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Alfresco A Go Go

Sep 25, 2020 12:00 PM β€“ 1:00 PM


With Rick Hudson

Alfresco A Go Go
12:04 PM
Lorelle Meets The Obsolete What’s Holding You?
Chambers Registros El Derrumbe 2019 Rock GB8FC1300005
12:12 PM
New Model Army I Love the World (2005 Remastered Version)
Thunder and Consolation (2005 Remaster) Parlophone UK 2005 GBAYE0500111
12:13 PM
The Interrupters Take Back the Power
The Interrupters (Deluxe Edition) Hellcat/Epitaph 2014 Rock USHEL1401012
12:15 PM
The Clash The Guns of Brixton
London Calling Sony Music UK 2013 GBARL1200689
12:17 PM
The Specials Running Away (Re-Recorded)
Ghost Town: Greatest Hits (Re-Recorded Versions) Cleopatra Records 2009 Reggae USA560947035
12:28 PM
The (English) Beat Mirror In the Bathroom
What Is Beat?
12:29 PM
Beat Happening Me Untamed
Dreamy K Records 1991 Rock USK110400301
12:34 PM
Billy Bragg Help Save the Youth of America
Talking with the Taxman About Poetry Cooking Vinyl 2006 GBCEC0300135
12:37 PM
Devo Gates of Steel
Freedom of Choice Warner Records 1980 USWB10000040
12:42 PM
Midnight Oil The Dead Heart
Diesel and Dust (Remastered) Columbia 1987 Rock AUBM00700712
12:49 PM
Joy Division Disorder (2019 Master)
Unknown Pleasures (2019 Master) Rhino 1979 Rock GBCRL1900025
12:52 PM
Tears for Fears Mad World
The Hurting (Remastered) EMI 1999 Rock GBF088200040
12:55 PM
The Velvet Underground Oh! Sweet Nothing (Stereo Album)
Loaded Rhino Atlantic 2015 Rock USRH11503253