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Jon Solomon

Apr 19, 2023 5:00 PM – 8:00 PM


With Jon Solomon

For those of you keeping score at home, it is me Jon Solomon, heard every Wednesday night on 103.3 fm WPRB...including this one! Requests? Please email me or chime in through the listener chat, champ.




The stars have aligned.

Tonight is my 50th birthday!

Tonight I'm on WPRB for our Spring Membership Drive!

I'd like nothing more than to hang out with you for three hours listening to music and taking pledges while having fun and thanking you on the radio.

Let us make that all happen!

Going for 50 donations to celebrate 50 years...


Jon Solomon
5:00 PM
Jennifer O'Connor - The Death Of Pop
Jennifer O'Connor The Death Of Pop
2007 WPRB Membership Drive
5:04 PM
Set Break
5:09 PM
Naked Raygun - Home Of The Brave
Naked Raygun Home Of The Brave
All Rise Homestead 1985
The first song I played on WPRB!
5:11 PM
Das EFX - They Want EFX
Das EFX They Want EFX
Dead Serious Rhino Atlantic 1992
5:15 PM
The Velvet Underground - Foggy Notion (Original 1969 mix)
The Velvet Underground Foggy Notion (Original 1969 mix)
The Velvet Underground (45th Anniversary) Polydor
5:21 PM
Set Break
5:30 PM
Grauzone - Eisbär
Grauzone Eisbär R
Grauzone (40 Years Anniversary Edition) 1981
5:34 PM
Jaimie Branch - Theme Nothing
Jaimie Branch Theme Nothing
Fly or Die International Anthem 2017
5:40 PM
The Breeders - Son of Three
The Breeders Son of Three
Son of Three 4AD 2002
5:41 PM
Set Break
5:48 PM
Volcano Suns - Jak
Volcano Suns Jak
The Bright Orange Years Homestead 1985
5:50 PM
Blackalicious - Chemical Calisthenics
Blackalicious Chemical Calisthenics
Blazing Arrow Quannum 2002
5:54 PM
Ramones - Howling At the Moon (Sha-La-La)
Ramones Howling At the Moon (Sha-La-La)
Too Tough to Die Sire 1984
5:58 PM
Set Break
6:04 PM
Superchunk - Why Do You Have to Put a Date on Everything
Superchunk Why Do You Have to Put a Date on Everything R
Foolish Merge Records 1993
6:09 PM
Public Enemy - Welcome To The Terrordome (Fear 2011)
Public Enemy Welcome To The Terrordome (Fear 2011)

6:14 PM
King Kong - Old Man on the Bridge
King Kong Old Man on the Bridge
Old Man on the Bridge Homestead 1991


6:21 PM
Set Break
6:30 PM
Prisonshake - 2 Sisters
Prisonshake 2 Sisters R
The Roaring Third Scat 1993
6:34 PM
Fadoul - Sid Redad
Fadoul Sid Redad
Habibi Funk 002: Al Zman Saib Habibi Funk 2015
James Brown cover.
6:37 PM
Government Issue - Caring Line
Government Issue Caring Line R
Beyond Giant


6:43 PM
Set Break
6:50 PM
Songs: Ohia - Farewell Transmission
Songs: Ohia Farewell Transmission
Magnolia Electric Co. Secretly Canadian 2013
There are evenings where I believe this is the greatest song ever recorded.
6:57 PM
Cher - Mr. Soul
Cher Mr. Soul
Stars Warner Bros. 1975


7:00 PM
The Clean - Anything Can Happen
The Clean Anything Can Happen
Compilation LP Homestead 1988

7:02 PM
Set Break
7:10 PM
Dead Moon - Dead Moon Night
Dead Moon Dead Moon Night
Echoes of the Past Sub Pop 2006
7:14 PM
CZARFACE & MF DOOM - The King and Eye (feat. Darryl "DMC" McDaniels)
CZARFACE & MF DOOM The King and Eye (feat. Darryl "DMC" McDaniels)
Super What? Silver Age 2021
7:16 PM
The Dancing Cigarettes - Burn In Heaven
The Dancing Cigarettes Burn In Heaven
The School Of Secret Music


7:19 PM
Wounded Lion - Degobah System
Wounded Lion Degobah System
S/T In The Red 2010


7:22 PM
Set Break
7:28 PM
Eleventh Dream Day - Between Here and There
Eleventh Dream Day Between Here and There
Beet Atlantic 1991
7:32 PM
Jane Weaver - The Revolution of Super Visions
Jane Weaver The Revolution of Super Visions
Flock Fire 2021
7:37 PM
The Cool Greenhouse - Get Unjaded
The Cool Greenhouse Get Unjaded
Sod's Toastie Melodic 2022
7:41 PM
Set Break
7:45 PM
Ivy Green - I'm Sure We're Gonna Make It
Ivy Green I'm Sure We're Gonna Make It
S/T V/A 1978


7:48 PM
New Order - Temptation (12" Version)
New Order Temptation (12" Version)
12" Factory 1985

...the first record I remember hearing on WPRB.


7:57 PM
Set Break
Chat is archived.
Jon Solomon (host) 4:46:32 PM
Jon Solomon (host) 4:46:35 PM
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ-💀 5:01:28 PM
Colin 5:01:35 PM
Happy Birthday!
Mätt Såbbåth 5:01:45 PM
Happy birthday Solly! 🎂🎈🎈🎈🤡🦐
Dennnisons 5:01:49 PM
Happy Bday!!!!
Mary Jones 5:02:26 PM
Happy birthday, All-O’s!
Jon Solomon (host) 5:02:30 PM
Ay! Get ready for three hectic, excellent hours with DJ Lili and myself!!
Mätt Såbbåth 5:02:44 PM
(doors of western saloon swing open, dj jon solomon swaggers in)
Jon Solomon (host) 5:03:06 PM
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ-💀 5:03:38 PM
What is your favorite benefit of AARP?!? 👴
Jon Solomon (host) 5:03:52 PM
Discounted train tickets?
Dennnisons 5:03:56 PM
(Saloon piano goes silent, cigars fall into drinks, town drunk falls off stool)
Liz Bot 5:04:00 PM
It’s ON
DonatingSupportingMember 🫡 5:04:19 PM
HBD Jon!! 🍕📻🏀
Mätt Såbbåth 5:04:21 PM
DJs Ahab & Flex braindamaged us w/ a 900% speed version of Dopesmoker 🧠🧠💥
Liz Bot 5:04:30 PM
@dennnisons - 😂
Mätt Såbbåth 5:04:45 PM
Lol Dennnisons
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ-💀 5:05:04 PM
Enjoy everything DEL BOCA VISTA has to offer!
Liz Bot 5:05:57 PM
🌯 🧁 🌯 for energy
Mätt Såbbåth 5:06:09 PM
Gen X joins AARP, OH LORD
Brian "D" for Donor 5:06:17 PM
Happy Birthday Jon!
Tyler B 5:06:19 PM
DJ Tenderloin 5:06:21 PM
Happy Birthday Jon Solomon!! Howdy Boss. I'm 56 - welcome to your 50s !
Tyler B 5:06:28 PM
Friday is my 30th birthday
Mätt Såbbåth 5:06:39 PM
Gen X too apathetic to join AARP
DonatingSupportingMember 🫡 5:06:43 PM
I can't wait for some AARP discounts
Mätt Såbbåth 5:06:57 PM
HB Tyler 🤡🎂
DonatingSupportingMember 🫡 5:07:03 PM
LOL Matt
Tyler B 5:07:14 PM
Thanks Matt. How'd you know I'm a clown?
Mary Krause 5:07:31 PM
Happy birthday, Jon!
Mätt Såbbåth 5:07:33 PM
Jon Solomon: Death of a Ladies Man
Chris Daltry 5:07:43 PM
Happy 50 my friend!
Mätt Såbbåth 5:09:33 PM
BLACK SAB is right ✊
Brian "D" for Donor 5:09:45 PM
4 years ago when I did 50 the fine folks at AARP gave me a lil blue tooth speaker that shouts loudly at you when you turn it on ha. Canceled the trial membership. Kept the shouting pillbox sized speaker.
DonatingSupportingMember 🫡 5:10:02 PM
Jon is 50 seltzers deep ALREADY watch out!
Mätt Såbbåth 5:10:14 PM
Lol Brian D
Jon Solomon (host) 5:10:41 PM
Thank you all. I can barely keep up!
Mätt Såbbåth 5:10:46 PM
Just did a bday bongrip in yer honor, DJ
Mätt Såbbåth 5:11:51 PM
Homestead Records! 👴 Past blast
Jon Solomon (host) 5:12:04 PM
Thank you (I think), Matt.
Tyler B 5:13:11 PM
That's definitely a great honor. I doubt Matt would have ripped that Bing if it weren't for you, Jon
Mätt Såbbåth 5:13:51 PM
DJ Tenderloin 5:14:28 PM
$50 for 50 - just donated happily boss. Happy Bday!
Dan Wade 5:14:43 PM
Hi all! Happy birthday Jon
yoni from kdu 5:14:45 PM
Love tuning in exactly when this classic banger is playing! And realizing I still know all the words despite having not heard it in, uhh, 25 years?
David Shortell 5:15:00 PM
Nien Nunb stole Grogu's clothes.
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ-💀 5:15:21 PM
I seriously thought aarp was for peeps 62 plus 🤦‍♀️
Brian "D" for Donor 5:15:48 PM
Classic VU!
Mätt Såbbåth 5:15:52 PM
Dennnisons 5:16:30 PM
Jon is now as old as Grogu.
Mätt Såbbåth 5:16:39 PM
Lou Reed of Metallica
Brian "D" for Donor 5:16:42 PM
AARP is a business. They'll let babies in
Thomas Eagan 5:17:16 PM
Das EFX into Velvets.. I think I've found my people
iamthelabhras 5:17:32 PM
Happy Birthday, Mr. Solomon!
Jon Solomon (host) 5:18:00 PM
Welcome aboard, Thomas!
DJ Tenderloin 5:18:12 PM
When VU came out in 1985 I was working at a record store and I think we played that record every day for a year
Dana K 5:18:18 PM
Happy birthday, Jon!
Mätt Såbbåth 5:18:41 PM
We're on the Tatooine spice party train w/ Grogu
DJPUP 5:19:17 PM
Happy birthday Jon and happy pledging folks!
Pat in South Philly 5:19:18 PM
HBD Jon! 50 for 50, let’s do this!
Jon Solomon (host) 5:19:44 PM
7 down, 43 to go!
Dennnisons 5:19:52 PM
@matt utini
Dennnisons 5:20:09 PM
@matt (in Jawa voice)
jimboodonoroo 5:20:12 PM
Mätt Såbbåth 5:20:35 PM
jimboodonoroo 5:20:45 PM
DJ Tenderloin 5:21:04 PM
I don't know about you but I got my calamine lotion...
Dana K 5:21:05 PM
Donate for Nien Nunb!
Rofflestomp@Dough Noir 5:21:44 PM
Happy B'Day Jon! Once your over the hill you can enjoy the slope. Lotz of love and good wishes!
Classy Pat 5:21:47 PM
$50 for 50 is the new 80 for Brady
Mätt Såbbåth 5:22:05 PM
Jon was born same year Sabbath bloody Sabbath came out 💪
Rob from MaryDonationland 5:22:51 PM
Happy birthday, Jon!
DJ Tenderloin 5:23:02 PM
Thanks Boss!
Brian "D" for Donor 5:23:05 PM
Love the VU and Another VU lps! Had them taped back 2 back on cassette. Wore it out
Classy Pat 5:23:22 PM
still mad the movie isn't Aidy for Brady
Mätt Såbbåth 5:23:36 PM
Thank you Gary! GET IT GARY
Dan Wade 5:24:12 PM
All tattoos are temporary
Mätt Såbbåth 5:24:53 PM
DJ Tenderloin 5:25:08 PM
Although I am surprised by referred to as they - i mean sure i contain multitudes but hey - whatever floats Jon's boat today. It is his bday
Mätt Såbbåth 5:25:25 PM
My Black Flag tattoo is forevah, Dan W!
Dennnisons 5:25:57 PM
@dan too true
iamthelabhras 5:27:01 PM
I have an existing monthly donation I'd like to begin making in Krugerrands. Where on the pledge site can I do that?
Gautham Kalva 5:27:04 PM
Happy birthday Jon, Hi Gary from Phoenix. I thought I was the only listener from Phoenix.
Dan Wade 5:27:35 PM
@dennis one time a kid in my after school program told another kid "E Chuta" and technically I couldn't get him in trouble
Mätt Såbbåth 5:27:46 PM
Krugerrands !! Now we're talkin
James Totally 5:27:50 PM
Happy Birthday Jon!
Carlos Ramone. 5:28:41 PM
@ Matt S..how much money would Pettibone have made if he had trademarked the Black Flag bars?
Mätt Såbbåth 5:29:23 PM
Oh lord good point 💰💰💰 Carlos R
iamthelabhras 5:29:28 PM
I can also do negotiable bearer bonds. Don't bother Googling. They're a real thing. Not just a Die Hard McGuffin. You can trust me.
DJ Tenderloin 5:29:37 PM
Misfits logo is on t shirts at target
yoni from kdu 5:29:43 PM
Finally 🧊🐻
Dennnisons 5:29:48 PM
Eis bar!!!!!
Mätt Såbbåth 5:30:36 PM
iamthelabhras let's talk quantum crypto, babe
Rob from MaryDonationland 5:30:39 PM
Ice bear!!!
Dennnisons 5:30:47 PM
@dan it feels like it sounds better out of an alien snout, though.
Dana K 5:30:48 PM
Im kalten polar
Brian "D" for Donor 5:30:54 PM
Say it with me now "Ice Bear" kinda just like English ha. Who is this mysterious eeese bar anyway...
Dan Wade 5:31:00 PM
This sounds like a deth elf song
Rob from MaryDonationland 5:31:03 PM
Quiero ser oso polar
Rofflestomp@Dough Noir 5:31:18 PM
Eis bar! Eaten by Eis bar as per a walk on the eis.
Jon Solomon (host) 5:31:40 PM
I can't wait to read this chat after the show in full. I love this community and the fact that it can exist without my monitoring it!
Jon Solomon (host) 5:31:47 PM
Brian "D" for Donor 5:32:04 PM
Love that Spanish version by Las Melenas
Jon Solomon (host) 5:32:06 PM
10 down, 40 to go!
Rob from MaryDonationland 5:32:30 PM
Brian, me too!!! That's the first time I ever heard the song. Melanas are a great great band
Liz Bot 5:32:41 PM
Truly an oso amistoso
Dennnisons 5:33:05 PM
@dan w Elfbear is totally different.
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ-💀 5:33:08 PM
Mätt Såbbåth 5:33:12 PM
Postpunk is great stuff
Elspeth Abel Slater 5:33:20 PM
Oh my gravy I tuned in just in time
iamthelabhras 5:33:31 PM
Matt! Yes! We should have the option to make monthly donations in JONCOIN.
Mätt Såbbåth 5:33:36 PM
Mätt Såbbåth 5:33:47 PM
Jon Solomon (host) 5:34:10 PM
Rob from MaryDonationland 5:34:11 PM
Hola Lizbot. Guess what bird species I heard this morning for the first time this year?
iamthelabhras 5:34:13 PM
JONCOIN: Takin' it to the curb.
Carlos Ramone. 5:34:18 PM
@ tenderloin..if I see a misfits shirt being purchased at Target I will ask what their fave song/ lineup is..Probably get the same look as when I tell my dog t9 get off the couch
Mätt Såbbåth 5:34:18 PM
aka "Solly dollars"
Mätt Såbbåth 5:35:07 PM
Lol Carlos
Elspeth Abel Slater 5:35:15 PM
Hey you dog get off my couch!
Brian "D" for Donor 5:35:27 PM
All out greatest hits playlist!
Dan Wade 5:35:43 PM
Jaimie is one of the many artists I would never have heard of without wprb
Mätt Såbbåth 5:36:09 PM
(dog runs in tight frenzied circles)
Joshua Wayne Hensley 5:36:14 PM
Liz Bot 5:36:29 PM
Hi Rob from MartDonationland! What 🐦?!
DJ Tenderloin 5:36:30 PM
C Ramone - yep, exactly. I saw a picture of Cee Lo in a sequined misfits logo shirt and did kinda wonder - does he know who this is?
Mätt Såbbåth 5:37:22 PM
For awhile people wore Iron Maiden shirts fashionably whom I suspect never heard the mighty band
Brian "D" for Donor 5:37:29 PM
WPRB Radio Cat is a fine thing. With its wandering eyes...
Mätt Såbbåth 5:37:52 PM
The mollusk lingers
Liz Bot 5:37:58 PM
@Rob from MaryDonationLand - I’m guessing the obscure White Plumed Robin Bird?
Dana K 5:37:58 PM
I’m playing the drums on my cat’s belly. Don’t think she’s into it.
Mätt Såbbåth 5:38:12 PM
The mollusk Ghoel 👅
Mätt Såbbåth 5:39:07 PM
Dana K play a Neil Peart drum solo
DJ Tenderloin 5:40:19 PM
Jon Solomon you're 50! That's half a century! I was 50 on Nov 4 2016 - know what I got? friggin' trump being elected. Your 50th seems much better...
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ-💀 5:41:12 PM
James Totally 5:41:19 PM
@DJ Tenderloin This one? https://i.imgur.com/pGMYnkn.jpg
James Totally 5:41:56 PM
well, before the shirt company turned it inot an ad
Carlos Ramone. 5:42:04 PM
@Jon..in 10 years if you get asked your age you can say 3 score and see if they know what you mean
James Totally 5:42:06 PM
Mätt Såbbåth 5:42:21 PM
Lol Carlos
Liz Bot 5:42:23 PM
@Dana K - My late cat would “drop the heavy paw” if I drummed on his tum
Dennnisons 5:42:56 PM
OK, which Ethiopiques volume CD will Jon play? I’m betting 25.
Mätt Såbbåth 5:43:09 PM
I like drumming on cat's heads, and they (seem to) like it
Ossy 5:43:21 PM
Rob from MaryDonationland 5:43:38 PM
@Lizbot, it's a fairly uniformly gray, long-tailed bird that thinks it owns certain people's yards.
Mätt Såbbåth 5:43:42 PM
Lol Ozzy
Dana K 5:43:43 PM
@Lizbot she’s in the sun and is too lazy to care that I’m pestering her
DJ Tenderloin 5:43:56 PM
@J Totally - oh my goodness! No actually I saw a picture of him at an awards show but maybe that pic was stolen from that? crazy
Rob from MaryDonationland 5:44:12 PM
@Lizbot aka Gray Catbird aka Lizbot's Nemesisbird
Liz Bot 5:45:02 PM
50 for 50 > 80 for Brady
Liz Bot 5:45:56 PM
@Rob - ooooh no! I haven’t seen mine YET, but I’m sure it’s lurking just around the corner 🐦
James Totally 5:47:41 PM
The first band that comes to mind is Screamerclauz
Liz Bot 5:48:05 PM
@Dana K - a content cat is a disarmed cat. Mine couldn’t resist “setting the trap,” ie: exposing his white plush belly, until some fool reached out to pet the forbidden tum
Dennnisons 5:48:08 PM
DJ Tenderloin 5:48:24 PM
Jingle Rock Bell
Rob from MaryDonationland 5:48:24 PM
@Liz Bot, I'm sorry to report that to you. My birding friend near Cherry Hill hasn't encountered any yet either. So I suspect in the next two or three days, both of you will encounter some.
Dana K 5:48:40 PM
Many folks have lost limbs and lives to the cat belly trap
iamthelabhras 5:48:45 PM
Jon Solomon is the reason I know Mini Skirt's "Brigantine St" exists. Jon Solomon is also the reason why I consistently get kicked out of bars for hacking into the wifi & continuously playing Mini Skirt's "Brigantine St."
Dennnisons 5:49:09 PM
Iced Shank
Jon Solomon (host) 5:49:14 PM
This is so great. Thank you!
Mary Jones 5:49:28 PM
WPRB is the first place I heard Modern Lovers, Unrest, Superchunk, Mountain Goats…
DJ Tenderloin 5:49:46 PM
Iced Shank! Yes
Rob from MaryDonationland 5:49:47 PM
@Dennisons, Eis Schaft?
Dana K 5:49:56 PM
Love the Peter Prescott yelp
Mätt Såbbåth 5:50:00 PM
Unrest! ✊
Liz Bot 5:50:00 PM
@Rob from MaryDonationland - I would also submit that said catbird sounds more like a broken and mangled squeaky toy than like a meowing cat. False advertising.
Classy Pat 5:50:33 PM
i heard built to spill on wprb in 1995 and decided i had to go see them at lollapalooza (sidestage)
Rob from MaryDonationland 5:51:07 PM
@Liz Bot, I'll order a drone to take out your squeaky toy bird
Dennnisons 5:51:22 PM
@Rob from MaryDon… I would love Iced Shank to tackle Eisbar!!!
Mätt Såbbåth 5:51:30 PM
I first heard Sleep's Dopesmoker 900% on WPRB and am not the same
Tyler B 5:51:36 PM
Oh this is a fun track
Rob from MaryDonationland 5:51:44 PM
@Matt, Unrest, the band from the DC area?
Dana K 5:51:46 PM
I got into Brian Eno after hearing a cover of Needles in the Camel’s Eye on WPRB, nearly 20 years ago
Rob from MaryDonationland 5:52:10 PM
@Dana K, a cover? Do you remember by who?
Ossy 5:52:11 PM
LOOOOL Donating Sabbath
Mätt Såbbåth 5:52:21 PM
Rob MD are they from DC? The band that made "sugarshack"
Liz Bot 5:52:22 PM
R.I.P. Gift of Gab!
Liz Bot 5:52:37 PM
Was actually thinking of playing some Blackalicious tomorrow!
Dana K 5:53:18 PM
@Rob, I can’t remember who did the cover. I think I was able to find it before we revamped the website and playlist software, and then promptly forgot. I believe it was a local band.
Dana K 5:54:16 PM
I also have a great memory of playing Cath Carroll by Unrest on my show right after buying the single at PREX a few hours earlier.
Rob from MaryDonationland 5:54:29 PM
@Matt, heck yeah! Sugar Shack, Cath Carroll, ...
iamthelabhras 5:54:50 PM
Oh yeah and I first heard The Reds, Pinks, & Purples on WPRB. And The Most Serene Republic. And Homeboy Sandman. And Lankum. Wait are we not doing this anymore?
Jarret Mitchell 5:54:58 PM
Happy Birthday Jon!!!
Carlos Ramone. 5:55:01 PM
Great song from a great band!!!
Mätt Såbbåth 5:55:03 PM
Imperial ffrr Unrest
Dennnisons 5:55:22 PM
I listened to WPRB when I was antiquing iron toys, writing down bands I liked back in the early 90s, recording songs on a boombox. I went to see Unrest after hearing them here and fell in love with them and Stereolab at JC Dobbs.
Rob from MaryDonationland 5:55:37 PM
@Dana K, understood about the Eno cover. And, Unrest is a great band. I wish I'd seen them, or seen them more, when they were together
Dana K 5:56:05 PM
Love the Reds Pinks and Purples and just about everything I’ve heard that Glenn Donaldson’s done
Mätt Såbbåth 5:56:13 PM
Nice Dennnisons! Analog goodness
Dana K 5:56:57 PM
I just got SWIRLIES tickets for this summer in NYC. A band I got into after becoming a DJ at WPRB!
iamthelabhras 5:57:01 PM
You may very well have the one who introduced the RsPs&Ps to me, Dana K!
Dana K 5:57:11 PM
I’m honored!
Mätt Såbbåth 5:57:43 PM
Oh chit Dana K, SWIRLIES
Dennnisons 5:58:14 PM
When I first met Jon a few years ago at a Superchunk show, I was shocked that he was younger than me. I’d been hearing him as long as I’ve been listening to WPRB and just assumed he’d been here forever.
Mätt Såbbåth 5:58:14 PM
Swirlies have a rad poster of a guy w/ a homemade flamethrower if memory serves...
Classy Pat 5:59:02 PM
i first her 75 Dollar Bill on WPRB and as far as I know the song is still playing
Rob from MaryDonationland 5:59:05 PM
Liz Bot 5:59:09 PM
@Dennis - I remember Stereolab at JC Dobbs!
Dana K 6:00:07 PM
@Patrick I played a 75 Dollar Bill song once because I had to run back to my car because I forgot my asthma inhaler. (I’m cool)
Classy Pat 6:00:18 PM
lol Dana K
Liz Bot 6:00:24 PM
I first got into The Minutemen when I heard a young Mike Lupica play What Makes a Man Start Fires on PRB in the 90s
Dennnisons 6:00:27 PM
@lizbot high five! Or however many digits you have on your robot hand!
Rob from MaryDonationland 6:00:55 PM
I remember Stereolab at the 930 Club in DC waaay back about 29 or so years ago. One of the best shows I saw there
Mätt Såbbåth 6:00:55 PM
Lol Dana K, I had an inhaler hit after...Dopesmoker900%
Mary Jones 6:00:57 PM
@Dana K I very vividly remember hearing Cath Carroll on WPRB, and being bowled over by it, writing away to Teen Beat and sending actual dollar bills through the mail for the green vinyl single.
Mätt Såbbåth 6:01:19 PM
Mary Jones rad 💵
Dana K 6:01:26 PM
@Mary that’s so cool! It is an absolutely stunning song
Rob from MaryDonationland 6:01:58 PM
@Mary Jones, I remember those days. Usually I wrote checks but once or twice I sent actual cash
DJ Tenderloin 6:02:15 PM
@ Lizbot - love the minutemen! saw them a coupla times at 9:30 in DC. The best! their set list was like 8 ft. tall and they would pin it up on the wall. like 80 songs or something stupid. love. love. love.
Mary Jones 6:02:28 PM
I was so young I didn’t have a bank account—I was probably 15?
Mätt Såbbåth 6:02:36 PM
Double nickels on the dime
Brian "D" for Donor 6:02:53 PM
Wed Eves and Christmas Eves/days all the more better w/you Jon!
James Totally 6:03:09 PM
Ok, I think I found the real first new band I never heard that I heard first on wprb...
Brian "D" for Donor 6:03:52 PM
Was there an answer for that "zoo" lyric homespun weird blues/folk mystery song last month or so?
James Totally 6:03:56 PM
It was a band called Jawbox
DJ Tenderloin 6:04:13 PM
@M jones and Matt Sabbath - one of the few benefits of old age - seeing lots of great old punk bands
James Totally 6:04:22 PM
And they were playing at city gardens and WPRB was giving away tickets
Liz Bot 6:04:33 PM
@Dennnisons - I have two clamp-like appendages, so high two!
Jennifer O'Connor 6:04:39 PM
yo happy birthday pal!
DJ Tenderloin 6:05:11 PM
I knew J Robbins from Jawbox when he was a teen listening to classical music and soundtracks on his walkman.
Rob from MaryDonationland 6:05:12 PM
@DJ Tenderloin, I may have been at one of your Minutemen shows at 9:30
Dennnisons 6:05:19 PM
DJ Tenderloin 6:05:29 PM
again. old. we grew up right near each other
Jon Solomon (host) 6:05:50 PM
16/50. Keep it going!!
Mary Jones 6:05:53 PM
@DJ Tenderloin yeah, I missed out on a *lot*; and I lived really far from the city in Gilbertsville PA—but somehow was able to get WPRB!
Mätt Såbbåth 6:06:03 PM
DJ Tenderloin totally 👴✊someday I wanna compile my live punk show list
DJ Tenderloin 6:06:07 PM
Rob from MD - no shit! totally possible. think i saw them twice.
Rob from MaryDonationland 6:06:44 PM
@Mary Jones, indeed. One of the times I sent cash, the recipient specified cash only because they had no bank account iirc
DJ Tenderloin 6:06:44 PM
thank goodness for wprb - bringing the punk rock to the hinterlands!
Mätt Såbbåth 6:06:47 PM
I remember when metal guitars (made of metal) were popular in noisey rock in the 90s 👴
Liz Bot 6:06:58 PM
@DJ Tenderloin - The Anchor is one of my all-time favorite songs. I talked to Watt a few times over the years and he said that song was the band’s first attempt at a 2 minute pop song
Mätt Såbbåth 6:07:47 PM
Liz Bot 6:07:55 PM
Hi Mary! Growing up isolated in a small town can make one appreciate PRB even more!
DJ Tenderloin 6:08:12 PM
Lizbot -I just listened to project mersh for like the first time since in forever the other day!
Mary Jones 6:08:41 PM
@Liz Bot you said it! The station was and is a lifeline
DJ Tenderloin 6:09:01 PM
I asked Hurley after a show "how do you remember all those songs - it's crazy" and he smiled and said " we fake it mostly" . not likely - they were tight tight tight
Ambrose Hughes 6:09:21 PM
Good evening Lilly and Happy 50th Jon! (Recurring doner) ...I don't remember the first song I heard on Jon's show, it was quite some years ago but I bet it was good.
Rob from MaryDonationland 6:09:45 PM
@DJ Tenderloin, were you able to pick up WMUC when you were growing up or living in the DC area?
Rofflestomp@Dough Noir 6:09:49 PM
I hope Jon gets at least a decent wolves head walking cane for his years of service. Dear old Jon. Step easy buddy when you're not running.
Mary Jones 6:10:28 PM
@Liz Bot also, hi!
DJ Tenderloin 6:10:28 PM
Fear of a Black Planet is one of the greatest records of all time in my humble opinion
Mätt Såbbåth 6:10:43 PM
Wolf head cane!!
Carlos Ramone. 6:11:10 PM
@ Mary..how often did you go to Zerns?
DJ Tenderloin 6:11:23 PM
@ Rob from MD - MUC - yep, and the old HFS out of Bethesda - with a antennae from Radio Shack I got and put on the roof! My mom was like what the hell?
Brian "D" for Donor 6:11:30 PM
Gotta be a band name Wolf Head Cane. All umlauts all the time on all the letters. Even the spaces between
Mary Jones 6:12:00 PM
@Carlos every weekend—especially the comic book store and record store across from the candy store.
TAndy: Monthly Doner 🥙 6:12:19 PM
Windsday innit
TAndy: Monthly Doner 🥙 6:12:26 PM
Happy birthday, Jon!!
Mätt Såbbåth 6:12:38 PM
Lol Brian D 🐺
DJ Tenderloin 6:12:59 PM
@Rob from MD - my buddy Jim Saah had a show on MUC for like a few months. We were heavily into HarDCore then.
Rob from MaryDonationland 6:13:05 PM
@DJ Tenderloin, ah, WHFS from Bethesda, with Milo, Jim Dunbar, and Johnny Walker. Antennas were indeed necessary for picking up HFS and MUC at home
Andrew who donates things 6:13:39 PM
hello all and hbd Jon!
Jon Solomon (host) 6:13:44 PM
20 pledges deep!
Jon Solomon (host) 6:13:53 PM
Also, pizza is here.
TAndy: Monthly Doner 🥙 6:14:19 PM
Where'd you order from?
Liz Bot 6:14:34 PM
Hi Mary - Local independent record stores were also lifelines! Mine was Final Vinyl and the owner was a former AC craps dealer with lots of stories
DJ Tenderloin 6:14:58 PM
@Rob from MD - which is ridiculous because I lived in Wheaton! I think that station put out like 10 watts. My toaster had more wattage than that station.
Carlos Ramone. 6:15:30 PM
@ Mary..I live in the north Penn area and it was 2 or 3 times a year when I was growing up . A bit more often than that when my kids were growing up..I always told the kids to smile because we would be the only ones with a full set of teeth
Rofflestomp@Dough Noir 6:15:31 PM
Pizza landed here as well! Funny that!
Liz Bot 6:15:41 PM
Can the pledge # get to 25 by the halfway mark 15 minutes from now?
Mätt Såbbåth 6:15:43 PM
Ah, mom & pop record stores. Now Walmart carries vinyl lol
Dana K 6:15:45 PM
Liz Bot 6:16:06 PM
😂 old man 🌉
Captain Ahab 6:16:09 PM
Howdy! Popping in to say hi, enjoy the tunes, and wish you happy birthday again
Liz Bot 6:16:18 PM
My request!
Mary Jones 6:16:25 PM
Oh mygod, Dennis will walk around singing this
TAndy: Monthly Doner 🥙 6:16:26 PM
I was really surprised to find an Idris Muhammad record at Barnes and Noble last month, you know I HAD to get it.
DJ Tenderloin 6:16:26 PM
As a kid I worked at Waxie Maxie's, Variety Records, and Kemp Mill Record & Tape - all gone now
Rob from MaryDonationland 6:16:42 PM
@DJ Tenderloin, I think by the time I tuned in to MUC, his show was over? Did you have a show on that station?
Dana K 6:16:48 PM
Commie Francis played this on her pledge drive show last year that I co-hosted and we made her dog Walter dance to it
Liz Bot 6:17:02 PM
Now that you have yr pizza, Jon, I hope you’re serenading it with yr own rendition of Old Man on the Bridge
Carlos Ramone. 6:17:05 PM
Key Records in Bucks and montco. I think they had 5 locations at one time
Brian "D" for Donor 6:17:16 PM
This is a classic upon classic of my WPRB listening experience. Never would have heard Kink Kong Old Man on a Bridge if not for WPRB
Mätt Såbbåth 6:17:22 PM
There was a great record shoppe in Ridgewood NJ underground like it was Clockwork Orange or something
Ossy 6:17:34 PM
Cheesy pizza
DJ Tenderloin 6:17:53 PM
I am loving this song! Rob - no show for me - I went to UMBC in Baltimore. Had a show at WROC - Rockville Comm College for like a year?
Brian "D" for Donor 6:18:39 PM
I can remember talking w/friends circa mid 1990s "hey did you ever hear that great song on WPRB that goes hey bah hoo bah hee bah hey bah..."? YEAH LOVE THAT!! etc etc
Rob from MaryDonationland 6:18:42 PM
@DJ Tenderloin, I remember being able to pick up MUC in Wheaton in my car. But then one of the other stations on the same frequency went from 10 to 50 or 100 watts and that was the end of that. But I could still get it in northwest DC and the edge of Bethesda in my car
TAndy: Monthly Doner 🥙 6:18:57 PM
I remember seeing a record store on S. Clinton a couple blocks up from where Food Bazaar is now, had a lot from Dominican artists in there. Pretty sure it's a Boost Mobile or restaurant now.
DJ Tenderloin 6:19:01 PM
I love Molly's Books & Records in the Italian Market in Philly - always priced well!
Mätt Såbbåth 6:19:42 PM
Brian D Bababooey.
Dana K 6:20:05 PM
Y’all should check out Beautiful World Syndicate on Passyunk in Philly. You might catch a glimpse of me (it’s where I work)
Liz Bot 6:20:29 PM
@DJ Tenderloin - I worked for Molly’s ex, Bob Dickey of The Strapping Fieldhands, 20 years ago. The back room of Bob’s store 9th St Books & Records still has a buncha Molly’s books in it
Dennnisons 6:21:28 PM
I loved 3rd Street Jazz and Rock back in the day. I didn’t have a car so I took the train there
Liz Bot 6:21:50 PM
@Dana K - haha, it all comes full circle - After Bob Dickey folded 9th St Books & Records and sold the inventory to George & I, we sold the inventory to Beautiful World Syndicate!
DJ Tenderloin 6:21:57 PM
I do like Beautiful World Syndicate - too rich for my blood sadly. Records are getting outrageous! I know I sound old. I also like Long In The Tooth
Alana Phelan 6:22:24 PM
HI ALL and happy birthday, Jon!
TAndy: Monthly Doner 🥙 6:22:43 PM
Hey Alana, and one & all!
Mätt Såbbåth 6:22:48 PM
My son's first concert was Flipper at Amoeba Records
Rob from MaryDonationland 6:23:15 PM
@Matt Sabbath, WOW!
DJ Tenderloin 6:23:29 PM
Flipper! I saw Flipper. So loud. The drummer wore a football helmet if I remember correctly
Carlos Ramone. 6:23:35 PM
@ Matt..has he recovered from that?
Liz Bot 6:23:37 PM
@Dennnisonsn- I loved 3rd St. also used to spend quite a bit of money in my 20s at Space Boy Records on South St and AKA Music, and spent all spare cash at Plastic Fantastic in Ardmore when I went to school out there in the mid-90s
DonatingSupportingMember 🫡 6:23:38 PM
When making a decision for tonight's dinner I thought in honor of Jon: Pizza. And a salad too! And it was connnnnnsuuuuumed!
DJ Tenderloin 6:23:50 PM
and at Amoeba! pretty cool
Ossy 6:23:56 PM
Hi Alana
Mätt Såbbåth 6:23:58 PM
Krist Novoselic on bass too! Rob MD
Rob from MaryDonationland 6:24:33 PM
@Matt Sabbath, double WOW
Brian "D" for Donor 6:24:34 PM
Carnitas tacos or carnitas rice bowl tonight! Shredded carrots & purple cabbage and other goodies atop.
Mätt Såbbåth 6:24:38 PM
Carlos it fucked him up early LOL. That dang heroin punk music
DJ Tenderloin 6:25:07 PM
I can't believe the first concert was Flipper!
DJ Tenderloin 6:25:13 PM
DJ Tenderloin 6:25:36 PM
First Concert - Springsteen. The River tour. kind of a high bar...
Mätt Såbbåth 6:25:44 PM
I also took him to Dayglo Abortions Lolololol
Dennnisons 6:25:54 PM
@LizBot I have a silver sticker from AKA records on a guitar
Mätt Såbbåth 6:26:04 PM
His mom was tolerant of my punk father antics
Mary Jones 6:26:13 PM
Hello Alana!
James Totally 6:26:18 PM
What was the obscene song that was requested?
Rofflestomp@Dough Noir 6:26:19 PM
Turn on the Summer indeed
Mätt Såbbåth 6:26:33 PM
DJ Tender nice!! The River!!
Mätt Såbbåth 6:26:52 PM
The riverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr - Geddy Lee
Rob from MaryDonationland 6:27:18 PM
@Matt, Dayglo Abortions is a fine band to take your son to!
DJ Tenderloin 6:27:22 PM
First punk show - Discharge, Gov't Issue, maybe Double-O? long time ago.
Carlos Ramone. 6:27:41 PM
@Matt..huge Flipper fan. First time I saw them live I was thinking WTF a was that..for about 2 weeks
Mätt Såbbåth 6:27:43 PM
NICE DJ Tenderloin
Mätt Såbbåth 6:28:14 PM
@Carlos Flipper is so dark but so good
DJ Tenderloin 6:28:21 PM
Flipper - agreed. pumeling brutal show - so loud
iamthelabhras 6:28:29 PM
Jon Solomon isn't just DJ. He's a HUMAN CREDIT UNION.
DonatingSupportingMember 🫡 6:28:31 PM
Chris "Give Mohr to WPRB" 6:28:32 PM
My 1st concert was Robert Fripp doing Frippertronics at Alexander Hall at PU. I was in high school. Met Bill Rosenblatt, Hal Stern, and other PRB DJs of that era.
DJ Tenderloin 6:28:55 PM
Loudest show? that's a good question. Feel free to join in on that.
Mätt Såbbåth 6:29:03 PM
Nice Chris Mohr! Frippertronica
Chris "Give Mohr to WPRB" 6:29:26 PM
My 1st punk show was Flipper 🐬 at City Gardens, Dec. 1984. Scornflakes opened!
Mätt Såbbåth 6:29:54 PM
DJ Tenderloin 6:29:56 PM
I'm going to say loudest show - The Swans from NYC - we huddled in the basement of 9:30 thinking - make it stop
Carlos Ramone. 6:30:05 PM
@ Chris..I thought I saw you there
Chris "Give Mohr to WPRB" 6:30:06 PM
Also happy b-day Jon! Been driving so couldn't chat before
DJ Tenderloin 6:30:46 PM
City Gardens! never saw a show there - wished I did -
Mätt Såbbåth 6:30:48 PM
Loudest show: Simon & Garfunkel Central Park 1981
TAndy: Monthly Doner 🥙 6:30:58 PM
Loudest show I went to was seeing a Trance DJ at a now defunct venue in NYC, the place was so small and the speakers redlined that I could hear nothing but bass crunching the speakers and distortion lmao
Mätt Såbbåth 6:30:59 PM
Kidding, but I was there
James Totally 6:31:19 PM
Loudest show for me had to be The Butthole Surfers at The Mann
Jon Solomon (host) 6:31:50 PM
Halfway to our goal! pledge.wprb.com
TAndy: Monthly Doner 🥙 6:31:53 PM
First concert for me was Infected Mushroom at E Factory in 2012 or 2013
Mätt Såbbåth 6:31:53 PM
TAndy I had a loud dj experience too, my heart was worried LOL #MOOM
Brian "D" for Donor 6:31:53 PM
Loudest show Flippertronica
Mätt Såbbåth 6:32:02 PM
NICE James T
Jon Solomon (host) 6:32:08 PM
Keep it going everyone. Pitchblende loudest band I saw.
DJ Tenderloin 6:32:14 PM
Butthole Surfers are loud for sure
Rofflestomp@Dough Noir 6:32:26 PM
Simon smashing his guitar onstage! Priceless.
jimboodonoroo 6:32:36 PM
Hmmm...loudest show maybe Stereolab at Troc or GBV at TLA.
Mätt Såbbåth 6:32:53 PM
Fu Manchu in Atlanta, GA, on Clone of the Universe tour. Loud AF
Andrew who donates things 6:33:01 PM
loudest was das damen at CBGB
Mätt Såbbåth 6:33:07 PM
Lol Roff
DJ Tenderloin 6:33:25 PM
Also - close second - first time seeing Black Flag. Also just bone crunching loudness. Pre- My War.
Chris "Give Mohr to WPRB" 6:33:43 PM
Loudest bass = Flipper
Chris "Give Mohr to WPRB" 6:33:53 PM
Loudest band = Ramones!
Mätt Såbbåth 6:34:06 PM
DJ Tenderloin LUCKY!!!! Black Flag ✊
DJ Tenderloin 6:34:29 PM
Several times.
Dennnisons 6:34:33 PM
Loudest for me was F*** Buttons and Mogwai, my friend and I shoved paper towels in our ears to save our hearing.
DJ Tenderloin 6:34:39 PM
Yep - lucky. Old!
DonatingSupportingMember 🫡 6:34:44 PM
Swans the second time I saw em was the loudest I've seen, I couldn't even stay to the end, ears rang for a long time after, def damage
Iris Ushizima Sabino 6:34:45 PM
Drmcrshr live at WPRB, November 2020. loudest room in the world
Mätt Såbbåth 6:34:46 PM
DJ Tenderloin clear guitar played by Greg Ginn probably, Kira on bass?
Andrew who donates things 6:34:51 PM
my first show ever was the monsters of rock at giants stadium in 1988. only went for Metallica though.
Chris "Give Mohr to WPRB" 6:35:14 PM
Dinosaur Jr. @ Maxwell's was real loud, too
Mätt Såbbåth 6:35:19 PM
Brian "D" for Donor 6:35:41 PM
oooo love this !! Wonder if Stayin (Almost) Alive cover is up on deck....
Mätt Såbbåth 6:35:51 PM
godheadSilo was so loud people pooped themselves #true
Rofflestomp@Dough Noir 6:35:55 PM
Loudest band ever was mine before I understood earplugs. Many regretst there.
Rofflestomp@Dough Noir 6:36:19 PM
Loudest band ever was mine before I understood earplugs. Many regrets there.
Jennifer O'Connor 6:36:25 PM
this is amazing
DJ Tenderloin 6:36:28 PM
M Sabbath - gosh I can't remember - definitely saw them with Kira - My War era, but not sure about the first time. their roadies had a joke band called Nig Heist - and they played buck fucking naked
Mätt Såbbåth 6:36:36 PM
and godheadSilo just 2 dudes from Fargo
Rob from MaryDonationland 6:36:37 PM
Possibly the loudest show I was at was Killdozer headlining over Government Issue and MFD (Music for the Deaf) appropriately enough.
Rob from MaryDonationland 6:37:12 PM
@DJ Tenderloin, Swans & 9:30 basement, wow, that is L O U D
Mätt Såbbåth 6:37:15 PM
Holy chit DJ Tenderloin I read about those days! Violent AF in a good way
Carlos Ramone. 6:37:24 PM
Loudest show for me was Melt Banana
Brian "D" for Donor 6:37:54 PM
Hank Rollins' Get in the Van diary bio has some great Black Flag stories.
DJ Tenderloin 6:37:59 PM
Swans was SO LOUD. painful. i think that might have been the point. i def have some hearing loss due to punk rock
James Totally 6:37:59 PM
Oooo... that reminds me, today is National Banana day
Mätt Såbbåth 6:38:02 PM
Melt Banana are not right in the head lol
Alana Phelan 6:38:20 PM
I remember I went to a show and covered my ears and everyone told me the volume was fine but I ended up hiding in the bathroom. I thought there was something wrong with me, people thought I was drunk. It was someone relatively mid-range (sound-wise) at the E Factory.
Mätt Såbbåth 6:38:52 PM
Get in the Van is a great book, deserves Library of Congress status as culturally/historically significant
Rob from MaryDonationland 6:39:27 PM
@DJ Tenderloin, I can't remember what my first punk show was. Early on though I saw Minor Threat opening up for Public Image at Ritchie Coliseum in College Park
Brian "D" for Donor 6:39:30 PM
Ya tone is key. A band/dj can be very very loud and people will survive ok. But middle of road volume with screechingly bad tone/eq can really wreck the ears/head/central nervous system/whole body etc
Mike Lupica 6:39:41 PM
My loudest gigs are mostly pretty predictable: Ramones, My Bloody Valentine, Metallica, Guns & Roses.
DJ Tenderloin 6:39:52 PM
Love Get in the Van. I might have seen him at the old DC Space read some stuff from that? gosh - all so long ago!
TAndy: Monthly Doner 🥙 6:39:54 PM
I NEED to see MBV live
Mätt Såbbåth 6:39:54 PM
Alana my son hid in the photo booth at Dayglo Abortions/Subhumans/MDC LOLOLOL 👂
Classy Pat 6:40:13 PM
I remember Jucifer being crazy loud
Brian "D" for Donor 6:40:15 PM
I like that Henry did a nice intro/apology to Kira in the reissue edition. Classy move
Carlos Ramone. 6:40:19 PM
Get in the van is disturbing, just to see how Henry was changing thru the years on the road
Mätt Såbbåth 6:40:45 PM
Henry apologizes when f's up. Honorable man.
Alana Phelan 6:40:50 PM
It might have been Liz Phair. When did they put the benches in??
Mätt Såbbåth 6:40:54 PM
TAndy: Monthly Doner 🥙 6:41:02 PM
There have been times where I'd go out and forget my earplugs so I would have to fashion a pair out of rolled toilet paper. I still never hear the end of it 😔
DJ Tenderloin 6:41:06 PM
MDC like Millions of Dead Cops? saw them too. Tesco Vee - Meatmen - was going to have a band called Millions of Ted Koppels
Mätt Såbbåth 6:41:43 PM
Yup MDC 🚓. Dave Dichter is a nut
Brian "D" for Donor 6:41:53 PM
My fave Get in the Van story is when BF was touring Europe and they had the van fave cassette ZZ Top's Eliminator cranking! They told the bewildered punk fans gathering outside the van that it was the new Exploited album just to f with them.
Jon Solomon (host) 6:42:00 PM
(Jen from Running Redlights picked this one.)
Mätt Såbbåth 6:42:24 PM
Dave of MDC worked in a school LOLOLOL. He was in Principal Office more than students
Brian "D" for Donor 6:42:32 PM
This is a very Jon Solomon show song. A very WPRB memory for me. Heard it a bunch on your show!
Jon Solomon (host) 6:42:38 PM
My friend Jay famously fell asleep at a particularly loud MBV show in the early 1990s.
Mätt Såbbåth 6:42:50 PM
Haaaaaaaaaaaaaa Brian D
Jon Solomon (host) 6:42:57 PM
Long version of this song = best version of this song.
DJ Tenderloin 6:43:01 PM
I think I saw MDC at the Rock Against Reagan festival in DC on the mall? 1984 maybe?
Carlos Ramone. 6:43:10 PM
MDC = Matt Dixon and the Confederates
Mätt Såbbåth 6:43:40 PM
Lol Carlos
DJ Tenderloin 6:43:53 PM
Matt Sabbath - Tesco too - he was a math teacher. the guy who wrote crippled children suck was a fucking math teacher.
Carlos Ramone. 6:44:07 PM
Supposedly used the name to cross the border into Canada for a show
Mätt Såbbåth 6:44:19 PM
Lol! Dayum
Hoochie Coochie Mok 6:44:41 PM
whoa Meatmen mention. I saw them open for GWAR :)
Mätt Såbbåth 6:44:44 PM
Chavo of Black Flag wrote "white minority" LOLOLOL
Rofflestomp@Dough Noir 6:44:46 PM
Pizza good
Brian "D" for Donor 6:44:59 PM
And Get in the Van is where I first heard about the famous "INDEED!" stage patter tape of Venom from City Gardens in Trenton, NJ. BF was on tour w/them at the time.
Ossy 6:45:09 PM
Pizza smelly greatness!!
Mätt Såbbåth 6:45:23 PM
Mätt Såbbåth 6:45:38 PM
Brian D yer wild, man
Rofflestomp@Dough Noir 6:46:14 PM
True Ozzy, so very true!
TAndy: Monthly Doner 🥙 6:46:19 PM
Alana Phelan 6:46:31 PM
Who hasn't slept at a show? 😅
Mätt Såbbåth 6:46:51 PM
I wonder if anyone fell asleep at Sleep
Rob from MaryDonationland 6:46:56 PM
@Carlos Ramone, lol re MDC & Canada
Mätt Såbbåth 6:47:01 PM
Lol TAndy
Hoochie Coochie Mok 6:47:57 PM
I saw MDC last year at Broken Goblet Brewing. They opened for Napalm Death. John Wayne!!!
Brian "D" for Donor 6:48:02 PM
To recur is to occur
Mätt Såbbåth 6:48:12 PM
I got sleepy at Mudhoney & Pavement but lotsa weed in air
Ossy 6:48:24 PM
I fell asleep at Star Wars Rogue One, LMAO in theaters after friends decided to go there late at night after class
Rofflestomp@Dough Noir 6:48:33 PM
@Alana, with or without beer?
Mätt Såbbåth 6:48:39 PM
Nice HC Mok !
Mätt Såbbåth 6:48:50 PM
Lol Ozzy
DJ Tenderloin 6:48:53 PM
@HC Mok - you saw MDC LAST YEAR?! that's crazy. still doing it huh? amazing
Hoochie Coochie Mok 6:49:52 PM
heh MDC looked a little haggard
DJ Tenderloin 6:50:04 PM
Had no idea MDC was still touring. Those guys must be my age! Ha
Alana Phelan 6:50:07 PM
Beer is icky 😝 first time I'd recently had a baby, second time I was going to school at ass o'clock and then after putting the kid to bed, going to venues across Philly, NJ, and occasionally NYC to photograph and interview bands
Ossy 6:50:18 PM
Like Jack Black Bowser, Sabbath!
Alana Phelan 6:50:39 PM
Second time I napped between bands though, I think
Dana K 6:50:48 PM
Uh oh. Time to cry.
Ossy 6:51:00 PM
Alana - Also smelly as well.
Jon Solomon (host) 6:51:08 PM
Right there with ya DK.
Ossy 6:51:09 PM
Hoochie Coochie Mok 6:51:13 PM
Brujeria was at that show as well. Bonkers
Brian "D" for Donor 6:51:14 PM
I'd always call up the djs on the ol 609-258 # and ask questions before the online playlist days. Jon and all of them very helpful & friendly. Jon dug out the Only Ones liner notes and read all the members' names off when I asked who played the lead guitar on Another Girl Another Planet!
Teresa Yes I Didnate! Peacock 6:51:21 PM
Oh man, you beat me to it, Dana K.
Brian "D" for Donor 6:51:25 PM
This is indeed a classic! So great to hear this song!
Alana Phelan 6:51:47 PM
Agreed, Ossy, hi from before, I saw your hi, my roommate had just come home though and I got distracted
Jon Solomon (host) 6:52:39 PM
I can nearly 100% guarantee you will not guess what artist is next.
Mätt Såbbåth 6:53:15 PM
Let 'er rip Dana K
Teresa Yes I Didnate! Peacock 6:53:16 PM
Das Goblins?!!
Dana K 6:53:24 PM
I will be gone, but not forever
Andrew who donates things 6:53:29 PM
speaking of MDC, they're opening for GBH in philly next month
Ambrose Hughes 6:54:09 PM
Chris Forsyth?
Mätt Såbbåth 6:54:11 PM
GBH !!
Krista 6:54:30 PM
farewell transmission is a favorite, always hits me. popping in to say happy birthday!!
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ-💀 6:55:36 PM
Teresa Yes I Didnate! Peacock 6:55:38 PM
Oddly enough, I heard 'Farewell Transmission' for the first time on "Fresh Air with Terry Gross" (I think). I was driving. Then suddenly, I was driving and sobbing. That last "Listen." kills me dead every single time.
Hoochie Coochie Mok 6:55:41 PM
Fishbone show this weekend. I hope to see you all there 🐟🦴
Rofflestomp@Dough Noir 6:55:49 PM
@Alana, I don't do having babies as per God and such, but I can certainly understand it being a prime contestant for wakeful acknowledgement for sure.
Dana K 6:56:09 PM
I’m glad we’re all on the same page regarding this song.
Mätt Såbbåth 6:56:55 PM
DJ Tenderloin 6:57:02 PM
Didn't know about Fishbone show. Orig. members? I saw them on their first tour - and they absolutely floored me. A-mazing live band.
Mätt Såbbåth 6:58:02 PM
Didja take the holy Fishbone oath, DJ Tenderloin?
Hoochie Coochie Mok 6:58:09 PM
new EP coming out ..very soon
Mätt Såbbåth 6:58:25 PM
Administered by Angelo Moore
Teresa Yes I Didnate! Peacock 6:58:34 PM
Cher? This is AWESOME!!!!
DonatingSupportingMember 🫡 6:58:36 PM
Did the album art just morph all about for anyone else or am I having a flashback?
DJ Tenderloin 6:58:37 PM
The singer - the main guy - with the sax - what's his name? He called up this skinhead at the show, called him up the front. stopped the show. and the guy comes up. and he blows a snot rocket right on his head.
Hoochie Coochie Mok 6:58:45 PM
they are touring
Mätt Såbbåth 6:59:13 PM
Hoochie Coochie Mok 6:59:31 PM
im still foggy from the Melvin Seals JGB show the other night :-\
DonatingSupportingMember 🫡 6:59:35 PM
lol like really tho
Jon Solomon (host) 7:00:01 PM
15 donations away from the finish line! pledge.wprb.com
Mätt Såbbåth 7:00:16 PM
For the Turnstiles is a dope Neil Young song
DJ Tenderloin 7:00:30 PM
this version is amazing...
Mary Jones 7:00:50 PM
Holy cow that cover was fantastic
Dana K 7:00:54 PM
Jon I’m going to cry AGAIN
Ossy 7:01:10 PM
Make those donations like hitting question mark blocks for coins
Dana K 7:01:13 PM
RIP Hamish <3
Mätt Såbbåth 7:01:32 PM
Stay hydrated Dana K
Mike Tropiano 7:01:44 PM
Was in the car when it came on...papa's new Arabic(?) bag was a gas. One should get gifts, not give them, on their birthday. I'm so glad you're spending it with us. Cent'an. Here's to another 50.
richard lyons :) 7:01:51 PM
THE CLEAN!!!!!!!! Hello Solomonians! HBD Jon!
Andrew who donates things 7:01:55 PM
why must you do this to us
Dana K 7:02:06 PM
This song used to bring me a lot of joy, and it still does, but it’s bittersweet now
Andrew who donates things 7:02:14 PM
too many feels
Rob from MaryDonationland 7:02:19 PM
The Clean. RIP Hamish indeed. And it is bittersweet now
Liz Bot 7:02:40 PM
58 more minutes…anything can happen!
Brian "D" for Donor 7:03:31 PM
CLEAN CLASSIC! So many great tunes tonight Jon!
Rofflestomp@Dough Noir 7:03:44 PM
Way too many RIP shows lately. I am just a witness these days.
Rob from MaryDonationland 7:04:03 PM
@Roffle, sadly, yes
Mätt Såbbåth 7:05:08 PM
The universe doesnt create anything it doesnt intend to destroy. - cormac mccarthy
Classy Pat 7:05:38 PM
this is quite a road. - cormac mccarthy
Mätt Såbbåth 7:05:48 PM
Teresa Yes I Didnate! Peacock 7:06:40 PM
Liz Bot 7:07:47 PM
👋 Teresa!
Teresa Yes I Didnate! Peacock 7:08:59 PM
Hello Liz Bot! Hello hello to one and all!
DonatingSupportingMember 🫡 7:09:34 PM
better ingredients, better pizza, Papa John's - cormac mccarthy
Rofflestomp@Dough Noir 7:09:48 PM
"Let'r rip." - Sterling Hayden Jersey guy! :)
Classy Pat 7:09:50 PM
and it wasn't me
Mätt Såbbåth 7:09:53 PM
Mätt Såbbåth 7:10:22 PM
You asked for it, you got it. Toyota. - Cormac McCarthy
Brian "D" for Donor 7:10:27 PM
Make that 12 yo!
Jon Solomon (host) 7:10:46 PM
Spell it.
Jon Solomon (host) 7:11:01 PM
I love you, chat.
Teresa Yes I Didnate! Peacock 7:11:11 PM
Dead Moon is a band I would probably never heard/heard of were it not for WPRB
yoni from kdu 7:11:32 PM
Dead Moon night!
Teresa Yes I Didnate! Peacock 7:11:54 PM
never *have heard
Mätt Såbbåth 7:11:58 PM
Where'd the Cheese Go? - Ween
DJ Tenderloin 7:12:28 PM
Some top notch excellent tunes this evening, boss - nice job birthday boy
Mary Jones 7:12:35 PM
God this rocks
Brian "D" for Donor 7:13:47 PM
"the escutcheons were up against the chapparals of the escarpment amongst the cupreous and dancebright carp and catfish with their sprueless underbellies disenthroned with their ten thousand dreams ensepulchred in their crozzled hearts." - Cormac McCarthy
Classy Pat 7:14:13 PM
Philly Record Exchange has lots of Dead Moon on vinyl right now
Mätt Såbbåth 7:14:14 PM
Lol Brian D
Mätt Såbbåth 7:14:55 PM
Bout time we had some crozzled hearts
Classy Pat 7:15:09 PM
i don;t work there, i just went there last week
Rofflestomp@Dough Noir 7:15:14 PM
Sounds way more like Carlos Castañeda to me Brian.
Brian "D" for Donor 7:15:25 PM
Crozzled Hearts . Opening for Wolf Head Cane.
DJ Tenderloin 7:15:40 PM
I am not related to Kevin McCarthy - Cormac McCarthy
Mätt Såbbåth 7:16:06 PM
Teresa Yes I Didnate! Peacock 7:16:19 PM
LOL, @DJ Tenderloin
Brian "D" for Donor 7:16:28 PM
"I am not Spock" "I am Spock" - Spock
Mätt Såbbåth 7:16:45 PM
I am not a Brat Packer. - Cormac M
Rofflestomp@Dough Noir 7:16:47 PM
Nice circle round Brian
Mätt Såbbåth 7:17:18 PM
Brian D is the master of circle rounds
Rofflestomp@Dough Noir 7:17:30 PM
Sounds logical to me.
Mätt Såbbåth 7:17:37 PM
His brain like a steel trap
Brian "D" for Donor 7:17:58 PM
I have this great line the doc told me after the cord was cut that would go great right here..., really full circle like
Rofflestomp@Dough Noir 7:18:00 PM
Circle of stuff.
Mike Tropiano 7:18:08 PM
I do not want a happy meal - Cormac McDonald
Mätt Såbbåth 7:18:26 PM
Lol Mike T
Jon Solomon (host) 7:18:30 PM
pledge.wprb.com - single digits!!
Mätt Såbbåth 7:19:05 PM
Uncle O'Grimacey is indeed my uncle - Grimace McCarthy
Christopher Strasser (nihilgeist) 7:19:44 PM
How's it going y'all?
Jon Solomon (host) 7:20:05 PM
Chaos. Wonderful radio chaos. You?
DJ Tenderloin 7:20:33 PM
Hey get your hand out of my back - Charlie McCarthy. you have to be old for this one...
Christopher Strasser (nihilgeist) 7:20:53 PM
@Jon Solomon just sittin' here eatin' chips
Mätt Såbbåth 7:21:08 PM
Yesssssss DJ Tenderloin 😂
DJ Tenderloin 7:21:28 PM
New one - what's the WORST concert you've ever seen?
Brian "D" for Donor 7:21:34 PM
''Everybody needs money! That's why they call it money!'' - Mamet (via DeVito)
Brian "D" for Donor 7:21:50 PM
apropos for this week and next!
Rofflestomp@Dough Noir 7:22:29 PM
I never need money until I wake up.
Dennnisons 7:22:43 PM
Cookiepus O’Grimacey was my uncle’s contribution to the ice cream cake pantheon - Grimace McCarthy
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ-💀 7:22:44 PM
DJ Tenderloin 7:22:52 PM
my buddy got tickets for us - which it turned out we had to BUY - for Air. they played for exactly 30 min. then gone. $30. so a dollar a minute.
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ-💀 7:22:52 PM
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ-💀 7:23:04 PM
DJ JonSolomon ❣️❣️❣️
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ-💀 7:24:07 PM
dj lili❣️
Mätt Såbbåth 7:25:29 PM
Lol Dennnisons !!
Brian "D" for Donor 7:25:40 PM
Contradictory behavior at its best: I like to make multiple one-time-donations!
Mike Tropiano 7:25:50 PM
INot a concert but...n my late teens my grandfather took the entire family to see Pat Cooper. This teenage punk didn't want to be there and sat through the entire showvwith a deep and immobile scowl. We were seated right below the stage. Cooper noticed and continually gazed at me with annoyance to match mine.
DJ Tenderloin 7:27:38 PM
@ mike - hold on - like Pat Cooper the old comedian? that's awesome. my god. old school!
Mätt Såbbåth 7:27:46 PM
Soul Asylum w/ one OG member: worst show ever
Liz Bot 7:28:08 PM
@Jon - My gift to you: you can do the May the Fourth show- let’s flip! I actually gotta be at my kid’s school that night for her big 8th grade final project, so it works out quite well!
TAndy: Monthly Doner 🥙 7:28:47 PM
Mike Tropiano 7:29:11 PM
Yep, DJT
Jon Solomon (host) 7:29:30 PM
Jon Solomon (host) 7:29:43 PM
Liz, let us discuss when I am not on the radio but thank you!!
DJ Tenderloin 7:29:46 PM
Pat Cooper!
Mike Tropiano 7:29:50 PM
I'm that old.
Jon Solomon (host) 7:29:54 PM
I love an eggplant parm with extra hot peppers.
Jon Solomon (host) 7:30:00 PM
No lettuce, all spices.
Mike Tropiano 7:30:13 PM
mommy egplantvpstm
Mike Tropiano 7:30:29 PM
and parm
Jon Solomon (host) 7:30:31 PM
Jon Solomon (host) 7:30:50 PM
(That is for you, TAndy.)
Alana Phelan 7:30:52 PM
Huh, worst ever concert is so tough, I know worst opener but worst concert? I'm trying to think if I've walked out of anything that wasn't to talk to a friend
DJ Tenderloin 7:31:13 PM
when i think of Pat Cooper I think of tonight shows and jerry lewis telethons.
Ossy 7:31:16 PM
I love eggplants with lasagna and mac cheese
TAndy: Monthly Doner 🥙 7:31:29 PM
Mary Jones 7:31:35 PM
@Alana yeah, I never walk out just on principle
Mike Tropiano 7:32:13 PM
Jon, what is the Trenton sandwich shop you talked about a few weeks ago? How's their egplant parm?
DJ Tenderloin 7:32:22 PM
i might change my worst concert actually - i got free tickets when i worked at the record store - a nice perk in the old days - for Steppenwolf. it wasn't pretty.
TAndy: Monthly Doner 🥙 7:32:37 PM
Seconding Mike's question, I love to hear about local eateries.
Alana Phelan 7:32:59 PM
When band members get annoyed at you...I think I pissed off Tod A once. How do you tell a dude "Sorry I have chronic back problems?" when he wants everyone to dance at his show? Sorry you think I'm a killjoy! I've been waiting to see you for years, fuck youuu for making me feel bad about my broken body!
TAndy: Monthly Doner 🥙 7:33:51 PM
Little King in Hamilton Square and Sub Maria on Nottingham in East Trenton are excellent spots. Both close early though.
TAndy: Monthly Doner 🥙 7:34:53 PM
Yogi's on Whitehorse where the Kmart used to be is also apparently very good, never been there yet though.
DJ Tenderloin 7:35:01 PM
When I saw Wall of Voodoo they broke up - like on stage, mid show. so that kind of sucked, but also seemed oddly entertaining at the time
DonatingSupportingMember 🫡 7:35:32 PM
Alana bands that demand people dance are obnoxious!
Mike Tropiano 7:35:40 PM
I grew to appreciate Cooper when he became more of an angry comic. I was so uninterested in his type of comedy (kind of still feel it's still kind of too narrowly focused, but can be funny if done well, Sebastisn Maniscalco)
Mätt Såbbåth 7:35:48 PM
Mexican Radio !!
Alana Phelan 7:36:01 PM
I had to go see Satriani once because the tour drummer was a family friend. That was not my favorite show But I didn't HATE it. Oh wait, still pretty angry at the time Lou Barlow couldn't make it through a song, he was so drunk. We DID walk out of that. Winner!
Mätt Såbbåth 7:36:05 PM
Behind the Wall of Voodoo
DJ Tenderloin 7:37:15 PM
Never saw any band play drunker than the replacments
Alana Phelan 7:37:20 PM
DJ Tenderloin - the DRAMA 👁️👁️
Mätt Såbbåth 7:37:23 PM
I saw Lemonheads w/ a blitzed Evan Dando but it was more amusing than anything
Brian "D" for Donor 7:38:11 PM
Beauty sunset imminent in Bucks Co
Dennnisons 7:38:36 PM
I was at that Lollapalooza where Rage Against The Machine came out naked to protest the PMRC, but couldn’t see what was going on from the crowd. It was nightmarishly hot and they were charging 10 bucks for any drinks.
Mätt Såbbåth 7:38:40 PM
Nice! Brian D
Jon Solomon (host) 7:38:43 PM
DJ Tenderloin 7:38:49 PM
amusing w/ the mats too - saw paul throw up and then lie down on the stage and sing The Ledge. All eyes look up to me....
Mätt Såbbåth 7:38:54 PM
Sounds brown, Brian D
Mike Tropiano 7:38:55 PM
Thanks for the foodery tips...my brother works in trenton, I'll have him check them out and bring over some sammidges
Rob from MaryDonationland 7:38:56 PM
@DJ Tenderloin, the one time I saw the Replacements, they weren't too drunk.
Rofflestomp@Dough Noir 7:39:05 PM
Dana K 7:39:18 PM
Cool Greenhouse! Goal achieved! Exciting!!
Dennnisons 7:39:25 PM
Brian "D" for Donor 7:39:26 PM
Peachy tangerine and brown ya
DJ Tenderloin 7:39:26 PM
MAZEL TOV JON SOLOMON! a nice bday present
TAndy: Monthly Doner 🥙 7:39:38 PM
@Mike Meatheadz in Lawrence is also a very solid cheesesteak place... I recommend getting it with Cooper sharp cheddar.
TAndy: Monthly Doner 🥙 7:39:43 PM
Mätt Såbbåth 7:40:04 PM
Brian "D" for Donor 7:40:06 PM
Way to go Pledgers!!!! Thank you all! Thank you Jon! Thank you WPRB! Thank you all the DJs, listeners, chatters etc!
Alana Phelan 7:40:07 PM
Teresa Yes I Didnate! Peacock 7:40:12 PM
WOOOOOOOT!!! Yay! Congratulations, Jon! Congratulations, Lili!
DJ Tenderloin 7:40:13 PM
@rob - they could be the best band in the world on the right night - but they could also be the drunkest sloppiest band too. toss up
Jon Solomon (host) 7:40:22 PM
Can we get to.....60?!
Brian "D" for Donor 7:40:25 PM
Pat Cooper Sharp Cheddar
Mike Tropiano 7:41:04 PM
I didn't kniw Rage were around during the heyday of the PMRC...loved Zappa's send-up of the hearing, Ibthink in 1988.
Mätt Såbbåth 7:41:07 PM
Electric 6 live wasted (them) was pretty great, it worked
TAndy: Monthly Doner 🥙 7:41:15 PM
These guys know what's up
Jen Redlights 7:41:17 PM
I see I missed my Govt Issue request (yay!) but wanted to pop in to again say HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOUUUUU, Jon!!!! 60! 60!
lol 7:41:30 PM
HaPpY bIrThDaY, jOn SoLoMoN!
Classy Pat 7:41:34 PM
DJ Tenderloin 7:41:36 PM
@alana - i also hate - "lets make some noise" "everybody scream!" that kinda hype
Mätt Såbbåth 7:41:43 PM
Mike T, Zappa schooled the entire US govt 💪
Rob from MaryDonationland 7:41:55 PM
@DJ Tenderloin, I obv. hit them on a good night. One band I wanted to go see was The Fall. The (first) time I wanted to see them but couldn't, Mark E. Smith was extremely drunk and iirc the show was ended early, so I'm soo glad I didn't go
TAndy: Monthly Doner 🥙 7:42:13 PM
Brian "D" for Donor 7:42:16 PM
The Our Band Could Be Your Life chapter on Replacements story where Bob barely clothed gets caught in some streamer/banner decor at a college gym as he stumbled around and tore it all down, dragging it with him. I lost my breath laughing at that
DJ Tenderloin 7:42:22 PM
Never saw the Fall
DJ Tenderloin 7:42:35 PM
would've like too
Mätt Såbbåth 7:43:06 PM
Thanks Roff! Thanks TAndy! Thanks Wild Bill!
Mary Krause 7:43:06 PM
Way to go, Jon!
Mike Tropiano 7:43:08 PM
Yep, Zappa is the closest thing I have for an idol.
TAndy: Monthly Doner 🥙 7:43:16 PM
Mätt Såbbåth 7:43:30 PM
Rob from MaryDonationland 7:43:30 PM
I never did see The Fall at all, for better or worse.
Jen Redlights 7:43:38 PM
oh NO, now I'm craving Hoagie Haven
Mätt Såbbåth 7:43:41 PM
TAndy: Monthly Doner 🥙 7:43:45 PM
Eating hoagie haven is like eating taco bell. Impossible to eat driving without some spillage
Brian "D" for Donor 7:43:47 PM
Zappa, John Denver and Dee Snider of Twisted Sister all testified at the hearing during that PMRC stuff. Brings all together!
TAndy: Monthly Doner 🥙 7:43:50 PM
DJ Tenderloin 7:44:15 PM
@Brian - tooting my own horn a little here - so my buddy Jim Saah took the photo on the cover of that book - and the sweaty kid with the striped shirt on the cover at the minor threat show? well that would be me.
Mike Tropiano 7:44:42 PM
I gsd tickets to the Zappa tour that self-distructed, and ge never toured again.
Mätt Såbbåth 7:44:58 PM
Nice DJ Tenderloin 📸
Mike Tropiano 7:45:06 PM
Yes, a motley crew in Congress.
Joshua Wayne Hensley 7:45:08 PM
Welp, u can tell Maggie she made my cry 😭
Brian "D" for Donor 7:45:11 PM
I remember hearing about the Fall fight on stage on WPRB when it happened. Then some dj replayed the audio from that wprb story in the last few years.
TAndy: Monthly Doner 🥙 7:45:15 PM
Someone threw too much on stage, Mike.
Alana Phelan 7:45:19 PM
Such an awkward night: my ex-boyfriend was there taking up almost every seat with his friends, and I hadn't yet accepted my back meant I could ask for accommodation so I just stood in so much pain I was almost crying. I'm not mad at Tod A, for real. I'm sure he thought I was just shy.
DJ Tenderloin 7:45:24 PM
wished I saw Zappa too. never got the chance.
Mätt Såbbåth 7:45:29 PM
Dana K is all cried out
TAndy: Monthly Doner 🥙 7:45:46 PM
Zappa was well before my time, but he's one of the greats I wish I could have seen live.
Jon Solomon (host) 7:45:52 PM
I will let her know when her piano lesson is over, Josh!!
Dana K 7:45:59 PM
Nothing but tears over here
Liz Bot 7:46:01 PM
Go to Hoagie Haven and order the eggplant parm “Jon’s way”
TAndy: Monthly Doner 🥙 7:46:03 PM
Woulda loved to see Apex Twin during his early years too.
Joshua Wayne Hensley 7:46:20 PM
Mätt Såbbåth 7:46:24 PM
Dweezil Zappa is great live. He listens to other musicians well.
DJ Tenderloin 7:46:46 PM
my big miss is Tom Waits. Came close to seeing him on B'way but no go.
Mike Tropiano 7:47:26 PM
No fooling Liz?
Mätt Såbbåth 7:47:40 PM
DJ Tenderloin, Tom W held the door for me at a Barnes & Noble in norCal once. I was floored
DJ Tenderloin 7:48:03 PM
@alana - that is alot of drama!
Rofflestomp@Dough Noir 7:48:12 PM
@Lizbot, Eggplant parm! OMG that is heaven on a cloud of bread!
Liz Bot 7:48:42 PM
@Brian D - The Fall fight was epic. And Greg Lyon of The Good the Bad & The Ugly who used to be on before me many years ago interviewed Mark E. Smith! He was scared beforehand but Mark was not feeling belligerent and they got on great!
Carlos Ramone. 7:48:51 PM
@Tandy.. ear where I live there is a place called “ Joe’s Garage”..I want to sto0 there sometime just t9 see if they are fans
DJ Tenderloin 7:48:56 PM
@Matt - wow - that's pretty cool. I'd give anything if he would come around and play.
Liz Bot 7:49:12 PM
@Mike Tropiano - We gotta make this catch on!
Commie Francis ☭ 7:49:26 PM
Happy birthday Jon!!!
Mätt Såbbåth 7:49:29 PM
I think I saw The Fall in Reno once at a rib fest
Mike Tropiano 7:49:39 PM
I'm game!
Alana Phelan 7:49:41 PM
That was the pared-down version! 😬
Rob from MaryDonationland 7:49:46 PM
Aw, New Order!!
Mätt Såbbåth 7:50:19 PM
Carlos nice! "Watermelon in Easter Hay" is one of Frank Z's top 3 compositions
TAndy: Monthly Doner 🥙 7:50:23 PM
Matt what the HeH is a rib fest. Like people show off their ribcages???
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ-💀 7:50:49 PM
NEW ORDER ❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥 this Gem 💎🎶🎵❣️
Mätt Såbbåth 7:50:50 PM
Lol TAndy bbq fest
Dennnisons 7:50:52 PM
Somewhere I have a limewire download of Superchunk covering New Order.
DonatingSupportingMember 🫡 7:51:07 PM
TAndy never been to a rib fest smdh
Mätt Såbbåth 7:51:10 PM
TAndy: Monthly Doner 🥙 7:51:10 PM
Liz Bot 7:51:13 PM
Walking in the rain of the Mann Music Center New Order show surrounded by friends who’d waited YEARS for that many-times-rescheduled show last September and hearing Temptation near the end of the night = One of my most special show memories of 2022!
Alana Phelan 7:51:14 PM
I am a simple girl. This song makes me happy every time I hear it.
Commie Francis ☭ 7:51:31 PM
I was doing social things with humans but so glad I caught Grauzone and ivy Green!!!
Mätt Såbbåth 7:51:32 PM
TAndy what the hell is goblin mode
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ-💀 7:51:46 PM
DJ JonSolomon 💎💙 Happy Birthday 🎁🎂❣️
Jon Solomon (host) 7:51:59 PM
Thank you!!!
Rofflestomp@Dough Noir 7:52:14 PM
@Mätt, The ocean is the ultimate solution is just a Zappa tune that hits me just right.
DJ Tenderloin 7:52:19 PM
Hey listen - great chatting with everyone - I gotta sca-daddle - HAPPY 50TH JON SOLOMON! great show man. enjoy everyone - till next time - special goodies are already in the works for xmas....
Mätt Såbbåth 7:52:25 PM
LIMEWIRE Dennnisons 👾👾👾
Jen Redlights 7:52:27 PM
I love that this is the first thing you remember on WPRB. This is one of the first bands I remember hearing on "alternative radio" and one of my earliest concerts!
-ᎷяMΔᏞᏨØИᎢΞNᎢ-💀 7:52:45 PM
Big cheers to DJ JonSolomon and dj lili!!
Jon Solomon (host) 7:52:45 PM
I was in 7th grade and time might have stopped.
Liz Bot 7:52:47 PM
My kid had gotten into New Order between when I bought the tickets for that show back in …2019?…and when it finally happened, so I brought her and it was an incredible night.
Rob from MaryDonationland 7:52:54 PM
When I saw the Darling Buds at 9:30, they performed this New Order song. It's a long-time fave of mine, and I didn't know that the Darling Buds had covered it. The entire audience including me started singing along. I was wiping tears from my eyes
Alana Phelan 7:53:11 PM
Is a rib fest like somewhere else's hoagiefest?
Jon Solomon (host) 7:53:15 PM
I think the DJ played Guadalcanal Diary before Temptation but I do NOT REMEMEBR THAT WELL.
Mätt Såbbåth 7:53:28 PM
@Roff apparently Frank liked Watermelon, Black Napkins, & Peaches en regalia of all his music
Mike Tropiano 7:53:44 PM
I saw a picture of Ian Cyrtis's daughter today on Facebook. I think it's her birthday too.
Mätt Såbbåth 7:53:53 PM
Alana yes
Rob from MaryDonationland 7:53:58 PM
@DJ Tenderloin, bye!
Mätt Såbbåth 7:54:17 PM
Giant beef ribs that look like Jurassic Park eats
Mätt Såbbåth 7:54:40 PM
Reno is a weird city
Rob from MaryDonationland 7:54:42 PM
@Matt, DinoBBQ?
DonatingSupportingMember 🫡 7:54:44 PM
HBD Jon! Happy 50 hope it's nifty!!
Liz Bot 7:54:54 PM
@Jon - Hattie was the same age as you when you first heard Temptation on WPRB when she got super into New Order and when I took her to that aforementioned New Order Mann Music Center show. WPRB generational historic appreciation society
Rofflestomp@Dough Noir 7:55:08 PM
@Mätt, I saw Zappa do Black Napkins at the Spectrum as a mere lad. :(
David Shortell 7:55:23 PM
The Fall fight being discussed was at Brownies, right? I saw them a few days later at Coney Island High and wondered why Mark had a black eye.
TAndy: Monthly Doner 🥙 7:55:33 PM
HBD again Jon! Sending my regards to Mike and Pethie as I leave home in a few to make my trek to Princeton before my shift starts tonight. Congrats!!
Rob from MaryDonationland 7:55:36 PM
Happy Birthday Jon and thanks Jon and Lili for the show!!!!
Rofflestomp@Dough Noir 7:55:38 PM
Mätt Såbbåth 7:55:50 PM
Rob MD totally dino bbq 🔥🦖🦕 Let's thaw out extinct creatures...and eat em
Mätt Såbbåth 7:56:23 PM
Nice Roff!
Mätt Såbbåth 7:56:47 PM
Great show! 50 is nifty.
Mike Tropiano 7:56:50 PM
Welcome to your silver years Jon. Stay out of the Villages. Folk like us ain't welcome there.
Maryellen Small 7:57:00 PM
Happy Birthday from DJ Pethie’s mom.
Rofflestomp@Dough Noir 7:57:20 PM
Good show folks. Thank you. And a very happy birthday Jon.
Alana Phelan 7:57:37 PM
Liz Bot 7:57:47 PM
Great show, great hanging with everyone!
Ossy 7:57:59 PM
Awesome show and happy birthday once again Jon 🥞🎁🎉🔥✊🏾⭐🥓🍆🍝
Mätt Såbbåth 7:58:19 PM
Greatest radio station in the greatest state! Wprb
Dennnisons 7:58:29 PM
Happy bday, Jon! I’m looking forward to Star Wars day! Great to see everybody!
Rob from MaryDonationland 7:58:53 PM
It's New Jersey's ONLY radio station, Matt ...
Mary Jones 7:58:57 PM
Mätt Såbbåth 7:59:04 PM
'73 baby! We are 138!
Rob from MaryDonationland 7:59:32 PM
Awwww, we're crying here because of the 50-year old wine. Happy Bday one more time, Jon!
Dana K 7:59:41 PM
Happy birthday again, Jon! Cheers to all in the chat!
Dennnisons 7:59:59 PM
Who has richer fans?
Andrew who donates things 8:00:05 PM
happy bday fellow 73'er
Alana Phelan 8:00:16 PM
Happy birthday, Jon!
Liz Bot 8:00:17 PM
Liz Bot 8:00:26 PM
The Killies
Alana Phelan 8:00:27 PM
Jon Solomon (host) 8:00:47 PM
lol 8:01:15 PM
Congrats, jon!
Carlos Ramone. 8:01:39 PM
Great cover songs???? Watch “ Puddles Pity Party”.
lol 8:02:52 PM
(I vote Feelies based entirely on their version of Everybody's Got Something to Hide)