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Jun 27, 2019 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM


With Aaron Hartley

11:00 AM
Flying Lotus Land of Honey (feat. Solange)
Flamagra Warp Records 2019 Electronic GBBPW1900075
11:04 AM
Throbbing Gristle What a Day
20 Jazz Funk Greats Mute 2017 GBYFG1100051
11:08 AM
Drexciya Mission to Ociya Syndor and Back
Harnessed the Storm Tresor Records 2010 Electronic DEF270218107
11:14 AM
Olan Mill Winter Of The Electric Beach
Half Seas Over - EP 1631 Recordings 2017 Electronic SEYTP1630101
11:20 AM
Suzanne Ciani Concert at Phil Niblock's Loft
Buchla Concerts 1975 (Live) Finders Keepers Records 2016 Electronic GBRNP1600015
11:40 AM
Astrobrite Peachfuzz
Crush Clairecords 2005 Rock USBHM0510020
11:46 AM
Pelican Full Moon, Black Water
Nighttime Stories (RED) Southern Lord 2019 USZPA0901774
11:55 AM
Bowery Electric Beat
Beat Kranky 1996 USI4R0401646