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Blue Light Central

  • Every week on Thu at 8:00 PM


About Blue Light Central

All aboard the blues train!

Every week, the big blue train we call the Blue Light Central rumbles out of the station for an hour-long ride through a landscape of blues, classic R&B, soul, gospel, zydeco and low-down boogie. Mark Drnek is your ticket agent, porter, engineer, brakeman and conductor on a weekly excursion through the vast music landscape.

His virtual blues train has been thundering through the trails of FM radio for over 2 decades, having first made its home in the roundhouse of commercial radio before making the switch to public radio where it chugs along happily today.

What other people are saying about Blue Light Central

Blue Light Central is always a great ride, Mark Drnek is a pro with a deep knowledge of the music he plays and a great personality that beams positive energy right through the radio. Listening to Blue Light Central is like hanging out with a friend listening to records, which is what a good music show should feel like.

– Mike Teitelbaum, Production Manager/Program Host, WIOX Radio

“I’m listening to the “Brothers Keeper” show, and just want to say it’s some phenomenal music. You taste is sublime, so well done. I’m very happy to have discovered the show. I’ve put the show on the Saturday 8:00 pm timeslot.”

– Davyne Dial
, President, Friends of WPVM

“BLC has become a real staple and not just a filler for our station. Super quality and always reliable, superior programming… a very popular show at KOWS. We really appreciate the great job you do. BLC is absolutely one of my fave syndicated programs.”

– Don Campau – KOWS

“I’m really pleased with the new format of the show. Glad to have you on board with Global Community Radio.”

– Jake Longwell
 Global Community Radio

About The Host

Mark Drnek grew to love the blues from listening to some of the blues-influenced rock bands of the later 1960s. He began in radio as a morning news reader, slowly working his way to a night show where he shared the music he loved.

In 1997, he started the Blue Light Central show at the classic rock station, WZOZ in Oneonta, NY. It was the perfect place for the show considering both the history of the blues and the history of the town were heavily influenced by trains.

Since then the train has made its way from station to station – some public, some commercial – and is now riding the virtual rails, and making stops in communities all over the country.

Blue Light Central