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WXNA is a freeform, non-commercial, listener-supported radio station created by and for the community to provide an alternative voice that reflects the rich history, and diversity of Nashville’s musical, artistic, and cultural communities.

WXNA 101.5 FM Nashville

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The Soap Radio Hour

Jul 10, 2020 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM


The Soap Radio Hour
2:06 PM
Cassowary - Superhiro
Cassowary Superhiro
Cassowary Fat Possum
2:03 PM
Pure X - How Good Does It Get
Pure X How Good Does It Get
Pure X Self-released
2:00 PM
Luke Schneider - umbra
Luke Schneider umbra L
Altar of Harmony Third Man Records

Coming up

3:00 PMRock and Roll High School (Music) with Scotty
5:00 PMHipbilly Jamboree (Music) with Randy Fox
7:00 PMBody To Body (Music) with Adam Alexis
9:00 PMPunk Not Punks (Music) with Jonni Downer
11:00 PMMode.Radio (Music) with Erica


1:00 PMSound Decisions (Music) with Michael Roark
10:00 AMEighties/Schmeighties (Music) with Edward
8:00 AMNashville Jumps (Music) with Pete
6:00 AMSet Records to Stun (Music) with Ashley and/or Grigsby
11:00 PMThe Black Ark (Music) with Dave Brown