
DSM 4:29:28 PM
(that only lasted 2 years)
DSM 4:31:43 PM
had to google Bosendorfer
TAndy 4:33:27 PM
Go Eagles
TAndy 4:33:57 PM
DJ Pup (host) 4:34:32 PM
Shortlived stays in places always stick with us in the long run
DJ Pup (host) 4:34:51 PM
Better to move, try it, and move again than to never try
DJ Pup (host) 4:35:01 PM
Isnโ€™t that the point of The Hobbit?
TAndy 4:37:06 PM
Jam Alert
DJ Pup (host) 4:38:09 PM
John Carpenter styled jams that are still pool party friendly
DJ Pup (host) 4:38:32 PM
Now Iโ€™m wondering what a John Carpenter themed pool party would be like
DSM 4:38:56 PM
That's a great way to put it.
DSM 4:39:47 PM
probably some fog machines, I'd hope
DSM 4:45:57 PM
Great show today DJ Pup, thanks! Enjoy the rest of the game. Later TAndy!
TAndy 4:48:50 PM
Can't believe it's already that time. Thanks for the show Pup, see ya DSM!
DJ Pup (host) 4:52:20 PM
DJ Pup (host) 4:52:28 PM
Have a good one dsm
Chef Emeril Lagasse ๐Ÿณ monthly dough-nor 4:58:12 PM
Gotta pop in and give you a BAM for that Egypt Rock track, loved that!
Brian D 4:58:49 PM
See you later. Good time today
DJ Pup (host) 5:00:28 PM
Thank you Emeril! And Brian and Tandy
DJ Pup (host) 5:00:45 PM
Thanks for tuning in another week, be safe out there folks!