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Freak and Swing and Rock and Roll

Oct 25, 2019 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM


With Don Dean

Freak and Swing and Rock and Roll: When you absolutely, positively, need to foment revolution, and other fun stuff.

10.25.2019_FSRR_The Briefcase and the Codes. Happy Halloween.

Freak and Swing and Rock and Roll
6:05 PM
John Carpenter Halloween Theme - Main Title Carpenter
Halloween (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) Halloween 2010 TCAAR1072726
6:08 PM
Penderecki Threnody for the Victims of Hiroshima Penderecki
Penderecki and Greenwood
6:17 PM
Borah Minnevitch, The Harmonica Rascals The Ghost Walk Minnevitch
Halloween Classics: Songs That Scared The Bloomers Off Your Great-Grandma
6:23 PM
King Crimson Larks' Tongues in Aspic (Part I) Fripp et al
Larks' Tongues in Aspic
6:41 PM
Heidelberg Schola & Walter Nussbaum Lux aeterna Ligeti
20Th Century Choral Music BIS 2001 Classical SEAEK0090180
6:50 PM
Goblin Ai margini della follia - Originale
6:55 PM
Art Cassel & His Orchestra Hell's Bells
Halloween Classics
6:57 PM
Artie Shaw & His New Music Nightmare Shaw
Bioshock 2: The Official Soundtrack (Music from and Inspired By the Game) [Special Edition] Legacy Recordings 2010 USSM13700059
7:02 PM
Berlin Philhamonic Atmospheres Ligeti
Ligeti: Project Vol. 2
7:11 PM
Jerry Goldsmith, Lionel Newman & National Philharmonic Orchestra The Killer Storm Goldsmith
The Omen (The Deluxe Edition) Varese Sarabande 2001 US3M50128809
7:14 PM
Kronos Quartet Black Angels: I. Departure Crumb
Black Angels Nonesuch 1990 Classical USNO19024201
7:23 PM
Jerry Goldsmith The Demise of Mrs. Baylock Goldsmith
The Omen (The Deluxe Edition)
7:29 PM
Halloween All-Stars Witch Casting Spell Halloween Allstars
Terror-tastic Kids Halloween Party Sounds
7:33 PM
Charles Fernandez Ghost and Mr. Chicken - Haunted Organ Fernandez
The Ghost and Mr. Chicken: "The Haunted Organ" by Vic Mizzy - Single BSX Records 2012 QMT281200001
7:41 PM
Ghosts Grim, Grinning Ghosts
Mickey's Monster Bash Walt Disney Records 2000 USWD10423388
7:45 PM
Jerry Goldsmith, Lionel Newman & National Philharmonic Orchestra 666 Goldsmith
The Omen (The Deluxe Edition) Varese Sarabande 2001 US3M50128817
7:46 PM
Dokken Without Warning Lynch
Tooth and Nail
7:48 PM
Krzysztof Komeda Rosemary's Baby Komeda Composing 2 Komeda
Rosemary's Baby Harkit Records 2004 GBHFB0513525
7:52 PM
Wendy Carlos & Rachel Elkind The Shining (Main Title) Wendy Carlos & Rachel Elkind N
The Shining (Original Soundtrack)
7:55 PM
London Philharmonic Orchestra Carmina Burana: O Fortuna Orff
The 50 Greatest Pieces of Classical Music X5 Music Group 2009 Classical
7:58 PM
Danny Elfman Tales from the Crypt Elfman
Original Music From Tales From the Crypt Giant 1992 USGI10100522