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Music of Quality and Distinction

Nov 20, 2020 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM


With Alan Hall

Music of Quality and Distinction
10:03 AM
Bob Thompson Star Fire
Cocktail Mix Volume 1 Rhino Records
10:03 AM
Scott Walker The Seventh Seal Scott Walker
Scott 4 UMC (Universal Music Catalogue) 1969 GBF086900050
10:07 AM
Kirsty MacColl In These Shoes? Kirsty MacColl
Tropical Brainstorm UMC (Universal Music Catalogue) UK 1999 GBBLK9900163
10:11 AM
Burt Bacharach & Ben Folds Five Raindrops Keep Fallin' On My Head Burt Bacharach
One Amazing Night
10:14 AM
Cousteau Last Good Day of the Year
Cousteau Palm 2001 CD Rock USPA30000310
10:22 AM
Brad Brooks Why Do You Hurt Brad Brooks
God Save the City Brad Brooks 2020 MP3 QM6N22096376
10:26 AM
Peter Rand Be Who You Want to Be (feat. Ian PFT - Lyrics / Vocals / Brass, Scott Roberts - Bass / Mixing / Mastering & Nick DeNardo - Drums) Peter Rand
About Us Peter Rand 2020 MP3 QZGWX2020504
10:30 AM
Del Amitri Close Your Eyes & Think Of England Justin Currie
Fatal Mistakes Cooking Vinyl UK 2021 MP3
10:33 AM
Chris Rea Happy on the Road Chris Rea
Road Songs for Lovers BMG Rights Management (UK) Limited 2017 CD Rock GB5KW1701249
10:39 AM
Eels Are We Alright Again Everett
Earth to Dora E Works Records 2020 MP3 GBPVV2003227
10:43 AM
Gretchen's Wheel Interloper Lindsay Murray
Such Open Sky 2020 MP3
10:48 AM
Spygenius In a Garden
Man on the Sea Big Stir Records 2020 MP3 Rock QZFBB1800275
10:52 AM
The Overtures The Hollow Bells
Onceinaworld The Overtures 2020 MP3 Rock TCAEN1920204
10:56 AM
Carly Johnson Burn Your Fears
Burn Your Fears - Single 2020 MP3
11:01 AM
Gabe Close Wake Up Gabe Close
Wake Up Gabe Close 2020 CD Rock USL4R2016870
11:05 AM
Bonnie 'Prince' Billy I Have Made a Place Bonnie "Prince" Billy
I Made a Place Universal Music Australia Pty. Ltd. 2019 MP3 US58L1976305
11:09 AM
Paul Thorn Small Town Talk Paul Thorn
What the Hell Is Goin' On? Blue Rose Records 2012 CD Rock DER375057706
11:13 AM
The Crushing Violets Starless Sky
Starless Sky The Crushing Violets 2016 MP3 QM9A91621743
11:20 AM
The Frosties Since I Met You Roger Weber
A Fashionable Collection Hit A Note Records 1981 7 Inch
11:23 AM
Paul K. And The Weathermen Dear Dutch Paul K
The Killer in the Rain Moghan Music Limited 2020 CD QM4TX2015977
11:27 AM
Velvet Elvis This Could Be
Velvet Elvis Enigma Records (3) 1988 CD
11:32 AM
David Pack That Girl Is Gone David Pack
Anywhere You Go Rhino/Warner Records 1985 USWB10500088
11:38 AM
Daryl Hall Someone Like You Daryl Hall
3 Hearts In the Happy Ending Machine Legacy Recordings 1986 CD Rock USRC18607946
11:42 AM
A Girl Called Eddy Not That Sentimental Anymore Erin Moran
Been Around Elefant Records 2020 MP3 ES6641900066
11:49 AM
New Order Be a Rebel
Be a Rebel - Single Mute 2020 MP3 GBR8R2000192
11:54 AM
The Pass We Should Go
Canyons sonaBLAST! Records 2016 CD Rock USGAC1600009
11:58 AM
The Little Brothers No John Kay, Ok
River City Rumble CD
12:02 PM
Bobby Love Band Everything
One Glorious Afternoon Bobby Love 2020 CD
12:05 PM
Blackjack Davey & The Rhythm Kings Do What You Do
Blackjack Davey & The Rhythm Kings 2020 CD
12:09 PM
Laurie Jane and the 45's Talkin'
Laurie Jane and the 45's Laurie Jane and the 45's 2015 CD Blues USHM21550218
12:11 PM
Barry King Two Dollar Beer
Almost Acceptable 2009 CD
12:17 PM
The Brothers Steve Carry Me
Carry Me (Big Stir Single No. 81) - Single Big Stir Records 2020 MP3 Rock QZFBB1800354
12:20 PM
The Corner Laughers The Calculating Boy
Temescal Telegraph Big Stir Records 2020 MP3 Rock QZFBB1800294
12:23 PM
The Condors Matter of Fact
Joie De Vivre - EP Big Stir Records 2017 MP3 Rock QMAAK1744178
12:26 PM
The Armoires Pushing Forty
Zibaldone Big Stir Records 2019 MP3 Rock QZFBB1800070
12:33 PM
The Hangabouts Love Nothing
Illustrated Bird (Definitive Edition) Futureman Records 2014 CD USX9P1401950
12:34 PM
Emitt Rhodes Nights Are Lonely Emitt Rhodes
The Emitt Rhodes Recordings (1969-1973) Geffen 2009 CD USUM70964229
12:35 PM
Todd Rundgren It Wouldn't Have Made Any Difference Todd Rundgren
Something/Anything? Rhino 1972 CD Rock USRH11502659
12:39 PM
Michael Simmons Let Me Be the One Paul Williams
White Lace and Promises: The Songs of Paul Williams Curry Cuts 2018 USGTJ1800385
12:44 PM
The Clash Lost In the Supermarket Joe Strummer
London Calling BMG Music Entertainment 1979 CD
12:47 PM
Big Audio Dynamite Rock Non Stop (All Night Long)
Tighten Up, Vol. '88 Columbia/Legacy 1988 CD USSM18800568
12:51 PM
Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros Coma Girl Strummer
Streetcore BMG Rights Management (US) LLC 2003 MP3 USHEL1202022
12:56 PM
Tom Curless & the 46% You Can Try Tom Curless
Almost Ready for the Future Futureman Records USA 2020 CD Rock USDY42063779
1:00 PM
George Martin Pepperland
Yellow Submarine UMC (Universal Music Catalogue) 2009 CD GBAYE0601683