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DVJ Deftly-D

Things that have changed about the show include:
* I am now, more consistently mixing experiences, genres, and approaches to mixing as much as I am mixing music.
* I have no more belief in genre restrictions for what I am doing. I will mutate or use any source to create an experience in a way that I believe works.
* Edutainment with a desire to use my dark side and light side for as much of a positive outcome as I can, while also letting my demons dance and play, on the leash of my angels .... in an atheist metaphorical poetic kind of way.
* I am still mixing shows remotely. I look forward to hopefully returning to the studio at some point.
* I have begun creating muti-show arcs that have exceeded 8 hours on occasion. They are regularly posted to Mixcloud when completed.
* I have gone through a crucible of madness, to a psychological breakthrough that has relieved me of a great deal of pain and suffering, and I want to free as many people as I can from that hell.
* I have a new policy of honesty in a much more rigid form, with reasonable respect for the privacy of non-abusers.
* I have been exploring a documentary approach to many of my mixes, which relates to edutainment.

What is the same?
* I still play a core of music covering a wide array of harsh, dark, rhythmic, and atypical genres and sounds including industrial, ebm, idm, noise, power electronics, breakcore, dub, and far less easy to categorize music.
* I still have guests on the show.
* most of my sells remain the same ... I think? *shrug*
* enjoy


Besides DJ'ing industrial, electronic and experimental music since 1991, Deftly has performed in industrial and noise projects since 1995, including Zero Times Infinity, Abuse By Consent, Orgy Of Noise, Terrorfakt, Nau-Zee-auN, Hawaiian Shirt Mafia, The Catastrophe Orchestra, c.i.r., Blast Floor Sessions, Operation:Mindwipe, Dominion, Data Bank A and Abstinence, and has collaborated with and remixed numerous artists including Genesis P-Orridge, Merzbow, Pneumatic Detach, C2, and Zipperspy.

Deftly has produced live events and recordings under Voidstar Productions almost since the start of his DJ experience, and has had numerous residencies and guest spots at industrial club nights including Dark Intentions, Ceremony, The Art Beat Festival, The Philly Fringe Festival, Phoenix Landig, The Enormous Room, Plague, Haven, Darq, Jaded and Ressurection.

In the early 90's Deftly-D created the first online database of industrial DJ's as a tool for independent artists and labels which was incorporated into some of the first applications at Industrial.org by Moron of Deterent Industries. In 2008, Deftly-D worked with Jared Falcon to create the world's first 3D video sample based performance system for use in the multimedia band Nau-Zee-auN.

SUPPORT https://www.patreon.com/deftlyd
ARCHIVE https://www.mixcloud.com/david-dodson

BUY MUSIC http://voidstarproductions.bandcamp.com

DVJ Deftly-D

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