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WUOG 90.5FM is the University of Georgia's student-run radio station.

WUOG 90.5FM Athens, GA

Memory Cartridge

Apr 17, 2018 5:00 PM – 6:00 PM

Specialty Show

With DJ Stirfry

Dreamy nostalgic electronic music unlocking sounds from a past life
Memory Cartridge
5:04 PM
HOME - Nosebleed
HOME Nosebleed
Before The Night 606983 Records DK2 QM4DW1609457
5:07 PM
Edmame - Amble
Edmame Amble
5:12 PM
TheOfficialLobst - Homeworld
TheOfficialLobst Homeworld
5:19 PM
SeeTwo - Lost And Found I
SeeTwo Lost And Found I
Lost And Found I
5:20 PM
HOME - Resonance (Last Island Remake)
HOME Resonance (Last Island Remake)
Resonance (Last Island Remake)
5:22 PM
Richard Alfaro - Unset
Richard Alfaro Unset
5:25 PM
Shywolve - Dream Reality
Shywolve Dream Reality
Dream Reality
5:31 PM
Maarez - luna
Maarez luna
5:36 PM
Tiger Skywave - Cerebral Drive
Tiger Skywave Cerebral Drive
Cerebral Drive
5:39 PM
Millesime - Caramel
Millesime Caramel
5:43 PM
Poetically - View Existent
Poetically View Existent
View Existent
5:50 PM
Falls - Woke Up Twice Today
Falls Woke Up Twice Today
Woke Up Twice Today
5:53 PM
Packed Rich - Shame
Packed Rich Shame
5:59 PM
Hawaii94 - Future Now
Hawaii94 Future Now
Singles 2013-2016 Hawaii94 QZAPG1813762