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Flat Circle Radio Hour

May 10, 2022 3:00 PM â€“ 5:00 PM

With DJ Pup

What's new and what isn't baked into a sonic muffin. Building bridges across era, genre, and national borders to illustrate the common humanity we all enjoy in music. Blend of experimental sounds from genres like Post-Punk, Electronic, Free Jazz, Krautrock, Ambient, and Folk.


Flat Circle Radio Hour
3:01 PM
The Meters - Stormy
The Meters Stormy
The Meters Josie Records 1969
3:06 PM
Sun Ra Arkestra - Door of the Cosmos
Sun Ra Arkestra Door of the Cosmos N
Dance of the Cosmo Aliens / Door of the Cosmos Art Yard 2022
3:14 PM
Machine Girl - Weightless>>Nova>>Blossom>>
Machine Girl Weightless>>Nova>>Blossom>>
Gemini Orange Milk Records 2015
3:19 PM
Pile - The Jones
Pile The Jones
Dripping Exploding In Sound 2012
3:25 PM
Alai K - Mgana
Alai K Mgana N
Kila Mara On the Corner Records 2022
3:30 PM
Prince Bolingo Akaba & His Obubu Sound of Uokha - Airende Lare Vbemi Lesen
Prince Bolingo Akaba & His Obubu Sound of Uokha Airende Lare Vbemi Lesen
Airende Dig This Way Records 1984
3:37 PM
The Drive - Together
The Drive Together
Can You Feel It We Are Busy Bodies 1975
3:43 PM
Sam Gendel - Gu Shi
Sam Gendel Gu Shi N
Superstore Leaving Records 2022
3:45 PM
PUBLICS. - Situation? Remix
PUBLICS. Situation? Remix N
illusion zone Remix vol.1 - Single Terminal Explosion 2022
3:49 PM
Luis Vecchio - Ucanca
Luis Vecchio Ucanca
Contactos Altercat 1978
4:04 PM
Night Passengers - Illusion (Zopelar Remix)
Night Passengers Illusion (Zopelar Remix) N
Find A Way Saft 2022
4:07 PM
Chakachas - Soledad
Chakachas Soledad
Chakachas Soulgramma 1972
4:11 PM
Kyle Motl/Patrick Shiroishi - After the Waves
Kyle Motl/Patrick Shiroishi After the Waves N
Apparitions Notice Recordings 2022
4:18 PM
James Chance & the Contortions - Roving Eye
James Chance & the Contortions Roving Eye
Buy ZE Records 1979
4:23 PM
Shawn Pittman - Dreams (Remix Version)
Shawn Pittman Dreams (Remix Version)
Dreams Dark Entries Records 1989
4:28 PM
Fritz Novotny, Harry Klaffenbock, Linda Shorrock, Niko Polymenakos, Paul Fields, Andrea Haindl & Richard Isaiah - Inside
Fritz Novotny, Harry Klaffenbock, Linda Shorrock, Niko Polymenakos, Paul Fields, Andrea Haindl & Richard Isaiah Inside
Jazz For Thinkers Kovarik's Musikothek 1985
4:37 PM
The New Jazz Orchestra - Big P
The New Jazz Orchestra Big P
Western Reunion London 1965 Decca 1965
4:45 PM
Eberhard Weber - Fluid Rustle
Eberhard Weber Fluid Rustle
Fluid Rustle ECM Records 1979
4:52 PM
Solid Squares - KS II with added arrangements by Landon Caldwell
Solid Squares KS II with added arrangements by Landon Caldwell N
KS I&II Medium Sound 2022
4:55 PM
Austyn Wohlers - Nightly Rainbow
Austyn Wohlers Nightly Rainbow
Silvopasture Cloud Recordings 2022
Chat is archived.
DJ Pup (host) 2:59:16 PM
Stoked to get into all sorts of musical splendor on this beautiful tuesday, welcome!
Brian D 3:02:53 PM
They nalled this. What a band
Brian D 3:03:07 PM
Josie Records!
DJ Pup (host) 3:04:08 PM
So much packed into one LP
Brian D 3:07:01 PM
Ra! Ra!
TAndy 3:07:26 PM
Hey DJ Pup
DJ Pup (host) 3:07:34 PM
Howdy Howdy
Brian D 3:07:35 PM
Meters debut is as old as me
TAndy 3:08:25 PM
I got the email notification for this... Is the record an expensive ship?
DJ Pup (host) 3:09:40 PM
Shipping looked like roughly $7 USD on the Bandcamp page
TAndy 3:10:08 PM
Oh nice, might pick this up then.
Dan Ruccia 3:10:38 PM
Just a 7", though!
TAndy 3:10:42 PM
Able to kinda spend now, turns out the waiting list for a Honda Civic is 3-4 months, and Mazda seems to just hate the 3 now. Not settling for a Kia/Hyundai so I'll be waiting.
Brian D 3:10:46 PM
Looks like the 2 pounds sterling digi option for me
DJ Pup (host) 3:10:57 PM
I'm ashamed to say I live in Philly and have never seen the Arkestra play
Dan Ruccia 3:11:07 PM
This cut is off the album Sleeping Beauty, whose other two tracks are just as nice
DJ Pup (host) 3:11:33 PM
Ars Nova seems to put on a lot of events with them so hopefully I'll see one pop up soon
Dan Ruccia 3:11:35 PM
DJ Pup (host) 3:12:14 PM
The Sun Ra rabbit hole runs deep
Dan Ruccia 3:14:00 PM
Disco Ra is the best Ra
DJ Pup (host) 3:14:26 PM
Oooh any specific picks from that era? I'm always looking for more
Captain Ahab 3:14:43 PM
That's better
Captain Ahab 3:14:46 PM
DJ Pup (host) 3:15:10 PM
Dan Ruccia 3:15:22 PM
I really only know the big three: On Jupiter, Sleeping Beauty, and Lanquidity. Disco 3000 is good, but not quite actually disco
DJ Pup (host) 3:15:44 PM
Nice I'm mostly familiar with Lanquidity out of those so I'll have to check out the others, thanks!
TAndy 3:20:29 PM
Woah meeting of the DJs. Hey Dan and Captain!
DJ Pup (host) 3:20:51 PM
It's overturning a garden stone and finding everyone congregating
DJ Pup (host) 3:20:58 PM
musical garden
Captain Ahab 3:21:24 PM
hey TAndy!
TAndy 3:21:44 PM
Are you implying that the PRB DJs are the eeby deebies under the big rocks in the back yard?
TAndy 3:21:50 PM
DJ Pup (host) 3:22:00 PM
We do provide ear worms
Captain Ahab 3:24:24 PM
I would be a roly poly
TAndy 3:26:24 PM
Roly Polys are just smol isopods. The best aquatic animal
DJ Pup (host) 3:26:57 PM
Isopods are wonderful, and also incidentally sound like a brand of ear plugs
TAndy 3:27:12 PM
Some environmental agency posted an underwater photo of them and in the background one was on top the other. Someone commented "So isopods do stack!" Gave me a little laugh
TAndy 3:29:14 PM
Oh it wasn't an agency it was a Human: https://twitter.com/2Bfreelance/status/1520457405376520192?t=kGtLb6IZJWr-p21-wpoH5g&s=19
DJ Pup (host) 3:29:43 PM
They always remind me of Metroid aliens
DJ Pup (host) 3:33:24 PM
Ahh another human posting on Twitter
TAndy 3:33:52 PM
I'm putting together a team to discover the mechanics of the phenomenon of animals choosing to stack upon each other. If we don't win a Nobel Obama Prize then I'll go goblin on the committee
TAndy 3:34:35 PM
I'm including how frogs will hitch a ride on turts and crocs
DJ Pup (host) 3:35:07 PM
Animal stacking hmmm indeed
TAndy 3:35:46 PM
Creator of we bare bears was smart to include a bear stack in their creation. They might know something we don't.
DJ Pup (host) 3:35:53 PM
Ants are probably good at this as well
TAndy 3:36:51 PM
Oh yeah, some ants form actual megastructures to traverse pits, water, and even form clumps to create enough surface tension to float on water without dying
DJ Pup (host) 3:37:23 PM
It wouldn't be exactly "stacking" per se but bees do love to cluster as well
DJ Pup (host) 3:37:44 PM
A former job had me play occasional bee-keeper
TAndy 3:38:06 PM
!!!!! I want that job.
DJ Pup (host) 3:38:23 PM
Most challenging day of that was once the queen got out and we had to track her down and get the hive to stop swarming and return to the boxes
TAndy 3:38:33 PM
Apparently when some bees bump into each other they emit a special sound only bees can hear to alert the crash to the other bees around them.
Captain Ahab 3:39:34 PM
TAndy 3:41:00 PM
TAndy 3:46:39 PM
Jeez my secluded relaxation spit off the road is blowing up. Bunch of work trucks and two dirt trucks just manifested
DJ Pup (host) 3:48:36 PM
Dang! are you going to commit to the spot or seek out a new one?
TAndy 3:49:09 PM
I think I may exit and go for a walk innawoods so I can have some quick peace. I'm also searching for a Bigfoot stack
Captain Ahab 3:49:49 PM
I sympathize TAndy, construction everywhere these days, gluck finding a new psot
TAndy 3:51:46 PM
Another truck! I think they caught onto my Bigfoot Stack scheme
DJ Pup (host) 3:53:04 PM
the trucks are stacking too?
TAndy 3:54:05 PM
Now you're just talking loco!
DJ Pup (host) 3:54:45 PM
Yes, but the convenience of stackable trucks would be tremendous
DJ Pup (host) 3:55:33 PM
TED Talk about the future of stackable technology
TAndy 3:56:48 PM
Stacks Industries indoctrinated me in middle school with those speed stack cups
DJ Pup (host) 3:57:54 PM
My neighbor had one of the sets with the timer growing up and that was a ton of fun
TAndy 3:58:36 PM
Waiting for the next Hollywood flick to turn that into an action thing
DJ Pup (host) 3:59:48 PM
CGI budget goes to animating elaborate internal monologues
TAndy 4:00:34 PM
Sponsored by Stacker Energy. Making big moves from Dollar Tree to Acme
TAndy 4:01:52 PM
TAndy 4:02:01 PM
Captain Ahab 4:02:08 PM
omg I need this legal id
TAndy 4:02:15 PM
Brian D 4:02:21 PM
DJ Pup (host) 4:02:39 PM
shoot me an email and I can send it to ya!
TAndy 4:03:47 PM
Just break out the DAT recorder and pirate it!
Captain Ahab 4:04:00 PM
Sent! (^.^)
TAndy 4:04:33 PM
Oooh that bass is STANKY
DJ Pup (host) 4:05:25 PM
Windows down on this one folks
TAndy 4:05:56 PM
Agh pre order only
TAndy 4:06:21 PM
Swear this sounds Nintendo-y AF
TAndy 4:07:39 PM
Not anymore though
ǝɹnɔsqꓳ ǝɥꓕ ǝʌɐꓷ 4:09:38 PM
That chord progression; thought it was Duke of Prunes.
TAndy 4:11:20 PM
Hey again DTO!
ǝɹnɔsqꓳ ǝɥꓕ ǝʌɐꓷ 4:11:58 PM
Hey, all.
TAndy 4:12:20 PM
Just witnessed three carpenter bees battling for the territory of an old yacht shed. Bee lore continues to surprise me today.
DJ Pup (host) 4:12:50 PM
This music may be good bee watching soundtracking
TAndy 4:13:23 PM
Just as you said that the bee sounds began hahah
DJ Pup (host) 4:13:49 PM
Behold,the magical mixing board
TAndy 4:14:53 PM
Pet Sounds? No. Bee Sounds.
DJ Pup (host) 4:17:03 PM
The 1980s pressings of Bee Sounds are the best copies
DJ Pup (host) 4:23:23 PM
Illusions, pop
TAndy 4:24:39 PM
Hmmmm. Debating taking a trip on the Riverline just for the hell of it.
TAndy 4:25:48 PM
Nope. Forgot my mask, never mind that for today.
DJ Pup (host) 4:26:08 PM
Ah yes good on ya for practicing caution
TAndy 4:29:12 PM
COVID or not I don't wanna catch someone's cold or otherwise mouth particles
DJ Pup (host) 4:34:57 PM
This is also true
Captain Ahab 4:35:00 PM
Thanks for the tunes, enjoy the rest of your show! I need to do a bit more prep
TAndy 4:35:10 PM
Huh. Apparently Napoleon's older brother came to Trenton and brought a large plot of land in Bordentown on the edge of the river. This sign says it was the country's first "romantic" garden in the French style.
TAndy 4:35:16 PM
See ya soon Captain!
DJ Pup (host) 4:35:30 PM
Thanks for tuning in, good luck!
TAndy 4:36:01 PM
Here's the full sign if anyone wants to read it: https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/467333126255804418/973684781818720336/IMG_20220510_163521.jpg
DSM 4:37:02 PM
Hey good afternoon DJ Pup, and TAndy, and Captain
DJ Pup (host) 4:37:21 PM
Thats some neat trivia right there Tandy thank you for the share
DSM 4:38:33 PM
nice day for a river walk
DJ Pup (host) 4:39:31 PM
found the last remaining building from the bonaparte era on the estate
DJ Pup (host) 4:39:35 PM
TAndy 4:39:37 PM
Heya DSM!
TAndy 4:39:57 PM
I love how blocky it is. Bet the inside is huge
DJ Pup (host) 4:40:25 PM
The house was not what I expected it to be lol, hey DSM!
Jon Solomon 4:40:49 PM
Catching up on the chat. @TAndy, the D&R Greenway bought that Napoleon property and are planning something big.
TAndy 4:41:22 PM
Oh yeah? Maybe a public museum?
Jon Solomon 4:41:41 PM
Jon Solomon 4:42:17 PM
Public park + museum. I hope it will be like Duke Farms.
Jon Solomon 4:42:50 PM
Between that and the acquisition of the former Johnson estate in Hopewell, a lot of public land preserved!
DJ Pup (host) 4:43:21 PM
Both good news!
TAndy 4:44:22 PM
OO good news Jon!! I still need to check out Hopewell sometime
TAndy 4:46:15 PM
Huh. Despite the rain we received lately the water level here still seems relatively low, judging by the marks.
DSM 4:47:00 PM
Hopewell, (used to at least), has a town wide yard sale that (used to at least) be pretty fun
DSM 4:47:23 PM
ha, that sounds funky
TAndy 4:47:49 PM
I think that happened a couple of weeks ago in Lamberton, DSM.
TAndy 4:48:44 PM
This song is magnificent, DJ Pup.
DSM 4:48:49 PM
I'll have to keep that in mind for the future TAndy
DJ Pup (host) 4:48:54 PM
DJ Pup (host) 4:50:23 PM
I hope to catch a good yard sale soon, its been ages
TAndy 4:51:29 PM
I went to Columbus last weekend. Disappointed in how little the selections changed over the years.
DJ Pup (host) 4:52:34 PM
I've never been out that way
TAndy 4:54:57 PM
Thanks for the show!
DJ Pup (host) 4:56:19 PM
thanks for tuning in :)
DSM 4:56:23 PM
Yes thanks DJ Pup, sounded great for the 25 minutes I could catch. Later y'all
DJ Pup (host) 4:57:04 PM
Enjoy the rest of the day, and some Desert Cruising!