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Monday Breakfast Blend

Oct 28, 2019 6:00 AM – 8:00 AM


With Anna C.

Female-fronted bands and all-girl groups getting your week started. You might also enjoy these other WRIR programs: Breakfast Blend w/ Galaxy Girl, Party Planet, and New Music Machine.

Monday Breakfast Blend
6:02 AM
Amy Ray - Blender
Amy Ray Blender
Prom Daemon Records 2005 Rock
show theme
6:04 AM
Rosier - Laissez-Moi
Rosier Laissez-Moi N
Rosier - EP Steeplejack Music 2019 Singer/Songwriter
6:07 AM
Alexa Rose - The Last Wildflower
Alexa Rose The Last Wildflower N
Medicine for Living Big Legal Mess Records 2019 Singer/Songwriter
Nov 3 @ Fuzzy Cactus
6:12 AM
Karen & the Sorrows - Far Away
Karen & the Sorrows Far Away N
Guaranteed Broken Heart Ocean Born Mary Music 2019 Country
6:17 AM
Molly Sarlé - Kimberly
Molly Sarlé Kimberly N
Karaoke Angel Partisan 2019 Singer/Songwriter
6:20 AM
Sofia Talvik - Reflections
Sofia Talvik Reflections N
Paws of a Bear Makaki Music 2019 Pop
6:25 AM
Kate Teague - Good to You
Kate Teague Good to You N
Kate Teague Muscle Beach Records 2019 Alternative
6:29 AM
Miriam Clancy - Cat in the Dark
Miriam Clancy Cat in the Dark N
Astronomy Desert Road Records 2019 Pop
6:34 AM
Begonia - Cold Fire
Begonia Cold Fire N
Fear Rex Baby Records 2019 Pop
Nov 11 @ Songbyrd Music House
6:38 AM
Dominic Sen - Can't Tell You
Dominic Sen Can't Tell You N
Visitor Roll Call Records 2019 Pop
6:42 AM
Tegan and Sara - Hey, I'm Just Like You
Tegan and Sara Hey, I'm Just Like You N
Hey, I'm Just Like You Sire 2019 Alternative
6:45 AM
Men I Trust - Say Can You Hear (Album V)
Men I Trust Say Can You Hear (Album V) N
Oncle Jazz Independent 2019 Pop
Dec 19 @ 9:30 Club
6:48 AM
Rhi - It Was Love
Rhi It Was Love N
The Pale Queen Tru Thoughts 2019 Electronic
6:53 AM
Rituals of Mine - BURST
Rituals of Mine BURST N
SLEEPER HOLD - Single Carpark Records 2019 Electronic
6:55 AM
Fix - City Lights
Fix City Lights N
Fix - EP Killroom Records 2019 Indie Pop
6:59 AM
Sui Zhen - Natural Progression
Sui Zhen Natural Progression N
Losing, Linda Dot Dash Recordings 2019 Electronic
7:05 AM
Common Holly - Joshua Snakes
Common Holly Joshua Snakes N
When I Say to You Black Lightning Dalliance Recordings 2019 Singer/Songwriter
Dec 3 @ Pie Shop
7:08 AM
Paragon Cause - Save Me
Paragon Cause Save Me N
Lies Between Us - EP Independent 2019 Pop
7:12 AM
Automatic - Calling It
Automatic Calling It N
Signal Stones Throw Records 2019 Alternative
Nov 24 @ Black Cat
7:14 AM
SIS - Bitter Cherry
SIS Bitter Cherry N
Gas Station Roses Native Cat Recordings 2019 Alternative
7:19 AM
Snoh Aalegra - Situationship
Snoh Aalegra Situationship N
- Ugh, those feels again Artium Recordings, LLC 2019 R&B/Soul
Nov 27 @ The Fillmore Silver Spring
7:22 AM
Brittany Howard - History Repeats
Brittany Howard History Repeats N
Jaime ATO Records / Fontana North 2019 Alternative
7:27 AM
Sylvia Black - Only Lovers
Sylvia Black Only Lovers N
Twilight Animals self-released 2019 Pop
7:31 AM
Marika Hackman - blow
Marika Hackman blow N
Any Human Friend (Acoustic EP) Sub Pop Records 2019 Alternative
7:34 AM
Chastity Belt - Rav-4
Chastity Belt Rav-4 N
Chastity Belt Hardly Art 2019 Alternative
Nov 15 @ U Street Music Hall
7:38 AM
Erthlings - Cuts & Bruises
Erthlings Cuts & Bruises N
Indigo - EP Future Classic 2019 Rock
7:42 AM
Angel Olsen - All Mirrors
Angel Olsen All Mirrors N
All Mirrors Jagjaguwar 2019 Alternative
Nov 1 & 2 @ Lincoln Theatre
7:47 AM
Vivian Girls - Something To Do
Vivian Girls Something To Do N
Memory Yacca 2019 Alternative
7:50 AM
Olivia Jean - In Two
Olivia Jean In Two N
Night Owl Third Man Records LLC 2019 Alternative
Nov 11 @ Steady Sounds
7:54 AM
Kim Gordon - Air BnB
Kim Gordon Air BnB N
No Home Record Matador 2019 Alternative