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Nerd Sandwich

Dec 19, 2018 4:00 PM – 6:00 PM


With DJ Squid

Nerd Sandwich
4:02 PM
Pulse Emitter - Spirit Haze Zone
Pulse Emitter Spirit Haze Zone N
Xenharmonic Passages Expansive MP3 Electronic USHM91838287
4:10 PM
Lisa Bella Donna - Shapeshifter
Lisa Bella Donna Shapeshifter N
Live MP3 Electronic
4:23 PM
PSA 1 - 039
PSA 1 039
4:23 PM
PSA 2 - 038
PSA 2 038
4:25 PM
Lotus - Cold Facts
Lotus Cold Facts N
Frames Per Second Lotus Vibes Music MP3 Jazz TCADW1889275
4:33 PM
Bed. - Sleepy
Bed. Sleepy N
Replay MP3 Rock
4:39 PM
Them Are Us Too - Could Deepen
Them Are Us Too Could Deepen
Amends Dais Records MP3 Rock QM4TW1834420
4:49 PM
Reptoid - The New Reality
Reptoid The New Reality
Scum Supreme Cool Room Records / Barcop Records MP3 Electronic USHM21766522
4:53 PM
夢遊病者 - No Premature Celebrations
夢遊病者 No Premature Celebrations
一期一会 - EP Sentient Ruin Laboratories MP3 Electronic USA2P1834811
4:58 PM
Fritz Mayr - Starfield
Fritz Mayr Starfield N
Cosmic Eye MP3 Electronica
5:03 PM
Owl Power - blackwind
Owl Power blackwind N
Silver Sun MP3 Electronica
5:08 PM
Cherry Helicopter - Vengeance
Cherry Helicopter Vengeance N
Morro Bay MP3 Rock
5:12 PM
Mcleod - Bathysphere
Mcleod Bathysphere N
On the Waves of the Unsetting Sun McLeod MP3 Rock QM9AA1846286
5:26 PM
PSA1 - 035
PSA1 035
5:26 PM
PSA2 - 036
PSA2 036
5:26 PM
Spirit Was - Golden Soul
Spirit Was Golden Soul N
single MP3 Rock
5:27 PM
Outstation - Behold the Man
Outstation Behold the Man N
The End of All Songs 603765 Records DK MP3 Electronic QZES91824088
5:33 PM
Vevil - Вдоль алых стен
Vevil Вдоль алых стен N
Цинизм MP3 Electronic
5:37 PM
N-1 - Porn Ojochen
N-1 Porn Ojochen N
Die dunkle Reise des Prinz von LeckErMich MP3 Rock
5:42 PM
Space Paranoids - Elephannibal
Space Paranoids Elephannibal N
High Tales EdisonBox Records MP3 Rock GBSMU5646249