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Danny Devishow

Sep 30, 2019 12:00 AM – 2:00 AM


With DJack

An in depth look at the inner workings of the ideal man: Danny Devito. Danny Devishow will be an honoring of everything this cultural icon has done over his multi-decade career. Each week we’ll take a new quote from the man himself and center the entire two hour show around it, building a playlist off the quote while also dissecting its meaning and looking at how its fits with Danny’s overall role in American history.

Danny Devishow
12:00 AM
Runnerup - Unsurprising Line
Runnerup Unsurprising Line
Happy to Be Here Dubious Music Group 2019 QZ8LD1969149
1:14 AM
Chastity Belt - Effort
Chastity Belt Effort
Chastity Belt Hardly Art 2019 USHF31911703
1:19 AM
Djo - Personal Lies
Djo Personal Lies
Twenty Twenty DJO 2019 GBKPL1963384
1:24 AM
Soccer Mommy - lucy
Soccer Mommy lucy
lucy Loma Vista Recordings 2019 USC4R1902819
1:29 AM
The Shelters - Tangled Up
The Shelters Tangled Up
Jupiter Sidecar Warner Records 2019 USWB11901341
1:33 AM
Jeremy Ivey - Diamonds Back To Coal
Jeremy Ivey Diamonds Back To Coal
Diamonds Back To Coal Anti/Epitaph USEP41921001
1:37 AM
Jay Som - Tenderness
Jay Som Tenderness
Tenderness Tugboat Records 2019 US3R41939006
1:41 AM
MIKA - Tomorrow
MIKA Tomorrow
Tomorrow Republic Records 2019 USUM71915942
1:45 AM
Keane - Stupid Things
Keane Stupid Things
Cause And Effect (Deluxe) Universal-Island Records Ltd. GBUM71902506
1:49 AM
Lime Cordiale - Robbery
Lime Cordiale Robbery
Robbery Chugg Music Pty Ltd 2019 AUCZC1900004
1:53 AM
Microwave - Leather Daddy
Microwave Leather Daddy
Death is a Warm Blanket Pure Noise Records 2019 USSTT1900026
1:56 AM
M83 - A Bit of Sweetness
M83 A Bit of Sweetness
DSVII Mute 2019 GB5SH1800003