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Dobryi Den

Nov 12, 2022 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM


With Megan & Andriy

DOBRYI DEN is a radio program hosted by Megan and Andriy Sherehiy. This program showcases the music, poetry and art of Ukraine interwoven with voices from the conflict zone and their messages for ARTxFM listeners.

Dobryi Den
12:03 PM
jesus christ gay club - pepper spray
jesus christ gay club pepper spray
surf (Remastered) элек///чество 2022
12:09 PM
Paraf - Ti Još Nisi
Paraf Ti Još Nisi
Izleti Dallas Records Croatia 2016
12:14 PM
Pankrti - Totalna revolucija
Pankrti Totalna revolucija
Zbrana dela 1977 - 1988 ZKP 2011 Rock
12:26 PM
SadSvit - Молодість
SadSvit Молодість
Cassette MERLIN - Independent 2021 Rock
12:28 PM
Валя Самурай - Скарбард Ломниця
Валя Самурай Скарбард Ломниця
Скарбард Ломниця Валя Самурай 2022
12:31 PM
Collegiate assessor - Shake
Collegiate assessor Shake
Call Ass ROCKW 2012 Rock
12:38 PM
Andrey Kiritchenko - Liberation
Andrey Kiritchenko Liberation
BiP_HOp Generation Vol.9 Bip_Hop 2008 Electronic
12:46 PM
Rodion G.A. - In Linistea Noptil
Rodion G.A. In Linistea Noptil
The Lost Tapes Strut 2013 Electronic
12:49 PM
Enchanted Hunters - Twin
Enchanted Hunters Twin
Peoria ORCHARD - Antena Krzyku / Opensources 2012 Rock
12:57 PM
Piotr Kurek - Polygome
Piotr Kurek Polygome
Polygome Hands In The Dark 2019