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Live From The Citadel

Oct 4, 2019 10:00 PM – 12:00 AM


With DJ Metroid

Radio show dedicated to all things Metal and gaming related. We play a variety of different genres of Metal, and have in depth discussions about video games including reviews, news coverage, and impressions of upcoming games. For fans of Neurosis, Periphery, Converge, Gorguts, Emperor, Dying Fetus and a ton of other great bands. Also for fans of Fighting Games, RPGs, FPS, etc. Tune in every Friday 8:00 to 12:00pm on 91.5 WUML Lowell. Or stream it online at wuml.org

Live From The Citadel
10:04 PM
Veil of Maya - Members Only
Veil of Maya Members Only N
Members Only - Single Sumerian Records 2019 Rock USYFZ1923901
10:15 PM
Northlane - Eclipse
Northlane Eclipse N
Alien UNFD 2019 Heavy Metal AUI441900085
10:19 PM
Textures - Touching the Absolute
Textures Touching the Absolute
Drawing Circles Listenable records 2005 CD Heavy Metal FR6V80519529
10:26 PM
Jinjer - Judgement (& Punishment)
Jinjer Judgement (& Punishment) N
Macro Napalm Records Handels GmbH 2019 Heavy Metal ATN261981803
10:31 PM
Architects - Doomsday
Architects Doomsday
Holy Hell Epitaph 2018 Rock USEP41827047
10:35 PM
Monuments - Celeste
Monuments Celeste
Phronesis Century Media 2018 Heavy Metal GBDHC1804108
10:38 PM
Pathogenic - We Weep Only for Ourselves
Pathogenic We Weep Only for Ourselves L N
Pathogenic Pathogenic 2019 Rock TCAEK1918556
10:46 PM
10:47 PM
PSA2 - "Speak Up"
PSA2 "Speak Up"
Ad Council WMFO 91.5 FM USA CD Heavy Metal
11:19 PM
Gatecreeper - Everlasting
Gatecreeper Everlasting N
Deserted Relapse Records 2019 Heavy Metal US2641943505
11:22 PM
Napalm Death - Quarantined
Napalm Death Quarantined
Utilitarian Century Media 2012 Heavy Metal US4E41286506
11:24 PM
Devourment - Profane Contagion
Devourment Profane Contagion N
Obscene Majesty Heavy Metal US2641942505
11:31 PM
Skeletonwitch - Serpents Unleashed
Skeletonwitch Serpents Unleashed
Serpents Unleashed Prosthetic United States, www.deathwishinc.com 2013 CD Heavy Metal USERN1008493
11:37 PM
Fuming Mouth - Burning Hand
Fuming Mouth Burning Hand L
The Grand Descent Triple B Records 2019 Heavy Metal QMCE71302284
11:42 PM
Wrvth - Pirouette of Hysterics
Wrvth Pirouette of Hysterics N
No Rising Sun Unique Leader Records 2019 QM6MZ1994735
11:48 PM
Conjurer - Hollow
Conjurer Hollow
Mire Heavy Metal GBMLT1501026
11:55 PM
PSA1 - "Know The Signs"
PSA1 "Know The Signs"
Spoken (RED) Modern Outsider Records 2012 Other
11:56 PM
PSA2 - energy hogs
PSA2 energy hogs
Energy Hogs
11:59 PM
Remorseful - Through No Pollution
Remorseful Through No Pollution L N
Exit Remorseful 2019 Heavy Metal QZHZ31975035
12:11 AM
Cult of Luna - Lay Your Head to Rest
Cult of Luna Lay Your Head to Rest N
A Dawn to Fear Metal Blade Records 2019 Heavy Metal USMBR1913728