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Coolin' with Cam 10/23

Oct 23, 2019 2:00 PM – 4:00 PM


Coolin' with Cam 10/23
2:10 PM
Microwave - But Not Often
Microwave But Not Often
Split - EP SIDE ONE-EMI 2015 Rock USA6G1559605
2:10 PM
Fireworks - Arrows
Fireworks Arrows
Gospel Triple Crown Records 2011 US72W1110798
2:11 PM
Sugarcult - Memory
Sugarcult Memory
Memory - Single Fearless Records / Sheridan Square Records 2004 Rock USAR50412571
2:17 PM
Sticky Fingers - Lazerhead
Sticky Fingers Lazerhead
Land of Pleasure Goomah Music 2014 Rock AUMGB1400045
2:30 PM
Modern Baseball - The Weekend
Modern Baseball The Weekend
Sports Lame-O Records 2012 Rock USX9P1213651
2:30 PM
Cinema - Sunlight
Cinema Sunlight
Sunlight - Single Olympia Records 2016 UKBPZ1600014
2:30 PM
WVNDER - Counterpart
WVNDER Counterpart
Wander We Are Triumphant Records 2014 QMMUK1400187
2:31 PM
Turnover - Cutting My Fingers Off
Turnover Cutting My Fingers Off
Peripheral Vision Run For Cover Records, LLC 2015 MP3 Rock QMCE71300245
2:41 PM
Bilmuri - Timing
Bilmuri Timing
Bilmuri Bilmuri 2016 Rock TCACP1685515
2:41 PM
The Shamblés - Far from the Tree
The Shamblés Far from the Tree
Hungry Planet The Shamblés 2016 GBMJG1615844
2:42 PM
Hands Like Houses - recollect (Shapeshifters)
Hands Like Houses recollect (Shapeshifters)
reimagine - EP Rise Records 2014 USEK71425001
2:44 PM
The Maine - Taxi
The Maine Taxi
Lovely Little Lonely 8123 2017 Rock QMEU31700198
2:48 PM
PSA: PSA-008
2:48 PM
PSA: PSA-009
2:54 PM
Grayscale - Atlantic
Grayscale Atlantic
Adornment Fearless Records UK, www.matadorrecords.com/ 2017 Rock US5261722552
2:55 PM
Hands Like Houses - Motion Sickness
Hands Like Houses Motion Sickness
Dissonants UNFD 2016 Rock USEK71528709
2:56 PM
Angie McMahon - Slow Mover
Angie McMahon Slow Mover
Slow Mover - Single Dualtone Music Group, Inc. 2019 GBKPL1789869
2:59 PM
The Maine - Miles Away
The Maine Miles Away
American Candy 8123 2015 QMHPC1300078
3:15 PM
Speak Low If You Speak Love - Eight Weeks
Speak Low If You Speak Love Eight Weeks
Everything but What You Need Pure Noise Records 2015 Rock USSTT1500040
3:16 PM
Sticky Fingers - Bootleg Rascal
Sticky Fingers Bootleg Rascal
Caress Your Soul SureShaker Music 2013 AUUR11300054
3:16 PM
Ocean Alley - Confidence
Ocean Alley Confidence
Confidence - Single Ocean Alley 2018 Rock QM99V1905505
3:17 PM
Sticky Fingers - Hell & Back
Sticky Fingers Hell & Back
Happy Endings - EP SureShaker Music 2011 AUUR11100043
3:17 PM
Bearings - Aforementioned
Bearings Aforementioned
Blue in the Dark Pure Noise Records 2018 Rock USSTT1800032
3:21 PM
Mako Road - The Sun Comes Up
Mako Road The Sun Comes Up
The Sun Comes Up - Single Spinnup 2017 SE3OH1738652
3:28 PM
Bearings - I Feel It All
Bearings I Feel It All
So Damn Wrong / I Feel It All - Single Pure Noise Records 2019 Rock USSTT1900242
3:29 PM
Hippo Campus - epitaph
Hippo Campus epitaph
Landmark Grand Jury (RED) 2016 QM5BK1600113
3:49 PM
Oh Malô - Miss You
Oh Malô Miss You
As We Were Oh Malô 2016 Rock TCACF1560315
3:49 PM
Sex Bob-Omb - Threshold
Sex Bob-Omb Threshold
Scott Pilgrim vs. the World (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) [Deluxe Version] ABKCO (US) 2010 Rock US3841000023
3:54 PM
Twin Wild - Fears
Twin Wild Fears
Fears - Single TW Records 2014 Rock FR4GL1121775
3:54 PM
Vistas - Retrospect
Vistas Retrospect
Retrospect - Single Lab Records 2017 GB8MX1700521
3:55 PM
The Hunna - She's Casual
The Hunna She's Casual
100 (Deluxe) WM Germany 2017 GBB6K1500010
3:55 PM
Moose Blood - Cheek
Moose Blood Cheek
Blush Hopeless Records, Inc. 2016 Rock USHR21610306
3:55 PM
PSA: PSA-006
3:56 PM
PSA: PSA-007