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WUOG 90.5FM Athens, GA

Powerpunk Girls

Sep 15, 2022 11:00 PM – 12:00 AM

Specialty Show

With DJ fmrl

Powerpunk Girls
11:03 PM
Live ID
11:03 PM
Anna Tsuchiya Inspi' Nana (Black Stones) MAD PRAY 2007 JPB600626701
11:06 PM
LAPêCHE - Mermaid Blues
LAPêCHE Mermaid Blues
Mermaid Blues - Single New Granada Records 2022 QM6N22276373
11:10 PM
Girl Pusher - Disconnect
Girl Pusher Disconnect
Singles - EP Deathbomb Arc 2016 USGWZ1610250
11:12 PM
Scrawl - You Make It a Crime
Scrawl You Make It a Crime
Nature Film Rhino/Elektra 1996 USEE19792211
11:16 PM
PSAs & Promos
11:17 PM
Jucifer - Amplifier
Jucifer Amplifier
I Name You Destroyer Velocette Records 2002 US72K0507202
11:20 PM
PJ Harvey - Sheela-na-gig
PJ Harvey Sheela-na-gig
Dry Island Records 1992 USWWW0124923
11:23 PM
Looming - Cotton Tongue
Looming Cotton Tongue
Nailbiter No Sleep Records 2015 USZZ81310414
11:27 PM
Juliana Hatfield - Swan Song
Juliana Hatfield Swan Song
Bed Ye Olde Records 2008 USPNW0810003
11:32 PM
11:32 PM
Illuminati Hotties - freequent letdown
Illuminati Hotties freequent letdown
FREE I.H: This Is Not the One You've Been Waiting for Snack Shack Tracks 2022 USC5Q2000004
11:34 PM
Kuromy - Cutie In the Mosh Pit
Kuromy Cutie In the Mosh Pit
Kuromy 3978685 Records DK2 2022 QZK6K2271242
11:37 PM
Scheer - Shea
Scheer Shea
Infliction 4AD 1996 GBAFL9600013
11:40 PM
Crying - Premonitory Dream
Crying Premonitory Dream
Beyond the Fleeting Gales Cooking Vinyl Australia 2016 QMCE71301183
11:43 PM
Discount - It's the End of the World
Discount It's the End of the World
Ataxia's Alright Tonight
11:48 PM
PSAs & Promos
11:48 PM
Elastica - Generator
Elastica Generator
The Menace Rhino Atlantic 2000 USAT20002493
11:50 PM
Mo-Dettes - Masochistic Opposite
Mo-Dettes Masochistic Opposite
Optimism / Reject (UK D-I-Y Punk and Post-Punk 1977-1981) Cherry Red Records 2019 GBBLY1902639
11:53 PM
Sleeper - Pyrotechnician
Sleeper Pyrotechnician
Smart RCA Records Label 1994 GBARL9400408
11:57 PM
Unrest - June
Unrest June
B.P.M. (1991-1994) Teen-Beat 1995 US2G99517501