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To Synthfinity and Beyond

Feb 7, 2020 10:00 PM – 2:00 AM


With Chris

To Synthfinity and Beyond
9:57 PM
Ray Gun Hero - Sector 12-B
Ray Gun Hero Sector 12-B
Forbidden Sectors - EP 742392 Records DK 2019
10:02 PM
GUNSHIP - Honour Among Thieves
GUNSHIP Honour Among Thieves
Dark All Day Horsie In The Hedge 2018
10:14 PM
Moonrunner83 - Chinatown
Moonrunner83 Chinatown
Datsun Sundown 2017
10:14 PM
Isidor - Sirius A
Isidor Sirius A
Neon Order 2017
10:19 PM
Michael Oakley - Crystal Ships
Michael Oakley Crystal Ships
Introspect NRW Records, under exclusive license to NewRetroWave, LLC 2019
10:23 PM
Mangadrive - She's the Latest Model
Mangadrive She's the Latest Model
Botrun cyberninja.digital 2016 Heavy Metal
10:29 PM
Dynatron - Escape
Dynatron Escape
Aeternus Blood Music 2015
10:36 PM
Wayfloe - Neon West (feat. Firefox AK)
Wayfloe Neon West (feat. Firefox AK)
Neon West (feat. Firefox AK) - Single Atlantis Proxy 2018
10:40 PM
Kalax - Time Lapse
Kalax Time Lapse
Kalax Kalax 2018
10:43 PM
Georgia - About Work the Dancefloor
Georgia About Work the Dancefloor
About Work the Dancefloor (Edit) - Single Domino Recording Co 2019
10:46 PM
Muna - Pink Light
Muna Pink Light
Saves The World RCA Records Label 2019
10:51 PM
Scandroid - Eden (Waveshaper Remix)
Scandroid Eden (Waveshaper Remix)
Dreams of Neo - Tokyo (Instrumentals) FiXT 2017
10:55 PM
Pylot - Alice
Pylot Alice
Solai FiXT 2019
11:00 PM
Sand Circles - Motor City
Sand Circles Motor City
Motor City Not Not Fun US 2012
11:03 PM
Absolute Valentine - Extreme Drift
Absolute Valentine Extreme Drift
Police Heartbreaker Lazerdiscs Records 2016
11:06 PM
Cabaret Nocturne - Blood Walk
Cabaret Nocturne Blood Walk
Blood Walk - Single Beachcoma Recordings 2016
11:14 PM
Lazerhawk - Overdrive
Lazerhawk Overdrive
Redline Rosso Corsa Records 2009
11:18 PM
Donbor - Bleed Out
Donbor Bleed Out
Bleed Out - Single 652701 Records DK 2019
11:22 PM
Waveshaper - Future Vision
Waveshaper Future Vision
Station Nova NRW Records, under exclusive license to NewRetroWave, LLC 2016
11:25 PM
Pylot - Caine
Pylot Caine
Shadowtask - EP Monstercat 2017
11:30 PM
Daniel Deluxe - Firewall
Daniel Deluxe Firewall
Instruments of Retribution Self-released 2017
11:33 PM
Sebastian Gampl - Winner (Get It On) [feat. Tommy Reeve]
Sebastian Gampl Winner (Get It On) [feat. Tommy Reeve]
Winner - EP Rad Rush Records 2015
11:38 PM
Soft Kill - From This Point On
Soft Kill From This Point On
An Open Door 946666 Records DK 2018 CD Rock
11:42 PM
ANOHNI - Drone Bomb Me
ANOHNI Drone Bomb Me
Hopelessness Rough Trade US 2016
11:47 PM
Turbo Knight - Mirrorverse
Turbo Knight Mirrorverse
Mirrorverse - Single 706386 Records DK 2017
11:53 PM
Oscillian - Ulysses 31 (Bonus Track)
Oscillian Ulysses 31 (Bonus Track)
Ad Astra 592155 Records DK 2017
11:58 PM
Wayfloe - Rose Ellen Dix (feat. Mallory Hunter & Jash)
Wayfloe Rose Ellen Dix (feat. Mallory Hunter & Jash)
Neon West (feat. Jash, Rhea Raj, Jessie Frye, Rebecca & Fiona, Firefox AK, Violette Wautier & Mallory Hunter) Atlantis Proxy 2019
12:00 AM
Kurt Riley - Hush Hush Hush
Kurt Riley Hush Hush Hush
Kismet Electric Buffalo Records 2016 Rock
12:09 AM
LeBrock - Galactic Smasher
LeBrock Galactic Smasher
Action & Romance (Remastered) FiXT 2019
12:10 AM
Sextile - Disco
Sextile Disco
3 - EP felte 2018
12:13 AM
Timecop1983 - New Horizons
Timecop1983 New Horizons
Reflections NRW Records, under licence to NewRetroWave, LLC 2015
12:22 AM
Sunglasses Kid - Without You (feat. JJ MIST)
Sunglasses Kid Without You (feat. JJ MIST)
Graduation Aztec Records Ltd 2017
12:27 AM
Light Club - Blizzard
Light Club Blizzard
Feeelings Gebbz Steelo Boutique 2018
12:30 AM
Neon Nox - The Last Man on Earth
Neon Nox The Last Man on Earth
Vanishing Point - EP Neon Wave Records 2016
12:35 AM
Com Truise - Ultrafiche of You
Com Truise Ultrafiche of You
Persuasion System Ghostly International 2019
12:40 AM
Isidor - Path Finder
Isidor Path Finder
Lord of Synth Neon Order 2018
12:43 AM
Pye Corner Audio - Hollow Earth
Pye Corner Audio Hollow Earth
Hollow Earth Ghost Box 2018
12:48 AM
The Tear Garden - You and Me and Rainbows
The Tear Garden You and Me and Rainbows
Bouquet of Black Orchids Nettwerk Records 1993
1:05 AM
FM-84 - Goodbye (feat. Clive Farrington)
FM-84 Goodbye (feat. Clive Farrington)
Atlas FM-84 2016
1:11 AM
Sally Dige - Holding On
Sally Dige Holding On
Holding On Avant! (Eu) / Dka (Us) 2017
Chat is archived.
David Dodson 11:48:01 PM
David Dodson 11:49:07 PM
Request for you (though a long one). The Tear Garden - You and Me and Rainbows
David Dodson 11:50:00 PM
Which covers many world but has segments what would work well with this
Chris (host) 11:51:07 PM
Sounds good, I'll throw it on in it's entirety, I'm curious about it
David Dodson 11:52:22 PM
Also - new music that might work. I can hit you with a DL code
Chris (host) 11:52:43 PM
Send it to me for next week, I'm always open to new stuff
David Dodson 11:52:51 PM
David Dodson 11:52:56 PM
David Dodson 11:53:18 PM
David Dodson 11:53:43 PM
David Dodson 11:53:53 PM
to snag it
Chris (host) 11:57:01 PM
David Dodson 12:54:00 AM
Of it is a classic psychedelic industrial epic
Chris (host) 12:54:22 AM
Honestly I'm feeling it so far
David Dodson 12:54:36 AM
Also one of the few to have both Ogre and Edward Ka-Spell on vocals
Chris (host) 12:55:40 AM
Oh nice, I really like Ogre but I didn't expect them both on here
David Dodson 12:56:31 AM
Skinny Puppy and The Legenday Pink Dots at most. cEvin Key and Edward Ka-Spell at least.
David Dodson 12:56:49 AM
One of the best projects either is in
David Dodson 12:56:55 AM
David Dodson 12:57:14 AM
imo (typing in the dark on a non lit keyboard)
David Dodson 12:57:34 AM
Here comes the part that made me suggest it at the time
Chris (host) 12:58:01 AM
oh dear god LMFAOO
David Dodson 12:58:45 AM
I'm listening to the stream wich runs about 20 seconds late, but, for me it's almost there
Chris (host) 12:59:40 AM
I see what you meant
David Dodson 12:59:46 AM
THERE it is
David Dodson 1:00:17 AM
It took a while but NOW you can hear why
David Dodson 1:00:39 AM
I love this part
David Dodson 1:01:32 AM
Take the genre that Turbo Knight was and mix it with LSP and Pink Floyd
David Dodson 1:01:45 AM
D that is, as in LS
Chris (host) 1:02:01 AM
That was cool as hell
David Dodson 1:02:37 AM
I also recommend the albums The Last Man To Fly and Sheila Liked The Rodeo.
David Dodson 1:02:51 AM
Oh yeah. And this part
David Dodson 1:03:20 AM
I love backwards tape experiments in effects processing
Chris (host) 1:04:32 AM
This is genuinely such a cool track
Chris (host) 1:04:41 AM
I would trip to this
David Dodson 1:05:50 AM
That is why I requested it. I don't request often, especially for long tracks
David Dodson 1:05:56 AM
But that one
David Dodson 1:07:44 AM
Save this one for later - https://legendarypinkdots1.bandcamp.com/album/the-last-man-to-fly-2012-remaster
Chris (host) 1:07:49 AM
sounds good
David Dodson 1:08:47 AM
Sweet dreams
David Dodson 1:08:50 AM
Chris (host) 1:09:20 AM