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The Spaghetti Spectrum

Feb 2, 2018 4:00 PM – 6:00 PM

Hodge Podge

With DJ Coolins

spa·ghet·ti (spəˈɡedē) noun - something thats weird in one way or another Here at the Spaghetti Spectrum, we like to analyze the full range of spaghetti music, from weird rock to weird jazz to weird folk to weird edm. None of us know what's happening ever. Everybody is yelling and there doesn't seem to be a reason why.
The Spaghetti Spectrum
4:09 PM
Oysterhead - Mr. Oysterhead
Oysterhead Mr. Oysterhead
The Grand Pecking Order Elektra United States, www.luckyboys.com 2000 CD Rock USEE10100834
4:10 PM
Bully - Milkman
Bully Milkman
Bully Bully MP3 Rock
4:19 PM
Bell's Roar - Live Set!
Bell's Roar Live Set!
Live Set!
4:23 PM
Oldsoul - good girl
Oldsoul good girl L N
Coy Counter Intuitive Records 2018 MP3 Rock QZAPG1832632
4:46 PM
4:46 PM
PSA - Monsters
PSA Monsters
Monsters Other
4:47 PM
Hop Along - The Knock
Hop Along The Knock
Painted Shut saddle creek USA, www.saddle-creek.com 2015 MP3 Rock US2U61521801
4:48 PM
Speedy Ortiz - Pioneer Spine
Speedy Ortiz Pioneer Spine L
Major Arcana Stop Start 2013 MP3 Rock US22N1308701
4:55 PM
Vitamin Sun - burgundy
Vitamin Sun burgundy L N
For You, Out of You 2018 MP3 Rock
5:04 PM
Kamasi Washington - desire
Kamasi Washington desire
Harmony of Difference Young Turks Recordings MP3 Jazz UK7MC1700131
5:06 PM
NO BS! Brass - 3am Bounce
NO BS! Brass 3am Bounce
Brass Knuckles NO BS! Brass Jazz TCACI1569316
5:28 PM
Grant Green - I Am Somebody
Grant Green I Am Somebody
Live At The Club Mozambique QM38F1600033
5:37 PM
Grant Green - Sookie, Sookie
Grant Green Sookie, Sookie
aLIVE! 1970
5:48 PM
Grant Green - Hey Western Union Man
Grant Green Hey Western Union Man
aLIVE! 1970
5:53 PM
The Dandy Warhols - sleep
The Dandy Warhols sleep
Thirteen Tales From Urban Bohemia capitol USA, www.capitolrecords.com/ 2000 MP3 Rock USCA20000238
5:54 PM
PSA 3 & PSA 4 - Questions are the Answer
PSA 3 & PSA 4 Questions are the Answer
3 & 4 Brownswood Recordings Live Rock