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Midbest, or Midworst?

Oct 5, 2022 6:00 PM โ€“ 7:00 PM


With Lily

Midbest, or Midworst? Is an exploration of the niche quirks that make the midwest so fascinating (and slightly terrifying). Each week teach a guest about one specific Midwestern town, providing factual information, history, and silly anecdotes . The two sections will be separated by a short talk break in which I will play music from an artist native to the episode's subject, spawning a short conversation about the town's music scene. The show concludes with my guest and I deciding whether or not the town will be added to our travel bucket list, effectively labeling it as either Midbest, or Midworst.

Midbest, or Midworst?
6:57 PM
David K. Martin - WSUM DJ Services
David K. Martin WSUM DJ Services
6:57 PM
Evan Boyd - Drinking and Driving PSA
Evan Boyd Drinking and Driving PSA
6:58 PM
Them Airs - Exploded Whip
Them Airs Exploded Whip
Exploded Whip