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LOS_Sun Revolutions

Sep 15, 2019 12:00 PM – 2:00 PM



An orbital place in the airwaves, where musician birthdays are celebrated every week, for 52 weeks. This is a NON-Genre specific program. Dig it if you can!

LOS_Sun Revolutions
12:20 PM
Barry White I'm Gonna Love You, Just a Little More Baby
Gold Island Def Jam 2000 LP USPR37307064
12:16 PM
Jimi Hendrix Midnight
War Heroes LP
DD 9/18/70
12:10 PM
B.B. King That's Why I Sing the Blues
Greatest Hits Geffen 1998 LP Blues USMC16348806
DOB 9/16/26
12:07 PM
Brother Jack McDuff Soulful Drums
Screamin' Original Jazz Classics 2009 LP Jazz FR10S1498329
DOB 9/17/26

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