WUOG 90.5FM Athens, GA

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WUOG 90.5FM is the University of Georgia's student-run radio station.

WUOG 90.5FM Athens, GA

Bleeps and Bloops

Feb 10, 2020 5:30 PM – 6:00 PM

Specialty Show

With DJ National Disgrace

Original chiptune music with occasional DJ remixes

Bleeps and Bloops
5:34 PM
Disasterpeace - Sync
Disasterpeace Sync
Fez Disasterpeace 2012 USCGJ1255363
5:35 PM
Dunderpatrullen - To the Moon (feat. Fantomen K)
Dunderpatrullen To the Moon (feat. Fantomen K)
Keygeneration BeardMonster - X5 Music Group 2015 SE34N1400111
5:39 PM
Trey Frey - Phantasmagoria
Trey Frey Phantasmagoria
Refresh Thebasebit Recordings 2014 USCGH1470326
5:43 PM
Chipzel - Only Human
Chipzel Only Human
Spectra Chipzel 2013 USHM81378729
5:47 PM
PSAs & Promos
5:49 PM
Unicorn Kid - Boys of Paradise
Unicorn Kid Boys of Paradise
Tidal Rave EP Cool Records 2011 USUS11100449
5:53 PM
Starscream - Pegasus
Starscream Pegasus
Pegasus - EP Starscream 2011 TCAAU1160439
5:58 PM
Slime Girls - Video Girl
Slime Girls Video Girl
Heart On Wave - Single Zoom Lens 2014 USJ3V1316981