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The Breakfast Snob

Jul 18, 2019 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM


With Allan Coberly

The Breakfast Snob originally aired on Sunday mornings and is now airing every Wednesday evening. The show features tracks by new and “under-known” artists of many genres and localities, highlighted with cuts by older, established- but often obscure- bands that helped influence today’s artists, and punctuated by brief, intense flashes of loud guitar- simply because I love loud guitar.

The show’s title is a reference to my old friend and mentor, Michael Hawkesworth (the original Breakfast Snob) who introduced me to a world of new music in the 1980’s…a tradition that I endeavor to continue today. As one of my favorite artists said:

“I used to think that music was a universal language, but I’m not so sure anymore it is any sort of language; not as we think of language anyway. It’s more like telepathy. It’s knowing, and the sense that you have known forever, and will know always, for those who can receive the transmission. It touches mind, body, and spirit, all at once, and moves them into harmony, or diss

The Breakfast Snob
7:20 PM
The O'Jays - Ship Ahoy
The O'Jays Ship Ahoy
Ship Ahoy . 1973 R&B/Soul
7:10 PM
The J.B.'s - I'm Payin' Taxes , What Am I Buyin'
The J.B.'s I'm Payin' Taxes , What Am I Buyin'
Funky Good Time - The Anthology Universal Records 1995
7:08 PM
Dr. John - The Patriotic Flag Waver
Dr. John The Patriotic Flag Waver
Babylon (Mono) Rhino Atlantic 1969 Blues
7:07 PM
Bob Dylan & The Band - Don't Ya Tell Henry
Bob Dylan & The Band Don't Ya Tell Henry
The Basement Tapes Columbia/Legacy 1973 Rock

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