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WXOX Louisville 97.1 FM

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7:00 AMEarly Morning Rounds (Music) with Sundroptom
8:00 AMDemocracy Now! (Talk) with Amy Goodman
9:00 AMA Little Bit Country, A Little Bit Country Club (Music) with Willie MacLean
11:00 AMAir Force One (Experimental) with DJ Jet Pilot
2:00 PMSound Therapy (Music) with Trevor Lamont


9:00 PMCutting Edges (Music) with Cutting Edges
1:00 PMKim doing At The Helm (Music) with Kimberly Sometimes
7:00 AMWild Dreams Radio (Music) with Ethan Buckler
10:00 PM...some type of way (Music) with Antonio Carlos EchevarrΓ­a
8:00 PMThe Comedown (Music) with Will & James