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Apr 16, 2018 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM



“Fuzzed-out guitars”

7:01 PM
El Ten Eleven transitions
El Ten Eleven - Transitions Fake Record Label 2012 CD Rock USUZ81100005
7:12 PM
Bright Parable of the Bicycle
Bright - Full Negative (Or) Breaks Ba Da Bing! 2000 CD Rock USCPT0500034
7:18 PM
Yeasayer Love Me Girl
Yeasayer - Odd Blood Secretly Canadian 2010 Rock US38W1021006
7:23 PM
Galaxie 500 Listen, the Snow Is Falling (Live) [Copenhagen]
The Portable Galaxie 500 Rykodisc 2010 CD
7:31 PM
Tleilaxu Soma
Gene Therapy Fuzzy Box 1999 CD USA4D9902002
7:37 PM
Phelan Shepard Broken In the Wrong Places
Harps Old Master leaf 2006 CD
7:44 PM
Ghost Agate Scape
Ghost (2) - Lama Rabi Rabi Drag City 1996 CD Rock US58L0511310
7:55 PM
The Incredible Moses Leroy Everybody's Getting Down
becomes the soft. lightes ultimatum CD
8:01 PM
Polvo Enemy Insects
Polvo - Shapes Touch And Go 1997 CD Rock USTG39717901
8:08 PM
Isis the beginning and the end
Isis (6) - Oceanic Trust No One Recordings 2002 Rock US4N80500365
8:16 PM
Tin Sparrow Grass Stained Volleys
Shoelace Ring - EP Tin Sparrow Recordings 2014 CD AUFZA1400018
8:20 PM
The Pastels Dark Side of Your World
The Pastels - Truckload Of Trouble Fire Records Germany 1993 CD Rock GBCKK9390316
8:26 PM
The Decemberists The Crane Wife 1, 2, and 3
We All Raise Our Voices to the Air (Live Songs 04.11-08.11) Rough Trade 2012 USCA21102960
8:42 PM
Weaver at the Loom Without Fear of Their Return.
Weaver At The Loom - I Was Searching And I Found Not On Label (Weaver At The Loom Self-released) 2007 CD Rock USDHM0702437
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WPRK (host) 7:24:08 PM
WPRK (host) 7:26:36 PM
what happened in your world?
WPRK (host) 7:26:45 PM
or did i miss some major news event?
WPRK (host) 7:31:00 PM
what is music church?
WPRK (host) 7:32:07 PM
does this mean i need to get ordained?
WPRK (host) 7:41:11 PM
that is always my goal
WPRK (host) 8:01:02 PM
sorry. it goes well with your picture
WPRK (host) 8:21:35 PM
all three crane wives next
WPRK (host) 8:52:22 PM
i am on my way out. glad you made it to music church this week.