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Live From The Citadel

Nov 1, 2019 10:00 PM – 12:00 AM


With DJ Metroid

Radio show dedicated to all things Metal and gaming related. We play a variety of different genres of Metal, and have in depth discussions about video games including reviews, news coverage, and impressions of upcoming games. For fans of Neurosis, Periphery, Converge, Gorguts, Emperor, Dying Fetus and a ton of other great bands. Also for fans of Fighting Games, RPGs, FPS, etc. Tune in every Friday 8:00 to 12:00pm on 91.5 WUML Lowell. Or stream it online at wuml.org

Live From The Citadel
9:40 PM
Boris - Away from You
Boris Away from You N
LOVE & EVOL Heavy Metal US3JJ1900208
9:47 PM
Converge - Melancholia
Converge Melancholia
Beautiful Ruin - EP Epitaph 2018 Rock USEP41730019
9:49 PM
Husbandry - Lupus Dei
Husbandry Lupus Dei N
A Port in a Storm Husbandry 2019 Rock QMAAK1948789
9:53 PM
Deafheaven - Black Brick
Deafheaven Black Brick
Black Brick - Single Anti/Epitaph 2019 Rock USEP41909002
10:00 PM
Carnifex - Condemned To Decay
Carnifex Condemned To Decay
Die Without Hope DED831300812
10:03 PM
Lazer/Wulf - The Triple Trap
Lazer/Wulf The Triple Trap
The Beast of Left and Right Retro Futurist 2014 Rock QMEU31400006
10:06 PM
T.O.M.B. - Decapitation of the Gods
T.O.M.B. Decapitation of the Gods N
Decapitation of the Gods
10:11 PM
Faunts - There Will Be Blood
Faunts There Will Be Blood N
There Will Be Blood - Single Kinsella Recordings 2019 Electronic USHM91978673
10:18 PM
PSA1 - "Fight Global Warming"
PSA1 "Fight Global Warming"
Spoken (RED) Modern Outsider Records 2012 Other
10:19 PM
PSA2 - energy hogs
PSA2 energy hogs
Energy Hogs
10:41 PM
Fit For An Autopsy - Napalm Dreams
Fit For An Autopsy Napalm Dreams N
The Sea of Tragic Beasts Nuclear Blast 2019 Heavy Metal DED831900787
10:45 PM
Polyphia - Inferno
Polyphia Inferno N
Sony Music Entertainment(Japan)Inc. 2017 Rock
10:47 PM
Haunter - Subversion of a Heathen Tongue
Haunter Subversion of a Heathen Tongue N
Sacramental Death Qualia I, Voidhanger Records 2019 Rock JMA271907736
10:54 PM
Jinjer - Retrospection
Jinjer Retrospection N
Macro Heavy Metal ATN261981804
10:59 PM
Horrendous - Polaris
Horrendous Polaris
Anareta Dark Descent Records 2015 QM6P41528697
11:03 PM
Alcest - Protection
Alcest Protection N
Spiritual Instinct Nuclear Blast 2019 Heavy Metal DED831900758
11:09 PM
Gatecreeper - Sweltering Madness
Gatecreeper Sweltering Madness N
Deserted Relapse Records 2019 Heavy Metal QM7281748193
11:14 PM
TesseracT - Survival
TesseracT Survival
Polaris Kscope 2015 MP3 Heavy Metal GBCQV1500229
11:19 PM
PSA1 - Buckle Up!
PSA1 Buckle Up!
Ad Council Roadrunner USA, www.nuclearblastusa.com 1998 CD
11:20 PM
PSA2 - Aarp
PSA2 Aarp
11:47 PM
Cult of Luna - The Silent Man
Cult of Luna The Silent Man N
A Dawn to Fear Metal Blade Records 2019 Heavy Metal USMBR1913727
11:59 PM
CloudKicker - Avalanche
CloudKicker Avalanche
The Discovery Heavy Metal TCABM1361298