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Noise @ Nine

Jul 18, 2019 9:00 PM – 11:00 PM

Hodge Podge

With Ciara Lanman

Noise @ Nine broadcasts a mix of new music for those who tune in. Current events in the music world are discussed along with album and concert reviews. Come for the tunes, stay for the friendship.

Noise @ Nine
9:35 PM
9:36 PM
9:37 PM
Toro y Moi - Ordinary Pleasure
Toro y Moi Ordinary Pleasure
Outer Peace Carpark Records 2019 MP3 US22N1913102
9:39 PM
Fish House - Better For It
Fish House Better For It L N
Better For It MP3
9:43 PM
Friendly Fires - Silhouettes
Friendly Fires Silhouettes N
Silhouettes MP3
9:50 PM
Hand Habits - Flower Glass
Hand Habits Flower Glass
Wildly Idle (Humble Before the Void) Woodsist 2017 MP3
9:50 PM
Antarctigo Vespucci - Kimmy
Antarctigo Vespucci Kimmy
Love in the Time of E-Mail Big Scary Monsters 2018 MP3 Punk US3R41836902
9:53 PM
Palehound - Bullshit
Palehound Bullshit L N
Black Friday Sydvolio Records 2019 US3R41938607
9:56 PM
Hatchie - Stay With Me
Hatchie Stay With Me N
Stay With Me MP3
10:02 PM
Antarctigo Vespucci - White Noise
Antarctigo Vespucci White Noise
Love in the Time of E-Mail Polyvinyl Records 2018 US3R41836903
10:04 PM
Wye Oak - You of All People
Wye Oak You of All People
The Louder I Call, The Faster It Runs Merge Records 2018 MP3 USMRG1861510
10:23 PM
Surf Curse - Disco
Surf Curse Disco N
Disco MP3
10:24 PM
A.O. Gerber - Strangers
A.O. Gerber Strangers
Strangers MP3
10:29 PM
Snail Mail - Heat Wave
Snail Mail Heat Wave
Lush Matador 2018 MP3 USMTD1811093
10:34 PM
Bay Faction - Sopping
Bay Faction Sopping
Florida Guilt MP3
10:40 PM
Vundabar - Acetone
Vundabar Acetone L
Acetone - Single Gawk Records 2017 MP3 Rock TCADH1797458
10:40 PM
Make Friends - Ellie
Make Friends Ellie N
Ellie - Single Funnel Music 2019 MP3 UKGBT1900005
10:44 PM
Far Caspian - Conversations
Far Caspian Conversations N
Conversations - Single Dance To The Radio 2019 GBLDX1900001
10:47 PM
Callum Minks - Dreamland
Callum Minks Dreamland N
Dreamland - Single Callum Minks 2019 CAENV1989000
10:53 PM
10:53 PM
10:58 PM
Gordi - Taken Blame
Gordi Taken Blame
Clever Disguise - EP Jagjaguwar 2016 MP3 AUKWC1400003