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Live From The Citadel

Feb 15, 2019 8:00 PM – 12:00 AM


With DJ Metroid

Radio show dedicated to all things Metal and gaming related. We play a variety of different genres of Metal, and have in depth discussions about video games including reviews, news coverage, and impressions of upcoming games. For fans of Neurosis, Periphery, Converge, Gorguts, Emperor, Dying Fetus and a ton of other great bands. Also for fans of Fighting Games, RPGs, FPS, etc. Tune in every Friday 8:00 to 12:00pm on 91.5 WUML Lowell. Or stream it online at wuml.org

Live From The Citadel
12:20 AM
Amenra - Children of the Eye
Amenra Children of the Eye
Mass VI Neurot Recordings 2017 CD Heavy Metal TCADG1760764
12:15 AM
Downfall Of Gaia - The Grotesque Illusion of Being
Downfall Of Gaia The Grotesque Illusion of Being N
Ethic of Radical Finitude Metal Blade Records 2019 Heavy Metal USMBR1813418
12:11 AM
Krallice - Retrogenesis
Krallice Retrogenesis N
Loüm Hathenter 2017 Heavy Metal USHM91794814
12:07 AM
Soilwork - Full Moon Shoals
Soilwork Full Moon Shoals N
Verkligheten Nuclear Blast 2019 CD Heavy Metal SMRUS0056622
11:44 PM
PSA1 - mental health friends
PSA1 mental health friends
Mental Health Friends
11:41 PM
WristMeetRazor - In Line for Halos
WristMeetRazor In Line for Halos N
Misery Never Forgets Prosthetic Records 2019 Heavy Metal USERN1009877
11:37 PM
Incendiary - Front Toward Enemy
Incendiary Front Toward Enemy
Thousand Mile Stare Closed Casket Activities 2017 CD Heavy Metal USQY51728020
11:33 PM
Cloudburst - Crimson Mask
Cloudburst Crimson Mask N
Cloudburst Samstrong Records 2018 CD Heavy Metal TCADX1885709
11:28 PM
Zao - Transmission 1: I Saw the End
Zao Transmission 1: I Saw the End N
Decoding Transmissions from the Möbius Strip - Single Rock QM4KN1800101
11:23 PM
The Foreign Resort - Outnumbered
The Foreign Resort Outnumbered N
Outnumbered - Single Artoffact Records 2019 Rock QM7281881068
11:18 PM
LeBrock - Real Thing
LeBrock Real Thing N
Real Thing (Remastered) FiXT 2019 Electronic QM5LC1900007
11:14 PM
Leprous - Angel
Leprous Angel N
Angel (Cover Version) - Single InsideOutMusic Heavy Metal GBDHC1779215
11:09 PM
Good Tiger - Float On
Good Tiger Float On
We Will All Be Gone Metal Blade Records 2018 Rock USMBR1712479
10:31 PM
PSA2 - energy hogs
PSA2 energy hogs
Energy Hogs
10:30 PM
PSA1 - Asthma (Spanish)
PSA1 Asthma (Spanish)
Ad Council Roadrunner 1998 CD
10:25 PM
Astronoid - Breathe
Astronoid Breathe N
Astronoid Blood Music 2019 Heavy Metal TCADX1876482
10:18 PM
Inferi - Condemned Assailant
Inferi Condemned Assailant
Revenant The Artisan Era 2018 Heavy Metal QM3LS1800010
10:15 PM
After The Burial - Bread Crumbs and White Stones
After The Burial Bread Crumbs and White Stones
In Dreams Sumerian Records 2010 MP3 Heavy Metal USYFZ0903804
10:10 PM
Artificial Brain - Static Shattering
Artificial Brain Static Shattering
Infrared Horizon Profound Lore 2017 MP3 Heavy Metal USN681710021
10:06 PM
Change Of Loyalty - Unexpected (Instrumental)
Change Of Loyalty Unexpected (Instrumental)
Breathtaker (Instrumental) Change of Loyalty 2018 Rock TCADM1831313
10:03 PM
Desecravity - Bloodthirsty Brutes
Desecravity Bloodthirsty Brutes N
Anathema WILLOWTIP INC. (WTP) 2019 Heavy Metal USRMX1800070
9:50 PM
Inter Arma - Citadel
Inter Arma Citadel N
Sulphur English Relapse Records 2019 Heavy Metal US2641941003

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