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New Music Machine

Jun 25, 2019 9:00 PM – 11:00 PM


With Anna C.

Every week, the New Music Machine selects new tracks from WRIR’s library and all over the Internet. You can tune in to hear the latest Indie Rock, New Folk, Electronica, Punk, Metal and whatever else has caught the ear of host Derek Sunshine.

New Music Machine
9:02 PM
House and Land - Two Sisters
House and Land Two Sisters N
Across the Field Thrill Jockey Records 2019 Folk
9:07 PM
Bedouine - Bird
Bedouine Bird N
Bird Songs of a Killjoy Spacebomb Records LLC 2019 Singer/Songwriter
9:13 PM
PicaPica - Opposite Song
PicaPica Opposite Song N
Together & Apart Rough Trade 2019 Singer/Songwriter
9:17 PM
Yohuna - Mirroring
Yohuna Mirroring N
Mirroring fear of missing out 2019 Indie Pop
9:19 PM
Hillsburn - Young Desire
Hillsburn Young Desire N
The Wilder Beyond (Deluxe Edition) LHM Records 2019 Rock
9:22 PM
Josie Bello - Dignity
Josie Bello Dignity N
Can't Go Home Josie Bello 2019 Country
9:27 PM
Faye Webster - Room Temperature
Faye Webster Room Temperature N
Atlanta Millionaires Club Secretly Canadian 2019 Pop
9:31 PM
Cate Le Bon - You Don't Love Me
Cate Le Bon You Don't Love Me N
Reward Mexican Summer / MAGNIPH / Hostess 2019 Rock
9:35 PM
Pronoun - temporary tantrum
Pronoun temporary tantrum N
i'll show you stronger Rhyme & Reason Records 2019 Indie Pop
9:39 PM
Gemma - 'Til We Lose the Feeling
Gemma 'Til We Lose the Feeling N
Feeling's Not a Tempo Double Double Whammy 2019 Pop
9:44 PM
Patience - White of an Eye
Patience White of an Eye N
Dizzy Spells Night School Records / Winona Records 2019 Pop
9:47 PM
Pixx - Funsize
Pixx Funsize N
Small Mercies 4AD 2019 Indie Rock
9:52 PM
Sacred Paws - Brush Your Hair
Sacred Paws Brush Your Hair N
Run Around the Sun Merge 2019 Indie Pop
9:55 PM
Christelle Bofale - Origami Dreams
Christelle Bofale Origami Dreams N
Swim Team - EP Father/Daughter Records 2019 Indie Rock
10:00 PM
Jen Awad - Bad People
Jen Awad Bad People N
Jewel of the Nile - EP Jen Awad 2019 R&B/Soul
10:05 PM
Lady Lark - W W Y D
Lady Lark W W Y D N
Permission Rinse&Repeat Records 2019 R&B/Soul
10:09 PM
Lil Halima - young luv (feat. AMWIN)
Lil Halima young luv (feat. AMWIN) N
for the bright days - Single Universal Music AS 2019 R&B/Soul
10:12 PM
Mavis Staples - We Get By (feat. Ben Harper)
Mavis Staples We Get By (feat. Ben Harper) N
We Get By Anti/Epitaph 2019 R&B/Soul
10:17 PM
French Vanilla - Bromosapien
French Vanilla Bromosapien N
How Am I Not Myself? Danger Collective 2019 Punk
10:20 PM
Positive No - Thanksgiving
Positive No Thanksgiving L N
Teenage Waistline - Single Dromedary Records 2019 Rock
10:23 PM
Rat Fancy - Finely Knitted
Rat Fancy Finely Knitted N
Stay Cool HHBTM 2019 Pop
10:26 PM
jeanines - All the Same
jeanines All the Same N
Jeanines Slumberland Records 2019 Indie Rock
10:27 PM
The Beaches - Snake Tongue
The Beaches Snake Tongue N
The Professional - EP Universal Music Canada 2019 Adult Alternative
10:30 PM
Middle Kids - Salt Eyes
Middle Kids Salt Eyes N
New Songs For Old Problems - EP Domino 2019 Indie Pop
10:35 PM
Pip Blom - Ruby
Pip Blom Ruby N
Boat Heavenly Recordings 2019 Rock
10:39 PM
Palehound - Aaron
Palehound Aaron N
Black Friday Sydvolio Records 2019 Singer/Songwriter
10:42 PM
Mattiel - Blisters
Mattiel Blisters N
Satis Factory Heavenly Recordings 2019 Rock
10:45 PM
Stef Chura - Scream
Stef Chura Scream N
Midnight Saddle Creek 2019 Indie Rock
10:48 PM
Haybaby - Monster
Haybaby Monster N
They Get There Tiny Engines 2019 Indie Rock
10:53 PM
Amyl and the Sniffers - Got You
Amyl and the Sniffers Got You N
Amyl and The Sniffers ATO 2019 Punk
10:55 PM
Dogrel Partisan Records / Fontana North 2019 Indie Rock