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Nov 21, 2021 12:00 PM – 2:00 PM


With Veronica

Go piss girl, one does not simply, and minions, OH MY! From memes, streams and everything in between Unverified explores present, past, and future internet trends. We will ask, and hopefully answer, what was 2010’s hold on the mustache graphic? Where is Alex from Target? How has TikTok affected the music industry? What emerging platforms are small content creatures venturing towards? The music accompanying each episode will correlate to the time period surrounding the specific internet trends explored. Unverified navigates how the internet influences our day-to-day life and the possibilities it presents for creators. The structure of Unverified is thirty minutes talk, thirty minute music; repeat. Dipped in nostalgia and deep fried, just like our memes, Unverified is due for some Ligma… “What’s ligma?”...

12:00 PM
Wet Leg - Wet Dream
Wet Leg Wet Dream Rhian Teasdale, Hester Chambers, Joshua Omead Mobaraki
Wet Dream Domino Recording Co 2021 GBCEL2100487
12:02 PM
Inner Wave - Fever
Inner Wave Fever
Apoptosis MERLIN - Inner Wave 2021 GBKPL2154581
12:05 PM
girlhouse - boundary issues
girlhouse boundary issues
the second ep Secret Road Records 2021 QZ4R92100018