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Jul 21, 2023 5:00 PM – 8:00 PM


With Readie Righteous

Shake off the week, oh Righteous Ones! It's everything from Acid-Folk to Ziglibithy. Light the candles, drape your scarves; this is your time! I bring thee ambient, Afrobeat, international, Tuareg, Tuvan throat singing, queercore, gnawa, pop, disco, post-punk, jazz, soul, R 'n' B, obit-core and more. Opportunistic singing-along with your DJ is de rigeur. Your lagniappe: historical perspective, social consciousness, irreverence.

Bye Bye, Jane B.!

Jane Birkin Asks Hermès to Remove Her Name From the Iconic Purse—Find ...

Jane and her bag

5:00 PM
Small Faces - Ogdens' Nut Gone Flake
Small Faces Ogdens' Nut Gone Flake Marriott, Lane, McLagan, Jones
Ogdens' Nut Gone Flake Immediate Records 1968

Log in | Tumblr | Small faces, Happy boys, Rock music

5:03 PM
High Pass Filter - Extrapolate 01
High Pass Filter Extrapolate 01 N
Nice Coordinated Outfit 2023

High Pass Filter And Low Pass Filter In Image Processing - Images Poster

Don't ask me

5:13 PM
Bobby Lee - Impregnated by Drops of Rainbow
Bobby Lee Impregnated by Drops of Rainbow Bobby Lee N
Origin Myths Tompkins Square 2023
5:20 PM
Oum - Taragalte
Oum Taragalte Oum
Soul of Morocco Lof Music/MDC 2014

La cantante marroquí Oum El Ghait Benessahraoui se presentará en el ...

Moroccan singer-songwriter Oum El Ghait Benessahraoui

5:27 PM
Hitman & Fiza meets Queen Omega & Vale - Horns Dubwise
Hitman & Fiza meets Queen Omega & Vale Horns Dubwise N
Dem Wicked 2023


5:31 PM
Meshell Ndegeocello & Brandee Younger - Virgo (feat. Julius Rodriguez)
Meshell Ndegeocello & Brandee Younger Virgo (feat. Julius Rodriguez) N
The Omnichord Real Book Blue Note Records 2023

meshell | Meshell ndegeocello, Soul music, Photos of michael jackson

5:40 PM
Geese - 3D Country
Geese 3D Country N
3D Country Partisan / Play It Again Sam 2023
5:44 PM
Set Break: mic break!
5:53 PM
Tower of Power - It's So Nice
Tower of Power It's So Nice Tower of Power
Ain't Nothin' Stoppin' Us Now Columbia 1976

WPRB 103.3 FM - Princeton, NJ

5:58 PM
Funkadelic - Can You Get to That
Funkadelic Can You Get to That
Maggot Brain Westbound Records 1971
6:01 PM
Peter Tosh - Mystic Man
Peter Tosh Mystic Man Peter Tosh
Mystic Man (Bonus Tracks Edition) [2002 Remaster] EMI- Definitive Remasters 2002
6:13 PM
The Good Samaritans - Gaskya - Kace
The Good Samaritans Gaskya - Kace N
No Food Without Taste If By Hunger (Analog Africa Dance Edition No.20) Analog Africa 2023
6:14 PM
Jazz Punks - Mind Over Matter
Jazz Punks Mind Over Matter Jazz Punks
Smashups Foam@TheMouth Records 2012
6:21 PM
Funkadelic - Cosmic Slop
Funkadelic Cosmic Slop
Cosmic Slop Westbound Records 1973
6:27 PM
Franz Ferdinand (feat. Jane Birkin) - A Song for Sorry Angel
Franz Ferdinand (feat. Jane Birkin) A Song for Sorry Angel Serge Gainesbourg
Monsieur Gainesbourg Revisited V/A 2006

«Monsieur Gainsbourg Revisited» : sortie le 24 avril 2020

6:30 PM
Jean-Claude Vannier - Danse de la bête noire
Jean-Claude Vannier Danse de la bête noire
La Bête Noire Finders Keepers Records 2022
6:34 PM
Set Break: RIP Jane Birkin

Jane Birkin's Legacy Lives On - PAPER

6:42 PM
Julie Byrne - Hope's Return
Julie Byrne Hope's Return N
The Greater Wings Ghostly International 2023

campainha electrica: JULIE BYRNE, REGRESSO CUSTOSO!

6:46 PM
Jane Birkin - La gadoue
Jane Birkin La gadoue Gainesbourg
Versions Jane 1996

Jane Birkin - Versions Jane (1996, CD) | Discogs

6:49 PM
Eileen - Ces Bottes sont faites pour marcher
Eileen Ces Bottes sont faites pour marcher Hazlewood / Goldsen
Femmes de Paris Vol. 1 1966

45 RPM: February 2011

6:52 PM
Parliament - Mothership Connection (Star Child)
Parliament Mothership Connection (Star Child) Clinton, Collins, Worrell
Mothership Connection Casablanca 1975

George Clinton, Pic

George will be 82 tomorrow (22 July) HBD

6:59 PM
Peter Tosh - Downpressor Man
Peter Tosh Downpressor Man Peter Tosh
Equal Rights Columbia/Legacy 1977

Inaugural Peter Tosh Music Festival Seeks to Expand Late Reggae Icon's ...

7:04 PM
Jane Birkin - 14 février
Jane Birkin 14 février Jane Birkin
Enfants d'hiver Universal Music Division Label Fontana Distribution Deal 2008

Vintage Photos of Jane Birkin - Jane Birkin Style

7:10 PM
Suki Rae - I Will Wait For You
Suki Rae I Will Wait For You Suki Rae N
A Slice of Moon 2023

Come Fly Away | Suki Rae

The single IWWFY drops today (21 July)

7:13 PM
Jane Birkin - C'est Comme Ça
Jane Birkin C'est Comme Ça Zazie
À La Légère 1998

Jane Birkin: "No me arrepiento de haberme desnudado, pero ahora no ...

Jane, "La petite anglaise", born in England, and adopted by France; they loved

her English-accented French

7:17 PM
Jeanne Moreau - Le tourbillon (feat. Bassiak) [From "Jules et Jim"]
Jeanne Moreau Le tourbillon (feat. Bassiak) [From "Jules et Jim"]
Le tourbillon / Générique (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, Mono Version) - Single BNF Collection 1962

Jules and Jim (1962) | Great Movies

7:19 PM
Françoise Hardy - Tous les garçons et les filles
Françoise Hardy Tous les garçons et les filles Françoise Hardy
Tous les garçons et les filles Vogue 1962

Francoise Hardy - Tous Les Garcons Et Les Filles - Vinyl - Walmart.com

7:22 PM
Set Break: George Clinton turns 82 - tomorrow!

George Clinton tour dates 2022 2023. George Clinton tickets and ...

Still going...George plays Montclair NJ on 19 Aug. and Bensalem, PA on 27 Oct,

7:32 PM
Sugar Minott - Love of Jah/Love of Jah Dub
Sugar Minott Love of Jah/Love of Jah Dub
Sugar & Spice Taxi Records 1986

Sugar Minott on Amazon Music

Lincoln Barrington "Sugar" Minott 25 May 1956 - 10 July 2010

7:40 PM
Bryan Ferry (feat. Jane Birkin) - In Every Dream Home a Heartache
Bryan Ferry (feat. Jane Birkin) In Every Dream Home a Heartache Bryan Ferry
Rendez-vous 2004
Bryan Ferry & Jane Birkin- In Every Dream Home A Heartache
7:44 PM
Jane Birkin - Baby Alone in Babylone
Jane Birkin Baby Alone in Babylone Gainesbourg
Baby Alone In Babylone Universal Music Division Barclay 1984
7:51 PM
Parliament - Dr. Funkenstein
Parliament Dr. Funkenstein Worrell, Collins, Clinton
Gold Island Def Jam 1977
7:56 PM
Funkadelic - One Nation Under a Groove
Funkadelic One Nation Under a Groove
One Nation Under a Groove Charly 1978
Chat is archived.
Readie Righteous (host) 4:57:21 PM
Hey righteous everybodies! Recherché begins!
Rob from Maryland 5:09:41 PM
Ambrose Hughes 5:09:59 PM
Hello Readie!
richard lyons:) 5:13:46 PM
Hello and happy Friday!
Readie Righteous (host) 5:14:00 PM
Hey richard, backatcha!
Readie Righteous (host) 5:14:22 PM
Hi Bo and Rob!
Alan Pasnyk 5:16:21 PM
Heyyyy Readie and Righteous Peoples!!! Bobby Lee !!!!~~~~~~
harry g 5:16:23 PM
this is so good!!!
Alan Pasnyk 5:17:14 PM
Shake...Off.....The.......Weeeeeeek Music
Ambrose Hughes 5:17:36 PM
Alan Pasnyk 5:18:52 PM
Readie Righteous (host) 5:19:05 PM
Hey Alan, Harry!! Bobby Lee is the bomb!
Readie Righteous (host) 5:19:37 PM
Reminds me a lil' of Tinariwen...
Alan Pasnyk 5:22:59 PM
Morocco, Beautiful weather.....We'll be having some nice "Morocco" weather this weekend I believe..
Readie Righteous (host) 5:23:42 PM
Beautiful day today in Princeton! (before the inevitable violent winds and rain & hail, etc.....)
Readie Righteous (host) 5:25:46 PM
@Alan- let's hope this lasts!
Alan Pasnyk 5:26:37 PM
You can see the slim Crescent moon right now if you know where to look... A Healthy Sky for tonight!
Readie Righteous (host) 5:26:47 PM
Ululation time
Alan Pasnyk 5:27:26 PM
Love this track!
Readie Righteous (host) 5:27:42 PM
OOOh- Crescent moon- my fave- the more delicate the better!
Alan Pasnyk 5:28:49 PM
Pretty darn delicate, and on it's side a bit..
Ambrose Hughes 5:29:32 PM
Some great opening track RR!👏
Readie Righteous (host) 5:29:36 PM
Sun's still pretty bright out there....
Readie Righteous (host) 5:29:55 PM
Hey Bo, thanks, glad you like !
Alan Pasnyk 5:31:14 PM
Gotta say that we had some real unhealthy skies during the smoke inundation..but today they are bluuuuuue!!
Rofflestomp 5:31:32 PM
Yeah, that cresent moon is because Bugs Bunny outsmarted Marvin the martian and his PU-36 Explosive Space Modulator.
Rofflestomp 5:31:55 PM
Happy Friday all
Readie Righteous (host) 5:32:13 PM
@Roffle- hahaha!!
Ambrose Hughes 5:32:36 PM
High Pass Filter had me wondering in what direction that was headed, turned out in the right one, need to investigate further.😍
Readie Righteous (host) 5:33:15 PM
@Bo- yes, HPF is worth a listen...all over the place- in a good way!
Ambrose Hughes 5:33:49 PM
@Rofflestomp, too funny😆
Ambrose Hughes 5:34:16 PM
@RR, thanks!
Alan Pasnyk 5:34:27 PM
@ Roffle: And you were making fun of Ossy and his video game analogies!!! Lol
Readie Righteous (host) 5:34:41 PM
Rofflestomp 5:35:24 PM
But I saw the Loony Toonz documentary!
Readie Righteous (host) 5:35:43 PM
@Roffle- where is that streamable?
Alan Pasnyk 5:35:51 PM
Readie Righteous (host) 5:36:41 PM
Rofflestomp 5:36:57 PM
I saw some clips on YouTube a bout a year or so ago from that episode, But I am unsure who has the rights to stream it these days.
Ossy 5:37:37 PM
Hi Readie Rainbow 🌈
Alan Pasnyk 5:37:59 PM
Readie Righteous (host) 5:38:07 PM
I have a bunch of subscriptions...gotta check things out carefully, so I don't pay for something I'm already streaming!
Readie Righteous (host) 5:38:31 PM
Hey! Ossy has been summoned!!! Hello, butterman Ossy!
Rofflestomp 5:38:42 PM
Ossy, LOL "Readie Rainbow" nice one.
Readie Righteous (host) 5:39:25 PM
Yes, Ossy, that is a Really nice one!
Ossy 5:39:58 PM
Like Patty "White Blinding Teeth" Jackson, who loves smelly muatard!!!
Readie Righteous (host) 5:40:39 PM
Smelly mustard? do tell!
Readie Righteous (host) 5:41:15 PM
Is that an R&B band?
Readie Righteous (host) 5:41:23 PM
Readie Righteous (host) 5:42:01 PM
or that yellow stuff on the salty Philly pretzels?
Ossy 5:42:57 PM
https://twitter.com/MsPattyJackson/status/1140245980522143745 💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛
Readie Righteous (host) 5:43:33 PM
Yup, Ossy, that's the one!!!
Ossy 5:44:58 PM
Yeah the literal one and yeah it smells!!!! I used to like it as a cute kid, lmao!!!
Ossy 5:45:30 PM
Patty better not have stinky mustard breath over the airwaves, LOOOL, especially Sunday nights
Alan Pasnyk 5:48:45 PM
Q: How do you know when smelly mustard goes bad? Does it start to smell Good???
Addie 🐍 🐍 Plum 5:50:33 PM
Hey fronds! Happy Friday!
Ossy 5:52:05 PM
Alan - That's a really interesting question 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣. It also probably smells worse than a garbage pile!!!!
Readie Righteous (host) 5:54:15 PM
Addie- greetings & salutations!
Alan Pasnyk 5:54:40 PM
Farthest that I heard WPRB FM was driving on the NE Extension Highway near Quakertown!
Alan Pasnyk 5:55:00 PM
Hi Addie S&S sssssss...
Readie Righteous (host) 5:55:16 PM
Mustard- I like the kind with the seeds that have little flavor bursts in your mouth...
Alan Pasnyk 5:56:14 PM
Just plain Guldens Brown mustard on my hot dawg..
Addie 🐍 🐍 Plum 5:56:28 PM
I am eating a vegetarian BLT salad and it’s blowing my mind right now.
Readie Righteous (host) 5:57:13 PM
Spicy brown, Alan?
Addie 🐍 🐍 Plum 5:57:20 PM
Gulden’s Brown rules!
Readie Righteous (host) 5:57:37 PM
veggie BLT- Addie- how do they do the "B"?
Alan Pasnyk 5:58:04 PM
Addie 🐍 🐍 Plum 5:59:19 PM
Smoky Tempeh strips!
Ossy 5:59:34 PM
I like relish though!
Brian D 5:59:37 PM
Readie Righteous (host) 5:59:54 PM
Brian D can def get to that!
Readie Righteous (host) 6:00:29 PM
Smoky Tempeh strips- hmmm- can they get to that bacon flavor?
Brian D 6:01:02 PM
Come back signed insufficient funds now get together y'all
Addie 🐍 🐍 Plum 6:01:12 PM
They have it! It’s really good. But I’m sure the recipe would be good with real bacon too!
Addie 🐍 🐍 Plum 6:01:35 PM
Brian D 6:02:07 PM
Just put bacon in oven for farm fresh csa tomato BLTs
Addie 🐍 🐍 Plum 6:02:53 PM
Mmmm, farm fresh!
Ambrose Hughes 6:03:11 PM
@Readie, Colman's English is the best if your after that horseradish y zap to the nose!
Ambrose Hughes 6:04:23 PM
...plus it's good on everything.
Alan Pasnyk 6:05:06 PM
Horseradish and Fish Stix..
Brian D 6:05:19 PM
Herlochers dipping mustard from State College. Haven't had that in a while. That was unique stuff. Egg in the ingredients maybe. Great for sourdough pretzels dipping
Readie Righteous (host) 6:05:34 PM
oven bacon, if you're having bacon- is the only way--Applegate's Sunday Breakfast bacon with no added sugar
Readie Righteous (host) 6:06:01 PM
@Bo- I have had Colman's - that horseradish thing is piquante!!
Readie Righteous (host) 6:06:41 PM
pretzels with robust seeded mustard- so good...
Ambrose Hughes 6:07:08 PM
@RR, word!
Ossy 6:07:26 PM
Cheesy, cinnamon or raisin pretzels are yummi!
Readie Righteous (host) 6:08:01 PM
where can one get the most authentic, warm, huge salty Philly pretzels???
Readie Righteous (host) 6:08:32 PM
we need the Chef up in here rn
Ossy 6:09:15 PM
Same do tell!!! 🥰🥰🥰
Addie 🐍 🐍 Plum 6:10:59 PM
Gotta go to the pretzel factory in south Philly after midnight and get them straight outta the oven.
Addie 🐍 🐍 Plum 6:11:50 PM
I mean like the actual factory, not that chain store.
Alan Pasnyk 6:13:18 PM
@Readie: Looks like a field trip through beautiful Bucks County to the Quakertown Farmers Market here: https://www.quakertownfarmersmkt.com/Vendor-Directory.html
Readie Righteous (host) 6:14:21 PM
Oh wow- @Addie- that sounds amazing- right out the oven! oooooh!
Addie 🐍 🐍 Plum 6:14:52 PM
Readie Righteous (host) 6:15:36 PM
@Addie- thanks for that link!!
Readie Righteous (host) 6:15:54 PM
@Alan- Quakertown, eh? are they really good?
Ossy 6:15:59 PM
Adding to the yellow condiment discussion 💛 🤣https://www.deviantart.com/deaththeshadow/art/Stinky-Lunchtime-935004258
Alan Pasnyk 6:17:30 PM
@ Readie: Out of the oven fresh!!
Rofflestomp 6:18:03 PM
Lol, I had a BLT tonight myself. Sorry Ossy, but no mustard allowed.
Readie Righteous (host) 6:18:05 PM
OOOh, Ossy, so much mustard! stinky! cute Princesses can't stand it!!
Ambrose Hughes 6:18:23 PM
Not a big pretzel eater so wouldn't be of much help but I'd avoid Roosevelt Boulevard style!
Alan Pasnyk 6:18:45 PM
@ Readie: ask Brian, he lives about halfway between me and Q-town.
Readie Righteous (host) 6:18:48 PM
@Bo- you mean the dudes on the side of the road?
Readie Righteous (host) 6:19:21 PM
Roosevelt Boulevard is DANGER DANGER Will Robinson!
Ambrose Hughes 6:19:29 PM
Ambrose Hughes 6:19:52 PM
Readie Righteous (host) 6:20:26 PM
So many pedestrian fatalities on that road, it would be wise not to get to that!
Ambrose Hughes 6:21:24 PM
A girl just walked past me in a mustard yellow dress...weird!
Rofflestomp 6:23:00 PM
Wow, "pedestrian fatalities". Sounds like Kensington. Yikes
Readie Righteous (host) 6:23:43 PM
@Bo- it's synchronicity!
Ossy 6:23:56 PM
Readie - That guy has more, but chose that first one LOOOL. Interestingly enough, Princess Daisy of Super Mario series, current voice actress is named Deanna Mustard, which makes ode sense!!!!
Readie Righteous (host) 6:24:32 PM
@Ossy- this synchronous stuff has been happening to me a lot lately.... it's in the stars!
Ossy 6:27:17 PM
Rofflestomp 6:30:15 PM
And the stars are maybe twice as old and wise as we only recently presumed. Which really has me wondering why the far right Cro-Magnons somehow still exist.
Readie Righteous (host) 6:32:46 PM
@Roffle- they exist yes. and very recently were given the exposure and permission to be ...out here
Brian D 6:33:43 PM
Circus carousel
Rofflestomp 6:34:06 PM
Quite the unveiling which I presume will never end. :)
Jeff Langan 6:35:19 PM
Had to work, but am ho
Brian D 6:35:43 PM
Good sunsets lately ya
Jeff Langan 6:35:53 PM
Home, settled on the patio with a glass of wine, enjoying the show!
Brian D 6:38:29 PM
Ford. Muustahng. Ah.
Ossy 6:41:10 PM
Speaking of some stars, earlier. A random quote "Eventually, that stardust reforms to create a new star... And so the cycle of life continues. But the cycle never repeats itself in quite the same way.... So...you'll see." - Princess Rosalina
Readie Righteous (host) 6:44:05 PM
Hey Jeff! Nice to see ya...when do you get your sommelier certification?!?!
Alan Pasnyk 6:50:53 PM
Return of the "Boots" contest!
Alan Pasnyk 6:51:40 PM
Rofflestomp 6:51:55 PM
Readie Righteous (host) 6:51:57 PM
Oui, This wasn't the winner, but it's great!
Alan Pasnyk 6:52:20 PM
Bootes... look it up..
Brian D 6:53:37 PM
I was here for the great Boot Off 2022 (Was it 2022?). Triply so
Rob from Maryland 6:53:48 PM
Make my funk the p-funk
Brian D 6:54:36 PM
I see Bootes every time I look at my Star Walk 2 app!
Alan Pasnyk 6:54:53 PM
Hey Brian! we were talking about pretzels out of the oven. Ever been to the Qmart pretzel booth??
Readie Righteous (host) 6:55:04 PM
@Brian D, yes, I remember...it was whenever the last Olympics was...gonna hafta do that again...
David F 6:55:05 PM
Greetings from Central Bucks. As a confirmed Francophile, I kinda like the last couple weeks.
Rofflestomp 6:55:18 PM
Can't find anything about Bootes Alan, It says my internet connection is void?
Brian D 6:55:24 PM
I am a hard pretzel fan. Been to Q Mart ages ago. Ya have to. It's a sight to behold ha.
Readie Righteous (host) 6:55:38 PM
let me put my sunglasses on so I can see what I'm doin'
Brian D 6:56:04 PM
Dublin here David. Alan is nearby too I think.
Readie Righteous (host) 6:56:15 PM
@David F- so very cool to meet another Francophile! Glad you're here!
David F 6:56:57 PM
I have to add that the best pretzels are from Amish/Mennonite markets in Newtown or Flemington.
Readie Righteous (host) 6:57:04 PM
So it's worth the trip to Q-Mart, eh?
Jeff Langan 6:57:12 PM
A long, LONG way away! Although learning quickly.
David F 6:57:24 PM
Alan Pasnyk 6:57:30 PM
David: I'm just north of D-town
Readie Righteous (host) 6:57:44 PM
@Jeff- I know you are having a lot of fun learning all about vino! So cool!
Alan Pasnyk 6:58:25 PM
@David: You should be within FM range as am I ??
Readie Righteous (host) 6:58:54 PM
How is the FM signal up in CHalfont, David?
Alan Pasnyk 7:01:01 PM
FM sigs get slightly better after sunset here. Ionosphere etc....
David F 7:01:03 PM
I get reception as far as Emmaus but it breaks up in Lehigh County
David F 7:01:28 PM
very good in Chalfont though
Readie Righteous (host) 7:01:56 PM
Is Emmaus near Allentown PA?
Alan Pasnyk 7:02:14 PM
David F 7:03:01 PM
o sorry yes it is
Readie Righteous (host) 7:03:09 PM
Ok, I had a friend in college whose folks were in Emmaus, cool name for a town...
David F 7:03:53 PM
i was up that way for picking peaches lately
Readie Righteous (host) 7:04:59 PM
mmmm mmmm peaches... do you have a fave recipe, David?
David F 7:07:12 PM
I just eat them by themselves. chin-dripping good. Hamilton farm near Coopersburg.
Readie Righteous (host) 7:09:03 PM
Yeah, David, pure peaches are soooo good...getting hungry now..."Chin-dripping good"...that's a GOOD one!
David F 7:10:37 PM
It's a good year for peaches. Last year was not so good.
Ambrose Hughes 7:13:33 PM
Georgia peaches got decimated this year apparently!
David F 7:14:22 PM
Nothing says Summer like peaches. It nice to see some neighbors here. I'm sure they must know of Manoffs Orchard and of course Solebury Orchards.
Alan Pasnyk 7:14:56 PM
We had two peach trees once. A late frost on the blossoms and kaput! Nuttin...
David F 7:15:28 PM
I heard that about Georgia's peaches. I guess it's all about the weather.
Alan Pasnyk 7:15:36 PM
...and one year it was"Peacharama"!!
Alan Pasnyk 7:16:09 PM
But they only produce for about a decade or so...
Readie Righteous (host) 7:18:02 PM
@Alan- I did not know that!
Ambrose Hughes 7:18:43 PM
@David, yes I have, had some of their ciders, delicious!
Ossy 7:19:10 PM
Peaches are on the rise in summer season. Enough to make cobbler, cake and pie
Alan Pasnyk 7:20:01 PM
15 or so years = lifespan. as per Wikipedia.
Readie Righteous (host) 7:20:50 PM
I would love a good cobbler!
Alan Pasnyk 7:21:35 PM
I wish I had listened to what my French teacher told me...
Ossy 7:27:58 PM
This current discussion of peaches has me thinking of that Peaches song by Jack Black from the Super Mario Movie, LOOL
David F 7:30:11 PM
Re Bensalem.... it's most likely Parx Casino
Readie Righteous (host) 7:33:49 PM
Yeah, David, I thought so, but the website said something like the "Xcite Center"? Maybe it's in the casino....
Readie Righteous (host) 7:34:59 PM
Lol,Ossy! you are the video games expert of the Righteous Ones!
Ambrose Hughes 7:38:12 PM
Xcite Centre is part of Part Casino.
Ambrose Hughes 7:38:34 PM
Readie Righteous (host) 7:38:56 PM
Ok, cool, thx, Bo!
Ambrose Hughes 7:39:37 PM
Glad to help😁
David F 7:39:42 PM
I've never been to the casino there but we used to to the Pa State Fair when it was held there at the race track. It's long gone now.
David F 7:42:14 PM
Although the Burlington County farm fair is this weekend on rt 206. I tend to avoid these things anymore though.
Readie Righteous (host) 7:42:21 PM
@David- I'm sure I went there to the Fair in the day with my ex ....long time ago!
Rob from Maryland 7:42:40 PM
This version of Every Dream Home is interesting!
Readie Righteous (host) 7:43:06 PM
Interesting, yes, to have a female voice in there...
Ambrose Hughes 7:43:29 PM
It's shaping up to be a rare beautiful night peeps, hope you get a chance to be outside and enjoy it, maybe delight in watching the fireflies round 9:00.
Readie Righteous (host) 7:44:50 PM
Yes, Bo, I saw some "lightning bugs" as I call them, the other night, and I had to stop in my tracks to enjoy them- so pretty!
Alan Pasnyk 7:45:57 PM
@ Ambrose: Fireflies aplenty here. Use no week killers here. The lawn = It is what it is!
David F 7:47:07 PM
I've been closely watching the Common Terns and Black Skimmers that nest at the very end of Stone Harbor Point. The chicks are just starting to hatch so this next week will be filled with lots of baby birds.It's one of the best parts of Summer in NJ along with the Heron Rookery in Ocean City.
Ambrose Hughes 7:47:17 PM
@Alan, blasted pesticides be gone!
Alan Pasnyk 7:47:35 PM
Beautiful track this "Baby Alone.."
Ambrose Hughes 7:48:48 PM
@David, sounds amazing, lucky you, enjoy.
Ossy 7:51:00 PM
Burlington County Fair, yeah its this weekend and went to that a few years back. A fun smelly and agricultural time!
David F 7:51:26 PM
Thanks Ambrose and thanks Readie for another great show.
Jeff Langan 7:51:33 PM
Enjoy your weekend, Readie!
Rob from Maryland 7:51:37 PM
@David F, that's nice to hear about the terns and skimmers!
Rofflestomp 7:51:51 PM
Merci pour le beau spectacle. Bonne nuit Readie!
Rob from Maryland 7:51:59 PM
Thanks for the show tonight, Readie!
Ambrose Hughes 7:52:11 PM
@RR, nice use of the Irish lingo😊🍀
Readie Righteous (host) 7:52:54 PM
Thanks, David
Alan Pasnyk 7:53:36 PM
Thank you Readie! ☮️ & bcnu.. Enjoy the crescent moon and stars everyone!
Readie Righteous (host) 7:54:38 PM
Thanks, everybody!
Readie Righteous (host) 7:54:46 PM
Thx, Bo!!!
Ossy 7:55:26 PM
Stay butter like Patty and Frizzle, Readie Rainbow !!!!
Readie Righteous (host) 7:55:33 PM
Crescent MOON!!!
Readie Righteous (host) 7:56:11 PM
Thx, Jeff, you and Kathy, too
Readie Righteous (host) 7:58:09 PM
luv yuz!!
Ambrose Hughes 8:00:43 PM
Fab show Readie, nice Jane Birkin tribute, (many fond memories of Je Taime), thank you. Have a great weekend one and all!