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Monday Breakfast Blend

Jul 1, 2019 6:00 AM – 8:00 AM


With Anna C.

Female-fronted bands and all-girl groups getting your week started. You might also enjoy these other WRIR programs: Breakfast Blend w/ Galaxy Girl, Party Planet, and New Music Machine.

Monday Breakfast Blend
6:00 AM
Amy Ray - Blender
Amy Ray Blender
Prom Daemon Records 2005 Rock
show theme
6:02 AM
Bedouine - Echo Park
Bedouine Echo Park N
Bird Songs of a Killjoy Spacebomb Records LLC 2019 Singer/Songwriter
Oct 13 @ Capital Ale House Downtown
6:05 AM
Gabrielle Marlena - Anxiety Dreams
Gabrielle Marlena Anxiety Dreams N
Manners - EP Breakstone 2019 Singer/Songwriter
6:08 AM
PicaPica - Sucker Punch
PicaPica Sucker Punch N
Together & Apart Rough Trade 2018 Singer/Songwriter
6:12 AM
Yohuna - Rain & Prairie Snow
Yohuna Rain & Prairie Snow N
Mirroring fear of missing out 2019 Indie Pop
6:17 AM
Pronoun - you're not trying at all
Pronoun you're not trying at all N
i'll show you stronger Rhyme & Reason Records 2019 Indie Pop
Sep 19 @ Waterside District
6:20 AM
jeanines - Hits the Bone
jeanines Hits the Bone N
Jeanines Slumberland Records 2019 Indie Rock
6:23 AM
Cat Clyde - Bird Bone
Cat Clyde Bird Bone N
Hunters Trance Cinematic Music Group 2019 Singer/Songwriter
Oct 25 @ DC9
6:26 AM
Harlan - Anyways
Harlan Anyways N
Harlan House Arrest 2019 Indie Pop
6:30 AM
Josie Bello - Keep It in the Middle
Josie Bello Keep It in the Middle N
Can't Go Home Josie Bello 2019 Country
6:34 AM
Jen Awad - Wise One
Jen Awad Wise One N
Jewel of the Nile - EP Jen Awad 2019 Pop
6:37 AM
Christelle Bofale - U Ouchea
Christelle Bofale U Ouchea N
Swim Team - EP Father/Daughter Records 2019 Indie Rock
Sep 22 @ Songbyrd Music House
6:45 AM
Brijean - Fundi
Brijean Fundi N
Walkie Talkie Native Cat 2019 Pop
6:49 AM
Madyx - Curious
Madyx Curious N
Curious - Single Madyx 2019 Pop
6:53 AM
Hatchie - Her Own Heart
Hatchie Her Own Heart N
Keepsake Double Double Whammy 2019 Pop
Sep 7 @ DC9
6:57 AM
Meernaa - Ready to Break
Meernaa Ready to Break N
Heart Hunger Native Cat 2019 Indie Rock
Sep 10 @ Songbyrd Music House
7:02 AM
French Vanilla - Suddenly
French Vanilla Suddenly N
How Am I Not Myself? Danger Collective 2019 Punk
Jul 15 @ Comet Ping Pong
7:06 AM
Sacred Paws - Shame on Me
Sacred Paws Shame on Me N
Run Around the Sun Rock Action Records 2019 Pop
Jul 24 @ Comet Ping Pong
7:09 AM
Mattiel - Je Ne Me Connais Pas
Mattiel Je Ne Me Connais Pas N
Satis Factory Heavenly Recordings 2019 Rock
7:11 AM
Palehound - Killer
Palehound Killer N
Black Friday Remote Control Records 2019 Rock
Nov 10 @ 9:30 Club
7:17 AM
Julia Shapiro - A Couple Highs
Julia Shapiro A Couple Highs N
Perfect Version Hardly Art 2019 Rock
7:20 AM
Momma - Apollo
Momma Apollo N
Apollo / Highway - Single Danger Collective 2019 Indie Rock
7:24 AM
Jillian Rae - Buried Alive
Jillian Rae Buried Alive N
I Can't Be the One You Want Me to Be theDIYteam 2019 Rock
7:28 AM
Pixx - Mary Magdalene
Pixx Mary Magdalene N
Small Mercies 4AD 2019 Indie Rock
Jul 24 @ U Street Music Hall
7:32 AM
Girl Friday - Decoration/Currency
Girl Friday Decoration/Currency
Fashion Conman - EP Hardly Art 2019 Rock
7:36 AM
Pip Blom - Tired
Pip Blom Tired N
Boat Heavenly Recordings 2019 Rock
Nov 24 @ Songbyrd Music House
7:41 AM
Stef Chura - Sweet Sweet Midnight
Stef Chura Sweet Sweet Midnight N
Midnight Saddle Creek 2019 Rock
Jul 15 @ Comet Ping Pong
7:46 AM
Rat Fancy - Making Trouble
Rat Fancy Making Trouble N
Stay Cool HHBTM 2019 Pop
7:50 AM
Patience Epitaph 2019 Indie Rock
Aug 17 @ The Camel
7:52 AM
Amyl and the Sniffers - Monsoon Rock
Amyl and the Sniffers Monsoon Rock N
Amyl and the Sniffers ATO Records 2019 Rock
Jul 16 @ U Street Music Hall
7:54 AM
Haybaby - You Got It, Steve!
Haybaby You Got It, Steve! N
They Get There Tiny Engines 2019 Indie Rock