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Flat Circle Radio Hour

May 17, 2022 3:00 PM â€“ 5:00 PM

With DJ Pup

What's new and what isn't baked into a sonic muffin. Building bridges across era, genre, and national borders to illustrate the common humanity we all enjoy in music. Blend of experimental sounds from genres like Post-Punk, Electronic, Free Jazz, Krautrock, Ambient, and Folk.


Flat Circle Radio Hour
3:01 PM
Luis Pestana - Asa Machina
Luis Pestana Asa Machina
Rosa Pano Regulator Records 2020
3:06 PM
Attia Taylor - Dog and Pony Show
Attia Taylor Dog and Pony Show N
Space Ghost Lame-O Records 2022
3:11 PM
Toast - Punk Cinta Damai
Toast Punk Cinta Damai N
Punk Cinta Damai EP West Ward Audio Visual 2022
3:12 PM
Ndudzo Makhathini, Umgidi Trio, One Voice Vocal Ensemble - Call for the Angels
Ndudzo Makhathini, Umgidi Trio, One Voice Vocal Ensemble Call for the Angels
Inner Dimensions Self Release 2016
3:19 PM
Flanger Magazine - Sympathies to the River
Flanger Magazine Sympathies to the River N
After the Bend Students of Decay 2022
3:26 PM
Thomas Frempong - Mada Meho So
Thomas Frempong Mada Meho So N
Borga Revolution! Ghanian Dance Music in the Digital Age, 1983-1992 (Volume 1) V/A Kalita Records 2022
3:32 PM
Joe Henderson featuring Alice Coltrane - Fire
Joe Henderson featuring Alice Coltrane Fire
The Elements Milestone 1974
3:45 PM
lynyn - Uja End
lynyn Uja End N
Lexicon Sooper Records 2022
3:50 PM
.AVI - Espejo
.AVI Espejo
Espejo Polze De La Mort 2021
3:52 PM
Volta Jazz - Air Volta
Volta Jazz Air Volta N
Air Volta Numero Group 2022
3:56 PM
Omar Souleyman - Tawwalt El Gheba (feat. Gilles Peterson)
Omar Souleyman Tawwalt El Gheba (feat. Gilles Peterson)
Bahdeni Nami Monkeytown Records 2015
4:07 PM
Rich Ruth - Taken Back
Rich Ruth Taken Back N
I Survived, It's Over Third Man Records 2022
4:13 PM
Kahil El'Zabar Quartet - Time IS
Kahil El'Zabar Quartet Time IS
A Time for Healing Spiritmuse Records 2021
4:24 PM
Brian Disease - No Regret
Brian Disease No Regret N
S/T Just Step Sideways 2022
4:28 PM
Cheeky - Nightwalk
Cheeky Nightwalk N
The Star Boiled Records 2022
4:31 PM
ECHT! - Parakeet
ECHT! Parakeet N
Lefto Presents Jazz Cats Volume 2 V/A Sdban Records 2022
4:36 PM
H.Takahashi - Fluctuation
H.Takahashi Fluctuation N
Paleozoic Dauw 2022
4:39 PM
Wet - Tell Me Why
Wet Tell Me Why N
Pink Room Secretly Canadian 2022
4:42 PM
Sijosaï - Part 1
Sijosaï Part 1
Rire Seul Tandori Records 2020
4:51 PM
Ketseleh - Growing
Ketseleh Growing N
Swallowed the Light Self Release 2022
4:55 PM
Luke Elliot & Sycamore Willow - Hyper Nostalgia
Luke Elliot & Sycamore Willow Hyper Nostalgia N
Hyper Nostalgia Earth Works Outernational 2022
Chat is archived.
DJ Pup (host) 2:57:48 PM
Happy tuesday on this beautiful afternoon! Time to get into some radio :)
unoclay 3:07:11 PM
looking forward to it.
Brian D 3:07:15 PM
Hello Pup and all
TAndy 3:07:18 PM
Hey DJ Pup. Good song to start off with
DJ Pup (host) 3:07:19 PM
DJ Pup (host) 3:07:29 PM
thanks TAndy :)
jimbeaux 3:10:11 PM
oooooh this is niiiiiice pup!
jimbeaux 3:10:35 PM
hey pup peeps!
DJ Pup (host) 3:10:44 PM
TAndy 3:10:58 PM
Do you think you'll still be on after the schedule change?
DJ Pup (host) 3:11:32 PM
I actually intend to take this summer off, going to be on a fill-in standby
DJ Pup (host) 3:12:00 PM
Been at the weekly show for 4 years straight, just finished a grad program. Need a little time to gather myself and recharge the batteries
DJ Pup (host) 3:12:26 PM
I intend to return to a weekly show in the Fall, so it would just be a temporary absence
DJ Pup (host) 3:12:44 PM
I guess this is also *breaking news*, because I haven't formally announced that yet
DJ Pup (host) 3:12:51 PM
You heard it first in the chat, folks
TAndy 3:13:08 PM
Oooh gotcha, I had no idea you went for 4 years straight! You're a mainstay though, always going to look forward to hearing you sub at some point.
DJ Pup (host) 3:13:23 PM
much appreciated! 🙏
DJ Pup (host) 3:14:17 PM
The benefit of the archive website is its got all the past shows there, and I plan on dropping a monthly mix (online only) throughout the summer, to make sure I'm still sharing SOME music
DJ Pup (host) 3:14:56 PM
Not going to lie, it wasn't easy deciding to take the break, but I felt like if I didn't take some time off I'd burnout and the show's quality could suffer
TAndy 3:15:01 PM
Oh hell yeah
TAndy 3:16:07 PM
Argh I forgot to ask a couple of DJs last night if they're carrying over into the summer
Brian D 3:17:04 PM
Enjoy the well deserved break Pup! We'll miss ya but look forward to Fall return.
DJ Pup (host) 3:17:47 PM
TAndy 3:19:14 PM
I also finally got my teepublic Pup shirt after it was stuck in New York for some time. Looks legit 😎
DJ Pup (host) 3:19:48 PM
DJ Pup (host) 3:19:57 PM
Thanks for the support
TAndy 3:21:10 PM
I'll need to get more merch at the flea market this weekend.....
TAndy 3:23:13 PM
*More PRB merch
DJ Pup (host) 3:23:29 PM
Haha nice
DJ Pup (host) 3:23:54 PM
Haven't been to a flea in some time, gotta go soon
DJ Pup (host) 3:24:08 PM
Tis' the season for outdoor activities
Brian D 3:26:15 PM
Flanger Magazine. Chorus Monthly. Phaser Gazette. Tube Screamer Tribune. Some of my fave publications
TAndy 3:26:28 PM
The punk rock flea market will be at the arena in Trenton this weekend iirc there will be a PRB table somewhere
TAndy 3:26:32 PM
DJ Pup (host) 3:27:17 PM
Yes! Should be fun
TAndy 3:28:11 PM
I'll be there Saturday, on Sunday I'll be packing up so no sundae for me. Gonna be hot as hell on Saturday too, I might walk there lol
DJ Pup (host) 3:30:40 PM
I just looked at the 7 day forecast and my jaw dropped
DJ Pup (host) 3:30:44 PM
Brian D 3:30:45 PM
That was fun last year meeting Hanna, Kat, DJ McSweden, Esoterica, Pax, Ameena, DJ-JD. Maybe the only good thing about it really... slim pickins last year. Dusty windy hot day & rain later on. It was not as punkd. Hope this one is great. I'll try to head over "the creek". Speaking of... i liked it when they did a TPRFM at the Neshaminy Creek Brewing company in Croydon bout 5 yrs ago
DJ Pup (host) 3:31:24 PM
Hearing the vegeta voice from the station ID: "It's over 90 degrees!"
TAndy 3:32:49 PM
Yeah last year had me disappointed how small it was. But this year it'll be inside and outside so it should be like the old market
Brian D 3:33:01 PM
Brian D 3:36:49 PM
The brewery one was a really nice surprisingly warm day in Dec or January. Frisbees, food trucks, good brews. That was fun. Torn between maybe going to the Nesh Brew 10th anniv party w Screaming Females in June... OR maybe Femi Kuti on same day "deeown in Ballmer Merlin" Tough choice
DJ Pup (host) 3:37:38 PM
Screaming Females definitely put on a good show!
DJ Pup (host) 3:38:07 PM
But both choices sound solid, tough call!
Brian D 3:39:31 PM
Great music here!
TAndy 3:41:25 PM
TAndy 3:41:54 PM
Alice 💙💙💙💙
DJ Pup (host) 3:45:48 PM
You betcha!
TAndy 3:49:57 PM
This is crazyyyy
TAndy 3:50:23 PM
Sounds like something Porter Robinson would make!
DJ Pup (host) 3:50:26 PM
Debut release from the artist!
TAndy 3:50:38 PM
Oh word
TAndy 3:58:06 PM
Ooough I'm super digging this one
DJ Pup (host) 3:59:09 PM
Some feet-movin action!
Guelo 4:01:42 PM
This song and the last!!! Daymmm! Epic
Guelo 4:02:03 PM
Hi everybody
DJ Pup (host) 4:02:16 PM
Thanks! Hey Guelo :)
TAndy 4:03:07 PM
Yo G
TAndy 4:05:24 PM
DJ Pup (host) 4:05:54 PM
TAndy 4:32:33 PM
Huge bop
DJ Pup (host) 4:33:52 PM
Totally! New release from a Philly local :)
TAndy 4:35:10 PM
Just pre ordered the album on bandcamp
DJ Pup (host) 4:35:31 PM
TAndy 4:43:44 PM
This one feels captain ahab-y
DJ Pup (host) 4:44:58 PM
Good warm up!
Andy Wing 4:49:53 PM
Just tuning in. Interesting transition, that Sijosai track reminds me of David Lynch's "The Pink Room" from Twin Peaks.
TAndy 4:50:43 PM
Thanks for the show, also hey Andy!
Andy Wing 4:51:44 PM
Hey everyone!
DJ Pup (host) 4:52:20 PM
Heyhey! Thanks for tuning in everyone
DJ Pup (host) 4:52:50 PM
I'm actually not that familiar with Twin Peaks
DJ Pup (host) 4:53:01 PM
Saw the first season, but never saw the next two or the movie
TAndy 4:53:51 PM
I only ever saw the pilot
TAndy 4:58:38 PM
Have a good day everyone, goblin mode beginning in less than 2 minutes
DJ Pup (host) 4:59:19 PM
indeed, take care!