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Mythic Beat

Sep 16, 2022 10:00 PM β€“ 12:00 AM


With mythos

Join dj mythos every week mixing & discovering fresh underground breakbeats//Int'l rhythms//rare grooves & synthesizer dreams. Some genres include: classic & neo-soul, afrobeat, IDM, lounge, experimental pop, world music, hip-hop, fusion, vaporwave, UK garage, dub, funk, acid jazz, post-rock, ambient, jungle & library musics.

Mythic Beat
10:10 PM
AndrΓ© Fertier - Moving Waves
AndrΓ© Fertier Moving Waves
Spirit of France MERLIN - Spiritmuse Records 2022 Jazz
10:22 PM
Cymande - Anthracite
Cymande Anthracite
Anthracite WMG - PTKF 1973
10:37 PM
Sidsel Endresen - Travelling Still
Sidsel Endresen Travelling Still
Future Jazz From Norway Universal Music Ireland Ltd. 2001 Jazz
10:37 PM
Eivind Aarset - The String Thing
Eivind Aarset The String Thing
Light Extracts UMG - Universal Music AS 2001 Jazz
10:44 PM
Dizzie Gillespie - Matrix
Dizzie Gillespie Matrix
The Best Of Pulp Fusion Harmless Recordings 2004
10:52 PM
Kymaera - It's Too Late
Kymaera It's Too Late
It's Too Late WMG - Union Square 2006
10:55 PM
The Comet Is Coming - TECHNICOLOUR
The Comet Is Coming TECHNICOLOUR
TECHNICOLOUR Impulse! 2022
10:57 PM
Luxury Elite - Attitude
Luxury Elite Attitude
World Class Crash Symbols 2015
10:59 PM
Luxury Elite - To Bruce
Luxury Elite To Bruce
World Class Crash Symbols 2015
11:01 PM
Tornado Wallace - Kakadu
Tornado Wallace Kakadu
Falling Sun Second Circle 2017