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Sep 8, 2023 5:00 PM – 8:00 PM


With Readie Righteous

Shake off the week, oh Righteous Ones! It's everything from Acid-Folk to Ziglibithy. Light the candles, drape your scarves; this is your time! I bring thee ambient, Afrobeat, international, Tuareg, Tuvan throat singing, queercore, gnawa, pop, disco, post-punk, jazz, soul, R 'n' B, obit-core and more. Opportunistic singing-along with your DJ is de rigeur. Your lagniappe: historical perspective, social consciousness, irreverence.

A Barge Saga in Three Acts

Mangaluru: Coast Guard rescues all 27 workers stranded on flooded barge ...

The Story in Song


Tribute to Prince Buster

Prince Buster obituary | Music | The Guardian

Cecil Eustace Bustamente Campbell (PKA Prince Buster)

Passed away on this date in 2016

24 May 1938 - 08 Sept. 2016

5:01 PM
Small Faces - Ogdens' Nut Gone Flake
Small Faces Ogdens' Nut Gone Flake Marriott, Lane, McLagan, Jones
Ogdens' Nut Gone Flake Immediate Records 1968

53 best Steve Marriott images on Pinterest | Small faces, Steve ...

5:04 PM
Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross - Before the Flood
Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross Before the Flood Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross
Before the Flood (Music from the Motion Picture) Lakeshore Records 2016
5:11 PM
Hugh Le Caine - Dripsody
Hugh Le Caine Dripsody H. Le Caine
Pioneer in Electronic Music Instrument Design: Compositions and Demonstrations 1948-1972 1985

Hugh Le Caine | Discography | Discogs

5:17 PM
Peter Gabriel - Here Comes the Flood
Peter Gabriel Here Comes the Flood Peter Gabriel
Shaking the Tree: Sixteen Golden Greats Real World 1977
5:17 PM
abriction - Lost In the Rain
abriction Lost In the Rain abriction N
Interstates abriction 2023
5:23 PM
George Clanton - Vapor King / SubReal
George Clanton Vapor King / SubReal George Clanton N
Ooh Rap I Ya 2023

George Clanton on Spotify

5:28 PM
Dollar Tree - Carnage
Dollar Tree Carnage Dollar Tree N
Dollar Tree 2 1944654 Records DK 2023
5:35 PM
Suki Rae - I Will Wait for you
Suki Rae I Will Wait for you Suki Rae N
A Slice of Moon Reverence for Life Records 2023

Suki Rae Readies Romantic New 'A Slice Of Moon' - The Static Dive

5:40 PM
SPELLLING - Haunted Water
SPELLLING Haunted Water N
SPELLLING & the Mystery School Sacred Bones Records 2023

Spellling - Artisti - SENTIREASCOLTARE

5:45 PM
Yukihiro Takahashi - Drip Dry Eyes
Yukihiro Takahashi Drip Dry Eyes Takahashi/Mosdell
Neuromantic 1981

Yukihiro Takahashi 高橋幸宏 - Drip Dry Eyes | Dry eyes, Drip dry, Eyes

5:51 PM
Chumbawamba - Drip Drip Drip
Chumbawamba Drip Drip Drip
Tubthumper EMI 1997

Chumbawamba - Tubthumping (Dion Sidney Remix) - YouTube

5:52 PM
The Beatles - Fixing a Hole
The Beatles Fixing a Hole Lennon/McCartney
Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band 1967

7 Pics How To Fill A Hole In Plasterboard Ceiling And Review - Alqu Blog

5:55 PM
Falco - Titanic
Falco Titanic
Nachtflug Electrola 1992
6:11 PM
Set Break: The Barge Saga: Act II
6:11 PM
William Parker - The Wall Tumbles Down
William Parker The Wall Tumbles Down
Mayan Space Station AUM Fidelity 2021
Luckily, that didn't happen!
6:25 PM
Julian Burton - A Bucket of Blood
Julian Burton A Bucket of Blood Katz/Griffith
1959 film 1959
6:27 PM
Mike Nylons - Eau De Toilette
Mike Nylons Eau De Toilette
Wetland - EP Farbwechsel Records 2015

Mike Nylons - Wetland (2015, 320 kbps, File) - Discogs

6:38 PM
The Wild Feathers - The Ceiling
The Wild Feathers The Ceiling
The Wild Feathers Warner Records 2013
6:40 PM
The Raincoats - Adventures Close to Home
The Raincoats Adventures Close to Home The Raincoats
The Raincoats We ThRee 1979
6:42 PM
Hank Williams - My Bucket's Got a Hole In It
Hank Williams My Bucket's Got a Hole In It Clarence Williams
Honky Tonkin' 1954

My Bucket's Got a Hole in It - Wikipedia

6:44 PM
Marty Robbins - Cool Water
Marty Robbins Cool Water Bob Nolan
Gunfighter Ballads and Trail Songs 1959

Marty Robbins - Cool Water - YouTube

6:47 PM
Set Break: The Barge Saga: Act III (Hey, It's Gonna Be OK!)
6:54 PM
Willie Nelson - Don't Tell Noah
Willie Nelson Don't Tell Noah Nelson/Cannon
Last Man Standing 2018

Last Man Standing - Willie Nelson (LP) | Køb vinyl/LP, Vinylpladen.dk

6:56 PM
Drive-By Truckers - Mercy Buckets
Drive-By Truckers Mercy Buckets
Go-Go Boots ATO Records 2011
7:02 PM
Weyes Blood - Titanic Risen
Weyes Blood Titanic Risen Weyes Blood
Titanic Rising 2019

Weyes Blood lança "Titanic Risen", faixa descartada do álbum 'Titanic ...

7:06 PM
Van Der Graaf Generator - After the Flood
Van Der Graaf Generator After the Flood Peter Hammill
The Least We Can Do Is Wave To Each Other 1970

Van Der Graaf Generator - The Least We Can Do Is Wave To Each Other ...

7:18 PM
DJ Sabrina The Teenage DJ - Hey, It's Gonna Be Okay
DJ Sabrina The Teenage DJ Hey, It's Gonna Be Okay N
Destiny 2023

DJ Sabrina The Teenage DJ - Charmed (Music Video) - YouTube

7:24 PM
Set Break: Remembering Prince Buster 24 May 1938 - 08 September 2016

Soulful Sundays: Prince Buster | InsideJourneys

7:30 PM
Prince Buster - Take It Easy
Prince Buster Take It Easy Prince Buster
Dance Cleopatra Dance Blue Elephant 1972
7:33 PM
Prince Buster - Perhaps (feat. The Skatalites)
Prince Buster Perhaps (feat. The Skatalites)
Fly Flying Ska Blue Beat 1964
7:36 PM
Prince Buster - I Feel the Spirit
Prince Buster I Feel the Spirit Prince Buster
7:39 PM
Prince Buster - Don't Throw Stones
Prince Buster Don't Throw Stones Prince Buster
single 1966
7:42 PM
Prince Buster & The All Stars - Al Capone
Prince Buster & The All Stars Al Capone
The Outlaw 1969

Pin on 60's Vinyl | Music

7:47 PM
Set Break: Ska Set
7:47 PM
Madness - Baggy Trousers
Madness Baggy Trousers Chris Foreman/Graham McPherson
Absolutely 1980
7:49 PM
The Specials - Breaking Point
The Specials Breaking Point The Specials
Encore UMC (Universal Music Catalogue) 2019

Cosmic American Blog: The Specials: How Special, Really?

7:54 PM
The Liquidators - Hard to Handle
The Liquidators Hard to Handle Redding / Bell / Jones
single 2017
7:54 PM
The Skatalites - Ball of Fire
The Skatalites Ball of Fire C. Dodd
Ball of Fire 1997

The Skatalites Tickets, 2022 Concert Tour Dates & Details | Bandsintown

Chat is archived.
Readie Righteous (host) 5:01:38 PM
1st Recherché of the Fall Season...from the home studio...welcome righteous ones!
DSM 5:08:19 PM
Happy Fall Season Readie! I need to listen to more of the Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross scores, every time I hear them my ears perk up
Readie Righteous (host) 5:10:07 PM
Hi DSM, Yes, I just recently discovered the scores.
TAndy 5:11:36 PM
Readie Righteous (host) 5:12:21 PM
TAndy! hiya!
David F 5:12:22 PM
although I shudder at the idea of being "righteous" I hope to listen while watching the US Open men's semifinals. "righteous is just fraught with subjective moral implications and judgements that I only vaguely understand. It's all good, I guess... or bad Djokovic is a thrill to behold.
Readie Righteous (host) 5:13:40 PM
As I read you comment, David F- a thunderclap - won't read into it!
Readie Righteous (host) 5:14:17 PM
sun is shining and it's raining and thunder, et cetera
Readie Righteous (host) 5:14:40 PM
all weather all the time
DSM 5:15:07 PM
all the weather all at once
Readie Righteous (host) 5:15:32 PM
yes, DSM, all in a moment's time
David F 5:16:06 PM
I got some really huge raindrops earlier..
Readie Righteous (host) 5:16:36 PM
much more than a pitter-patter...right!
Readie Righteous (host) 5:17:36 PM
TAndy, I heard a rumor you're on vacation?
TAndy 5:17:49 PM
Readie Righteous (host) 5:18:05 PM
very nice!! how is it!
TAndy 5:18:49 PM
Very relaxing! Also this Abriction album kicks butt, one of my favorite drops this yar
Readie Righteous (host) 5:19:24 PM
glad you like it, and I agree wholeheartedly!
DSM 5:20:36 PM
Hey TAndy. The California talk in last nights sludge chat has me plotting a visit myself
DSM 5:21:05 PM
honestly the taco truck talk is most of the inspiration lol
TAndy 5:21:23 PM
I wish I was spening more than one day in socal so I could go to that donus shop mentioned in Jen's chat
DSM 5:22:46 PM
Not sure which one she mentioned, but the mom and pop donut shops of LA are soooo good compared to Dunkin
David F 5:24:59 PM
I've been California dreaming for a while now. We're going to the Central Coast in the Spring for a Big Sur and Redwood thing if nature cooperates.
TAndy 5:26:39 PM
i think anything is better than dunkin lol
Suki Rae 5:27:00 PM
I signed in am listening to vapor king
Suki Rae 5:27:11 PM
cool low key
Readie Righteous (host) 5:27:22 PM
Hey Suki! Welcome to the chat! glad you like it!
Suki Rae 5:27:53 PM
laid back kinda ambient
Readie Righteous (host) 5:31:12 PM
Got a Suki Rae coming up next, righteous chatters!
Readie Righteous (host) 5:31:24 PM
Readie Righteous (host) 5:32:10 PM
Glad to have you in the chat, Suki - to celebrate "Slice of Moon" drop today!
David F 5:32:29 PM
Readie Righteous (host) 5:32:45 PM
@Suki- yeah - 1st set has a bit of ambience - as a rule!
Addie 🐍 🐍 Plum 5:35:23 PM
Hey y’all!
Readie Righteous (host) 5:35:39 PM
Hi Addie! welcome !!!
Addie 🐍 🐍 Plum 5:36:06 PM
So happy to be here! How was everyone’s week?
TAndy 5:36:09 PM
Lovely <3
Chef Emeril Lagasse 🍳 5:36:28 PM
Readie Righteous (host) 5:36:35 PM
Great love song!
Jeff Langan 5:36:48 PM
Happy Friday, Readie! Kathy and I are soaking up the Righteous vibes while we can. Heading to the botanical gardens for concert and beer tasting in a bit, so we’ll just be catching the first act.
Readie Righteous (host) 5:36:52 PM
Hey Chef!!!! Bamalangading!
Suki Rae 5:37:23 PM
Readie Righteous (host) 5:37:33 PM
Jeff- Great to have you and Kathy for as long as you can, midwesterners!!!!
Readie Righteous (host) 5:38:02 PM
Suki on flute as well in this one- beautiful!
Readie Righteous (host) 5:38:28 PM
Congrats on the drop, Suki!!!
Suki Rae 5:38:48 PM
Hmm...thanks so much Readie Righteous
Readie Righteous (host) 5:39:01 PM
Where can we find the album, @Suki?
Suki Rae 5:39:09 PM
Really appreciate your playing the song....
Readie Righteous (host) 5:39:40 PM
My pleasure- been playing the singles...can't wait to hear the album!
Suki Rae 5:39:47 PM
This is one of the three big singles from " A Slice of Moon dropped today on Spotify,bandcamp(can be purchased there) and all major platforms.
Readie Righteous (host) 5:40:23 PM
Thanks, Suki!
Suki Rae 5:40:44 PM
This is really fun...Readie is the best hostess with the mostest...
Readie Righteous (host) 5:41:30 PM
Aww thanks, Suki! this is the funnest gig!
Suki Rae 5:41:50 PM
Great to drop by to hear some of these sounds emanating from outer realms...
DSM 5:42:17 PM
Suki, sounds great!
DSM 5:42:28 PM
Hey Addie!
Suki Rae 5:43:13 PM
Thanks so much DSM....wonder what that stands for....Don't Silence Me?
Suki Rae 5:43:30 PM
Don't Sing More?
David F 5:43:34 PM
I think the storms have passed. I thought I might lose electricity.
Readie Righteous (host) 5:43:56 PM
This past week our "Barge" -satellite studio flooded, hence the saga,@Suki - to catch you up!
Suki Rae 5:44:04 PM
Lots of electricity coming' on the air waves...feel like dancin'
DSM 5:44:12 PM
lol, just my name, but open to (mostly) any variations
Readie Righteous (host) 5:44:23 PM
I actually don't know, what DSM stands for!!! LOL!
Suki Rae 5:44:28 PM
Oy so sorry to hear the Barge was flooded....
Readie Righteous (host) 5:44:49 PM
Yeah, we hope to be back SOOOOON!
David F 5:45:25 PM
Great song , Suki. I've been hearing that theme a lot lately. I think a Tyler Childers song.
Readie Righteous (host) 5:45:26 PM
Dancing is encouraged on Recherché, and singing along of course!
Suki Rae 5:45:56 PM
sounds Bowie-esque almost
Addie 🐍 🐍 Plum 5:46:19 PM
Hi DSM! What’s new?
Addie 🐍 🐍 Plum 5:46:27 PM
Happy to hear you’ve had a good vacation week, TAndy!
Rob from Maryland 5:47:31 PM
Good afternoon everyone!
Readie Righteous (host) 5:47:43 PM
@Suki- this Takahashi?
Readie Righteous (host) 5:47:56 PM
Hi Rob from Maryland!!
DSM 5:48:15 PM
Honestly not too much Addie, but in a good way! Hey Rob!
Addie 🐍 🐍 Plum 5:49:55 PM
Hiya Rob!
Readie Righteous (host) 5:50:09 PM
Addie how was work this week?
Suki Rae 5:50:24 PM
Takahashi is this now Prince Buster?
Readie Righteous (host) 5:51:05 PM
Suki- Prince Buster comes up in a later set...with all ska!
Readie Righteous (host) 5:51:33 PM
This is Chumbawamba one of my all-time fave bands!
Rob from Maryland 5:52:15 PM
Hi DSM, Readie, Addie!
Readie Righteous (host) 5:52:20 PM
I'm slow on the playlist update, Suki - sorry ! I'm a slacker...lol
Suki Rae 5:52:47 PM
ah...certainly eclectic...
Suki Rae 5:53:24 PM
ah...yes....love de ole chaps..
Suki Rae 5:53:38 PM
Pretty Paul..
Addie 🐍 🐍 Plum 5:54:02 PM
@readie ended with a bang! You wouldn’t think an ear nose and throat office would be so full of excitement!
Readie Righteous (host) 5:54:02 PM
Freeform all the way- 😉😉
Rob from Maryland 5:54:27 PM
There are two American Flamingos near Chambersburg PA, less than 2 hours from my house. I almost went to look for them today, but I didn't. Maybe I'll go Sunday.
Rob from Maryland 5:54:32 PM
These birds and many other flamingos in the east were brought north by winds associated with Hurricane Idalia.
Readie Righteous (host) 5:54:40 PM
Car repair shop drama for me this week...it's been a week!
Readie Righteous (host) 5:54:58 PM
Glad you made it through, Addie!
Addie 🐍 🐍 Plum 5:55:15 PM
Ooo, that would be super cool to see, Rob! How do you find out about such things?
David F 5:55:33 PM
Flamingos on OBX and even Ohio. It's wild...
Rob from Maryland 5:55:42 PM
Yikes, what happened, Readie? (My car's AC needed to be fixed and that took 4 days, so I can relate)
Addie 🐍 🐍 Plum 5:56:23 PM
I’m loving every minute of it, Readie!
Rob from Maryland 5:56:36 PM
13 flamingos in the Outer Banks, in one place. That's just a little far for me even if there are 13 and not 2
Suki Rae 5:57:51 PM
Great to stop by Readie...thanks for the memories da da da da...on my merry way...until Niagara Falls...
David F 5:58:03 PM
My sister just left for OBX today. hopefully Lee goes north and misses the coast.
Readie Righteous (host) 5:58:15 PM
@Rob from M- Struts, Serpentine belt....
Suki Rae 5:58:27 PM
you are the best and I greatly appreciate everything you've done...rock on!
Readie Righteous (host) 5:58:50 PM
Thanks for stopping, Suki! Congrats on "Slice of Moon" dropping today!!
zeroo 6:00:04 PM
i wanna hear Swirlies momm
Rob from Maryland 6:01:12 PM
@Addie, many sources. A thread on https://forums.whatbird.com/ about really unusual sightings across the country. For areas close to me, county- or state-level rare bird alerts via eBird.org/alerts (type in the county or state), word of mouth, and a groupme local group that I just joined.
Rob from Maryland 6:02:26 PM
@David F, there is just about every indication that Lee will miss the southeast and mid-Atlantic coast, so your sister should be ok
Rob from Maryland 6:02:43 PM
@Readie, those belts shouldn't be strutting ...
Rob from Maryland 6:02:51 PM
Hello Suki Rae
David F 6:02:57 PM
Most reports say these Flamingos come from the Yucatán peninsula. Caribbean Flamingos.
Rob from Maryland 6:03:08 PM
@zeroo, me too!
Matthew Maginley 6:03:39 PM
Ahoy Mateys!
Rob from Maryland 6:04:00 PM
@David F, yes. They were brought north by winds/steering currents associated with Hurricane Idalia, which originated near the Yucatan Peninsula before heading to Florida
Brian D 6:04:50 PM
Nice faint rainbow forming in Bucks Co here. Just heard about the flamingos stories yesterday on the Googly news. Crazy. Apparently not uncommon birds being redirected hundreds of miles due to storms. And they pretty much make their way back to their main habitat after their rerouting. It may take a bit but they just have that gps homing instinct
David F 6:05:31 PM
Lots in Florida too. Let's hope they stay. They were hunted to near extinction here .
Rob from Maryland 6:05:39 PM
@David F, one of the flamingos now in the US was color-banded in the Yucatan with a unique combination and maybe a band with a bird-specific number that can be read through binoculars and telescopes
Rob from Maryland 6:06:16 PM
Hello Matthew M!
Brian D 6:06:23 PM
Other crazy story I heard is the guy who keeps getting rescued by the Coast Guard when he builds these floating hamster wheel contraptions and tries to travel across the Atlantic Ocean. By running inside the wheel to power it.... can't make it up. Latest story he was trying to travel from Florida to Europe.
David F 6:07:10 PM
what a birdbrain!
Rob from Maryland 6:07:15 PM
@Brian D, I read about Hamster Man, and his threats to kill himself with the knives he claims to have with him
Brian D 6:07:40 PM
Yes that too. And he has dvd to play movie on wheel yes
Rob from Maryland 6:07:44 PM
Hamster Man would run smack into Hurricane Lee and that would be the end of him
zeroo 6:08:30 PM
cl....imate change ya say/? Sal..ami rose joe l.ouis
Rob from Maryland 6:08:50 PM
I missed the part about dvds. Does he have Rocky Horror Picture Show or Mad Max?
zeroo 6:09:43 PM
Brian D 6:10:07 PM
Coast Guard always try to stop me. People get on boat no problem. I get on wheel they stop me... The latest time the Coast Guard was like dude...there's a HURRICANE. Guy was oblivious.
zeroo 6:10:36 PM
🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈 i sawr a finities rainbow
Brian D 6:10:46 PM
This one wants to be a double rainbow ya. The main one is pretty strong. The outer double is faint and incomplete
zeroo 6:11:35 PM
i wasnt invited was i oops
Brian D 6:11:38 PM
Usually the ones we get are like that. One strong, double there but faint
zeroo 6:11:48 PM
i'l..l.. uh,,,
zeroo 6:13:10 PM
put on swirl..i.es n tak,,e a dip
Readie Righteous (host) 6:13:36 PM
Hi Matthew, zeroo!
Brian D 6:14:09 PM
And another time the floating hamster wheel man was on the water and the wheel tipped over on the side. Coast Guard got a ping signal from him for rescue. Hamster man sez... oh I send signal by accident ya
Readie Righteous (host) 6:15:28 PM
@Rob from Maryland- Suki had to leave us...but- yeah those struts...it's apparently a big deal to install those babies in the rear of a rag top!
Brian D 6:15:59 PM
Hamster Man story with good picture: https://www.npr.org/2023/09/07/1198252469/coast-guard-hamster-wheel-reza-baluchi-atlantic-ocean
Readie Righteous (host) 6:16:39 PM
I hope it all holds together! THey had to keep her overnight - I get a little worried about her away from home unexpectedly!
David F 6:16:45 PM
That is hilarious!
Brian D 6:17:47 PM
It reads like a fake story in parts but it seems to be true. His dialogue seems so written but I guess not...
Addie 🐍 🐍 Plum 6:18:31 PM
Godspeed, Hamster Man! I hope he makes it some day!
David F 6:19:39 PM
Right. You'd think The Onion was involved....
Readie Righteous (host) 6:20:46 PM
They got him for conducting a "manifestly unsafe voyage", and it's too bad they didn't catch the submersible to the Titanic before its tragic implosion!
Rob from Maryland 6:20:57 PM
Readie, I hope your car comes home tomorrow all healthy
Readie Righteous (host) 6:21:01 PM
I'm rooting for him too!
Readie Righteous (host) 6:21:37 PM
Thanks Rob! she's got over 125K on her and still going...
David F 6:21:58 PM
You like drivin' around with the ragtop down?
Readie Righteous (host) 6:22:26 PM
@David F- whenever weather and temps cooperate...
Brian D 6:22:27 PM
Well... he threatened the Coast Guard with bombs (which he said later were not real) and rescues estimate about $140,000 each. So maybe he should stay home or in "a home"
Addie 🐍 🐍 Plum 6:23:18 PM
Oh yikes, that’s a big price tag, DSM!
David F 6:23:27 PM
a Miss Ohio... Orwell said "On the whole, human beings want to be good, but not too good and not quite all the time"
Brian D 6:27:51 PM
I love how this is not the first time heh... several interactions before. And his running across the country and back Gump style allegedly (more than once allegedly plus infinity). Coast guard one time is like "Where are you going? Hamster dude: "New York. Guard: "Did you start on a bigger vessel (thinking this guy must have LEFT a bigger boat on this pod contraption like a sane person would think...). Hamster man: "Huh?" One of my fave stories of late heh heh
Readie Righteous (host) 6:29:00 PM
@Brian D- thanks for the update- I knew way too little about this story!! (good evening to you, btw)
David F 6:29:40 PM
Flotsam and Jetsam....
Brian D 6:29:55 PM
We were just down in Ocean Grove for 5-6 days. Thought of you. Hanging under the boards in the shade. Toes in sand.
Readie Righteous (host) 6:31:34 PM
@Brian D- oh wow! Cool- we missed each other by a couple of weeks! I stayed on the oceanfront this time.
Ossy 6:32:38 PM
Hi Readie Rainbow
Readie Righteous (host) 6:32:57 PM
I booked last minute for an impromptu visit, so my room had a view of a wall...but I was out most of the time!
Readie Righteous (host) 6:33:19 PM
Welcome Ossy!! how are you doing?
Ossy 6:34:19 PM
Great!! With these unique sounds!
Brian D 6:34:27 PM
We got so lucky w/great sunny days the whole lot. And that breezy, 10-15 degrees cooler effect is great too
Readie Righteous (host) 6:35:13 PM
Cool, Ossy!!! glad you're digging it!
Ossy 6:35:25 PM
One Sunday evening on Wide Wonderful World of Butter in July, saw a rainbow after a heavy storm and gazed for minutes!!
Readie Righteous (host) 6:36:21 PM
@Brian D- very good - while I was there- there was more controversy about the cross-shaped pier and the closing of the beach on Sunday mornings....
David F 6:36:32 PM
I love the shore after Labor Day. Soon, the ducks return! More birds than people is just right for me.
Readie Righteous (host) 6:36:53 PM
@Ossy- I do the same thing! gazing is the only way!!!
Readie Righteous (host) 6:37:40 PM
@David F- for sure - after Labor Day is when I sometimes go- this year I may do a repeat trip to the Poconos...
David F 6:39:15 PM
Love the autumn up there.
David F 6:39:57 PM
Went to World's End in the Endless Mountains last year..
Ossy 6:40:17 PM
I used to think a pot of gold existed, whenever I saw a rainbow in the kid days
Readie Righteous (host) 6:40:49 PM
@David F- where are the Endless Mtns?
Readie Righteous (host) 6:41:20 PM
@Ossy- that's cute- like Lucky Charms!
David F 6:41:34 PM
it's a region a bit west of the Poconos
Rob from Maryland 6:41:48 PM
Hey! It's the Raincoats!! :-D
Readie Righteous (host) 6:43:04 PM
@David F- never been! I usually head to the Poconos, because I can usually connect with my brother and friends from the hometown!
David F 6:43:35 PM
Love some Hank!
Readie Righteous (host) 6:44:06 PM
Bucket fits into the Barge saga lol
Alan Pasnyk 6:46:34 PM
Hi Readie and Righteous chatters!!..Late to the partay because of some interesting weather here in Bucks County...
David F 6:47:26 PM
Traveling along US 6 up there is always nice. and if you head further west to Pine Creek Gorge (the PA Grand Canyon) it's almost heaven.
Ossy 6:47:41 PM
Readie - And tried setting an adventure with peers to find the pot of gold, LOOOOL
Addie 🐍 🐍 Plum 6:54:43 PM
Heya Alan!
Readie Righteous (host) 6:55:21 PM
Hey Alan! Did you get the severe weather we New Jerseyans were promised???
Alan Pasnyk 6:55:23 PM
Hi Addie!!! S&S Ssssssssss!
Readie Righteous (host) 6:55:54 PM
@ Ossy - 😂😂
Addie 🐍 🐍 Plum 6:56:22 PM
The snakes hiss their greetings as well!
Alan Pasnyk 6:56:52 PM
Readie: Yes, "Thunderbolts and Lightning, Very very Frightening Mama Mia Mama Mia"...
Readie Righteous (host) 6:57:38 PM
@David F- sounds like Heaven! Have you been to Fallingwater in the Laurel Highlands? (way west)
Alan Pasnyk 6:57:40 PM
...checking to see if Brian may wrote that...
Readie Righteous (host) 6:58:18 PM
Bo Rhap is Freddie all the way, @Alan
David F 6:59:06 PM
No Laurel Highlands the the house that Frank built are on my list though.
Readie Righteous (host) 6:59:35 PM
But really, you know, Alan, it's almost always everyone writing with Queen
Alan Pasnyk 6:59:42 PM
Freddie's Cadillac sold for two Million this week...
Readie Righteous (host) 7:00:00 PM
@David F- I encourage it! Amazing!
Readie Righteous (host) 7:00:20 PM
Whoa... 2 million dollars or pounds?
Alan Pasnyk 7:01:46 PM
Readie: Dunno, sometimes I listen to BBC and I doze off...
David F 7:01:55 PM
DBT are so good. Ohiopyle is my most wanted of the State Parks I haven't been to yet.
Rob from Maryland 7:02:29 PM
Readie Righteous (host) 7:03:14 PM
My guess is if it was a BBC presenter, it was probably pounds...
Readie Righteous (host) 7:04:31 PM
Ohiopyle is great...it is my dream to have a home built ito the natural landscape...a stream under the living room...on top of a waterfall- whoa...
David F 7:05:49 PM
I think it's Frank's masterpiece.
Readie Righteous (host) 7:06:19 PM
Agree, David
David F 7:07:03 PM
Pa has amazing state parks. Not as good as CA but really nice.
Alan Pasnyk 7:07:38 PM
Reade: With Hurricane Lee intensifying, let's hope that everyone here doesn't get a stream below their living room LOL
Readie Righteous (host) 7:08:33 PM
@Alan - of course - extremes of weather are here to stay!
David F 7:08:45 PM
We went to Big Basin in 2017 but it burned down in 2020 or 2021. There are some amazing sea birds that nest high in the trees there.
Alan Pasnyk 7:09:15 PM
Readie: "The Universe is Not required to be in harmony with human ambitions"...
Alan Pasnyk 7:09:36 PM
- Carl Sagan.
Readie Righteous (host) 7:09:42 PM
But you have to see the way the steps in the Fallingwater Living Room lead right down to the stream...it's miraculous...
David F 7:09:57 PM
I like that, Alan
Alan Pasnyk 7:12:21 PM
Readie: But there was once a day when I went down the stairs to a 6 inch pool... It was hurricane Gloria..
Alan Pasnyk 7:13:30 PM
( But don't get me wrong, we really needed the rain today)
Readie Righteous (host) 7:14:05 PM
@Alan- that's awful - must've been horrible!
Rob from Maryland 7:14:41 PM
@Alan, the vast majority of modeling has Hurricane Lee missing the US. So I don't think anyone (except maybe possibly in New England) is going to have a stream below their living room
Alan Pasnyk 7:15:13 PM
Readie: Not horrible, I reserve that for other things, just troublesome..
Alan Pasnyk 7:16:19 PM
Hi Rob!!! Possible high waves at the beach, rip currents, so look out for that...Please!!
Rob from Maryland 7:16:22 PM
@Alan, Hurricane Gloria lightly flooded one room in the basement of the house I was living in in DC, from a brief heavy downburst. The center of the storm hugged the Maryland, Delaware, and New Jersey coastlines as it passed to the northeast.
David F 7:17:15 PM
we generally seek stability but weather and climate are chaotic systems that are unpredictable.
Rob from Maryland 7:17:21 PM
@Alan, Oh, I will look out for the water at the beach (though I don't think I'll be heading that far from DC)! You be safe too!
Alan Pasnyk 7:18:15 PM
Rob: It was a defective drainage system that I fixed after that.... No Prob!
David F 7:18:42 PM
I guess that's why we find them so scary and intriguing.
David F 7:19:36 PM
Murderer still on the loose near Longwood Gardens
Alan Pasnyk 7:20:30 PM
David: So many times I used to sit outside with my Dad watching Lightning bolts as a storm came in...went inside just in time..
Rob from Maryland 7:20:42 PM
@Alan, phew! I was the only person home during the daytime flooding from Gloria. I was able to mop it up pretty quickly
Readie Righteous (host) 7:20:43 PM
@David, are they still playing the recording of his mother's voice urging him to surrender from the copters?
Alan Pasnyk 7:21:53 PM
Readie: With all this vegetation, It's nearly impossible to use Infrared Imaging cameras to find that guy...
David F 7:22:53 PM
oh I don't know Readie.. i was out that way today though and it kept crossing my mind.
Readie Righteous (host) 7:23:04 PM
@Alan- they're still playing the voice recording - hoping he'll hear it !!!
Readie Righteous (host) 7:24:04 PM
@David F- I'd have it on my mind too...did you see the vid of him crab-walking up the walls to escape?
David F 7:25:03 PM
I did. He has some moves...
Alan Pasnyk 7:25:24 PM
The only way to get the guy for sure is if he gets hit by Lightning!..."The problem is not that we have all these idiots running around, the problem is that Lightning is Improperly Distrubuted" - Mark Twain
David F 7:25:54 PM
and nothing to lose I guess.
TAndy 7:28:23 PM
Yet the barge will riiiise to the top
TAndy 7:28:27 PM
David F 7:32:02 PM
I love X (twitter) and Elon. He will not let his Starlink be used for war and offense but only for defense. War sucks. It needs to stop.
Readie Righteous (host) 7:32:04 PM
@TAndy oh YEAH! 👏 🫶 🙌
David F 7:35:13 PM
lol, Alan. Twain was a genius.
Readie Righteous (host) 7:35:47 PM
Yeah, love that Twain quote, Alan
Alan Pasnyk 7:36:11 PM
" The funniest thing is the truth" _Twain
David F 7:39:18 PM
arriving at the truth is quite a journey sometimes. So much static.
David F 7:42:05 PM
this is great. I've never heard Prince Buster.
Readie Righteous (host) 7:43:45 PM
Glad you like this, David F - this is the classic, "Al Capone"
Ossy 7:44:01 PM
Me neither David!
Readie Righteous (host) 7:45:09 PM
the human guira!
Alan Pasnyk 7:46:57 PM
This "Don't throw" song was used as the theme song for the Brit Com "Coupling" but by another artist https://www.google.com/search?q=TV+series+British+Comedy+Coupling+theme+song&sca_esv=563870670&sxsrf=AB5stBirWxXVMAbiifa6vARRiyQ_h29lcQ%3A1694216700711&ei=_LH7ZMmKK-OlptQP866C0AI&ved=0ahUKEwjJ-PiEmZyBAxXjkokEHXOXACoQ4dUDCA4&uact=5&oq=TV+series+British+Comedy+Coupling+theme+song&gs_lp=Egxnd3Mtd2l6LXNlcnAiLFRWIHNlcmllcyBCcml0aXNoIENvbWVkeSBDb3VwbGluZyB0aGVtZSBzb25nMgUQIRirAkjJOFClE1j2M3ABeAGQAQCYA
David F 7:49:07 PM
I actually watched every series of Coupling. It was good. I remember that song in every episode.
Alan Pasnyk 7:49:43 PM
David: Same here..
Alan Pasnyk 7:51:16 PM
David: one of my fave episodes is when one of the guys has to go to a sperm bank, and it gets real compicated..
Alan Pasnyk 7:51:41 PM
...with the help of his "freinds" LOL
Readie Righteous (host) 7:51:48 PM
Is Coupling still streaming anywhere? I missed that one!
David F 7:53:19 PM
I love some BBC. Yes Alan, it got a bit awkward a lot.
Alan Pasnyk 7:53:20 PM
I dunno, but it was great because only the Brits could frame that topic in such a funny way..
Readie Righteous (host) 7:54:04 PM
Acorn TV has a lot of good stuff, mostly detective and crime, but Doc Martin too...
Alan Pasnyk 7:54:41 PM
David: Yes the later episodes could get that way...
TAndy 7:54:45 PM
Thank you very much for the show, DJ Readie Righteous 😎
David F 7:57:00 PM
Thank you, Readie . Another great show.
Readie Righteous (host) 7:57:49 PM
You are welcome, David F and TAndy, et alia! Thanks so much for hangin' out !
Readie Righteous (host) 7:58:10 PM
Thanks to everyone!
Alan Pasnyk 7:58:37 PM
Thanks for the show Readie, even tho i was late because of ⚡⚡⚡. Be safe! ☮️ bcnu!
Readie Righteous (host) 7:58:58 PM
You be safe too Alan- C ya!
Ossy 7:59:47 PM
Stay butter, rainbow! :)
Readie Righteous (host) 7:59:58 PM
stay smooooth, Ossy!