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Lavender Jam

Jan 23, 2020 8:00 PM โ€“ 9:00 PM


With Anaรฏs Spin

Turn your day into a Pride paradeโ€ฆ or a Stonewall riot. Join Anaรฏs Spin on a tour through the best new music being released by artists in the LGBTQ+ community. In every language, every country, and every conceivable genre, queer folks are innovating and liberating us from musically stagnating. Weโ€™re here, weโ€™re queer, get down to it!

Lavender Jam
8:35 PM
Dounia Kinda Fun
Kinda Fun - Single DOUNIAWORLD 2019
8:31 PM
Miya Folick I Will Follow You Into the Dark Benjamin Gibbard
I Will Follow You Into the Dark - Single Terrible Records/Interscope Release 2019 USUM71915631
8:27 PM
Dizzy Fae Johnny Bravo
Free Form Mixtape Dizzy Fae, LLC 2018 GBKPL1899369
8:23 PM
Clairo Bags Rostam
Immunity FADER Label 2019 US4HB1900080
8:19 PM
forevher Secretly Canadian 2019 US38W1937305
8:15 PM
Donna Missal Jupiter
This Time Harvest Records (US1A) 2018 USUM71809268
8:12 PM
Le1f Yo
Blue Dream - EP Le1f 2018 Electronic USYBL1800868
8:06 PM
Charli XCX Shake It (feat. Big Freedia, CupcakKe, Brooke Candy & Pabllo Vittar)
Charli Asylum 2019 GBAHS1900790
8:04 PM
Elysia Crampton Nativity Elysia Crampton
Elysia Crampton - EP Break World Records 2018 Electronic USY1R1881301
8:00 PM
ARXX Intervention
Daughters of Daughters - EP ARXX 2018 Rock TCADM1882106

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