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Jul 20, 2019 6:00 AM – 9:00 AM


With Tall Feathers

InterTribal – a show dedicated to the Original Voices of the Americas. The show features the Native American Artist, News and Issues, and well, whatever else comes my way. You never really know what you are going to get when you tune in. Mostly music, Traditional to Contemporary, InterTribal is heard on WRIR 97.3 lpfm and www.wrir.org

A rare find, InterTribal has been on air for over a decade with a strong listener base; listeners are tuning in more and more, while the Native Artists are finding InterTribal to be a new outlet for their music.

Tall Feathers is of Euro-Native American descent; InterTribal’s mission is to share the music and the artists with the world in the hopes of bringing awareness to issues. While Tall Feathers’ shares the beauty of the music, she believes crossing the cultural boundaries through music is a beautiful way to enlighten, and hopefully eliminate the prejudices that continue to exist.

6:16 AM
Kyle Littlefeather - Elevation
Kyle Littlefeather Elevation
Windsong - a Celebration of Life Fuel 2000 2000
6:12 AM
Spirit Winds - Illuminations
Spirit Winds Illuminations
Warrior's Ride Spirit Winds: Robin Clark Guthrie, Stuart Cardwell & Warren Perk 2014 World
6:06 AM
Mark Thunderwolf - Awakening the Totem
Mark Thunderwolf Awakening the Totem
Totem...The Winged Ones ThunderWolf Productions 2006 World
6:04 AM
Mark Thunderwolf - Lakol Wocekiye
Mark Thunderwolf Lakol Wocekiye
Totem...The Winged Ones ThunderWolf Productions 2006 World
6:02 AM
Felipe Rose - Lakota Sioux Prayer (with Mark Langenfeld)
Felipe Rose Lakota Sioux Prayer (with Mark Langenfeld)
Red Hawk Woman V/A Tomahawk Records 2004 World

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