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Sep 4, 2023 3:00 PM – 5:00 PM


With Readie Righteous

Shake off the week, oh Righteous Ones! It's everything from Acid-Folk to Ziglibithy. Light the candles, drape your scarves; this is your time! I bring thee ambient, Afrobeat, international, Tuareg, Tuvan throat singing, queercore, gnawa, pop, disco, post-punk, jazz, soul, R 'n' B, obit-core and more. Opportunistic singing-along with your DJ is de rigeur. Your lagniappe: historical perspective, social consciousness, irreverence.

Selecta Readie pesents "Chant Down Babylon" for LABORWAVE 2023!

Reggae Music Vinyl Turntable Pop Culture - Reggae - T-Shirt | TeePublic

Reggae, Roots, Dub, & Ska for your skanking pleasure!

chant down babylon - priamitra.com

3:07 PM
Bob Marley & The Wailers - Chant Down Babylon
Bob Marley & The Wailers Chant Down Babylon attr. to Vincent Ford
Confrontation 1983

Bob Marley Confrontation 1983 Rar - high-powercp

3:07 PM
Bob Marley & The Wailers - Positive Vibration (Live)
Bob Marley & The Wailers Positive Vibration (Live) attr. to Vincent Ford
Babylon by Bus 1978

Bob Marley & The Wailers - Babylon By Bus (Vinyl, LP, Album, Repress ...

3:12 PM
Mutabaruka - H-2 Worker
Mutabaruka H-2 Worker Mutabaruka
The Ultimate Collection Shanachie 1996

Mutabaruka interview Farm Worker | Farm Work experience, Service or ...

3:15 PM
Etana - Wrong Address
Etana Wrong Address Etana
The Strong One VP Records 2008
3:19 PM
Barrington Levy - Poor Man Style
Barrington Levy Poor Man Style Barrington Levy
Poor Man Style Trojan Records 1982

Barrington Levy - Poorman Style (CD) - Amoeba Music

3:30 PM
Aza Lineage - Plant up the Herbs (feat. Lineage Smilez)
Aza Lineage Plant up the Herbs (feat. Lineage Smilez) Aza Lineage
Kingston To Cali - EP More Life Productions 2023

Aza Lineage : 'Sound System' le clip | REGGAE.FR


3:30 PM
King Tubby - Dub to the Rescue / Murderous Dub
King Tubby Dub to the Rescue / Murderous Dub
King Tubby's Dub Hits from Studio 1 1994

Diário de Pedradas: King Tubby - Dub Gone Crazy, The Evolution of Dub ...

3:39 PM
Set Break: Wah gwann, sistren and bredren???
3:39 PM
Ini Kamoze - Babylon, Babylon
Ini Kamoze Babylon, Babylon
Statement Island Records 1984

Ini Kamoze Shocking Out Full Album - Free music streaming

3:44 PM
Mutabaruka - Bun Dung Babylon
Mutabaruka Bun Dung Babylon Mutabaruka
The Mystery Unfolds Shanachie 1986
3:47 PM
Burning Spear - (Give Me) Brain Food
Burning Spear (Give Me) Brain Food Burning Spear (Winston Rodney)
Marcus Garvey 1975

Burning Spear - New Songs, Playlists, Videos & Tours - BBC Music

3:53 PM
Burning Spear - Brain Food (Dub)
Burning Spear Brain Food (Dub) Burning Spear (Winston Rodney)
Garvey's Ghost 1976

Burning Spear - Garvey's Ghost - Reviews - Album of The Year

3:53 PM
Yabby You - Daughter of Zion (feat. Willi Williams)
Yabby You Daughter of Zion (feat. Willi Williams)
Dread Prophecy (The Strange and Wonderful Story of Yabby You) Shanachie 2015

Yabby You - Dread Prophecy (The Strange And Wonderful Story Of Yabby ...

4:01 PM
Sharon Little - Don't Mash Up Creation/Don't Mash Up Creation Version
Sharon Little Don't Mash Up Creation/Don't Mash Up Creation Version Sharon Little
single (A + B sides) 1981

Sharon Little - Don't Mash Up Creation & Dub (1981) HD Quality - YouTube

4:05 PM
Set Break: SKA TIME
4:10 PM
The Liquidators - These Boots Are Made for Walkin'
The Liquidators These Boots Are Made for Walkin' Lee hazlewood
single 2017


4:13 PM
Prince Buster - Enjoy Yourself
Prince Buster Enjoy Yourself
single 1963

"Enjoy Yourself - Prince Buster" Poster for Sale by edyredbubble ...

4:16 PM
The English Beat - Mirror In the Bathroom
The English Beat Mirror In the Bathroom
7" single 1980

The Beat - Mirror In The Bathroom (1980, Vinyl) - Discogs

4:19 PM
Desmond Dekker - 007 (Shanty Town)
Desmond Dekker 007 (Shanty Town) Desmond Dekker
Israelites: The Best of Desmond Dekker Trojan Records 2002
4:21 PM
The Selecter - Out on the Streets
The Selecter Out on the Streets
Too Much Pressure Chrysalis Records 1980

The Selecter - On My Radio (1979, Vinyl) | Discogs

4:24 PM
Dandy Livingstone - Rudy, A Message to You
Dandy Livingstone Rudy, A Message to You Dandy Livingstone
single 1967

dandy livingstone-message to you rudy. - YouTube

4:27 PM
Set Break: Irie!
4:33 PM
Sugar Minott - Love of Jah/Love of Jah Dub
Sugar Minott Love of Jah/Love of Jah Dub Minott/Dunbar/Shakespeare
Sugar & Spice (Extra Hot) 1986

Sugar Minott - Loving Jah (Adapted) - YouTube

4:40 PM
Steel Pulse - Steppin' Out
Steel Pulse Steppin' Out
Earth Crisis Rhino/Elektra 1984
4:45 PM
Sister Nancy - Bam Bam
Sister Nancy Bam Bam Winston Riley/Ophlin Russell
One, Two 1982

Sister Nancy Received "Bam Bam" Royalties 32 Years Later! | Jay Blessed

4:47 PM
Jackie Mittoo - El Bang Bang
Jackie Mittoo El Bang Bang
Single 1966

Artist of The Day: Jackie Mittoo  data-verified=

4:53 PM
Cedric Myton & The Congos - Sinking Ship
Cedric Myton & The Congos Sinking Ship
Face the Music 1981

Face the music ( original press ) by Cedric Myton And The Congos, LP ...

Hail up FUZZY - WPRB long-time listener and frequent caller to Recherché in the before times, at the Mothership...

who sent me mix-tapes of Cedric and opened my eyes to their music!

4:56 PM
Bob Marley & The Wailers - Small Axe
Bob Marley & The Wailers Small Axe Bob Marley
African Herbsman 1973

Bob Marley Biography - Childhood, Life Achievements & Timeline

Hail up the great one - Robert Nesta Marley!

Chat is archived.
Alan Pasnyk 3:10:28 PM
Hi Selecta Readie! Here we Goooooo!
Alan Pasnyk 3:11:07 PM
Starting out with Bob Marley a classic...
Readie Righteous (host) 3:12:18 PM
Alan Pasnyk 3:13:07 PM
Selecta Readie: got your air horn? 📢
Readie Righteous (host) 3:13:27 PM
just blew it a couple minutes ago!
Readie Righteous (host) 3:13:41 PM
Hi Alan!
TAndy 3:13:45 PM
Alan Pasnyk 3:13:59 PM
Thought it was part of the song LOL
Alan Pasnyk 3:14:25 PM
Tandy! How R YOOOOOO?
Readie Righteous (host) 3:15:01 PM
TAndy!! helooolooolol
TAndy 3:16:08 PM
Sleepy as heck but I'm thriving
Alan Pasnyk 3:16:36 PM
...Enjoying the Last day of Summer heat, but looking at my tree we need the rain..
Alan Pasnyk 3:17:07 PM
Tandy: R U West coast or back east today??
TAndy 3:18:51 PM
I'm weest
Alan Pasnyk 3:19:52 PM
Tandy: Hot here, hope it's nice out west
Richard from Rocky Hill 3:21:46 PM
@ Readie Righteous (host) Eh, SelectaReadie! Many positive vibrations on this Labor-celebrating Day! How great, reggae coming on after Dan's funk tribute.
TAndy 3:21:51 PM
Nice today. Gonna be hot every other day this week tho
Richard from Rocky Hill 3:23:07 PM
@ Readie Righteous (host) I really should say, Dan's FunkADELICA tribute.
Alan Pasnyk 3:23:10 PM
Readie: See that box with two tin cans on the Levy cover, It's a scooter made of an old roller skate, a board, a storage box, and lots of nails....Rolling down a Philly backstreet with my friends, those things made a Roar!!
Readie Righteous (host) 3:23:11 PM
Hi Richard from RH! positivity keeps pn coming...!
Readie Righteous (host) 3:23:33 PM
@Alan YES!
Ossy 3:24:03 PM
SOTC Rainbow 🇯🇲📚🌈
Ossy 3:25:21 PM
And nice, Etana! No wonder the song earlier sounded island lovely
Alan Pasnyk 3:25:33 PM
Ossy !! Good to C U !!
Ossy 3:26:02 PM
Hello Alan!
Readie Righteous (host) 3:27:02 PM
Hey Ossy! Welcome!
Alan Pasnyk 3:27:43 PM
We waitin' on the Selecta Readie air horn...
Readie Righteous (host) 3:27:58 PM
There it was....
Alan Pasnyk 3:28:04 PM
📢 📢 !!!
Alan Pasnyk 3:28:17 PM
We ok now :)
Readie Righteous (host) 3:31:05 PM
TAndy 3:31:15 PM
Dat bassline
zeroo 3:31:16 PM
this crazy: running redlights played a/lpaca --inept. loved the song so, I go to bandcamp. small label, WWNBB release their album. listen many times 😅and yesterday mention rough bunnies to dj ringworm cuz he play my little airport similar style. now I see WWNBB released rough bunnies album, wow, so small diy awesome music world COOL, sorry excite long msg 😬
Alan Pasnyk 3:31:21 PM
Love the percussion this Tubby
Readie Righteous (host) 3:32:36 PM
Hey zeroo - no need for sorry- it's irie, man!
Mok Progressivo Italiano 3:33:02 PM
big up!
Alan Pasnyk 3:33:12 PM
No sin to get too excited this chat :)
Readie Righteous (host) 3:33:17 PM
Big Up Mok PI!!
Readie Righteous (host) 3:33:31 PM
@Alan- oh yes!!!
Mok Progressivo Italiano 3:33:52 PM
Readie Righteous (host) 3:35:09 PM
Eh, aaall good!
TAndy 3:35:21 PM
I'm so happy right now hearing this. Been so long since I sat down and got to listen to some good dub, been distracted by some more intrnse music
Readie Righteous (host) 3:35:43 PM
Welcome to the vibezzz, TAndy!
Ossy 3:36:23 PM
Feeling like Saturday during Selecta's time
Alan Pasnyk 3:37:18 PM
Ossy: You mean it's not Saturday :)
Alan Pasnyk 3:40:55 PM
I was thinking of Selecta Jerry this morning. Got an advertisement in the mail for "Miracle-Gro" Jerry used to use...
Selecta Jerry 3:40:59 PM
Babylon let go mi hand your not my girlfriend
Selecta Jerry 3:41:08 PM
Readie Righteous (host) 3:41:45 PM
SELECTA!!!! JERRY!!! Has been summoned! Welcome! so good to see you! Big up!
Alan Pasnyk 3:41:47 PM
WOW!! Selecta Jerry !!!! HI !!
Selecta Jerry 3:41:54 PM
Big up selecta Readie mash down Babylon empress !
Readie Righteous (host) 3:42:41 PM
Ahhhh, from the #1 Selecta!
Selecta Jerry 3:42:44 PM
Money done the dance last night
TAndy 3:42:50 PM
Ambrose Hughes 3:42:58 PM
👋Readie O'Righteous!😎
Selecta Jerry 3:43:21 PM
Ini Kamoze hits me hard Everytime
Readie Righteous (host) 3:43:27 PM
Bo! helloooo!
Rob F 3:43:39 PM
Hi Selecta Readie and Selecta Jerry!
Readie Righteous (host) 3:43:55 PM
@Jerry- yes- that voice...so FINE
Ambrose Hughes 3:43:58 PM
BIG UP's Selecta Jerry!
Selecta Jerry 3:44:05 PM
Big ups to all supporting reggae music pon this Labor Day!
Selecta Jerry 3:44:43 PM
Nuf respect Readie
Readie Righteous (host) 3:44:48 PM
Hail up Selecta Jerry and the SOTC podcast!!!
Readie Righteous (host) 3:45:06 PM
I hope you are enjoying your vaca, Slecta Jerry!
Readie Righteous (host) 3:45:17 PM
TAndy 3:45:28 PM
Big love Selecta :)
Readie Righteous (host) 3:45:49 PM
Rob F! The Selectas in the house!
Rob F 3:46:12 PM
SOTC podcast - listen every week
Readie Righteous (host) 3:46:25 PM
@Rob F- I & I as well!
Selecta Jerry 3:47:38 PM
Nuf love wprb family 🔥
Ossy 3:48:53 PM
SELECTA ✊🏾🔥🇯🇲🌟
Readie Righteous (host) 3:49:12 PM
Readie Righteous (host) 3:51:52 PM
Reggae Eva deh!
Readie Righteous (host) 3:56:29 PM
An hanna to have Selecta Jerry in chat!
Jon Solomon 3:56:53 PM
Perfect soundtrack to today's drive.
DubNP 3:57:13 PM
Thanks and praise.
Readie Righteous (host) 3:57:18 PM
Big up, Jon S!
Readie Righteous (host) 3:57:44 PM
ah, Dubnp! all thanks JAH!
Rob F 4:00:07 PM
Loving the music!
Readie Righteous (host) 4:00:58 PM
thanks Rob F, for being here!
Readie Righteous (host) 4:01:43 PM
Alan Pasnyk 4:03:57 PM
Don't mash up Creation, climate change made Burning Man need scuba diving outfit !!
Readie Righteous (host) 4:05:16 PM
@Alan - I can't help but chuckle seeing the tramping through the mud....
Rob F 4:05:26 PM
Yes, this version
Alan Pasnyk 4:06:12 PM
Mud in the Desert ??? Unfortunately..
DSM 4:06:56 PM
So nice to hear a big block of reggae and dub back on the wprb airwaves, thanks Selecta Readie!
Rob F 4:06:56 PM
Heard the vinyl too
Ossy 4:09:12 PM
Hello Jon!
Sugar Sidious 4:10:30 PM
Selecta readie! What a surprise
Readie Righteous (host) 4:11:11 PM
@DSM Tanks fi a bi here!
Readie Righteous (host) 4:11:33 PM
Big Up Sugar Sidious!
Alan Pasnyk 4:12:00 PM
Memories of the "Boots" Olympics on Readie's show :)
TAndy 4:12:07 PM
omg the boots Olympics
TAndy 4:12:22 PM
That's such a deep cut Alan, I'm so glad someone else remembers that
Alan Pasnyk 4:12:40 PM
Turn up the VOLUME !!!
DSM 4:13:14 PM
Boots Olympiad is one of my fave 'prb memories
Alan Pasnyk 4:13:17 PM
Tandy: Deep cuts that don't bleed, my favourite!
Alan Pasnyk 4:14:02 PM
Were so many great boots tracks i forgot who won!
Readie Righteous (host) 4:15:43 PM
@Alan- Kumbia Queers from Argentina won the gold!!
Readie Righteous (host) 4:16:26 PM
Boots Olympiad will return....
Alan Pasnyk 4:16:41 PM
Readie: Great memory you! Gonna look that one up later.
Alan Pasnyk 4:16:56 PM
RETURN??? Yes!
Readie Righteous (host) 4:17:07 PM
@Alan- first time I remembered and you forgot!
TAndy 4:18:23 PM
Hell yeah
Alan Pasnyk 4:19:14 PM
Readie Righteous (host) 4:19:53 PM
@Alan- we have each others' backs-fi sure
DubNP 4:22:02 PM
Ossy 4:23:54 PM
Sounds kinda reggae stylized version of Barbie 💖
Readie Righteous (host) 4:25:39 PM
Rude bwoiz- watch e pree!
Alan Pasnyk 4:26:22 PM
Next movie: Barbie go to Jamaica...
Readie Righteous (host) 4:26:51 PM
Doesn't she have a dream house on the beach?
Alan Pasnyk 4:27:35 PM
TAndy 4:28:16 PM
Barbie is hoarding all of the dream resources and must be stopped
TAndy 4:41:10 PM
Rob F 4:42:17 PM
Alan Pasnyk 4:43:09 PM
📢 📢
DubNP 4:43:20 PM
Let’s go is right. This has been soul filling today. Thank you. SoTC is still missed.
Readie Righteous (host) 4:44:10 PM
You can still get SOTC on the podcast--
Alan Pasnyk 4:50:01 PM
Selecta Readie...BIG UPS!!! Thanks for the Great Reggae & SKA 🌴 🌴 🌴 😎 👌 & ☮️ bcnu!
Readie Righteous (host) 4:52:32 PM
Tanks bredren & sistren!
Rob F 4:53:27 PM
TAndy - reminder to keep some less intense music in the playlist
Readie Righteous (host) 4:53:46 PM
Irie, Rob F!
Rob F 4:54:19 PM
Thanks Readie! This was great
Alan Pasnyk 4:54:37 PM
Everybody drive listen this we less accidents!!
TAndy 4:55:40 PM
Big love Readie Righteous!!! 🥰
Readie Righteous (host) 4:57:11 PM
TAndy! see you!
Readie Righteous (host) 4:57:29 PM
Tanks, all!
Readie Righteous (host) 4:57:46 PM
Much more Labourwave to come!!
DF Millər 4:59:17 PM
Greaat sets. Thanks you for musics. Small axe.
Readie Righteous (host) 4:59:31 PM
Tanks, DF Miller!