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Sep 19, 2019 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM


With Aaron Hartley

11:01 AM
Ride Eternal Recurrence
This Is Not a Safe Place Wichita Recordings 2019 GBDNH1900016

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2:00 PMWorld Mystic (Music) with DJ Devotion
3:00 PMThe AP Hour (Music) with AP Hour
4:00 PMHundred Proof Fountain (Music) with Madame Green Eyes, Captain Scratch
6:00 PMStellar Spectrograph (Music) with John Whitney
8:00 PMPure Mania (Music) with Pat Smith


9:00 AMsubspace (Music) with GG Meech
7:00 AMAracde Automatic (Music) with Noleo Fantastico
10:00 PMPARTY PANTS (Music) with Jaxon Lee Swain
6:00 PMIn the Field With Richard Fleming (unset) with Shawn
5:00 PMThe Vibe (Music) with Evan Wilson