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Jul 28, 2019 9:00 PM – 10:00 PM

Hodge Podge

With dj duckie

If it walks like a duck, talks like a duck, and listens to Kevin Abstract, its probably the best radio station around.

9:12 PM
Lucy Dacus - I Don't Wanna Be Funny Anymore
Lucy Dacus I Don't Wanna Be Funny Anymore
No Burden Egghunt Records 2016 MP3 Rock USWEX1600000
9:14 PM
Beach Bunny - Prom Queen
Beach Bunny Prom Queen
Prom Queen - EP Beach Bunny Music 2018 MP3 Rock QM99V1813403
9:17 PM
Big Thief - Masterpiece
Big Thief Masterpiece
Masterpiece Saddle Creek 2016 Rock US2U61623302
9:21 PM
King Princess - Useless Phrases
King Princess Useless Phrases N
Useless Phrases/Cheap Queen - Single Columbia Records/Zelig Records, LLC. 2019 USSM11903559
9:21 PM
Wildhart - Alley
Wildhart Alley
Shine Gaphals 2016 SE3D71600909
9:24 PM
Soccer Mommy - Last Girl
Soccer Mommy Last Girl
Clean Fat Possum 2017 MP3 USFP71765206
9:28 PM
Mahalia - Simmer (feat. Burna Boy)
Mahalia Simmer (feat. Burna Boy) N
Love and Compromise Atlantic Records UK 2019 Soul GBAHS1900857
9:30 PM
Mitski - Why Didn't You Stop Me?
Mitski Why Didn't You Stop Me?
Be the Cowboy Dead Oceans 2018 MP3 Rock USJ5G1815002
9:33 PM
Phoebe Bridgers - You Missed My Heart
Phoebe Bridgers You Missed My Heart
Stranger in the Alps Dead Oceans 2017 USJ5G1714210
9:41 PM
Promo - 1
Promo 1
9:44 PM
Sir Babygirl - Praying
Sir Babygirl Praying N
Praying - Single Father/Daughter Records QMFD41900024
9:45 PM
PSA - 028
PSA 028
9:45 PM
psa - 036
psa 036
9:48 PM
Florist - Ocean Arms
Florist Ocean Arms N
Emily Alone Double Double Whammy 2019 QZAZS1906105