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Art Is For Everyone

Jun 23, 2019 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM


Squallis Puppeteers presents "Art Is For Everyone" on ArtFM.

Bits, schticks, music and stories for everybody, presented by actual Squallis puppets. Suspended your disbelief and unleash the creative mind every Sunday morning from 10-10am.

Hoted by Joee Conroy

Art Is For Everyone
10:00 AM
Santana Africa Speaks (feat. Buika) Santana/Axelrod/Bulka
Africa Speaks Concord Records 2019 Rock USC4R1906860
10:07 AM
Robert Plant Life Begin Again Emmerson, McNally, Lionaird, Russell
Sixty Six to Timbuktu
10:13 AM
Alain Blesing Mumps(Extracts) Dave Stewart
Songs from the Beginning Musea 2007 Rock FR10E0901610
10:23 AM
Carlene Carter Too Proud Carlene Carter
Musical Shapes Rhino/Warner Records 1980 USWB10503918
10:36 AM
Soup Songs The Duchess Robert Wyatt
Soup Songs Jazzprint
10:43 AM
Daevid Allen Why Do We Treat Ourselves Like We Do? Daevid Allen
Now Is The Happiest Time Of Our Life Charly Records 2006 GBAWA0377972
10:49 AM
Jon Rose Table 2 Jon Rose/Derek Bailey
Violin Music For Resturaunts ReR
10:55 AM
The Moody Blues In the Beginning Graeme Edge
On the Threshold of a Dream (Digitally Remastered) UMC (Universal Music Catalogue) 1969 Rock GBA176900030
10:58 AM
The Moody Blues Lovely to See You Justin Hayward
On the Threshold of a Dream UMC (Universal Music Catalogue) CD Rock GBA176900040